Former Top Ten Tresses

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These pages are a record of all women who were on the Super-Hair Top 10 list at least once, since the first list was posted on the Internet in December 1999. Included is when the style was listed, and an explanation of why it dropped off the list.

KRISTINA ABERNATHY -- March-December 2001 and August-October 2003. The Weather Channel meteorologist mixes bangs and moderate length so well that she was voted into the Hair Fans' Hall of Fame with the highest majority ever. Maybe we're hyper-critical, but we've seen this style slip too much on camera -- and a late-October telecast with hair wildly unpositioned led us to drop her a second time, unbeaten though she is.

ALYSON ACKLIN - May 2018-May 2022. As a news anchor in Wichita, she told us she was honored to make our list. On TV and as a runner-up for Miss Kansas USA, she displayed strong short hairstyles which earned a Triple Platinum Award for four years in the Top Ten. But in her final days before moving to Memphis, her station showed a clip with hair flying into her eye while she jogged in a corn maze during the fall. What a sad way to say goodbye, on more than one level.

YOLANDA ADAMS -- October 2001-March 2002. This soul/gospel singer has great sleek long hair, which can hold through on-stage moves. But she seems to wear her style pinned more often than not (though she's shown bangs which seem risky nonetheless). We finally removed her after discovering a 1999 album cover with some strands seemingly across her left eye.

AFTON ADDINGTON - August-December 2020. The woman in the U.S. country music trio Lost Saints found a secret to presenting long hair with amazingly strong hold. Waves and curls work wonders for her. But a collapsing pyramid with her two male co-singers was too much; photos on social media show the hair dropped in her left eye.

YELENA AKHTIORSKAYA - September 2014-January 2015. She was a "novel" addition to our list, as this Ukraine native's novel Panic In a Suitcase brought thick long curls out of seclusion. She was a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion - but an informal book forum in New York seemed to show a lack of hold, as the hair seemed to dip into an eye after a bend-down.

MALIKA ANDREWS - August 2021-June 2023. The queen of ESPN's NBA Today has tremendous natural curls which she makes sure hold on-camera. They earned her a Crown Award and a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten. So why did she post a dental ad on TikTok with wind blowing her curls down into her face? Did Richard Jefferson demand it?

THEA ANDREWS -- May 2007. She turned from Cold Pizza to a hot job as weekend co-host of Entertainment Tonight, and won our attention with rather risky medium-long styles. But one of them was shown hanging by a thread above her left eye 22 May, on the set of Dancing With the Stars -- and she wasn't even dancing. She's still unbeaten, but it's too severe to keep her in for now.

TRACEY ANTHONY - April 2016-September 2017. A former stylist showed a variety of outstanding and tough hairstyles during her time at WeatherNation. She became a Crown Award nominee and a Gold Award recipient. But as she left the network, she posted an Instagram photo from a country music concert with a strip of hair clearly across her right eye. Was that a sign of high humidity?

JULES ASNER - July 2002-March 2003. When her hair was long, the E! host earned an "A" from us for attractiveness and good control. But then she chopped the style to about shoulder-length, and showed obvious control problems in a "Revealed" interview with Ultimate style Naomi Campbell. She's still unbeaten, but the new 'do needs some improvement.

MICHELLE ASSELIN - September 2013-December 2020. A dentist in Fresno, California became Super-Hair legend: a Wars semifinalist, Crown Award nominee, "20 for 20" member - and then the first woman to gain a Sextuple Platinum Award for SEVEN years in our Top Ten! Her record 87-month run barely ended with a couple of strands in her right eye at a drive-through Christmas party. But she proves Super-Hair can be anywhere.

JAYNE AZZOPARDI - December 2020. This Australian TV journalist plumps up her hair a bit for softness. But when she doesn't, it's trouble - and a YouTube video of a 2019 "Crystal Ball" proved it. The style dropped, even though it appeared pinned.

AMANDA BALIONIS - March-May 2018. Golf fans praised the addition of this reporter to CBS Sports, and we praised her strong hold with loose medium-long hair. But when she put that hair on the tee for a Callaway Golf video, it appeared to drop during practic swings. What a shame that it fell during a staged moment, and not the drama of live coverage. (Courtesy Golf magazine)

JULIE BANDERAS - November 2007 - January 2008. This Fox News anchor has long locks with silky sleekness, which seem to add waves for challenging situations. But she started screaming for some odd reason during a January appearance on Red Eye, and shook loose her style to the point that she exposed a cheek-long strip next to the right eye. It almost fell -- and we suspect a few Hair Fans might have wanted to assist with one more shake.

ASHLEE BANKS - December 2017-July 2018. An RT America reporter captivated us with fascinating curls. When she straightened her top-quality long hair, Hair Fans voted that down in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll. Yet she advanced to #1 in our rankings - until an email led us to video of her curly look getting blown across her face, during an interview in Dallas.

