The 2007 Hot List

NAME: Ingrid Rivera

WHO IS SHE: Miss Puerto Rico 2008; second runner-up in Miss World 2005

HER STYLE: Off-center, armpit-length and quite thick. The look above is the one we prefer, with added waves providing temptingly touchable body and probably more overall control.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan suggested this woman was really hot, because pranksters at a late-2007 pageant coated her gown with pepper spray. But she endured that and prevailed -- and we think her hair is built to endure as well. Throw this style behind her shoulders to keep it out of her eyes, and this would be a wonderful soft-looking mass of hair to follow or pursue.

She went for a straighter look in this appearance on the NBC Today Show. It's riskier on her right side, but could be tucked behind her ear (as the left side is) as necessary.

SUPER-HAIR? Potentially, but we found some pictures from her Miss World pageant appearance where she placed hair at the very edge of that right eye. Add that extra boost with light teasing and some spray, and you have a style which easily can contend for Miss Universe -- and may be Puerto Rico's best new style since another Miss Universe, Denise Quiñones. [Posted 12/28/7]

NAME: Frances Rivera

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor/reporter in Boston

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length and sculpted; big and wide from the jawline up, angling in below the jawline until the tips almost touch a bit below the throat.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan in New England was ambling around the TV dial one day when he/she came upon this style. While no further information was given us, she reminds us of one-time Super-Hair Wars champion Liz Cho. The hair is very close to trouble, and there's plenty of it to cause potential trouble -- only she seems to use plenty of spray to maintain its hold.

SUPER-HAIR? If she uses a lot of protective product on it at public appearances, it could be. But this strikes us as a case where if you defeat the spray, you'll defeat the style. We'd certainly want to see that battle, though - and watch a full head of hair flex to the fullest. Thanks for another great find! [Posted 12/12/7]

NAME: Supriya Jindal

WHO IS SHE: As of this posting, wife of the incoming Governor of Louisiana (at left in this election night photo)

HER STYLE: A mid-length sidepart stopping a couple of inches below the shoulders; a hint of bangs around the right eye, which tends to come and go

WHY WE LIKE IT: The right side of the style is excruciatingly close to collapsing in her eye - yet she finds ways to keep it out. Some of them are disguised by the darkness of her hair color. But our picture searches found she uses curl as an advantage, both in the dangerous area and at the ends. Her style is helped by good natural thickness as well.

And she clearly takes good care of her hair at all times. Would you believe this is a maternity ward picture, shortly after she gave birth?

SUPER-HAIR? As much as we like this style, we think we saw it bounce into her eyes a time or two on the night her husband won the election. But she only seems to need a tilt or a headshake to put things back in order. This is a marvelous example of how sharp and shapely Indian-American hair can be. [Posted 11/26/7]

NAME: Emilee Allison

WHO IS SHE: Miss Freestone County, TX Teen 2007 -- and believe it or not, a high school sophomore

HER STYLE: This picture submitted for the Miss Teen Texas pageant displays a pouffed-out medium-long sidepart -- made that way with a mix of round brushing, curl and spray

WHY WE LIKE IT: A Hair Fan actually sent us two entries in this contest (we plan to post the other one elsewhere), pining for the good old days of stereotypical big Texas hair. "Big hair styles had more variety and glamour than the flat iron straight styles seen in recent pageants," the Hair Fan wrote. We chose this woman for this list because glamour certainly fits the look -- with hair bursting forward like bluebonnets in April. Yet this style is likely constructed to hold its line under pageant pressure, with spray molding the curves on either side of the eyes. And don't overlook the little flip above the right eye, so that key area doesn't drop down.

SUPER-HAIR? This is the only picture we could find for consideration, so we're really not sure. But we soooooo want it to be, because this is a marvelous example of how "big hair" can be a compliment instead of an insult. This style looks quite soft and inviting, but probably could stand up strongly to a moderate Texas wind by merely flexing. It's admittedly a look which takes some work - but if she keeps her hair that way outside pageant halls, we suspect plenty of young men will want to travel to her school to see it for themselves. Thanks for a great discovery! [Posted 11/11/7]

NAME: Zoe McLellan

WHO IS SHE: Actress in the new TV series Dirty Sexy Money

HER STYLE: Tight and short sidepart, yet cut at several lengths: eyebrow-length for sections which could hit the face, then a bit longer toward the back until it reaches the nape of the neck

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her to us admits: "I am not necessarily a short hair fan, simply because it is relatively easy to control...." But that visitor calls this look "an absolute knockout....a steroidal home run." She apparently took a trim of several inches for this - and it was done in an intriguing way, to look like it goes around the right eye. We think there's one short strip for the most forward hair, with added length from there that could be held down with mousse.

