The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame

The rules for the Hair Fans' Hall of Fame officially changed in 2006 - as 83 percent of voters during our nomination period said voting filters should be in effect. Yet while vote counts were down (sadly, no one even reached 1,000), there was enough interest for THREE new women to be added to your hall of fabulous styles!


JENNIFER ANISTON -- INDUCTED. We figured this hair legend would be a "lock" for the hall, and this multiple Crown Award winning actress lived up to her reputation. She gained a strong 79-percent majority.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT -- INDUCTED. Not even a cut to bob-length in April could keep this actress and singer away from the hall. She makes it a "Jen-double," with 78-percent support and praise for her "rich color."

MARIA MENOUNOS -- INDUCTED. A Pantene contract for this entertainment reporter did not impress some voters, who complained the picture we posted looked greasy. Yet her final score was 68 percent in favor, narrowly entering the hall above the two-thirds threshold.

ROBIN MEADE. One voter noted she's "all over the web site," thanks to two Crown Awards and a Hair Watch. The news anchor hovered in the 50-percent range, until a sudden surge occurred for her on Tuesday in the final week of voting. But at closing time, she missed the hall by one little vote -- 66 percent being under two-thirds, and our closest miss ever.

ANGIE EVERHART. After winning a Crown Award in March and a World Cup for the U.S. in July, the momentum for this model stopped. She received 64 percent support, falling below the two-thirds threshold for the hall. Some voters blamed our photo, even though she won the World Cup with it.

Vote totals: Aniston 31-8; Everhart 18-10; Hewitt 32-9; Meade 37-19; Menounos 21-10.

NOTE: More than five candidates were submitted for the Hall of Fame. The five finalists were selected based on a variety of factors, including the style meeting the Super-Hair definition, historical significance, and overall success on the web site. Candidates not selected as finalists this year may be submitted in coming years.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Everhart courtesy Extra; Meade courtesy Reporter Caps; Menounos courtesy Maria Menounos Online.

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