CAMILA BANUS - March 2020. A veteran actress on Days of Our Lives was one of the nicest discoveries for us during Crown Awards season. A cut to a bouncy bob looked fabulous with curl. But oh, those bedroom scenes - and those Instagram modeling pictures from Asia. They were too messy to keep her on the list.

JILL BARAD -- February-April 2000. Former CEO of Mattel, with a thick style that dangles in place like a golden parachute. She's proof that hair can be great at age 48, but she's been out of the news for awhile.

DESHAUNA BARBER - July-August 2016. She not only was named Miss USA 2016, she's served in the Army Reserve with beautifully styled long hair that somehow escaped the drill sergeants. But one of those post-pageant photo shoots showed her dropping, in the clutches of a photographer. Why she didn't engage in hand-to-hand combat to save her style, we may never know.

CECILIA BARTOLI -- December 1999-June 2001. This Italian classical singer wows 'em in Europe, and impressed us enough to join the Ultimate 50 on 30 Apr 2K. She even gained a Gold Award for a full year in the Top Ten. But then Carolyn Hughes whacked this soprano in a Super-Hair War. She's still undefeated, but apparently not well supported.

MADDY BAXTER - January 2022-June 2023. Long red hair from Ontario joined the Orange of Syracuse University with explosive results. A star on the SU and Canadian national lacrosse teams was a double-unanimous choice of Hair Fans as City League champion, a two-time Best Mane on Campus, a Crown Award nominee and a Gold Award for one year on our list. But we feared her quite-casual TikTok videos would be trouble for her - and in one of them, wisps around the face in a "He's a 10" game dropped in an eye. Not the way we expected this run to end.

KATE BEIRNESS - July-August 2013. Strong yet stunning waves drew us to a co-host of TSN Sportscentre in Canada. We can only imagine the bounciness they have in a studio. But a fishing trip on a "celebration tour" of Prince Edward Island proved her great style isn't windproof. Hair dropped in her face -- and co-host Rod Smith dared to post the evidence on Twitter.

PATRICIJA BELOUSOVA - June 2016. A pageant queen-turned-pro dancer impressed Hair Fans so much with long curls that she won EuroCup 2016 for Lithuania. But in the week she won, we found a Facebook picture from 2015 where straight hair covered her right eye. That made her a rare "one-time wonder" on this list.

SIMONE BILES - August-December 2018. The world all-around gymnastics champion is strong in many ways - from physique and ethics to hairstyles that have been debated on social media. But when she tweeted about loving extensions, a Hair Fan challenged her. A YouTube video from her stylist confirmed it. Great for her, but the worst for us.

AYESHA BILLIMORIA - March-August 2018. India's "Fit Girl" can run sprints with Olympic potential, and developed a short cut with dramatic "helmet hair." It fared surprisingly well in Super-Hair World Cup V. But a visitor found an exercise video where the hair seemed to bounce into her eyes more than once.

SUE BIRD - September 2010-June 2016. A WNBA champion in Seattle, an MVP in the Cup of Russia and an Olympic gold medalist, this basketball legend gained a rare Quadruple Platinum Award for five years in the Top Ten. But an often-controversial 69-month run ended when a Seattle TV sportscaster dared to place her on a breezy balcony for a lengthy interview. After about three minutes of successful wrestling, a breeze finally put a little hair in her eyes. The "Super-Bird" finally went down, but not without a fight.

LAUREN BLANCHARD - February-December 2020. This Fox News Channel correspondent may not have her own show, but she has smartly-prepared and strong medium-long styles that are ready for one. As long as she doesn't keep posting photos like the one on Instagram from a windy summer night in Washington - when a few strands flipped into her left eye. Maybe she's conservative, but that was too reckless for us.

ERICA BLASBERG -- August-November 2005. A young golfer who made more of a rookie-year splash here, than on the LPGA Tour. She raced to #1 in our rankings in a Hair Fan vote, and became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion. But falling short at "Q school" took her out of public view until the sad news of her suicide.

LAUREN BOEBERT - January 2024. The controversial Congresswoman from Colorado has a reputation for stylish high-risk sidepart styles. But it was too flat in a December interview with Newsmax, and it fell in her eyes without much effort. It fell from her left, she would note.

LARYSSA BONACQUISTI - July-December 2017. Before she reached the "Super Seven" at Miss America, Miss Louisiana 2017 was a big winner here. A Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion reached the top of our rankings with amazingly plush long hair. But a New Orleans Saints win months later led to a "victory leap" on social media where the hair bounced up an inch too much. Not even her glasses stopped an eye from being covered, even if only for a moment.

JEANETTE BORHYOVA - June 2014-January 2015. An economics student who became Miss Slovak Republic 2013 reached the finals of Super-Hair World Cup IV with strong blonde styles. But a playful moment on Facebook showed her seemingly tackled with hair across most of her face. She smiled about it; we were simply stunned.

