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NAME: Katy Tur

WHO IS SHE: NBC News correspondent; longtime New York news reporter

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, often straight but with round-brushing to add shape

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair looks touchably loose nearly every time she's on camera. But we realize looks can be deceiving; there's probably spray on the vulnerable left side for control. And don't overlook the glasses she sometimes wears, which can serve as a guard against hair dropping in her eye.

SUPER-HAIR? Officially, yes -- because we haven't found any clips or pictures with her hair completely down. But if we followed her day-by-day, we'd lean toward saying no. A couple of pictures have her style awfully close to the left eye. There's one man who would know the definitive answer - and if former boyfriend Keith Olbermann visits this website, we welcome his input. [Posted 12/28/12]

NAME: Natalie Eva Marie

WHO IS SHE: Best known as a "fitness fashion model" (as in appearances on magazine covers)

HER STYLE: Extra-long and lusciously thick; usually parted slightly off-center and straight, but perhaps with a hint of curl at the tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason, but she reminds us of British model Lucy Pinder, a one-time Champion Hairstyle of the Year. She has a lot of hair to maneuver, but she's not afraid to show it off by sweeping it around her neck to one side. It's a rare photo shoot when she even tucks hair behind her ear (and that probably would have to be limited).

SUPER-HAIR? It stays out of her left eye well when the cameras are focusing on her -- but not precisely. An online image search found one cover where she doesn't seem to tilt her head enough, and hair covers her eye. But if fitness is her game, we'd love to watch this unpinned mass of hair in a workout session. [Photo courtesy Import Tuner; posted 12/14/12]

NAME: Brandi Hitt

WHO IS SHE: Correspondent for ABC News, formerly a TV reporter in Los Angeles

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart, usually enhanced with curl at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's not afraid to place her hair very close to her left eye - perhaps because she knows the curl will provide hold and support. She probably uses spray to set the looks in position, but they still have a natural (not overtly solid) appearance.

SUPER-HAIR? We hoped for it - and in fact, we rate her hair above fellow ABC reporter Karen Travers (posted earlier this year). But then we found a 2011 report she did on Hollywood stunt doubles. This self-described "no-nonsense" reporter floored two "attackers" at the end - but her hair flew across her eyes in the process. Fighting for your hair is great, but Super-Hair finds a way to keep holding to the end. [Posted 11/30/12]

NAME: Leigh Moody

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Springfield, Missouri

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart at this posting (although it's been longer); we say at its best with a bit of wave or curl from the ears down

WHY WE LIKE IT: We spotted her on a recent road trip, and marveled at how strong and solid this hairstyle is. The curl might lead some people to think it's soft, but the section around the right eye convinces us it's sprayed into position. That's not bad, though -- the hair is in perfect position, refusing to droop on-camera. She's had years of experience in humid Florida to get things exactly right. And the hair sits close enough to her right eye that it has to be right.

SUPER-HAIR? Everything we found online tells us it is. This hair was rock-solid, even when it was several inches longer -- and she may have hidden bangs ready to pop out in an emergency. If you're waiting for this head of "helmet hair" to crack, don't expect her to make a mistake and give you an opening. She clearly knows what she's doing, and we're impressed. [Posted 11/16/12]

NAME: Eve Torres

WHO IS SHE: A "diva" with WWE wrestling, holding the title belt at this posting

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, enhanced by rolls of curl with round-brushing on the sides

WHY WE LIKE IT: She may be tough in the ring, but she clearly likes her hair soft -- as in bouncy and touchable. She even modeled with her hair in large rollers [NOTE: may not be suitable for all ages], giving Hair Fans an idea of her preparation routine. The curl gives her styles muscle, which is a fascinating contrast to the hard muscles of her body.

SUPER-HAIR? Since pro wrestlers constantly are under assault, keeping this hair under control isn't easy. This title match has a couple of cases where the style drops across her face. Yet to her credit, she brought long and curl-filled supermodel-quality hair into the ring. And when she's not wrestling, she teaches women how to defend themselves from attackers -- which could make many heads of Super-Hair even tougher to defeat. [Photo courtesy Sky Sports; posted 11/2/12]

NAME: Brit Morin

WHO IS SHE: Founder and chief executive of "Brit + Co.," offering products and ideas about "domestic living;" dubbed by one writer "Martha Stewart 2.0"

HER STYLE: Medium-long and center-parted, normally showing modest natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: We first saw her on Katie Couric's "hair-centered" talk show episode as a "Tech Expert," and thought she topped all the women with makeovers. Center parts can be a delicate balancing act with long hair -- yet her style was flawless, without even using her ears for control. She only told us via Twitter she uses "LOTS of hairspray" to keep this look in line.

