The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame - 2014


The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame ties a record in 2014, with four new entries! Three of them received the required two-thirds support in online voting, while one was selected by our special separate committee.

Class Of 2014

BROOKE SHIELDS - INDUCTED. After a slow start, a big surge for Suddenly Susan suddenly came in the first week of voting. She enters the Hall on the second try with 79-percent voting in favor, thanks to what one voter called "classic beauty since day one."

ANN-MARGRET - INDUCTED. A classic "sex symbol" in TV and movies who's kept captivating hair for generations received 76-percent support.

ALICIA SILVERSTONE - INDUCTED. A career ranging from rock music videos to teen-themed movies brings this actress to the Hall with 69-percent support (though it was shaky at the end).

STEFANIE POWERS. Appearing here for the first time since the Hall of Fame's inaugural year, the actress appeared to have entry assured - but she dropped in the final couple of days to 65-percent backing, falling short of two-thirds. She was praised for both "soft" and "serious... power hair."

SARAH JESSICA PARKER. The star of Sex and the City didn't thrill Hair Fans, falling well short with only 36-percent support. "Too many horrible hairstyles over the years," one voter explained in a comment.

The Hair Fan's Hall of Fame also has a Veterans Committee - and after two years of disagreement, in 2014 it agreed on one new entry:

VALERIE BERTINELLI. An actress and author who's mastered thick long styles since first appearing in the TV comedy One Day At a Time.

Final vote totals: Ann Margret 29-9, Parker 15-27, Powers 24-13, Shields 33-9, Silverstone 36-16.

Ann-Margret photo courtesy IMDB/MPTV Images

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