BREANN BOSWELL - April 2024. Impressing TV news junkies across Indiana with well-prepared, seldom-weakening styles. Yet when she went to the Evansville riverfront for a solar eclipse special, the breeze was more than her wisps of curl could handle. They fell into her eye for only a moment, but one moment too many.

KATHLEEN BRADLEY -- December 1999-December 2000. The strongest style we've ever seen on The Price is Right, she was added to the Ultimate 50 on 8 Oct 2K at #11. But we had to remove her under protest, after her unjust firing from the show put her out of sight.

MARION BROOKS - January-March 2019. This TV anchor spent years as the unchallenged City League champion of Chicago for years, thanks to lush thick hair of various lengths. But when a chef joined her in a studio kitchen, she tried to eat some extra-spicy bacon - and it choked her to the point that her strong hair caved into her left eye. Yes, food can overpower hair.

CAMPBELL BROWN -- September 2001-January 2002. Her White House reports for NBC News on "Terror Tuesday" were the stuff of legend -- as her well-controlled shape flexed and twisted, but refused to fall. But a windblown report 1/5/2 with her hair wrapped around her neck to the right side showed desperation. Then a crosswind outside the White House 5/16/2 blew hair from the left side into her eyes, and down to defeat.

EMMA BROYLES - March-November 2022. The first Miss America from Alaska has great long hair which some people thought would disappear from this event. Yet sadly, she caved in to a photo shoot with Mixed Asian Media where it appeared a wind machine pushed a few strands into her right eye. She made sure the crown stayed on her head, though.

ERIN BUCHANAN - September 2016. This TV reporter joined a growing list of hair stars from Shreveport, Louisiana by sharing a 2015 Crown Award for Best Short Hair. Her long-form Facebook reports are a true test of her style's strength - but sadly, a couple have shown a few strands dropping in her eyes from wind. Not a full collapse, but still a fraction too far.

KIM BURCH - December 2018-October 2020. A realtor with an impressively strong sidepart became the City League champion of LaGrange, Georgia, then nearly won an All-Star Challenge. She earned a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten, and could come back at any time. But no new pictures in nearly two years led us to a tough conclusion to set her aside.

CASEY BURKE - July-November 2017. She's used hats for protection on The Middle, but has kept very long hair in line without them since childhood. So we were stunned when this teen star dared to pose on Instagram with hair floating across one eye. Sweet 17.... finally mussed.

CARESSA CAMERON - February-March 2010. Miss America 2010 showed long natural waves, which flowed flawlessly while showing swimsuits. But straight styles proved to do her in; we found a photo where simply bowing her head to pray dropped hair in her right eye. Super-Hair finds a way to avoid that.

ANA MARIA CANSECO -- October 2002-March 2003. The morning co-host on Univision impressed us with a short flare style, which held relentlessly when she made quick head turns. But on 1 April it was less flared and more flat, and a few long center bangs fell perhaps a millimeter above her right eye. She's still technically unbeaten, but this pelo is not quite perfecto.

KRISTI CAPEL - October 2020-April 2024. Her long, normally well-prepared sunrise styles have made Cleveland TV rock for years. She won the 2020 City League All-Star Challenge, then went to Double Platinum Award status for three years on our list. Yet a light breeze on solar eclipse day brought apparently hidden "warning bangs" down into her left eye on live TV. We thought she was Capel-ble of better.

LIZZY CAPLAN -- September-November 2006. This rising actress is showing short hair actually can have some variety to it. Her slight adjustments on TV's The Class held through couch chases and airborne vise grips -- but gossip web sites linking her romantically with Matthew Perry showed bangs a bit too long and practically in an eye. The potential is still there, if she takes good care.

JENNIFER CAPRIATI -- February-March 2001. Her Grand Slam tennis titles gave us a new look at a long style that's matured well. Dropped after losing a "knockout round" in Super-Hair Wars to Kristina Abernathy, her long hair finally slipped into her left eye outside the 2002 ESPY Awards.`

KELLY CASS - April-June 2016. Another entry from the Weather Channel's stable of top-quality heads of hair. This veteran won two Crown Awards, and moved quickly up our list - but then she risked it all to sit in a 92-degree F. hot car on a June day in an experiment. Only a couple of strands reached the brink of her eye in an hour, but the still-shapely right side drooped down climbing out. Lots of strength, but too much bounce under fire.

SUSIE CASTILLO -- April-June and July-October 2003. Miss U.S.A. 2003 has top-quality curls, which earned her hair care endorsements even before she was crowned. But one close call with a blown-straight look put her out for awhile -- then an October appearance at a department store showed hair a half-inch too far in. She reached #1 in our rankings, but even "Wonder Woman" can be defeated here. (Courtesy Hindustan Times)

CARI CHAMPION - August 2020-February 2021. Despite extensions skeptics, she built a strong reputation for well-controlled long hair at ESPN and other places. But we found a clip where she took on Ronda Rousey in a workout - and after a few seconds of jump-rope, her hair (too flat for the occasion) was in her left eye. This was one time when "Sticking to Sports" didn't turn out well.