(Important note: we personally do not recommend using steroids.)

SUPER-HAIR? We've only watched one episode as we post this, and the hair seemed to hold well at an Italian outdoor café. But we'd definitely want to see what a breeze on the Riviera would do - and if she uses spray or mousse, we're not sure it could do anything. Thanks for pointing out the "sexy" part of this show! [Posted 10/24/7]

NAME: Stacey Bell

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor in Cleveland

HER STYLE: A modified multi-level pageboy -- shoulder-length all around, except for a wide strip of shorter hair sitting near the left eye.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her didn't give a reason. But we think we know which side of the style that person is watching more closely. This looks like a cut that's sizzled into place with a flat-iron, then sprayed down for hold - especially around the left eye. That's obviously the point of tension (and attention), as the shorter strands clearly are long enough to fall in her face.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen her before, so we don't know for sure. But we'd be watching that left side closely as well -- especially if a news story required her to stand outside near Lake Erie. Then we'd know how well her spray and iron really work. Thanks for bringing her to our attention! [Posted 10/10/7]

NAME: Jodie Foster

WHO IS SHE: Movie actress and director

HER STYLE: A Hair Fan called our attention to this look in her September movie The Brave One. It's a helmet style at its core, but with blunt-cut layers beyond the bangs -- and the layers begin dangerously above the eyes.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The person who wrote us simply called it "awesome!!!!!!!!!" While the movie photos we found show the style quite flat, you can imagine how it would look with more thickness and fullness. It's certainly prepared for action, in this drama....

And a side view shows longer layers near the eyes can be swept aside with ease. A little curling of the tips with an iron and some added spray can keep the wings in position.

SUPER-HAIR? We almost don't want to give away the answer, because for Hair Fans that would be like giving away the ending of a movie. So if you don't want to know how this very risky loose style fares, don't scroll down any further....

But we found a promotional photo where one or two bangs fell in Foster's left eye. It's a textbook case of how regular precise bang-trimming makes a big difference. One less inch and the hair is at eyebrow-length -- mussed up and perhaps weakened, but spectacularly undefeated and fighting tenaciously for all its worth to stay that way. Yet we agree with the writer: it's awesome to see a style like this in action. It might almost make you forget the movie's plot. [Courtesy; posted 9/16/7]

NAME: Vanessa Anne Hudgens

WHO IS SHE: Singer and actress, who appears in the High School Musical movies (and is dating Zac, as we post this)

HER STYLE: Long, loose and seemingly naturally wavy; she seems to like variety, even down to center vs. side parting

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's become a regular name in searches on our web site, perhaps because of the varied styles she shows. The one in our photo looks incredibly natural, and is quite risky in terms of keeping the hair in place. (But we wonder if mousse is mixed in around the eyes, for hold.) Other events have shown her hair a few inches shorter, with curliness only at the ends.

SUPER-HAIR? Sorry. When she made the cover of People magazine with her boyfriend in August, one photo in the story showed a strip of hair down in front of her right eye. She could have a great "blonde-brunette" rivalry with Ashley Tisdale (who made this list in 2006) - but Tisdale keeps her hair cut and placed so well that she'd win a catfight nine times out of ten. [Posted 9/2/7]

NAME: Kathy Gray

WHO IS SHE: Co-Pastor of a church in Kansas City, MO; co-host with her husband of a religious TV talk show

HER STYLE: Neck-length sidepart, very thick and full; occasionally seems to have a bit of waviness for even more volume

WHY WE LIKE IT: It's "big church hair" - but not too big. It's hair that can bounce a bit when she turns her head, but is thick enough to stay in position. It's so thick that the bangs cut into this look seem to disappear in the overall style. And it seems so well cut that hair on the side would have a hard time coming forward into her face.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is -- because it flexes a little, but never loosens a lot. And did we mention the thickness of this style? We think some Hair Fans would dream all weekend of getting their hands all over a head of hair like this - but please remember the coveting commandment, before you do it. [Posted 8/17/7]

NAME: Fawn Johnson

WHO IS SHE: Reporter for the political journal Congress Daily

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length, appearing naturally wave; rather loose bangs across the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: We took a second look when we channel-surfed to this woman on a PBS news program. This face-framing style is as risky as a woman wants it to be, and she was unafraid to keep the hair loose around the eyes. There seems to be enough thickness in her style for it to stay in line, even if a bit of wind comes up.

