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Beating Humidity

Women in the television news business strive to have their hair in top condition day after day. So when someone posted a message on a TV news board called "The Watercooler" asking how to keep hair in shape in high humidity, we paid attention. What follows are a series of responses to the original message. The people posting did not use real names, so we have no way of knowing who recommended what -- and the suggestions are their own, not necessarily ours.


Fudge brand straightening gel, don't overdo it. Also I think Conair makes butane-powered portable curling irons. They're not as powerful, but are light enough to carry.


It's called COPAHAIR. Go to COPAHAIR.COM FOR DETAILS. This is a non-chemical straightening system made from fruit acids. All the stars use it.

You can even use it after you do a chemical relaxer.




I have the same problem -- has plagued me for years. I have since decided to "work with" the wave in my hair, and am liking it now. But for a long time I tried to constantly straighten it. I bought a 50 dollar straightening iron, and it worked like c**p. On a stylist's recommendation I sprang for a 150 dollar iron, and it worked GREAT. The brand is Diana the Hunter, and you can find it in salons and some good beauty supply stores.


Years ago, My first job was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina... I was in curly hair Hell!

Over the years I've learned to do a pretty good job getting my hair straight with the blow dryer. And I agree with... don't buy the over the counter flat irons... they don't work well, spend the money on a good one.

But, Last October, my stylist did the Japanese hair straightening on me... the results were AMAZING... best thing I ever did! I work mornings. I can now sleep an extra half hour because my blow dry time is cut in half, and I haven't used the flat iron since I had it done. Before, if I let my hair air dry I looked like Bozo the clown... now it dries straight! It didn't damage my hair; in fact my stylist also does color on me without a problem. And it can last up to a year... it's still working for me.

But, this method doesn't work well for everyone, your hair has to be the right texture. And it's big bucks...anywhere from 300 and up! So make sure you find a stylist who's not just trying to take your money.


Sebastian Strait comes in gel and spray on. Both work well during the dry season and do not feel sticky or heavy. But, during this time of year, I use a Sebastian "mud" formula on towel dried hair. I pull it back in a pony tail and sleep on it. In the morning I use an inexpensive iron to touch up. I don't always need it, but sometimes I follow with Sebastian hairspray.


Copa got sued by thousands of people after their so-called straightened hair fell out! I wouldn't touch that stuff with a ten foot pole.

And no, all the stars don't use it...


My recommendation is to a) talk to your hairstylist for tips on products and b) go to a beauty supply store. Between the two you should be able to come up with products and options you might not have thought of before, which will both work and not necessarily pad anybody's commission. (Nothing worse than spending a fortune on a product which only causes more problems!)

I continue to search for the perfect product to de-frizz hair, having been blessed/cursed with hair that needs a separate area code depending on the humidity!

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Posted 5/25/3