JULIA CHATTERLEY - July 2019-January 2020. A British business reporter who's made several TV stops impressed Hair Fans while at CNN, with one praising her for "smoothness." But we found a video from her CNBC days, where a crosswind blew her hair down during a live report from Portugal.

KIRAN CHETRY-- January-April 2005. Her short style at Fox News Channel won two Crown Awards, including a historic defeat of Bonnie Bernstein. But then she cut in some bangs, which many Cutting-Edge Hair News voters didn't like. And as she grew them out in early April, they came within a credit card width of falling in her left eye. She's still officially unbeaten, but is she heading for a downfall? (Courtesy TV

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS -- June-September 2001. When this financial reporter is inside NASDAQ, she has as perfectly shaped a style as we've seen. But on "CBS Marketwatch Weekend" 9/15/1, she was outside -- and we were shocked when a breeze from behind blew right-side hair off her ear and across her eye with ease. Hairspray truly does matter.

KYLENE COCHRANE - February 2015-September 2016. Who said the Ivy League is dull? This middle-distance runner at the University of Pennsylvania thrilled Hair Fans as a freshman, as long curls made her a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champ, two-time BMOC member and the 2015 Cup of the Americas champion. Yet after a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten, she posted a "relaxed" picture on Facebook with hair covering an eye.

AMANDA COETZER -- July-December 2005. The retired tennis player brought the 2005 AAA Cup home for South Africa. But her retirement is the problem -- as she's so far out of sight, we can't follow her nowadays. If she comes back, "game on." (Courtesy Match Point Tennis)

CARLY COLE - June 2010. She's known in Britain as the second wife of soccer star Joe Cole, a model and fitness trainer. We thought her medium-long hair was in good shape as well, but wind-blown travels for the FIFA World Cup were too much for her to handle.

AVERY COLLINS - October-December 2021. Her luscious long blonde hair had a big 2021: Tennessee cheerleader, Best Mane on Campus, Knoxville City League winnerm then All-Star Challenge winner. But then we saw her TikTok account, where she gets too playful and loose with her locks. And those clips where she rolls on the lawn with a guy... well, we would have gone for the pin.

KATE COLLINS- December 2015-February 2018. Our first Australian City League champion is not afraid to adjust her styles while anchoring TV news in Adelaide. They escaped danger time and again, earning her a Platinum Award for two years here. But online grumblings about her led to dismissal after she posted Instagram photos with bangs seemingly in an eye.

MICHELLE COLON - December 2021-April 2022. Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 may not have advanced beyond the top 10 at the big event. But her plump, thick long hair is spectacular - and she could pull off perfect hair turns in a swimsuit. So it was stunning to see our #1 style celebrate "National Bomba Day" (that dance she showed Steve Harvey) and see the hair fly into her face, even with a headband. Some women may tbe too athletic for their own good.

ZIA COOKE - June-September 2023. She took natural curls (and other looks as well) to the open court with the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks, after impressing us as a BMOC at South Carolina. But we found a clip from a game against Chicsgo where the loose curls turned into her eyes for a moment. We like the look, but it needs a bit more defense.

NANCY CORDES - January-June 2006 and July-November 2007. This reporter has made "double" history -- as the first two-time entry with different last names (maiden name Weiner) and two different networks (first ABC, then CBS). She's also had a few amazingly narrow escapes, as her long hair somehow survives tricky winds over and over again. The last one which put her here was a live report from Michigan, where a strip of hair blew across her forehead. Why it didn't fall in her eyes, we don't know -- but that was too close a call.

KERRI CORRADO - March-September 2023. A Philadelphia TV reporter did something that seemed virtually impossible here: defeat Victoria Warren head-to-head. She also won the 2022 Super-Hair Wars title and entered the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. But a trip to a boardwalk to cover Tropical Storm Ophelia seemed to show hair blowing forward into her face. Her back was turned on camera to protect her, but it was too close to keep her on the list for now.

HEATHER COX - May 2011-July 2013. Natural and flowing, light and bouncy, yet often styled near her eyes, this ESPN reporter gives Hair Fans a lot to like. Her skill with hold earned her a Platinum Award and number-one rankings. Yet of all things, a speaking appearance in a conference room brought down this marvelous head of hair -- as her hair dropped into her left eye while handing out pieces of paper. Her run simply shouldn't have ended that way.

AULI'I CRAVALHO - March 2017. She came out of animated hiding and sang a tune from Moana at the 2017 Oscars. Then her long waves were voted here as the best hairstyle of the night. But one Hair Fan dug deeper, and found a tweet where she throws her hair around like the teenager she is - even in her Hawaiian eyes.

