Hair Headlines: Hair and Food

(This report by Liz Bonis appeared on the ABC News "NewsOne" service 16 May 2K, and offered to ABC Network affiliates. We've corrected grammatical and spelling errors -- and we're ashamed to admit it had a few.)

From simple shine - - to lustrous locks - - more and more evidence is showing diet can make a difference. When it comes to protecting the "mane attraction," eating right can definitely help your hair:

We wash it.. cut it .. color it ..and style it. But hair stylist John Chacchia (ketch-chi) says bad hair days may come as much from what we do on the inside.... as on the outside.

(John Chacchia, Lockwood Salon) "I think hair is a direct reflection of what we put in out bodies."

So if you want to minimize those bad hair days, experts say there are six things you may want to add to your diet.

First, eat fish. The healthy fats inside it can effect the health of your hair.

Second, consume carrots. These and other bright orange vegetables are loaded with vitamin A. It may be a necessary nutrient for normal oil production of skin and scalp.

Third, go for grains. The B- vitamins in them may be beneficial for moisturizing hair.

Fourth, drink up on juice or fresh fruits that are loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C may be critical to glands in the body that help the hair.

Fifth, find foods with iron such as beans or red meat. Iron is a mineral critical to blood and oxygen flow in the body and in the hair follicle.

Finally, drink water... lots of it. It promotes circulation; this can help transport important nutrients to your scalp.

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