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Super-Hair we know. All the best hair and hair-related links on the Web, we don't. This list is continually under construction, as we find good sites and YOU nominate them.

NOTE: All links are free, and no endorsement of commercial sites should be assumed. Links offered should clearly relate to hair in some way, or they will not be considered.


NEWEST: Virtual-HairStyler - A computerized service which lets you "try on" a style before actually getting a cut. Use your photo, or someone else's.

Anna Bellagio - The right earrings can make any hairstyle more appealing. This site offers some, along with other jewelry. Weddings seem to be its specialty.

Argus Designs - Specializing in fancy accessories to keep "up-do's" up, through wood and metals.

Beauty Appointment - Selling premium skin care products, as well as Redken items for your hair.

Byrd Designs - Handcrafted Victorian-style jewelry and hair accessories, made with "Swarovski Austrian Crystals."

Dressy Tresses - Washington state company selling hair accessories, related jewelry and hair books.

Health Superstore - Offering all sorts of health products, some mainstream and some not. There's a hair care section, but the connection seems obscure to us.

Intuition Spa Salon - A Vancouver, BC salon which offers "most superior skin care products," as well as cosmetics for disguising your age.

"Just Lenses" Contact Lenses - Great hair can accentuate and call attention to attractive eyes. This company promises low prices on all major brands of contacts, shipped directly to you for less.

Komaza Products - Claiming African herbs and jojoba oil can improve your hair and skin. Their home page explains what "komaza" means.

PerfumeNet - The right scent can make any good hairstyle more appealing. The site offers hair care products as well as perfume.

Shortcuts - Claims to be a leading supplier of software for salons and spas. Software for soft hair sounds enticing.

StriVectin SD - Skin care products from western Canada.

Tenderheaded - A site with "hair-friendly" hair accessories. You'll even find special pillowcases for resting Super-Hair here.

Unique Corkscrew Hairsticks - Want to keep your french twist twisted, or your up-do up? These products promise a new "turn" on doing it.

Vita-Sublingual-B12 - A place to order a brand of B12 vitamins. There's a hair care section here, too, but we're not sure if B12 vitamins help your hair or not.

White Perfect - The name comes from whitening products, but this beauty site sells much more than that. Check makeup and skin care articles, as well as products.

A World of Perfumes/Cosmetics - Store offering a variety of health and beauty products.


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