PAULA CREAMER - March-September 2010. Golf's "pink panther" first won a Crown Award for Best Bangs, then was voted #1 in the world in August. But then a big Creamer fan posted a YouTube video with seemingly hundreds of her picture set to music -- and one photo showed bangs too long, dropping in her right eye despite sunglasses. In our world, a rare "under-par" showing isn't good.

RENEE CRITTENDEN - November 2017-November 2018. A "special ed" teacher in Michigan received special attention here, after getting discovered for her dance coaching at Aquinas College. Perfectly-prepared and "just married" long hair reached the 2017 Super-Hair Wars semifinals and gained a Gold Award for one year on this list. But she didn't update Facebook much, and that led her to check her husband's account. Alas, messy windblown engagement pictures were there. We'll let you draw your own lesson plan from that.

AMANDA CURRAN - August-November 2022 and January 2023-April 2024. Years of experience in the heat and humidity of Montgomery, Alabama made her a City League champion, as well as a Gold Award recipient. But on a windy April night, she dared to walk outside her station with a smartphone camera rolling. The result, by her words: "three hours untangling my hair." What a way to drop off the list.

ROLA DASHTI -- December 2009-September 2010. The groundbreaking parliament member in Kuwait fearlessly appears in public without a head scarf. That put her emirate in Super-Hair World Cup III. But a quick turn in a TV interview appeared to bend a strand or two in her right eye. Debatable, but too close to keep her for now.

AMY DAVIDSON -- April 2004 - January 2005. To be honest, these long thick waves have lasted longer on 8 Simple Rules.... than we expected. Wherever she sets her hair, it holds very well -- but a couple of noticeable drops off the ears (not all the way down) in Season 3 persuaded us to look for something stronger. (Courtesy Wireimage)

KRISTIN DAVIS -- February-July 2002. "Instyle Makeover" magazine declared her "The Great American Brunette," and her brilliantly well-controlled sidepart on Sex and the City showed everyone why. But HBO's photos for Season 5 showed what we feared would happen sooner or later: the left-side hair leaning in a fraction too much. Barely beaten -- but beaten.

ROSANNA DAVISON - February-May 2004. The 2004 Miss World surprised us with how well she kept wispy-thin hair out of her face. Her style is still unbeaten, but she did well simply to tie a lesser-known singer in Ireland's EuroCup qualifying. That lack of support has her below top-level.

MONICA DAY - April 2008-March 2009. Which came first -- the Miss USA contestant from Ohio, or the Columbus TV traffic reporter? The two combined to lift her to #2 in the world at one point -- but when Columbus had a City League, she struggled noticeably to even reach the finals. She's still unbeaten, but apparently too inconsistent for our voters.

JUDY DEAN -- January-February 2004. We contend if she'd spent more time campaigning and less time on medical duty in Vermont, her husband would have fared better as a U.S. Presidential candidate. When "Howard's End" came in Wisconsin, we had to drop her strong mid-length hair for lack of public view. (Courtesy Drudge Report)

OLIVIA DEAS - December 2015-April 2016. A Montgomery, Alabama TV anchor with long hair that's quite good, and a Super-flip above her left eye that rivals Farrah at her finest. But at one public appearance, it wasn't quite strong enough - and a small bit of bangs dropped in an eye.

JACLYN DeAUGUSTINO - April-June 2019. She's wowed TV viewers in North Carolina, Cincinnati and Orlando. She fought well to keep her long hair in line as a "Ben-Gal" cheerleader - but she ruined it all by posting Instagram photos with that hair plopped down.

ELENA DELLE DONNE - July-September 2013. Finally letting down her well-pinned hair after an All-American career at Delaware, the Chicago Sky basketball player showed thick hold with long hair for a while. But a clip with her on the golf course indicated she was out of her league; a breeze seemed to flip a couple of long strands into her right eye.

MELISSA DESOUSA -- November 2000-January 2001. We jumped on these gorgeous, locked-down natural curls after seeing them in Allure. But her TV drama "The Street" dropped like an Internet stock. Her style lasted longer than the show did. May she find work quickly.

MICHELLE DeSWARTE -- June-August 2002. This British model breaks the mold with natural, full curls -- and when she fell on a Milan runway with her hair ironed goth-straight, the locks refused to move out of position. But when "Inside Edition" replayed her fall, we noticed the hair bouncing awfully high toward the eyes. Then came the British edition of the September "Elle," where one or two strands of curl hit inside her left eye. A bit of frizz can mean defeat.

STEPHANIE DHUE - June 2003-September 2008. This correspondent for public television's Nightly Business Report impressed us for years with pageboy variations, which seemed to outlast any challenge. She went through a Hair Watch unscathed, and has a belated Quadruple Platinum Award for more than five years on our list. But after some weak showings, a late-September studio appearance appeared to show a bang or two resting on the left side of the right eye. That's not a complete defeat, but close enough to drop her. Yet her longevity remains marvelous.

ADRIANA DIAZ. The CBS News correspondent isn't afraid to promote her marvelous strong natural curls on the air. They've earned her a Platinum Award recipient for two years on our list. Whle she could return, for the second time we've set her aside due to maternity leave.

