Jennifer Aniston

BORN: 2/11/69, Sherman Oaks, CA

INDUCTED: 2006, 79-percent majority

Jennifer Aniston once told Vanity Fair magazine: "I hide behind my hair; it's my shield." Yet that hair is considered by many her most attractive and eye-catching feature -- and it has brought her fame far beyond her acting career on television and in movies.

The greatest fame came between 1994-96, in the first two years of Friends. Aniston's short layered style (which she says a friend developed a bit by accident) became known by her character's name, "The Rachel." So many women wanted to copy the look that Aniston was put on the cover of TV Guide magazine's first-ever "Big Hair Issue."

Yet Aniston grew out that cut during her years on Friends, into a medium-long style that frequently impresses in public appearances because of its perfect grooming. The hair can stay in line, whether straight or wavy -- and as a result, she earned Crown Awards in 2000 and 2005. While Aniston's romantic life may have ups and downs, the consistent quality of her styles impresses Hair Fans most of all.


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