Hair Headlines: Mistakes Customers Make

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As a professional cosmetologist, I would like to stress the importance of communication with your stylist. This is the number one mistake that clients make when heading into a salon. The picture below is a perfect example of what I see on a daily basis with clients:

I have observed that more often than not, women will see a hairstyle on a friend, model or celebrity, ask you to achieve it, but in reality they do NOT want you to cut, color or style their hair any differently. This can be very confusing to your hairstylist and more often than not, result in a bad haircutting or coloring experience.

What I recommend you do, is research a hairstyle before heading to the salon. Ask yourself, "Will this style work with my hair texture and length?" If you are seeking a change in color, ask "Can I afford and am I committed to the maintenance routine?" The question is, are you really ready for drastic change. If you are looking for something new, start slowly. I think it is very important to move from A to B instead of A to C.

Guest Author, Kellilynn Marie, is the in house professional at At 29 years old, Kellilynn has been a professional cosmetologist for more than 12 years. She has trained at the Red Ken Exchange in New York, attended multiple Beth Minardi's color classes, is certified in Great Lengths Hair Extensions, as well as furthered her education in California, Toronto and Chicago to name a few.

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