Erin Burnett

BORN: 7/2/76, Mardela Springs, MD

INDUCTED: 2020, 84 percent

Erin Burnett majored in economics and political science, and worked on corporate mergers after graduating college. But someone at CNN discovered her, and that made a big career difference. Burnett specialized in business news at Bloomberg Television and CNBC, and caught the attention of Hair Fans for styles that were like her CNN newscast: "OutFront."

Burnett became an evening anchor at CNN in 2011. But she's kept the same basic style throughout most of her TV career - slightly below shoulder-length, with hair put behind her ears for control when she senses the need. Burnett's duties over the years seldom have put her hair in vulnerable situations, but she was ready for a CNBC assignment in London in 2009.

Burnett has been nominated for six Super-Hair Crown Awards, and won the award for Best Hairstyle in Journalism for this look in 2010. One admirer wrote then that her hair "always looks soft and free." Add good control to that, and Burnett has Super-styles worthy of this hall.


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