The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame

Welcome to a Hall of Fame that is one-of-a-kind -- as the greatest hairstyles of modern times are nominated and confirmed by you, the Hair Fan.

After about a month of open nominations and 20 days of voting on the Class of 2010, we were delighted to add two new members to the Hall of Fame, including our first inductee selected from outside the usual online voting:

VICTORIA WARREN - INDUCTED. The Boston TV reporter becomes the first woman with two-thirds support in two years, with 68 percent voting yes. She easily won the contest for most comments -- ranging from "best soccer mom hair around" to "too limp and blah." (And we won't even get into the mentions of burping.)

CARRIE UNDERWOOD. The singing star almost received a belated wedding present, but a late drop in support left her at 66 percent. She joins Robin Meade on an infamous list of nominees falling one vote short of induction! Some accused her of being "too new" and wearing extensions, but supporters said her hair "has always looked great."

MARTINA McBRIDE. The country singer's changing styles may have worked against her. Despite a late rush, she fell short of induction at 60 percent.

ALEX WITT. The MSNBC anchor received multi-platform support, including new photos on our message board. But she only received 56 percent support, despite a comment that "her hair makes her."

SUZY KOLBER. The ESPN journalist received no help from the approaching N.F.L. season, also receiving 56 percent. Voters debated whether her short hair is "healthy and stylish" or frumpy and messy.

For the first time, we also set up a VETERANS COMMITTEE offering candidates separately for the Hall. Several names were offered there, and one received a sufficient majority....

FARRAH FAWCETT. The late actress was a unanimous choice of the Veterans Committee, one year after she shockingly fell short of induction weeks after her death. She is the first deceased person to enter the Hall.

VOTE TOTALS: Warren 61-29, Underwood 59-30, McBride 53-35, Witt 65-51, Kolber 52-41.

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