SUPER-HAIR? One great thing about her website is that she frequently models the tips and items she's describing -- and even does it outdoors. While it appears wind can push her hair around, we couldn't find any photos where it fell in her eyes.

The hair comes awfully close in one YouTube video (with a challenging and surprising topic), but she threw it behind her shoulders for safety. She seldom resorts to such steps, which makes her style that much more impressive. But after we first posted her, USA Today posted an interview which included a "rockin'" video with her hair apparently flying down. Too bad - but we still want her step-by-step daily hair preparation posted ASAP. [Posted 10/17/12; updated 11/2/12]

NAME: Rezeda (last name withheld by request)

WHO IS SHE: An architect in St. Petersburg, Russia

HER STYLE: A shag, cut to be brushed tightly around the face and stop about an inch below the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: She was offered by a friend in another European country, who didn't give an explanation. But this is a cut that's designed to get very close to the eyes - and the challenge is to make sure it doesn't drop in her eyes. We'd imagine some spray would have to be used for hold on the longer bangs around the left eye, especially on breezy days.

SUPER-HAIR? With only one picture at our disposal, that's a hard question to answer. We'd love to see how she protects this style against cold winter winds -- without those tall Russian hats, we mean. She's undefeated by default until then. And we thank this Hair Fan for showing how great hair can be in any profession, in all corners of the globe. [Updated 9/20/12]

NAME: Gretchen Mishek

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist with the TV network WeatherNation

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart stretching a couple of inches below the shoulders; at least one side tucked behind the ears

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because her hair moves more in one hour on camera than some styles do in a week at that other weather channel. As she turns from map to audience and back again, the long hair at her shoulders bounces a lot. She doesn't always keep the tuck-back at the critical left ear hidden (compare with Sandra Osborne, posted here in March 2012) - but the style never gets out of control, to the point where the tuck is at risk of dropping down.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is. Not even bending down outside to play with her baby seems to put hair in her left eye. The tuck-back is just right. She's found a perfect balance in hair placement, yet with plenty of flexibility at the ends - a marvelous combination to watch. [Posted 9/7/12]

NAME: Mary Joyner

WHO IS SHE: Officially a "college student" at San Diego State, who competed as a singer in the 2012 season of America's Got Talent

HER STYLE: Bustline-long and mostly straight, with fairly solid bangs which she displays several ways (most recently in a sidepart)

WHY WE LIKE IT: The potential hair genetics grabbed our attention, when we learned her mother is track legend and Ultimate 50 member Florence Griffith-Joyner....

....and this was the style we spotted, from her audition in Las Vegas. It's a safer look in terms of control, with her bangs covering the forehead and cut well back. She can express emotion in song, without worrying about the long hair getting in the way.

SUPER-HAIR? A photo shoot she did on a running track (yes, she competed in high school) is a bit provocative, as the hair flies forward during a jump. But she kept it out of her eyes in all the pictures and videos we've seen. A few are close, but she's "Super" to us. Since we don't expect any further updates on her mother, we're happy to know the daughter of "Super-Flo-Jo" is carrying on her mother's tradition of showing great hair care. [Posted 8/24/12]

NAME: Teresa Carlson

WHO IS SHE: Special Agent in Charge of the F.B.I. office in Milwaukee

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart with lots of flips - at the ends, as well as her right side.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Let's emphasize first that we do not like the circumstances under which we discovered her - briefing reporters on the Sikh Temple shooting spree. But at its best, her style reminds us of a shorter version of Britain's Princess Catherine. The right side simply must stay strong - and the strip closest to the eye seems especially vulnerable, because it seems to lack any curl at all.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry, but the evidence is against her. Looking down to check notes at an indoor media briefing was enough to make hair drop in her right eye -- not completely collapsing, but enough.

We certainly understand if "style points" are not her top priority at a crime scene. But if you think the hair displayed by detectives on TV crime dramas is too good to be true, we offer this woman to show it actually is possible. [Posted 8/9/12]

NAME: Karen Travers

WHO IS SHE: National correspondent for ABC News

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length, parted slightly off-center; frequently flat-ironed straight to calm down potential curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's a redhead, which would attract a large number of Hair Fans right away. But the left side of her style is the issue for us - and we think her hair is at its best when it's round-brushed with a bit of wave, as opposed to tucked behind her ear (which she also does). It lends us to ask reporter-style questions. Is it sprayed for hold? If so, how much? How much pressure can that side withstand, if wind or other factors try to move it?