DIANA DIAZ - October 2016-May 2017. This Nicaraguan native and former Florida dancer inspires Hair Fans in Miami to get up early for more than sunrises, as she's a morning news anchor. She's been the unchallenged City League champion for years. So why did she post an Instagram picture of her hair completely collapsed in an eye? Were the "birthday week" treats in a sweet shop really that good?

SKYLAR DIGGINS - January-February 2014. After an All-American career at Notre Dame, she let her hair down with the WNBA Tulsa Shock and showed attractive long styles. Perhaps too attractive -- because when Sports Illustrated included her in a swimsuit issue, someone could not resist posing her for a picture with hair covering her right eye. SI-gh....

PATRICIA DIMANGO - February 2021-January 2022. At an age when some people retire, this judge (and now cookbook author) fires up TV's Hot Bench with long grayish-blonde styles which make her look much younger. Her hair is mostly great at 68 - but a review of a drooping moment with Rachael Ray was too close for us to keep her here. If your hair can't stand the heat, maybe you should stay out of the kitchen.

OKSANA DOMNINA -- February-May 2006. She was our style of the 2006 Winter Olympics -- a Russian ice dancer whose short hair showed amazing bounce and perfect control while making fast turns on the ice. But we found a gallery from the European Championships weeks before where hair slipped a mere eyelash from her left eye. We're calling her unbeaten, though -- and we could watch her skate all day.

TANVI DOGRA - April 2020. There's no "dog" involved with this actress - simply mid-length styles that anyone in India would long to touch. They made her a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion. But when she joined in a coronavirus-inspired "Pass the Brush Challenge" among Bollywood stars, she hammed it up for the camera too much and hair fell across her left eye.

SARAH DREW - November 2020. We missed her years on Grey's Anatomy, but a move to a new series on the Freeform channel brought attention to well-formed red hair. Well, sometimes well-formed - as a lengthy at-home interview with Entertainment Tonight had a moment when it drooped into her left eye.

AMANDA DRURY -- November 2007-May 2008. The CNBC World host impresses us for angling short to mid-length hair extremely close to her right eye, then keeping it stuck there. It can last through some head-shaking in interviews. But it seemed a touch too close in one May interview, seemingly saved only by her eyelash. We fear that last quarter-inch movement will happen eventually. (Courtesy Reporter Caps)

PRISCILLA DUNSTAN - January-April 2008. This Australian violinist and "mum" says she's figured out the secrets of baby languages. She gained a Crown Award nomination for knowing the secrets of attractive red hair -- but there are simply too many pictures around showing her hair too close to collapse.

ALYSE EADY - February-November 2011. After reaching the final two at Miss America, Miss Arkansas became a morning news anchor in Little Rock. Her holding skill with thick long hair had us impressed. But then she went on a river fishing trip, and for some reason she didn't pin her hair down well enough. Only a small breeze dropped a strip of hair in her eye. Maybe that's why it was tied back on the air so often.

KARA EASTMAN - June 2020. A nominee for U.S. House in Nebraska impressed us with her natural curls when she won the Democratic primary. She's undefeated to our knowledge, but voters called for her to step aside after a "knockout round" loss in Super-Hair Wars.

CYNDI EDWARDS - April-September 2008. The co-host of Daytime does a lot of things on her show, from jumping to hula hoop twisting. Yet her well-positioned hair supported by bangs hardly ever mussed -- until an "Office Olympics" stunt outside gave her a supreme exercise test. We think the hair avoided the eyes, but that close call combined with no Hair Fan support leaves her off our podium.

GWENAN EDWARDS - May-June 2004. The 2004 Super-Hair EuroCup was full of surprises, and she was one of them -- stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones to qualify for Wales, then sweeping a group which included two supermodels. Her short styles are great and undefeated to our knowledge, but playoff stumbles landed her here -- perhaps not for long.

CRYSTAL EGGER - November 2011-June 2014. She had a tough challenge, succeeding Alexandra Steele at The Weather Channel. Yet she succeeded, showing medium-long and often steamy strong looks. She gained a Platinum Award, as she moved to KNBC-TV in Los Angeles -- but then we found a short promotional clip from her old job, where hair blew across her face outside. How was that allowed to get through?

SARA EISEN - February 2018. The CNBC host has a strong following among Hair Fans, including a Crown Award win. But moments after we put her on "The Ten," a visitor squwaked - pointing us to a 2016 day in London where a couple of strands weakened and fell. She thus was de-listed for cause.

DENISE ELLISON - July 2009-April 2010. A California teenager became a tennis player at Notre Dame, then a two-year B.M.O.C. entry, then the City League champion of South Bend, then the 2009 AAA Cup runner-up representing her native Oman. But her marvelous collection of Facebook photos includes one where her beautifully daring bangs may (it's awfully close) have dipped the fatal half-inch into her right eye. But she's proof sleek strong long hair can get you somewhere - especially here.

