The 2005 Hot List

NAME: Julie Banderas

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for Fox News Channel

HER STYLE: A bit beyond shoulder-length, in a sidepart that's worn mostly straight; pins or shoulders are sometimes used as defensive mechanisms

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her to us praised her for having "the silkiest, shiniest black hair I've ever seen." That means it has beauty, and we don't think there's much question of that. And the riskiness of this style is very high, as she usually wears it on camera with no support other than possible spraying. There also seems to be some double-length layering at work here, to make things interesting for viewers.

SUPER-HAIR? Here's a look at what may be a test to find out. There may be only a slight bit of teasing on top to save the day, as hair comes very close to her right eye.

The pictures we've seen indicate she ties the style back in threatening windy conditions. But a sneaky breeze could rip away at that silk - although it hasn't happened yet on our watch. Thanks for another great nomination! [Posted 12/21/5; photos courtesy Reporter Caps]

NAME: Veronica Webb

WHO IS SHE: Fashion model; new host of TV program Trend Watch

HER STYLE: A bit below the shoulders, soft-looking and straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: This hair looks oh so natural at first glance, and we doubt there's a lot of spray used to keep it in position. The key to success, as we note below with Kristin Dodd, is combing back at the top of the forehead. It's not harsh teasing and spraying; it's as if hair is pushed back by hand instead of with a brush.

SUPER-HAIR? We root strongly for styles like this to hold under pressure. We know many of you dream of getting your hands on styles like this. But do an image search online, and you'll find at least one playful picture of this woman with loads of curls which dangle in her face. It's a supermodel look, at least -- so if you can find this show on TV at an odd hour, it's worth watching and admiring. [Posted 12/4/5]

NAME: Kristin Dodd

WHO IS SHE: Weather Channel staff meteorologist

HER STYLE: A sidepart which reaches a bit below the shoulders, with broad curl toward the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested we post her separately here, as she appeared in an epic four-week Super-Hair Wars contest. We believe it's because this style looks soft and natural from the eyebrows down. Perhaps that's what she wants you to focus on -- because the partline and crown do a lot of hard work to keep this hair in place. Teasing and (we think) spray there anchor the style overall; some spray may be added lower to make things sure.

SUPER-HAIR? Studio settings shouldn't be a problem, if she prepares the hair well. But there's a clue to the real answer in our vid-cap, as she's tilting her head left a bit. That's done to keep strands from plopping in her left eye; we fear a walk outside on a windy day would prove too much to overcome. We'd like to see that, though.... [Posted 11/24/5; photo courtesy Kaptured for You]

NAME: Julie Staley

WHO IS SHE: TV news reporter in Springfield, Illinois

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart that might be compared to "the Rachel," Jennifer Aniston's classic cut from the 1990's - straight and heavy-looking.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan wrote us, demanding we post this woman's picture. OK already -- but why? The writer didn't say, but there's much to admire here. A bit of lifting at the crown on either side of the part moves the hair off her face. Beyond that, there must be some secret way she keeps the style in line - perhaps spray, perhaps flat-ironing on the left side.

SUPER-HAIR? We've never seen her on the air, so we can't give an informed answer. But it's certainly a precarious-looking style - and during the Friends years, Aniston's hair fell into her eyes early and often. We encourage Illinois Hair Fans to let us know if Staley's style stays longer. [Posted 11/11/5]

NAME: Hillary Andrews

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist with the Weather Channel

HER STYLE: A sidepart which stops right at the shoulders. A slight flip can be added at the ends, and our picture suggests the ends might even be moussed for control. "Longer, layered and brushed out," the Hair Fan who suggested her told us.

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan notes Andrews has had several styles in recent years, but contends this current look is best for her. Our e-mailer must like risky styles, because this one certainly is. The "high pressure area" obviously is around the right eye - yet with a hint of curl (evident in this side view) and probably some spray, the hair remains solid.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen it enough to say -- but this is yet another case where this channel sends the wrong people outside to cover hurricanes. Put this style up against a storm, and you'll give Hair Fans plenty of drama. Jim Cantore simply doesn't compare. [Posted 11/3/5; courtesy Kaptured for You]

NAME: Michelle Malkin

WHO IS SHE: Newspaper columnist, magazine writer, occasional contributor to political TV shows

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart, with balls of curl at the tips when it's at its best

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated her didn't give a reason, but we can figure it out without much analysis. This is a risky-looking style that's only as good as how the right side of it is prepared. This picture indicates she teases it a little, uses curl for support and probably sprays it to make the hold solid.