SUPER-HAIR? This was the first time we'd seen this women, and we couldn't find other photos of her online to do a complete judgment. But her style has the potential, if the hair stays thick and strong. A number of reporters with great hair have jumped from Washington print journals to TV fame (e.g. Norah O'Donnell). We think this head of hair just might be next. [Posted 8/1/7]

NAME: Janet Shamlian

WHO IS SHE: NBC News correspondent

HER STYLE: Side-parted, shoulder-length and very well-groomed -- with hair brushed (and likely sprayed) to rest just off the right eye, often lifted up a bit for spacing

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because she places her hair so incredibly close to defeat - and yet it stays wherever she puts it. She does "the lean" with her head when she must, to guard against the hair dropping to defeat. But otherwise, this style seems to be on its own - and it holds firmly, with no weakening from wind and nothing out of line. This is high-risk hair at its most dangerous best.

SUPER-HAIR? When she first appeared on NBC, we thought we saw this style fall one day. But we didn't really note it anywhere, and the hair has held amazingly well since then. We're saying yes, giving her the benefit of the doubt -- and watching this look very closely. [Posted 7/19/7]

NAME: Sara Blakely

WHO IS SHE: Founder/Owner of Spanx; judge on the series American Inventor

HER STYLE: Long straight hair that's parted a bit off-center; can add curls or a headband for a change of looks

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her hair is so loose and often so attractive, you'd never guess at first glance that she's a bright business executive. The additions we mentioned help keep the hair under control, and add a bit of mystery in terms of how strong her overall style is.

SUPER-HAIR? While we haven't seen her hair collapse, we've seen it practically fall in a half-hour TV interview -- and in a studio, no less. If she can invent ways to keep the curls for weight or the headband for control, the endurance level will improve. But this is attractive hair in any case, even if it's dangerously weak at times. [Posted 7/4/7]

NAME: Katrina Szish

WHO IS SHE: Entertainment reporter for In Style magazine, who occasionally appears on TV celebrity news programs and cable channels

HER STYLE: A tight bob (we prefer it shaped to frame the jaw), usually tucked back behind the left ear; right side can be tucked back or sizzled straight

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because she doesn't tuck it back that often. She lets the hair rest right at the edge of her right eye, as if she's daring you to try something which could force it to move.

If you did, we suspect a mix of flat-ironing and spray or mousse would keep the style solidly in place. This picture shows a little head-tilting has no effect at all.

SUPER-HAIR? A generation ago, it would have been almost impossible. The closest strands would have to be cut like bangs to clear the eyes, because otherwise the style would have flopped down eventually. But today's techniques have made this a long-lasting style -- and she keeps it lasting as long as anyone. She's unbeaten with this look, from what we've seen. And as dangerous as this style is in terms of risking defeat, we want to see it much more. Maybe on a breezy red carpet?! [Posted 6/21/7; photos courtesy TV Heads]

NAME: Susie Gharib

WHO IS SHE: Co-anchor of the PBS Nightly Business Report

HER STYLE: A tight sidepart cut in somewhat feathered layers; depending on the preparation, some days the layers are more noticeable than others

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her wrote on our message board she "has the most perfectly coiffed hair of any woman on TV." You might have a candidate to match her, but there are few who can top her. Sometimes she wears the style a bit looser than our picture (for instance, if she's chatting with Warren Buffett) -- but even then, the layers never look long enough to fall in her right eye. And if any happen to be long enough, she can tuck them behind her ears practically without anyone noticing.

SUPER-HAIR? Absolutely -- for at least seven years under our watch. Admittedly we've watched more for veteran Top Ten Tresses member Stephanie Dhue, whose style is longer and riskier. But if you put the two women head-to-head in a hair showdown, it would take a long time before either one of them succumbed. This underrated program has a great "hair history," going back to original co-anchor Linda O'Bryon -- and that hasn't changed, over more than 25 years. [Posted 6/7/7]

NAME: Monica Goodling

WHO IS SHE: Former U.S. Justice Department employee; key figure in an investigation of the Attorney General

HER STYLE: She appeared at a U.S. House hearing 23 May with a sidepart carefully tucked behind both ears, and layer upon layer of long hair lightly curled or round-brushed at the ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: A bit like the style below it, this head of hair comes across as "work" at the top and "wow" at the bottom. The work is in securing the style for solid hold; the wow is in counting the layers (we think it's five), and how softly and delicately they seem to frame her face and neck. Plenty of Hair Fans would swoon over the wow part; others would watch the work part to see how strong it is -- and if there's no weakness, that would become a "wow" as well.