GABRIELLE ENRIGHT - June 2019-January 2020. A TV reporter with impressive shoulder-length hair became the City League champion of Dayton, Ohio well before she made the Top Ten. But we found a Facebook picture of her hair surviving an autumn breeze literally by an eyelash. That moment plus persistent grumbling by commenters lead us to move her out.

AIKATERINI EVANGELINOU -- June 2008-May 2009. This model with inviting long curls went from Greek pageant queen to EuroCup 2008 champion, then #1 in the world in a Hair Fan vote. But this is a sad case of a star who shone for awhile, then disappeared. She was dropped simply because we could find no new pictures of her.

MORGAN FAIRCHILD -- December 1999-July 2000 and September 2002-February 2003. This beautiful blonde has a 25-year history of strong hair -- enough to place her in the Ultimate 50 30 Jul 2K, and win the "Best Long Hair" Crown Award for 2002. But she's been squeezed out twice: in 2000 by the Meg Ryan look-alike of Danae Roberts, and in 2003 by the rise from near-fall of Maria Menounos. We've also seen a photo where her hair is practically in her right eye -- an awfully close call.

SUZAN FAKHOURY - September 2021-March 2024. A researcher at Northwestern University and part-time actress in Chicago showed natural waves which became a strong surprise in our polls. But after earning a Platinum Award for two years in our Top Ten, a Facebook photo on Lake Michigan showed a couple of windblown strands across her face. That messy moment was too close to keep her.

ANNA FARIS -- March-April 2004. We were unfamiliar with this actress until Entertainment Weekly profiled her with pictures such as this one -- with well-cut bangs which let her do funny things in movies such as Lost in Translation. But after that wowed us, an online photo search found her with strands in her right eye at the Scary Movie 2 premiere. Lesson: research the styles before you add them.

TRACIE "FERGIE" FERGUSON - February-March 2004. We're glad The Black-Eyed Peas discovered this singer, as her long locks on stage stay well in line almost all the time. But a late-March photo from Las Vegas seemed to show right-side hair just a fraction too far inside her right eye. So close - but too close.

GILLIAN FINDLAY -- March 2000-February 2001. The ABC Middle East correspondent has soft bangs, and shoulder-length hair made extra-strong by "handle" curls around the ears. But on 2/14/1 she did live reports with her hair unusually flat, and only curled at the ends. That wasn't enough support, and a breeze finally defeated this fabulous mix of beauty and strength.

JENNIFER FINNIGAN - November 2005 - February 2006. A former daytime drama star started well on the prime-time court drama Close to Home. Long blonde hair on a District Attorney - well, why not? But then we found pictures from the Hollywood party circuit with a strip across her right eye. Well, why?

RACHAEL FLATT - November 2010 - January 2011. A U.S. figure skating champion admits she's "not horribly attached to my hair." So she cut back for 2010-11 to a "nice and sassy" short look which expanded into a perfectly-trimmed bowl cut during jumps. Well, perfect at first -- but the "short side" of the style flipped into her left eye during the 2011 national championships. YouTube stop-action catches another one.

ANDREA FLORES - April-May 2022. A veteran journalist captured a major honor (we think) in her field, by winning a Crown Award for her medium-long hair after becoming a TV anchor in Sacramento. But before that, she was a reporter in Denver - and someone on her news team persuaded her to ride a roller coaster with a camera pointed at her. She did it unpinned, and the coaster won. In her current job, she probably wisely would turn that down.

ALYSON FOOTER - September 2010-May 2012 and June-July 2013. This Houston-based baseball reporter for has a resume worthy of championship curls: two Crown Awards, a second-place finish in Cup of the Americas, the Houston City League title and a Gold Award recipient in the Top Ten. But an interview on the field in San Francisco seemed to finally blow her amazing mane into her eyes -- although not without a fight. Read our interview!

JUDY FORTIN -- January 2001-February 2005. We withheld the Ultimate 50 #1 style from this list to keep her a surprise -- but once she came in, her short styles proved practically immovable at CNN Headline News. A Triple Platinum Award for four years on our list speaks for itself. But now she's leaving daily newscasts, for "vacation fill-in" duty. That's a shame -- and that lack of regular appearances is the only reason we've dropped her. If she finds steady work again, she'll likely be back. (Courtesy TV

PAULA FROELICH -- July 2006 - July 2007. "Page Six Paula" of the New York Post gained our attention on entertainment TV shows. She had her own segment on The Insider for a while. But she fared poorly in a New York City League tournament, and had a very close call or two at Manhattan parties. She did well to make it to one year and a Gold Award. And if she comes back strongly to the spotlight, she could come back to our list. (Courtesy Gawker)

R'BONNEY GABRIEL - December 2022. While critics can say the 2022 Miss USA contest was rigged, the winner displayed a tremendous head of long luxurious hair. But when this woman showed up in New Orleans for Miss Universe, she recorded a short clip outside with no added curls and a crosswind. A strip of hair fell, well, straightaway.