SUPER-HAIR? From the online searching we've done, it is. The right-side hair may get close to her face, but she's alert enough to keep it from a complete fall. If your newspaper carries her column and shows her with an up-do, it's time to write a letter to the editor and call for change. [Posted 10/14/5]

NAME: Christi Paul

WHO IS SHE: Weekend anchor on CNN Headline News

HER STYLE: Sidepart stretching below the shoulder by only an inch or two; usually straight, but can be curled at tips for variety

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan who suggested her had this to say: "Her style is always a little different each time, but she is always polished." Anything less than polished, and this style would be in serious trouble. While she might toss the hair behind her right shoulder and even her ear, she must use some kind of spray to keep her left side perfect and precise. There's no teasing on that side to help the hair at all.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen it much to offer a judgment. But if her only appearances are in an Atlanta studio, there won't be much to threaten this hair's hold. Is there any way to arrange a match with fellow anchor Linda Stouffer (shown below) -- maybe with Chuck Roberts serving as referee? [Posted 10/6/5]

NAME: Sam Ryan (former Samantha)

WHO IS SHE: Sideline reporter for college football on ABC, filling in for a few weeks on Monday Night Football

HER STYLE: An armpit-length sidepart, very thick and almost always worn loosely

WHY WE LIKE IT: Pardon our shaky camera, but we were stunned when we saw her at the 19 September Washington-Dallas game. This hair had us rushing - and we don't mean like the Cowboys' Julius Jones. She had nice waves before, but here they were brushed straight with only a hint of body curl. And while hair color normally isn't an issue for us, she's certainly impressed us by turning more blonde -- which accentuates every thick strand to its fullest.

SUPER-HAIR? This was the only drama for three quarters at a mostly-dull game. The hair is so precarious around that left eye! She clearly leaned her head and turned a few times to keep it out (shown above), as a very light breeze threatened to bring it down. From what we saw, she very narrowly escaped; if she wears her hair this way in Chicago or Denver in November and prevails, we'll go beyond "stunned" to floored.

This woman had a very good style before. Now she's pulled the rare trick of making it even better. Dare we say this is hair which might even tempt a loyal Bonnie Bernstein fan away?! [Posted 9/21/5]

NAME: Becky Hammon

WHO IS SHE: Guard for WNBA's New York Liberty

HER STYLE: Nothing fancy here -- a medium-long, straight sidepart (curls are added in the picture above for a special occasion)

WHY WE LIKE IT: We'll admit it -- it was her ponytail on the court which pulled us in: electric blonde, straight and precisely in line. Could her hair be that attractive untied? From checking her web site (sadly, not updated in a long time), the answer is yes. She can stick it behind her ears for safety, but she's also not afraid to let hair hang loose near the eyes under the right conditions.

SUPER-HAIR? The pictures we've checked indicate it is. She told in an interview she has to have two things at all times: hairspray and hair ties. Spraying and teasing at the crown work strongly together, as in the photo above -- and we absolutely want to go "one-on-one" with a style like this. [Posted 9/7/5]

NAME: Jennifer Ferrin

WHO IS SHE: Actress on the daytime drama As the World Turns

HER STYLE: Long and thick-looking, with balls of curls at the ends or overall waves (our own preference); tucked behind ears only in anxiety-filled scenes

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because of how she uses the waves to her advantage. She places this hair very close to her face, yet the curls provide weight and strength to keep strands from flying loose and covering her eyes. There's flexibility and a bit of bounce, but overall control.

