Hair Headlines: The Best Hairspray

From time to time we're asked which hairspray is the best for having Super-Hair. We desire to know this answer as well -- so when a television news message board recently raised this question, we paid close attention. After all, people in TV news strive to keep their hair looking great at all times on the air.

Following are comments left anonymously by posters on the "Watercooler" message board in late March 2004. Please keep in mind we are not endorsing any particular product, and all comments are merely the opinions of the people who post:

> I buy the Ion hairspray at Sally Beauty Supply... three bucks a pop-- and it works (which is especially important when it's 20-30 mph windy).

> "Big Sexy Hair" Spray and Play. It comes in a red can.. costs about 12 bucks. But, it is the BEST!!! Holds very, very well without giving you a helmet look.

> Look for a wax hairspray; they are non-shiny and have a great hold that is flexible too.....

> Paul Mitchell and a brand named Ice makes good ones!

> if your hair is thin.. use a lighter spray, or you'll get the helmet head look, like your hair won't move... I recommend Aussie Mega Spray.. it's aerosol.

If you have thicker hair..go for Tigi's Hard Head's in a silver bottle..aerosol. Anyone can use this hairspray for live shots and your hair won't move.. seriously. It's awesome. You used to have to buy it in salons, but it's now for sale at the beauty salons in Super Wal-Marts, too.

> Sebastian Shaper Plus or Sebastian Shaper is great. Its $13 for the regular bottle, $20 for the 18-oz. I hear Sally's has a generic version, but I haven't tried it.

> Try Suave Maximum Hold....3 bucks a can if you want aerosol, or it comes in a pump.

Take it from decades of trying different brands...this stuff holds quite well. It breaks up easily after it's set, so you can easily run a brush through it. It's not helmet hair!

Tried the pricey stuff, and except for the fragrances added to the salon stuff, the expensive brands aren't any better.

> You want a hairspray that allows you to restyle your hair the next day without washing it. That way, especially if you're a bleached blonde, your hair won't dry out from too much washing, and feel and look like straw. Stay away from LaJoy brand hairspray. It's cheap but the buildup is bad. Redken No. 12 is a good choice. Get the aerosol. Your hair will shine and flex, but stay in place. And you can go two days without washing, unless you have an extremely oily scalp. Remember, hair that shines and moves a little looks more youthful on TV and attractive. Hair that's stiff and dull looks dried out and damaged.

Do you have a favorite "Super-spray" to recommend? Leave a comment at our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

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