The Ultimate 50

5. Jennifer Grey

2002 Update

We're disappointed to report Grey's current style seems to last about as long as her most recent TV comedy. Straight bangs now can fill the forehead, but they aren't cut far enough back to keep the long hair out of danger. After giving this photo a close look, we have to declare her beaten. (It's a 2000 picture; had we known about it then, we might not have ranked her as highly as we did.)

This is a better-prepared style, still hiding inside a TV station's website from the cancelled "It's Like, You Know." The classic sidepart is accentuated more, and the risk level of the pageboy is exceptionally high. If that right side could stick in place strongly, she'd be a "Grey Cup" contender.

It seems this woman has become a "Grey memory" for many people -- as Web sites featuring her are scarce. We found the pictures of her tousled hair, of all places, at Yahoo! Shopping. For the classic style we still admire, enjoy the Dirty Dancing Online site - with breathtaking vidcaps of Grey's amazing curls in full motion.

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