SUPER-HAIR? We certainly rooted for this style when we first saw it -- because we imagine many Hair Fans would want to touch and test hair this daring and romantic-looking. But a few flexes sometimes go too far, moving hair in her eyes. It doesn't take much effort to put it back out (a head shake can suffice, not even using her hands) -- but if it falls in, she doesn't quite win. Make no mistake, though: we admire attractive styles like this one. [Posted 8/24/5]

NAME: Linda Stouffer

WHO IS SHE: Anchor with CNN Headline News

HER STYLE: Currently a neck-length sidepart, with bangs seemingly to reach below her right eye; slight flipping at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: A loyal Hair Fan might consider the word "like" an understatement. He posted this on our message board: "It's not stiff like many female anchors, but it's professional and cute at the same time. It's the best she's ever had. She can wear that style to work, the beach, on a lunch date, or anywhere. It's absolutely perfect for her." And yet it doesn't come across as too perfect - looking relaxed, and quite tempting on her right side.

SUPER-HAIR? Oooh, you would ask that question. Her old look often was - chin-length short, with bangs cut back slightly from the temple. Now the risk of defeat is much higher, but she's in a studio where threats are rare.

This style is another example of how growing out hair just a couple of inches can make a world of difference. She reminds us of fellow Headline News anchor (our Ultimate of Ultimates) Judy Fortin's style, only slightly longer. Fortin's hold is amazing; you'll have to watch to see if Stouffer can match it. [Courtesy TV Heads; posted 8/14/5]

NAME: Nancy Weiner

WHO IS SHE: Correspondent for ABC News

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length and straight; sometimes flipped at the tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because of how close she keeps it, and how well it stays there. There's good thickness, and not that much use of ears for protection -- yet the hold is very strong, even under wind or humidity. Teasing at the top, likely spraying on the side and curl at the bottom (shown well in the photo above) provide the weight this style needs to keep a solid position.

SUPER-HAIR? After watching this woman for months, we're convinced it is. Flyaways simply don't happen -- and weakening in the weather wears down the hair only a little. She's a rising star at this network, and we can cite you one very good reason. [Posted 8/8/5]

NAME: Caren Janssen

WHO IS SHE: Attorney General of Aruba

HER STYLE: A wavy shoulder-length sidepart - we're guessing permed, as opposed to natural; can be worn straight as well

WHY WE LIKE IT: You say it looks a bit messy? We say that's part of the genius of this style. Assuming it's permed, the hair looks deceptively weak - yet the chemicals (and perhaps help from spray) allow for strong hold, especially on her critical right side. Considering Aruba is an island with constant Caribbean trade winds, that's important.

SUPER-HAIR? Believe it or not, yes. News reports which show her walking outside have hair blowing back a bit, but never collapsing into her face. (Pictures of her online admittedly are hard to find - as if Aruba doesn't have the Internet yet?!) If there's any good to come from the Natalee Holloway case, this style might be part of it. [Posted 7/24/5]

NAME: Sonia Baghdady

WHO IS SHE: TV journalist in New Haven, Connecticut

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart, seemingly cut in layers; curl occasionally added at tips

WHY WE LIKE IT: "I have never seen her hair out of place," praised the Hair Fan who sent us the vidcap above. With a style this natural-looking, that can't be easy. For one thing, you can't find any noticeable sign of teasing around the forehead -- and the hair shows itself as soft, not weighed down with spray at all.

SUPER-HAIR? The few pictures we've seen online indicate it could be. Consider the balancing act she has to do to keep this hair out of her eyes. Yet if she can do it as consistently and precisely as we're told she does, Hair Fans around Yale University will shout "Boola, Boola!" in support. Thanks for a great discovery! [Posted 7/13/5]

NAME: Carrie-Ann Inaba

WHO IS SHE: Movie choreographer; judge on U.S. show Dancing With the Stars

HER STYLE: Normally a long, straight sidepart, seeming to reach well below armpit level in the back; waves occasionally added, as our vid-cap (the best we have) displays.

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you've been watching this surprise hit show strictly for the dancing, we say you've missed a rising star at the judges' table. She didn't unpin her hair until week three, then showed style care with strands solidly positioned behind her right ear. That's her key to success, as the shoulders seem a secondary concern.