SUPER-HAIR? Reports from presidential primary states showed wind can push her hair around. But from what we saw, she escaped an on-air collapse -- until a report from outside a Presidential debate in New York in October ended with a few strands in her left eye. Any reporter who uses Merida from the movie Brave for her Twitter avatar shows us she's clearly concerned about developing great red hair. [Posted 7/27/12; updated 10/17/12]

NAME: Carly Rae Jepsen

WHO IS SHE: Canadian pop singer, whose breakout #1 hit is Call Me Maybe

HER STYLE: Bust-line long and straight, with bangs covering the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is a style ready for action. The long hair is capable of plenty of bouncy movement around her face, but the bangs are cut well enough that it probably can't get in her face. Some admittedly might find fault with the bangs for being loose enough to expose her forehead, but the interview we watched on ABC's Nightline indicated that doesn't happen often.

SUPER-HAIR? If she trims the bangs regularly and keeps enough depth with them toward the ears, there would be no "maybe" about it. But a few photos show she hasn't always done that - and one buried deep in an image search confirmed a windy day has brought her hair down. This is one case where a thicker style actually might be more dangerous, in terms of it dropping the defeat; at least it can look that way. But we'd still love to pursue this hair on tour. [Posted 7/13/12]

NAME: Audrey Puente

WHO IS SHE: TV meteorologist in New York (perhaps better known to some as the daughter of mambo music master Tito Puente)

HER STYLE: Usually a mid-length sidepart, although it's been cut above the shoulders at times

WHY WE LIKE IT: The vidcap we found displays both good thickness and a good amount of risk. There's only a hint of firmness-building wave in this style. And the "flip" of hair closest to her left eye is placed at the cheekbone, well below eye level.

SUPER-HAIR? We need some help from New York Hair Fans to answer this question. The photos we found indicate she's had a few close calls -- but the style hasn't drooped completely into her left eye. And she doesn't seem to appear outside in the elements much, to test this look. Until we see otherwise, this style is unbeaten - and to borrow from a song her father helped make famous, we like it like that. [Photo courtesy NYC Newswomen; posted 6/29/12]

NAME: Olivia Culpo

WHO IS SHE: Boston University student, who won the 2012 Miss USA pageant representing Rhode Island

HER STYLE: Center-parted and around bustline-long; she also seems fond of added curls, as she admitted on Twitter a curler was used on the night of her victory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This year's pageant was like heaven-on-earth for Hair Fans, as the majority of the field displayed great unpinned styles. The winner earned hair champion status with us, by keeping her style holding all the way to the finish line - even with most of the final hour spent on stage, under hot TV lights.

How close did her style come to collapsing? This close, when she turned to Miss Maryland as the final twosome and held hands with her. "Hair walls" were forward on either side of her eyes, as if the look finally was wilting under the pressure. But she never touched the hair (there might have been one small head-shake) -- and the flip-back on the left side actually stayed well in position. (She hinted on Twitter about using pins, but we can't spot any.)

SUPER-HAIR? She was off to a very strong start with us -- until. Alas, an online image search as we prepared this entry led to a fashion shoot where a well-curved meaty-looking section of hair covers her left eye. Shame on this photographer. But we're still in awe of this head of vulnerable-looking, yet strong hair. With all due respect to Miss Pennsylvania, we think the judges made a good choice. [Posted 6/15/12]

NAME: Catherine "Cate" Edwards

WHO IS SHE: Washington attorney and foundation overseer; better known as the daughter of former U.S. Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, usually not pinned

WHY WE LIKE IT: Good thickness and loose looks had our attention night after night during her father's federal trial, even though we only saw her walking into court. She seldom even tucked her hair behind an ear, as she did with our picture from the day the trial ended.

SUPER-HAIR? If you followed the trial, you probably know the answer. Crosswinds blew her hair across her face a few times - wind so tough that not even an Ultimate 50 member could withstand them. But hair this long and thick could make a difference, if we ever have to go to court and need an attorney. [Posted 6/1/12]

NAME: Stephanie Wilka

WHO IS SHE: Director of Amateur Scouting for baseball's Houston Astros, with a law degree as a backup (based on what we read online, mentioning her days as a Harvard cheerleader would be simply too controversial)

HER STYLE: Medium-long straight sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: "The Astros do it again!" raved a Hair Fan in a passing reference to Alyson Footer. That visitor calls this style "thick and silky looking...." Based on the picture we were recommended, she probably relies on her ears and shoulders to keep the hair under control.