MICHELLE GALVAN - April-June 2017. She's carrying on the Primer Impacto tradition on Univision with awe-inspiring hairstyles. She replaced a hair legend in Barbara Bermudo - but a magazine posted a picture with wind throwing her hair all over her face. Bermudo would never allow that.

DANIELA GANOZA - August-September 2012. The entertainment reporter for Univision's Primer Impacto became a Crown Award-winning champion of all-natural curls, sometimes placed daringly near her eyes. But a fashion session she posted on Twitter somehow had a strip out of line. An extreme zoom-in proved part of it crossed her left eye. One weak curl can be all it takes.

ILEANA GARCIA - June 2022-December 2023. A Florida State Senator won a Crown Award winner for medium-long styles, then reached Gold Award status for one year on our list. But she's had plenty of mesy moments, even when she doesn't step outside in Miami. She's unbeaten by a thread, but that's too close for us.

LAUREN GIBBEMEYER - May 2012-June 2013. A towering figure in U.S. and Italian pro volleyball, her blonde hair off the court is often very reliable and earned a Gold Award for one year on this list. But then she posted a "Throwback Thursday" photo on Instagram with a strip of hair across her right eye. Some pictures should be left in the past.

JOYCE GIRAUD - March 2024. A former pageant queen and Real Housewives star became an HSN hair care product regular and a Crown Award winner. But head to YouTube and you'll see a younger Joyce on a beach with stris of hair leaning too far.

RENEE ELISE GOLDSBERRY -- July 2005 - January 2006. Her flexible shoulder-length hair survived being "chloroformed, bound, gagged and set on fire" on One Life to Live. (We have pictures of this, but they're so dramatic that we're not sure we should post them.) That amazing control shot her to #1 in the world faster than anyone we've ever had. But her attorney character's moment of angst on 12 Jan in the arms of a lover appeared to send hair down to cover her left eye. It was very close, though, and we still respect her a lot.

KRISTIE GONZALES - August-October 2019. She may look like a TV news anchor, but she's really the President and General Manager of KVUE in Austin, Texas. Great-looking long hair gained her a tie for #1 in the world. But weakness in lengthy appearances hurt her, and Twitter photos from the roof of a skyscraper finally showed wind bringing the hair into her right eye.

YVETTE GONZALEZ-NACER - May-August 2012. Kiki with The Fresh Beat Band rocked our world with a perfectly-cut thick long style, helped by strong bangs and somewhat-mysterious headbands. But after racing to the top of our charts and placing third in our annual Hair Fan rankings, we sadly found a Nick Jr. promo where she swings her head a bit too quickly and hair flies too high into her face. YouTube stop-action can be a cruel thing.

MORGAN SMITH GOODWIN - March-June 2013. She may have added some extra red color for her commercials promoting Wendy's hamburgers. But her thick layers made plenty of Hair Fans salivate -- until she did a summer ad with an extreme close-up of a loose strand in her left eye. Considering her style was pinned, this was even more jaw-dropping.

KOLINDA GRABAR-KITAROVIC - August 2018-June 2019. The sidepart of the President of Croatia has impressive hold at its best, and enough to survive when conditions are at their worst. She climbed from World Cup fame to #1 on our list - but her Instagram account has a construction site clip where a strand or two came loose, despite a hard hat. The camera even zoomed in to verify it. Is that good politics?(Courtesy Baltic Review)

LACEE GRIFFITH - October-November 2019. A Baltimore traffic reporter has sideparted styles which sometimes seem capable of holding solidly in a windblown convertible. So why did she post slow-motion Instagram video of a full turn, with hair in her eyes as she spins? Plenty of Hair Fans would love it, but it doesn't work here.

WENDY GRIFFITH -- April 2004 - March 2005. This CBN News reporter has great shoulder-length hair, which stands strong like a "Solid Rock" in the studio. It impressed us enough to be mentioned in our Style Profile section. But a report from Florida March 18 on the Terri Schiavo case showed wind quickly bouncing hair in and out of her right eye, even though the style stayed behind her shoulders. Whether that means she's beaten is debatable, but it certainly means a drop from the list.

ANA GUEVARA -- August-September 2004. One newspaper dubbed this Mexican sprinter "The Silver Bullet" after she won a medal at the Athens Olympics. We were swayed before the games by her midlength style and title potential -- but sadly, you won't find many pictures of her beyond this one with hair unpinned.

MEGAN GUSTAFSON - May-July 2019. This basketball player had a tumultuous 2019: award-winner at Iowa, cut by the WNBA Dallas Wings, recalled weeks later, then signed to play in Hungary. Yet through all that, her long hair made her a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champ. But a Hair Fan dug deep into her Instagram account, and found a windy day in California where not even sunglasses could keep the hair from blowing across an eye.

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