SUPER-HAIR? Ask us to reveal a score on this, and we'd say a "7" out of 10. Inside the dance hall, it looks great; even a jump-up to applaud Kelly Monaco in week four didn't shake it loose. Moving on the ballroom floor, we honestly have some doubts - but could we please have a samba with her to find out? [Posted 6/30/5]

NAME: Gabrielle Colombo

WHO IS SHE: College student, crowned Miss Southern West Virginia 2005

HER STYLE: A "great short cut," the person who nominated her tells us. This posed picture shows it moussed back (our guess), but we've also seen it a bit looser with some curl on the forehead.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The person who suggested her admitted being "rather biased." (The last name "Colombo" in the e-mail was a clue.) But this is an interesting style, because there's both hold and mystery here. Our picture shows a solid, tough-to-move head of hair. And if someone or something could move it, is this hair long enough to get in her eyes? You really don't know, adding a bit of enticing drama.

SUPER-HAIR? The few pictures we found online suggest to us it probably is. If she can do workout videos with her hair relatively unpinned (we'd certainly want to watch that tape), it must be very well cut. Remember, West Virginia pageants gave us a much-admired Crown Award winner in Danae DeMasi -- so a state known for coal mines may have hidden rich deposits of Super-Hair as well. [Posted 6/19/5]

NAME: Rachel Nichols

WHO IS SHE: This is the ESPN reporter - not the steamy model of the same name who stars in a drama on Fox.

HER STYLE: An inch or so longer than shoulder-length, sideparted and mostly straight; can be curled at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated her apparently noticed her work on the NBA playoffs, and declared her "hot." From what little we've seen of her (your vidcaps are very welcome), she relies on three things to keep the left-side hair in line -- weight on the strands with mousse or curl, her ear, and her left shoulder to throw it back if all else fails.

SUPER-HAIR? As we say, we haven't seen it much. ESPN's web site doesn't help, with hardly any photos (although you'll find there a color picture we couldn't post here). But we lean toward saying no, because she seems to have a lot of hair to control and often wears it loose. If she wants to prove us wrong, we certainly won't object -- and either way, we thank you for offering another good nomination! [Posted 6/10/5]

NAME: Danica Patrick

WHO IS SHE: Indy Racing League driver, in her rookie season

HER STYLE: Long, with a light seemingly natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Before she made waves at the Indianapolis 500, Hair Fans were noticing this head of hair. She doesn't tie it back much - and even qualified for "The Race" with unpinned long hair inside her firesuit.

She's smart enough to know good "hair-odynamics" to keep this style under control. It was thrown behind the shoulders in this interview we saw on "ESPN Deportes." She can go behind the ears when she feels the need. And she makes things rather daring, by not teasing the hair much around the forehead.

SUPER-HAIR? As we wrote a Hair Fan who nominated her, Super-Hair that can travel 230 miles per hour definitely has our attention. (And as Robby Gordon has pointed out, her 100-pound weight could give her even more of a speed edge.) But alas, after some searching we found a photo online with hair angled in front of her left eye. We'd rather she avoid that wall. [Updated 6/10/5]

NAME: Gigi Stone

WHO IS SHE: Anchor for the "ABC News Now" channel

HER STYLE: Sideparted, shoulder-length, sometimes with a slight flip of curls at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's a simple-looking, attractive style which looks easy to move out of position. But from what we've seen, she relies on spray and a little teasing at the top to lock the hair in place.

On one "Stylin'" report we saw, the hair seemed looser and less dressed-up. This side view shows the hair didn't do much when she lowered her head. Is it good spray, or some other secret?

SUPER-HAIR? New York Hair Fans will have to help us here, because she was on TV there before ABC hired her. The few pictures we found online indicate this style can be worn down, by humidity or a late-night Hamptons party - but she can slip hair behind her ears if she must, to save the look. We've seen this sort of style last undefeated for years in the right hands, and she might just have them. [Posted 5/11/5]

NAME: Laci Scott

WHO IS SHE: Miss Oklahoma U.S.A. 2005; top ten finalist at Miss U.S.A.

HER STYLE: Medium-long hair that's normally straight as a bone, and looking every bit as solid. There's a bit of teasing at the crown, but not a lot; the hair seemed layered to go longer the farther back it goes.