SUPER-HAIR? We seriously doubt it. Even though she often wears her hair in a professional-looking bun, it almost "struck out" and blew into her eye during an interview with a Houston TV station. No wonder our photo from ESPN is practically the only one we could find with her hair unpinned. [Posted 5/20/12]

NAME: Krysten Ritter

WHO IS SHE: Model and actress, currently starring in an ABC comedy about Apartment 23 (we're declining to mention the first part of the title, due to language)

HER STYLE: Mid-length, with deeply-cut short bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is a very safe, conservative approach to wearing long hair without it getting in your eyes. Yet there's a two-part mystery for us in this look:

Can the bangs be mussed and split, to clear the forehead? Yes to the first, unlikely to the second. She's admitted the shortness is designed to copy Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

And how close can the long hair come to flying into her face? This woman clearly is very cautious about that matter. When she appeared on David Letterman's talk show, she pulled long hair behind her ears at least twice -- for seemingly no reason at all. The farther back the bangs are cut, the more room her face naturally has.

SUPER-HAIR? She's displayed longer bangs in public with long hair closer to the eyes, yet has done so with impressively hold. But alas, a professional photographer already did what many Hair Fans might want to do: submit this great cut to a dramatic wind test. She apparently allowed the style to fly across her eyes in one or two poses. So her hair officially is defeated - but we think in ordinary circumstances, she'd put up impressive resistance and win. [Posted 5/4/12]

NAME: Emily Finnegan

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor/reporter in southern Illinois

HER STYLE: Armpit-length straight sidepart

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because it made us ask a basic Super-Hair question when we saw her on a road trip - "How in the world does she keep it that perfect?" We think it's harder to hide flaws when your hair is bright blonde, as hers is.

Thankfully, the newscast we watched provided a close-up view of her style. She teases the "vulnerable" right side of the hair a little at the crown. It's not enough to look outlandish, but enough to be very effective (perhaps with some spray added). The left side also has a touch of round-brushing (and perhaps spray again) at her eyebrow -- not a lot, but enough to provide room for maneuvering.

SUPER-HAIR? We only found a few video clips beyond that newscast. Many indicate the pins come out, when she steps outside. But one shows her hair can be blown around by wind - yet she maneuvered her head to keep it out of her eyes. As far as we can tell, she's both eye-catching and unbeaten. [Posted 4/20/12]

NAME: Allison Williams

WHO IS SHE: Actress appearing in the new HBO comedy Girls (we won't make a fuss out of the fact that her father is NBC news anchor Brian Williams)

HER STYLE: Long, thick and wavy; sideparted left to right

WHY WE LIKE IT: From the line above, we take the middle two. Great health and shape is shown in this hair - and we think some spray is added to lock the style in. Some Hair Fans would want to get their hands on it, but we're not sure how much they could do with it once they did.

SUPER-HAIR? It held securely on the night we saw her on The Late Show. But a premiere party picture posted by InStyle showed a droopy strip on her left side. While she's unbeaten for now, a steamy sex scene (which we warn her new show apparently has) could change all that. If this program is designed to be Sex and the City for a new generation, we may have found the Kristin Davis - the actress Hair Fans admire most, even if she doesn't get the most attention. [Posted 4/6/12]

NAME: Jenn Hildreth

WHO IS SHE: Sports reporter for several networks; we found her working the sidelines for CBS during the NCAA men's basketball tournament

HER STYLE: Long sidepart with varying degrees of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: She raised the "wave game" to another level for early-round action in Portland - and when we saw it, we wondered where she'd been hiding. We're glad she posted the Twitter photo above with the Wichita State mascot, because it's the best front view we could find of this look. A good bit of teasing keeps the forehead clear....

....and this side view we vidcapped suggests the style was permed, perhaps with spray added for security. These are waves plenty of Hair Fans would want to examine and test.

SUPER-HAIR? A quick photo search found no serious flaws, so she's undefeated until we see otherwise. Yet to be honest, this style appears very vulnerable when it's straighter. We hope to see more of her, to find out once and for all. [Posted 3/24/12]

NAME: Sandra Osborne

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist/reporter for a Panama City, Florida TV station

HER STYLE: Armpit-length sidepart, with added waviness from time to time

WHY WE LIKE IT: Great thickness means enhanced beauty, and even a good bit of mystery. Even though this vid-cap shows her hair safely tucked behind her right ear, that tuck-back is very well hidden.

