The Hair Fan's Hall of Fame - 2022

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Every Hall of Fame season seems to be unique in some way. In 2022, that happened in two ways. Not only did all five nominated women win induction - but for the first time, there was a unanimous vote to induct someone. In fact, it happened for ALL FIVE of them! Clearly this class did something right! So congratulations to them all....

Class of 2022

CLARA BOW. The movie "It Girl" may rank among our most obscure nominees ever, but one of the first major female film stars found her way in.

BROOKE D'ORSAY. After winning a Crown Award in March for Best Blonde, the Hallmark Channel movie star was praised by a voter as "one of the most beautiful women in the world."

DEBORAH (DEBBIE) GIBSON. We weren't sure whether to post the pop singer look from the late 1980s or her more modern Las Vegas look, but her induction may have made no difference.

AVRIL LAVIGNE. Perhaps the most color-changing inductee in Hall of Fame history, the rock singer's cover model look impressed voters above all.

JAYNE MANSFIELD. An actress, model and singer who had her greatest fame in the 1950-60s gains new respect in your Hall.

The Hall of Fame also has a VETERANS COMMITTEE, which considers former nominees and hairstyles separately. In 2022, the committee agreed on one new selection...

JULIA BOORSTIN. A CNBC journalist who has won four Crown Awards in the last five years.

FINAL VOTE COUNTS: Bow 8-0, D'Orsay 8-0, Gibson 8-0, Lavigne 8-0, Mansfield 8-0.

Bow photo courtesy Doctor Macro.

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