The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame:

An Introduction

Suppose they opened a Hall of Fame, and no one could get in. That strange event almost happened, as we opened a virtual hall especially for the best cuts and styles selected by Hair Fans.

We didn't think our two-thirds majority for admission to the Hall of Fame was that extreme. In fact, the minimum needed to enter a major professional sport hall of fame in North America is 75 percent. Yet several of the finest hairstyles of our time fell short of the 66.7% standard, in a three-week vote by Hair Fans. Here are the final percentages:

****** THE 2002 NOMINEES ******

BONNIE BERNSTEIN - INDUCTED. As is her custom, the sportscaster received the most votes -- and the highest percentage of "yes" votes at 73 percent. If you've visited our web site recently, you won't be surprised to learn she also brought the most impassioned response from voters:

"....In keeping with this competition, an incredibly gorgeous young lady who is follically unchallenged."

"It's just too plain."

"I agree that Bonnie's hair is a bit too long. It should be shortened up by a couple of inches...."

"And to those who say Bonnie's hair is too long, let me just say these two words: Crystal Gayle!"

"She would look much better with her hair a little shorter."


"It's just long and straight - I vote no."

"Beautiful, intelligent and a true professional - what a combination!"

FARRAH FAWCETT. Either Hair Fans don't have long memories, or they consider her long layers more a fad than a historical classic. She wound up with 57-percent support, well below two-thirds.

STEPHANIE POWERS. She was our personal sympathetic favorite of the five. But we don't vote, and the people who do gave her only 54-percent yes votes. One voter especially praised her style in the movie "Mistral's Daughter."

DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. The late relative of British royalty did not impress enough voters, receiving only 53 percent for admission. One supporter praised her for being "always beautiful and very stylish."

MARY FRANN. The late actress was perhaps the most surprising person on our list of candidates. She's the only one who failed to gain even a simple majority, at 46 percent.

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2002 VOTE TOTALS: Bernstein 268-101; Fawcett 61-46; Powers 48-41; HRH Diana 65-57; Frann 52-60.

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