She can turn to her left and even lean her head a little, yet the ear and that pulled-back section is not exposed. Has she done something to secure it? How close is it to coming loose? Hair Fans want to know, yet they'd have to reach for this style to find out.

But this woman isn't afraid to change her look, to show all of the hair. Here she uses added curl (and probably good spray) to keep the sidepart from dropping in her right eye.

SUPER-HAIR? We came across her while on vacation, and couldn't find many photos elsewhere. But her styles held very well every time we tuned in -- which can't be easy in a city known for gulf breezes and humid summers. We're concluding she's impressively undefeated for now. And we recommend the "redneck riviera" to Hair Fans who want to watch great hairstyles while on spring break. [Posted 3/12/12]

NAME: Carissa Loethen

WHO IS SHE: Co-host of the "Scotty and Carissa" morning show on KCLR-FM in Columbia, Missouri; winner of a Country Music Association award in 2011

HER STYLE: Medium-long and parted a bit off-center; appearing to have natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you turned away from the TV when the CMA radio winners were mentioned, you missed a nice surprise. This is good thick hair that's well-prepared for public appearances. It's often worn loose, but quickly gets tucked behind the ears for safety at any sign of trouble.

SUPER-HAIR? Scotty hasn't dared to insult his partner by posting any messy pictures online. And since she works in radio at a station which seemingly has no "studio web-cam," she can hide bad hair days with ease. She's undefeated until we're shown otherwise - and as they love to say at the CMA's: thank you, country radio. [Posted 2/24/12]

NAME: Victoria Azarenka

WHO IS SHE: Belarus tennis player, ranked #1 in the world after winning the 2012 Australian Open

HER STYLE: Long and naturally wavy (we think the waves were pumped up for this photo)

WHY WE LIKE IT: Photos like this one from the day after she won the Australian title grabbed our attention because her hair is as healthy as she is. It's thick and full, especially with the curls well-rounded. And since she plays a lot of tennis with her hair pinned, it probably isn't down and exposed to the elements that often.

SUPER-HAIR? The wind clearly was blowing in Melbourne during this photo shoot, because her hair was behind her shoulders in other pictures. That was a hint this style might not hold that well -- and sadly, a photo on her website confirms it's fallen on occasion. This champion's hair is great, but not "Super" enough for a #1 ranking. [Photo courtesy The Australian; posted 2/11/12]

NAME: Georgia Salpa

WHO IS SHE: As defined by Wikipedia, "Ireland's premier glamour model" (but actually born in Greece)

HER STYLE: Center-parted and long, usually with a hint of waviness

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Her richly dark, lush, thick hair is ALL good," declared the Hair Fan who suggested her. In fact, some have compared her to Kim Kardashian when it comes to hair and facial appearance. But we think the added bit of wave gives this woman a slight advantage when it comes to style control. (And she's a model first, so she probably knows some hair-holding secrets.)

SUPER-HAIR? We don't think so, since a quick search found a few pictures where she brushed her hair to practically cover one eye. But hair this attractive from a Greek native reminds us 2012 is a Super-Hair EuroCup year, and Greece is the defending champion. Should she be in the field -- and who can top her? [Posted 1/27/12]

NAME: Anna Gilligan

WHO IS SHE: Host at the instructional business channel "Meet the Boss," but probably better known as a former host on Fox Business Network

HER STYLE: We were drawn to a photo from Fox News's Red Eye showing long arching straight hair, which apparently is her current look; she's had wavier and slightly shorter styles as well.

WHY WE LIKE IT: She was an after-the-deadline submission for our 2011 Crown Awards, from a Hair Fan who we think was drawn by several things. The perfect lines in her long hair are undeniable. But the key is how well the style holds from the nose up....

....and when she tilted her head to make a point, the hold seemed very strong. We conclude she must use some kind of spray to keep this style in line. If not, there's a hair mystery simply waiting to be uncovered.

SUPER-HAIR? Our online check found no real flaws, not even with seemingly weaker preparation in outdoor appearances. So as far as we know, this is a Super-style - but it's too bad she left a hosting position at Fox. Her current job leaves Gilligan on an island which is hard for Hair Fans to find. [Posted 1/13/12]

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