Trying on a new hairstyle can be, at times, quite daunting and sometimes even scary. Most women or men have thought about it at one point or another: "Would a shorter haircut best highlight my good features?"" or ""Would I look better with a different hair color?"".

Many people tend to put it off or just forget the idea all together. The prospect of regret is simply too much for some to bear.

Let's face it: Every one needs a new hairstyle at some point or another to freshen things up! Thankfully, it's the 21st century and that means you don't have to take risks when it comes to your hair anymore.

Hairstyling has evolved. And where not just talking about fancier hairstyle tools or more expensive stylists. More and more people are finding the ""sweet spot"" when it comes to bringing their best look forward.

So how are these people doing it? Simple. Virtual Hairstyles and Makeovers!

It's the magic of technology, and it's as easy as opening your web browser and clicking on your mouse. Now ""where can I find this?"" you wonder - look no further than

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Always wanted to see yourself with Jennifer Aniston's beautiful straight hair? Or try on Victoria Beckham's darring and sexy short hairstyle? Now you can. Why not heat things up with a look a-la Rihanna - the Virtual Makeover Tool not only allows you to try on hairstyles, it offers you an array of cosmetics from world-renowned makeup brands to try on as well, from Covergirl to Revlon.

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