The Ultimate 50

10. Gayle King

HOMETOWN: Chevy Chase, MD

BORN: 12/28/54

PROFESSION: TV news reporter, talk show host

HER BEST STYLE: We prefer the short look from her now-cancelled talk show: a helmet with the longest strands straining to touch her neck. She can shove them behind the ears for especially tight situations. The bangs could be spread in several different ways; we like them best covering the forehead.

HISTORY: Oprah Winfrey could learn from her "best friend" about developing one style and doing it well. This hair has held straight and true for years. We thought her own daily show might expose a weak spot - and road trips showed this style is not entirely windproof. But breezes didn't muss the cut enough to get in her eyes, and guest wild animals couldn't claw it forward very far.

She let this solid style grow out for awhile at Winfrey's "Oxygen" cable channel. The risk was a bit higher, but we consider the shorter cut stronger-looking and more enticing.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: Her hair rests very close to trouble, yet seldom gets in any - and because it's so straight, it seems more precarious than Kathleen Bradley's more processed styles. We'd love to see what might happen on a blustery winter day in her home state of Connecticut.

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