The Ultimate 50

33. Dorothy Hamill


BORN: 7/26/56

PROFESSION: Figure skater, entertainment manager

HER BEST STYLE: The Wedge. Enough said. The short, geometrically- angled style which was carefully constructed for her Olympic performances remains a gold-medal winner, even though she's turned it into more of a bowl cut in recent years. The wedge allowed extraordinary hair movement, yet was tight enough to bounce back into place with hardly a muss. She once revealed in a magazine that she sometimes used a curling iron on the back hairs, to accentuate the bounce.

HISTORY: She and her style burst into national fame in 1976, and inspired countless copycat looks on women around the world. Hair watchers dropped their jaws as they watched her in action, with the wedge never moving forward into danger.

It appeared she was vulnerable in one ABC interview at Innsbruck, as she appeared outside with a wind blowing. Yet she had "hidden" bangs that blew across her forehead, too short to get in her eyes (regular trims made sure of that) - and the longer hair refused to give ground. We're still waiting to see a picture with her hair completely fallen.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: For all the copy and praise we've given, not to mention three Super-Hair Wars victories, you might think she'd place in the Ultimate Top Five. Yet it must be remembered that this was a relatively low-risk cut, that in most cases could not possibly collapse. This list rewards not only hair perfection and beauty, but high risk as well.

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