Hair Headlines: Keys to Hair Health

In early 2008, CNN presented a "Health Minute" report on how to keep your hair healthy. Ironically, the voice for this report was Judy Fortin -- our "Ultimate 50" #1 style! Here's a transcript of her report:

Blow drying is the number one cause of damage to your hair, according to dermatologist Tiffani Hamilton.

She warns patients like Katie Clark to give their locks a break. "If you really want long, beautiful hair, then you're going to have to process much less than you do now, as far as coloring, the flat ironing, blow drying."

Katie was forced to cut her long hair after coloring and straightening it left it broken and thin. Hamilton says it will grow back and recommends some tips.

"You will get longer hair, eventually, if you keep it trimmed regularly, because if you allow the split ends to stay, its going to keep splitting up the hair shaft and then break off."

Hamilton tells patients to wash their hair every other day, and condition only the ends. "Overconditioning tends to leave the hair really lifeless and then, that leads to over-styling."

Expensive shampoos and conditioners aren't necessarily better for your hair. Hamilton suggests reading the label for ingredients like keratin and other proteins, that can help repair the hair shaft.

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