Crystal Bernard

BORN: 9/30/61, Garland, TX

INDUCTED: 2003, 85-percent majority

"Wings" was an NBC comedy in the 1990's which attracted a modest following. Female lead Crystal Bernard probably attracted the largest following of all, as she impressed Hair Fans with a free-flowing, yet solidly-holding hairstyle.

The most remarkable trait about Bernard's hair, which dates from earlier TV roles, is how closely she wears it to her eyes. She can wear bangs lifted off the corners, or longer styles daringly close to collapse. Yet it's a rare day when collapse occurs -- as the closest strands keep their line with great, yet often effortless, tenacity.

Bernard has changed her career focus since "Wings" went off the air, and now spends a great deal of time singing and writing music. She isn't seen on screen as much anymore, but her hair still is worth watching when she does.

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