Danielle Fishel (Karp)

BORN: 5/5/81, Mesa, AZ

INDUCTED: 2019, 93-ercent majority

Certain roles can define an acting career, and engrave images of that role in viewers' minds. For Danielle Fishel, it was the part of teenager Topanga in the 1990s TV comedy Boy Meets World. She played a brainy student, and displayed thoughtfully-prepared awe-striking hair which was iconic for the time.

The classic "Topanga look" is flowing with length, thickness and a bit of wave, as if Fishel walked onto or away from a southern California beach. A well-sprayed combover and bangs prevented ocean breezes from sending the hair flying into her face. Fishel has joked she's kept the same look for decades. But she's adjusted it well in the 21st century - keeping the length and spray, while adding more curl at times. The result was two Crown Award nominations in 2010.

Fishel surprised many people by enrolling at Cal State-Fullerton at age 27. That gained her a mention among the Best Manes on Campus in 2012, and perhaps a reprise years later as Topanga in the Disney Channel update Girl Meets World. Fishel remains in demand for TV and movie roles, and her hairstyles remain closely followed as well.


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