SUPER-HAIR? On this day she certainly had it -- and while the few pictures we've found online aren't quite this stunning and spectacular, they do show care in keeping long hair in place. At the House hearing, she admitted "crossing lines" on some occasions. Hair Fans would encourage her to toe this line of ultimate beauty all the time. [Posted 5/24/7]

NAME: Hayden Panettiere

WHO IS SHE: Actress appearing in the TV drama Heroes

HER STYLE: Long and luscious, especially when she adds curls and waves as she seemed to do for this appearance on The View

WHY WE LIKE IT: It sits loosely and a bit dangerously - yet like the "indestructible cheerleader" she plays on TV, this style is ready to take on anything. The hair closest to the eyes is combed back at about the jawline, then probably supported with spray. The curls from the shoulder down might not be sprayed -- and they would tempt most Hair Fans first, right down to their core.

This is hair which can bounce a lot at the bottom, yet constructed to only flex a bit at the top when wind blows. And if she really had to do it, she could throw it all back behind her shoulders for safety -- although the curls could make things potentially a bit too wide to keep them there.

SUPER-HAIR? If only her hair was as indestructible as her TV role. Watch enough episodes or do a deep online image search, and you'll find a few cases where her hair has fallen -- but not this particular look. If she keeps long hair like this on a regular basis, we'd "save the cheerleader" at any price. [Posted 5/10/7]

NAME: Julia Boorstin

WHO IS SHE: CNBC correspondent based in Los Angeles

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length adjustable natural curls, with a clear intent to keep them out of her face; the teasing she normally does on top makes that clear

WHY WE LIKE IT: We had our eyes on this woman well before a Hair Fan nominated her. That person suggests she's "like a red-headed Alison Stewart." She also fascinates us because it's hard to get a "true read" on her regular "real style." Our picture review suggests it's more of a long loose wave. But this promotional photo which was submitted shows all-out curls which look great. And she's also blow-dried her hair straight for elegant events such as the Oscars.

SUPER-HAIR? From what we've seen, it is to this point. And we think she wants it that way. If anything, we'd suggest she actually not push the hair back so far. A touch of mousse at either side of the forehead and some spray down below should allow her style to hold strongly, even when it's an inch or two closer to the eyes. But she could tell you there are "aggressive" and "conservative" investors -- and this conservative approach to hair certainly is winning. [Posted 4/24/7]

NAME: McKenzie Westmore

WHO IS SHE: Actress on the daytime drama Passions; 2001 Crown Award winner for Best Short Hair; two-time entry in Top Ten Tresses list - and a two-time entry here as well, first offered in 2001

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who suggested her specifically likes what the picture shows - what Westmore calls a short "spiky" look, only with plenty of curls added (we're presuming this was for an awards show of some kind)

WHY WE LIKE IT: "I love her glamourous waves that spill into shiny spirals," wrote the nominator. This style also could be called a case of "waves that save" -- as the hair appears long enough to drop in her eyes, but the curl is positioned so it cannot. The attention (and tension) is obviously on her left eye here; a solid curl supported by spray could provide resistence from a gust of wind, or even a pushy hair musser.

SUPER-HAIR? This look well could be, but it all depends on those curls around the eyes staying strong. But to be honest, most of her styles tend to be straight. The short looks hold well, and never seem to fall in her eyes; it's when she "goes longer" that we think the style strength is lost, and the hair drops to mere "above-average" level. As we write this, you only have a few more weeks to admire her style variety before her show is canceled. [Posted 4/8/7]

NAME: Kathy Sabine

WHO IS SHE: TV meteorologist in Denver, occasional substitute on The Today Show

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart which is layered on her left side; it can be sprayed solidly into position, or left relatively loose-looking as in our photo

WHY WE LIKE IT: A viewer praised her in an e-mail to us, saying: "At its long length, it never looks unprofessional. While living in the.... viewing area for 4 years, I never ONCE saw the dangerously close bang hit an eye lash." From this picture, she'd need some sort of hidden "tool of strength" to pull this off -- hairspray, we assume.

The viewer continues: "The long layers, subtle highlights and sheen make her a hair idol to many women in the state of Colorado!" Yet believe it or not, she only finished in a third-place tie a few years back when the City League visited Denver.

SUPER-HAIR? We're honestly not sure. The viewer has seen her more than we have, so we'll defer to that opinion -- yet we vaguely recall seeing this hair go down in a windy Rockefeller Plaza one day. But we admit we could be wrong about that. So we're more than willing to keep watching her -- especially if that left side is facing the elements she mentions in her forecast. Thanks for bringing her back to our attention! [Posted 3/18/7]

NAME: Jennifer Beale

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor/reporter in Savannah, GA

HER STYLE: Medium-long in layers, sideparted and straight; occasional added hints of curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw this woman at 6:00 p.m. on a recent road trip, and couldn't help but stop to watch. Can longer blonde hair possibly be more perfect than this -- and more daring at the same time? The layering apparently starts with a jawbone-length strip, and expands from there. Round-brushing points the hair inward, and soft curl is added at the longest ends. There must be good body in her strands, to keep them from plopping into her right eye during a newscast.

