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Issue 58 - September 2006

GREETINGS, HAIR FANS! Here's your latest issue of the official monthly e-newsletter from the Super-Hair web site. We have updates on the site, and notes about Super-Hair you WON'T find anywhere else!

We wondered why our search engine had a sudden surge in recent weeks for a member of Congress from Florida -- but then we found the answer. Our web site was mentioned by the Jewish weekly publication The Forward, as well as the Congressional publication The Hill. Both noted our listing of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the Top Ten Tresses list several months ago. We always appreciate nice publicity like this - and shame on the Hair Fans who panned Wasserman Schultz's curls last year.

Please note we plan to send our October issue a bit early, on the weekend of September 30-October 1. An upcoming road trip will require us to do this.


> B.M.O.C. began a new term of searching for the Best Manes on Campus this past week. Amazingly, one small university in Tennessee produced a record five candidates - so we need your help voting for the best one.

> CITY LEAGUE will settle on a new champion in Philadelphia Monday. This has been a good competition, with several women surging from time to time -- so vote quickly if you haven't done so in the finals yet.

> CUTTING-EDGE HAIR NEWS found a new top style for the Top Ten (see below) and showed narrow support for a modified look by Dallas-Fort Worth champion Megan Henderson. But a shorter style by Jennifer Connelly didn't impress most people.

> HAIR PRESSURE is heading down memory lane right now, showing TV "Wonder Woman" Lynda Carter in a wrestling match rolling down a hill from the 1970's. We'll let you visit the section, to see if her hair survived.

> HAIR WATCH has something which isn't really new, but long overdue. We've restored several profiles which disappeared when our web server made adjustments months ago. If you've been searching for pictures of Katie Couric and Taina Hernandez, they should be available now. (We should add we're not yet ready to restart this section; that could happen in several weeks.)

> The HOT LIST has new looks at home construction maven Paige Hemmis and Illinois news anchor Nichole Vrsansky.

> LET YOUR HAIR DOWN, our Yahoo group and message board, has threads right now about everything from CNN Headline News anchor Virginia Cha to this past week's MTV Video Music Awards.

> SUPER-HAIR WARS gave a win to Houston City League champion Dominique Sachse, and then actress Anneliese Van der Pol.

> TOP TEN TRESSES were ranked by Hair Fans in mid-August -- and the big news was that Kelly Tilghman is no longer the "people's choice" for number-one in the world. Sibila Vargas edged her for that honor.

> THE ULTIMATE 50 has updated the sections on Loni Anderson and Martha Quinn. One of them now has defeated hair.


> B.M.O.C. has a nice style from the Big Ten Conference on deck for the weeks ahead.

> CITY LEAGUE begins a New Orleans tour this coming week. And before long, we'll roll up the river to Memphis.

> CUTTING-EDGE HAIR NEWS found a stunning surprise in Washington, involving a former member of the Top Ten Tresses list. We're not sure what you'll think of it -- but we plan to find out shortly.

> HAIR PRESSURE has had five alarms ringing this past week, as one journalist posted in our Style Profile section battled a tropical storm. Look for the results of this classic fight during September. (Members of our message board should already know whom we're talking about.)

> THE HOT LIST has some interesting nominations which we'll be reviewing in coming days. One involves a military veteran, while another is from a small city in Colorado.

> SUPER-HAIR Q&A still owes you an interview with a former member of Dean Martin's dancers from the 1970's. Our apologies for the delay with this; our schedule simply has been too busy to transcribe it.

> SUPER-HAIR WARS has a couple of popular styles on the horizon, with appearances by cable business reporter Alexis Glick and ice dancing champion Tanith Belbin.

> THE ULTIMATE 50 heads toward its top ten in the next few weeks, with updates on enduring news reporters Sharyl Attkisson and Betsy Stark.


Quick now, without looking - how many members of the current Top Ten Tresses list are blondes? (The answer is below.)


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SUPER-HAIR 1-2-3- Our August search report came in Friday, and revealed the most searched women on our web site have styles we don't display very prominently. Here are the three, and why we've kept a bit of distance from them:

1. JULIE CHEN - Women want vidcaps of her hair from Big Brother, and we plan to add a few in the next few days. But her bangs are simply too long for our liking, and can plop in her eyes very easily.

2. KELLY CLARKSON - Her shoulder-length style is nice, but it can collapse on stage during songs.

3. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ - This woman's position may be misleading, because she's had plenty of favorable press lately in the Capitol Hill and Jewish media. We'd be happy to restore her to our Top Ten if the right opening occurred, but the Hair Fans seem to tell us they're not as impressed by her curls as other people are.


Here's one that's a bit obscure, but we believe will be worth sharing with everyone. If you have pictures of London-based journalist Aida Santory (past or present), we'd be interested in reviewing them. Please contact us if you have any to share; we accept .gif, .jpg and .tif attachments.


September marks the start of college football season in the U.S. We'll especially be watching Top Ten Tresses member Lisa Salters, as swirling stadium breezes on Saturday nights are bound to test her style's perfection. But don't overlook Tracy Wolfson on another network, as she shows understated hold.

UP AND DOWN DO'S-- One Hair Fan's opinion of styles we've seen recently:

BROOKE ANDERSON - DOWN. The CNN show business reporter let a little wind push her long hair into her left eye, outside the Paramount Pictures studio in August. Besides, where has she hidden Sibila Vargas lately?

GWEN BELDIN - UP. This relatively new CBS News reporter stood outside during Tropical Storm Ernesto this past week, and her short helmet-like style showed great toughness. The bangs across the forehead hardly budged, which impressed us even more.

TAINA HERNANDEZ - UP. She's back from maternity leave, with hair as risky and solid as ever on ABC World News This Morning. It's cut a bit shorter and tighter around the head, but it's built for hold.

DEBRA MESSING - DOWN. What in the world was she thinking at the Emmy Awards? Her hair was flatiron straight, and plopped across her right eye as if it was on purpose. This was no way for a Hall of Fame member to leave the prime-time TV spotlight.

And while we're on the subject....

ALLURE MAGAZINE - UP. If you can track down the August issue, it's a gold mine of tips and "deep dish" about hair successes and dilemmas. The highlight for us was Julia Roberts sharing stories about her longtime relationship with stylist Serge Normand.

"BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS" - UP. For keeping Julie Chen as the host all these years. We seem to be getting more questions about her loose bang-filled style this year than ever.

DONALD TRUMP - DOWN. He fired longtime aide Carolyn Kepcher this past week, a woman with as perfect a short style as you'll find anywhere. Was there a Hair War in the board room or something?

"THE VIEW" - DOWN. This talk show supposedly made Rosie O'Donnell sign a contract with a "no-haircut" clause. As if it matters with her?


You may be surprised to learn only two of the current Top Ten Tresses are blonde: #7 Jennifer London and #9 Paula Froelich. All the rest are various shades of brunette.

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING - comments from visitors to our site:

"Peck needs to go! Also those who receive no votes should be kicked off the top ten. There's too much great hair out there...."

The person who left this comment in our "rank the Top Ten" poll during August inspires a couple of thoughts. Carolyn Peck is a Top Ten original, going back to our first list in late 1999 -- and we've been hesitant to drop her for historical reason without a clear collapse of her style.

Also, the commenter offered nine potential substitutes -- but may not realize most of them have defeated styles. (In fact, Heather Mitts's picture is in "The Fallen" already.) But there are a couple of quality candidates on that list -- and we'll go ahead and reveal now: one of those women is very likely to take Peck's place this coming week. We're reluctant to do this, but we're listening to the Hair Fans on this.

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