Jaclyn Smith

BORN: 10/26/45, Houston, TX

INDUCTED: 2012, 90-percent majority

While the TV series Charlie's Angels turned Farrah Fawcett into a superstar and her hair into a phenomenon, Jaclyn Smith gained a following of her own. She was the only "angel" who remained loyal to Charlie throughout the six-year run on ABC. And Smith's flexing brunette locks were attractive enough to gain her own endorsement contract with Wella Balsam shampoo.

The TV producers knew how to make hair a tempting drawing card for viewers. This dramatic head-turn by Smith was part of the opening credits every week, even though hair bounced into her left eye. After the series concluded, light bangs became a constant feature of her styles -- but she still enjoyed to keep long hair temptingly close to her face.

Smith credits her beauty success during the Charlie's Angels years to clean living - as in no smoking, drugs or alcohol. Her success continued in the following years, as Smith became a dependable star of TV movies and a promoter of designer items at Kmart stores. She's used some of her hair wisdom in developing a volumnizer, and even a line of wigs. But for Hair Fans, Smith's original head of hair is what they remember and admire most.


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