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Super-Hair we know. All the best hair and hair-related links on the Web, we don't. This list is continually under construction, as we find good sites and YOU nominate them.

NOTE: All links are free, and no endorsement of commercial sites should be assumed. Links offered should clearly relate to hair in some way, or they will not be considered.


NEWEST: Beauty Schools Directory - Helping students find programs across the U.S. in categories including "hair design" and barbering. There's also a blog with current topics, such as what Native American people think about their hair.

Beauty Feast - The buffet includes tips on everything from hair care to dyes and brushing. Then you can consider aromatherapy (and even acne) for dessert.

Beauty-Makeup-Skin Care - Guidance on a wide range of topics relating to good looks, including a few pages on hairstyling.

Beauty Pros - A wide-ranging site pegged to a "complete guide to schools, salaries and careers" in cosmetology. Not only does it have school rankings, but a large section on flatirons.

Beauty School Edu - Focused on the various jobs related to hairstyling. Learn what's required for those jobs in your state, as well as how much you might be paid.

Beauty Schools - A directory claiming more than 1,000 cosmetology schools across the U.S. Some of them offer instruction in other fields, such as massage therapy.

Beauty Tips.Net - All-purpose instruction on not only hair, but makeup and skin care. The guidance for styling is relatively basic at this point.

Become Gorgeous - You can do it from hair to skin and beyond at this site, with a wide range of beauty advice. Our link takes you directly to the hair section.

Care Your Hair - Offering guidance on everything from hair loss to conditioners. But what you'll read here is awfully basic.

Celebrity Hairstyles - The videos and advice on this site aren't too star-specific, but helpful for everything from wedding styles to men's hair.

The Cutting Chair - An all-purpose site with tips of all sorts, interviews with leading stylists, opportunities to rate new looks - and even a forum to "rant and rave."

Easy Curls -- If you don't have curls, this site tells you step-by-step how to develop them. It also offers a variety of curl-building products.

4 (Four) New Hairstyles - Advice on many more than four, from curls and bobs to styles for three different seasons of the year. Don't expect the "gallery" section to have pictures.

Free Hairstyles - A blog with truly free styling advice about all sorts of hair. It's long on words, short on pictures.

George Caroll - A Memphis hairstylist keeps an interesting "how-to" database about many celebrity styles.

Good Hair Tips - How-to's on all sorts of hair topics and concerns, from dreadlocks to dandruff. It even will help you go "Emo" or Greek.

Gray Hair - Challenging people to come to terms with gray hair and make it look great. But if you want to avoid it, there are coloring tips as well.

Hair Boutique - A "total package" site about hair, including experts offering advice and videos for sale. They've recommended us from time to time.

Hair Care Facts - Tips for both genders arranged by your type of hair, as well as the changing seasons. A number of ad links are embedded in the information.

Hair Color Tips - Steps and tips for "adding spice" to your style with color. You'll even find a surprising new use for bottled water. - Helpful how-to guides for several popular fancy styles. Attention, French Twist questioners: your answer's here.

Hair-n-Skin-Care - Promoting a "natural way" of overall beauty. Yet it's not wary of discussing hair topics such as permanents and coloring.

Hair Parlor - Sharing tips on a variety of challenging hair issues, from handling curls to premature grayness. It even has a book list. - Offering advice and tips on a variety of hair issues. (We prefer to say the three r's like you're purring them.)

Hair Styles Cut - A British site presenting itself as offering information and pictures for choosing your best style. There's helpful information here, but we found the picture links quite lacking.

Hirsutism Info - The technical name for a potentially embarrassing problem: hair growth common to men, but occurring on women. This site explains it, and offers help.

Hot Hairstyles - Tips for cutting the hair of others, as well as handling the hair you have. The site promises plenty of style pictures, but there were none when we posted this.

International Academy of Hair Design - A cosmetology school in Daytona Beach, FL, for those interested in making beauty a career.

London Hairdressing Apprentice Academy - Promoting the training of future stylists in Britain. It promises some of the hairdressing instruction is free.

Makeup-Care - Actually a site with tips on all aspects of beauty, including hair care. We found interesting secrets for bobs here.

My Sedu Hairstyle - A blog-formatted site offering guidance on using Sedu styling tools to imitate star styles. Expect plenty of words, but few pictures.

Naturally Curly - For "girls with curls," and probably the people who love them. Tips, tales, products and more - and not "kinky" in any way.

Online Beauty School - Not about styling tips, but what to do if you want a career in cosmetology. There's even a "survival guide" to avoid becoming a beauty school dropout.

Pro Haircut - Advice on a variety of styles, with pictures to match. Any site which offers to help in your "hair crusade" for the "perfect hair cut" gets our interest.

Seductive Hairstyles - Ideas for using "Sedu" hair products to look like the stars. If you want to copy Jennifer Aniston's classic styles, you'll find help here.

Stacey James Institute - A cosmetology school in Denver, training "up and coming.... hair stylists" and others. There's also a career-related blog.

Style Your Own Hair -- Offering tips and videos narrated by professionals, on how to keep curls well-curled or straighten them out.

Updo Princess - Specializing in hairstyles for "prom, wedding, party or formal events." You'll find pictures to go with the directions, but it took us some searching to locate them.


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