She can add a bit of curl on that important section of the style. It provides attractiveness, yet a bit of extra weight for control. We also saw occasions where if the hair wasn't quite 100-percent perfect, she could throw it all behind her shoulders (and even tuck behind an ear if she must) for hold.

SUPER-HAIR? It held quite well every time we watched -- but that admittedly was in a studio. She's also an "entertainment reporter," and a boisterous party surely would give this hair quite a test. If she's smart enough not to wear it too close to the eyes, she truly would have it -- or would she use strong spray or more curl, and have it holding no matter what? We hope to see much more of this style, to find out. [Posted 3/5/7]

NAME: Carolyn Gusoff

WHO IS SHE: TV news anchor/reporter in New York

HER STYLE: A straight near-center part, reaching a bit below the shoulders; often worn daringly close to her left eye, with slight tucking back on the right

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who sent us several vid-caps of her really didn't need to explain. This style is "on the loose" -- and in this case that's a very good thing. The ends are scattered enough to give a very natural effect....

....and if she doesn't turn or tilt her head with care, the style can come to the brink of falling in her eye. If there's spray to keep this look in line, we can't detect it. (By the way, shame on her station for chopping its picture of her at the jaw.)

SUPER-HAIR? Amazingly, our picture search shows it is. While her length has gone up and down over the years (we prefer it longer), she seems to have kept her hair holding throughout. But we'd want to see this style take a walk between two skyscrapers on a breezy spring day. Thanks for another great discovery! [Posted 2/21/7]

NAME: Nicole Petallides

WHO IS SHE: New York Stock Exchange reporter for Bloomberg News

HER STYLE: Multi-layered and face-framing; the layers range from her chin to a bit below the shoulders

WHY WE LIKE IT: She wears it very close to her left eye while on camera -- and the style tends to stay there, even though there's little sign of spraying with this style. She can tuck hair behind the left ear, if traders start crowding around her on the main floor. At 5:00 a.m. when her day tends to start, that's usually not a problem.

SUPER-HAIR? On the air, she looks great and the style is frequently attractive. But people who have seen her off the air at the exchange know her hair can plop in her eye between reports. So perhaps it depends on which "accounting" method you use. [Posted 2/8/7]

NAME: Shirpa Shetty

WHO IS SHE: Indian movie actress; contestant on British version of Celebrity Big Brother

HER STYLE: A shoulder-length sidepart, sometimes tucked back behind the ears for control

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you've followed the international controversy involving this woman and the verbal abuse she took, you may have notice her hair has not looked harmed at all. It's a classic "Bollywood" look - thick, sleek and well in line. Seldom have we seen it out of place in the house.

We can't resist showing a vid-cap "back view," for an idea of how thick this hair appears to be -- and thickness usually means strength. The style actually may have a couple of layers, and seems to lengthen to a maximum point in the middle of the back. Hair Fans who long for a "thrill of the chase" probably would be aiming for it.

SUPER-HAIR? At the risk of sparking street protests - no. Our online image searching found a picture where hair drops across her left eye as she's jumping. But overall, this woman shows why India is a country with an often-overlooked dowry of great hair. [Posted 1/23/7]

NAME: Jennifer Baileys

WHO IS SHE: TV reporter in Louisville, Kentucky

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length hair parted slightly off-center, with what we call "micro-teasing" at the forehead, mini-tucking of a strip behind the left ear and light flipping of the ends to prevent flyaways

WHY WE LIKE IT: A good friend of hers e-mailed us saying she has "obvious extraordinary outward beauty." We would include the hair in that assessment. This woman shows how a little can go a long way for hair control. The teasing is probably no more than a half-inch wide, yet with spray or mousse it can keep hair off the right side of her face. The tuck on the left side is not much wider, and rather disguised. That's become a popular way for women to put hair behind an ear, without making it obvious. Playful Hair Fans who want to reach for that strip to muss it don't have much to aim for, and long hair on the side keeps the ear very well hidden.

SUPER-HAIR? We haven't seen her much to say for sure -- but we think it all comes down to the crown. This style will last as long as her tease-spray combination does. If it fails, she probably could tuck more hair behind her ears for safety - but we doubt it would look as attractive. We root for styles like this to flex, fight and hold. And we thank you for bringing her to our attention! [Posted 1/9/7]

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