The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame

Every year we allow you to select who should be inducted in your Hall of Fame of great modern hairstyles. Our open nomination period for 2004 closed July 15 -- and after three weeks of voting, we inducted two new members who received a two-thirds majority in favor!

** THE 2004 NOMINEES **

CINDY CRAWFORD - INDUCTED. The supermodel achieved the superior score of the year, as Hair Fans hurried to give her near-record 91-percent support. One voter recommended her for "every body part hall of fame everywhere." (Expansion?! We'll think about that....)

RUDI BAKHTIAR - INDUCTED. Even people who voted against her in that classic showdown with Bonnie Bernstein found her worthy of this Hall, as the CNN Headline News won 76-percent support. "Awesome style," one backer simply said.

JUDY FORTIN. The #1 member of our Ultimate 50 was praised by voters for a "classy" look. But she misses the Class of 2004 by receiving only a 56-percent majority -- far less than two-thirds, and below her fellow anchor at Headline News.

VALERIE BERTINELLI. The actress was called "so seventies" by one voter - and that apparently was not a compliment. She fought back One Day at a Time from negative ground, but ended with only 53-percent support. "Maybe a few years ago her inclusion would have been a shoe-in, but not anymore," another said.

VOTE TOTALS: Crawford 105-11; Bakhtiar 104-32; Fortin 50-39; Bertinelli 65-58.

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