WHY WE LIKE IT: This style looks quite natural and easy to muss - but we found on pageant night that assumption was misleading. She somehow finds a way to keep this hair out of her face. We think spray is used to lift hair slightly above the eyes, and that locks the style in firm position.

She also can add waves to give muscle to her hair. She showed that look during a short taped interview, but admitted she seldom wears that sort of style.

SUPER-HAIR? This teenager's appearance on Fear Factor before the pageant persuaded us of how great her "hair smarts" are. She flipped the hair a bit above the right eye (again likely with spray), and it held impressively in a moderate breeze. The other pageant contestants failed to hold on to the end of the hour.

This style seems able to stand up to Oklahoma's legendary wind, through methods which are subtle and not forced-looking. So shame on the state pageant web site, for posting a "fashion"picture with hair covering her right eye. Still, we considered her hair the best on pageant night (edging Miss Pennsylvania, who tried to look like Halle Berry) -- and we'd like to see more of it. [Posted and updated 4/20/5]

NAME: Martha MacCallum

WHO IS SHE: Fox News Channel anchor, usually seen during middays

HER STYLE: We'll let the Hair Fan who suggested her tell you: "She has grown her hair out to a wonderful shoulder-length style." There's a hint of a flip at the ends, perhaps to provide a bit of controlling weight.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We'll defer to that Hair Fan again, because he/she obviously knows what we like: "Her sidepart often falls only just above her left eye, and while she uses spray on the riskier sections of her style to maintain excellent hold, her hair also has some swing to it which is very alluring."

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen it enough to provide a fair assessment -- but the person who nominated her sold us for the time being. Hair that moves and holds is a marvelous combination. And she's often in the studio, not facing any serious challenges to the style. The channel of Chetry and Camerota may have another top contender. [Posted 4/4/5; photo courtesy TV]

NAME: Avril Lavigne

WHO IS SHE: Rock singer

HER STYLE: Surprise! This is how she looks on the cover of the April Cosmopolitan -- with an elegant-looking long sidepart, with a body wave around the face and rolls of curls at the ends.

WHY WE LIKE IT: "She looks gorgeous," a Hair Fan wrote us after seeing this cover. We agree - and we give stylist Hallie Bowman credit for preparing her for this shoot. The look is soft, would be delightful to see bounce around on a walk or in a light wind -- and we suspect "touchy" Hair Fans would want to play with the curls around that left shoulder.

SUPER-HAIR? This look could be, with its thick weighty curl giving it support. But if you've followed Lavigne's career and our web site at all, you know the overall answer. She historically has let her hair plop and drop without batting an eye. Maybe this teen star is growing up, and learning to appreciate quality styles. If so, good for her. [Updated 3/31/5]

NAME: Kim Masters

WHO IS SHE: Los Angeles correspondent for National Public Radio; author of two non-fiction books

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length thick natural waves in the back, falling to the shoulders; straight solid bangs at the forehead.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When we saw her on public TV's "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,"a first glance made us look closer - and the closer we looked, the more impressed we were. This is a true "mane" with several quality points for Hair Fans to admire: the curls, the bangs (are they cut back far enough so wind can't push the style down?) and the overall thickness which should make the style heavy and tough to budge.

SUPER-HAIR? All we have to go on is this one TV appearance. But she made us stop in admiration there -- and the hair seems very well-cut to make it difficult for wind to put her style in danger. It's too bad she's hiding on radio, because we want to see a lot more of this. Not since Martha Raddatz has NPR offered us hair this good. [Posted 3/18/5]

NAME: Vanessa Furlito

WHO IS SHE: Actress on CSI: New York

HER STYLE: Long and thick, dropping below the armpit with a hint of waviness

WHY WE LIKE IT: While Melina Kanakaredes and her curls may be the "style star" of this show, this woman is in a pleasantly contrasting supporting role. Not only is the hair mostly straight, it's daring in a different way by floating all around her shoulders. It doesn't always stick behind her ears, but she makes good adjustments to keep it in line. (And hopefully away from the evidence, so the case isn't ruined.)

SUPER-HAIR? We were starting to think so -- but she changed to the banged sidepart we're showing in our picture for the 23 February episode. It was a bit too loose, and strands flopped down in her left eye a couple of times. Whoever suggested she go "sexier" with her hair needs to be taken downtown for questioning. [Posted 2/28/5]

NAME: Kristi Watts

WHO IS SHE: Occasional co-host of TV's 700 Club

HER STYLE: A compact sidepart, lifted on top and well-curled (naturally, we think) at the sides

WHY WE LIKE IT: This cut is built to hold, and hold it does. It's a great short way to handle curls -- with waves turned toward the nape of the neck, and sprayed into position as the situation requires.

Let's admire this style from her "vulnerable" left side. This isn't much-maligned "high hair," as the teasing above the forehead is only about one inch. Hair Fans would have fun at least watching this style last, over the course of a day. And if we might move beyond hair for a moment, this woman has a friendly, fun personality on the air - which makes hair like this even more attractive.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen so far, it is. The telecast hasn't shown her outside a studio, and the heat of TV lights can't be enough to weaken that left side. Let's give Pat Robertson some praise for trying to bring in Hair Fans - first with Wendy Griffith, now this woman. But please stare down and read your Bible, if you start to feel overwhelmed by a great style like this. [Posted 2/14/5]

NAME: Laura Ingraham

WHO IS SHE: Radio talk show host, occasional TV commentator

HER STYLE: Short and well-layered. The layers start with somewhat hidden bangs, and end with long strands to the nape of the neck.

WHY WE LIKE IT: She bills herself as a political conservative, but her hair actually is very risky. Instead of keeping it starched and solid, she seems to let it go loose - even if that means close calls. How close?

Try this close. Wearing radio headphones tends to pinch in a style, but the layers allow her a little "give" to avoid complete hair collapse.

SUPER-HAIR? We imagine the bangs need regular trims -- but from what we've seen, she gets them. And as a result, nothing seems to get this style down completely. To borrow from her book title, we'd enjoy "singing" right next to this hair someday. [Posted 1/31/5]

NAME: Julie Bologna

WHO IS SHE: TV meteorologist in Dallas (recently moved from Pittsburgh)

HER STYLE: A sidepart landing just below the shoulders, and looking so natural that at first glance you doubt it's even sprayed. Slight semi-curl seems optional at the tips, for a bit of bounce.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who nominated her didn't give a reason. He or she figured one look would be enough - and sure enough, it was. Focus on those curls, and you overlook the teasing on top (and yes, probably some spray) that's the key to this style staying in position. Yet if all of that weakens, the hair is long enough that she can safely tuck it behind the ears for security.

SUPER-HAIR? From what little we've seen, it certainly is. Pictures we found online from the Pittsburgh area show good control there. (So where are you Hair Fans in Pennsylvania -- keeping her a secret?!)

The Steel City's loss certainly is Dallas's gain here -- but Bologna's now in an area with fierce Super-Hair competition and persistent Texas breezes. Can this style stay strong under 100-degree summer heat and wind? Is this hair a match for Megan Henderson? We can't wait to find out. Thanks for another great nomination! [Posted 1/10/5]

NAME: Emmy Rossum

WHO IS SHE: Classical singer and actress, starring in the movie Phantom of the Opera

HER STYLE: An inch or two beyond shoulder-length -- with what a former director calls "the most spectacular curly hair I've ever seen." We're saluting the softened yet steamy waves we saw in the January issue of Elle magazine.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Curl lovers absolutely must find this issue or call up the web site, and admire the photo shoot of this 18-year-old rising star. The hair looks loose and plush, yet well-prepared to make you only think it's beatable. We imagine there's a bit of spray mixed in here (perhaps on the inside and outside), so anyone wanting to loosen things further would face a fight.

SUPER-HAIR? It was tossed all around in the Elle shoot, but never was shown in her eyes. But then Newsweek persuaded her to tilt her head way to the left for a picture, dropping curls in her right eye. So much for keeping Hair Fans in mystery and suspense. Some of us like that.... [Updated 1/3/5]

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