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Super-Hair we know. All the best hair and hair-related links on the Web, we don't. This list is continually under construction, as we find good sites and YOU nominate them.

NOTE: Unless noted on the main Hair Attachments page, all links on this list are free. No endorsement of commercial sites should be assumed. Links offered to us should clearly relate to hair in some way, or they will not be considered.


NEWEST: Ziering Medical - Based in West Hollywood, but with U.S. east coast branches, they offer "world class hair restoration" with both surgical options and non-surgical hair care products.

Affordable Hair Transplants -- Offering three-dollar grafts PLUS a travel allowance, from a center in Oklahoma.

American Hair Loss Association - An apparent non-profit organization with a mission "advocacy" and "research support" in matters of hair loss.

Ashley and Martin - "Medical hair centres," spelled the Australian way because that's where they are. This business offers free consultations, and surprising facts about the problem.

Battle Against Bald - A blog with updated news about hair loss approaches and issues. Even Naomi Campbell has come up here.

Balayam - Claiming you can "cure" baldness for free, through a "simple nail rubbing" exercise. A YouTube video shows how it works.

Bernstein Medical - A hair restoration office in the center of Manhattan, run by a doctor who's appeared on national television. No, this is not named in honor of Bonnie.

Bosley- Offering a free DVD on hair restoration, live chats to answer questions, and even help for eyebrows.

Brummels -- A British company which has offered "hair replacement solutions" for more than 20 years.

Combat Hair Loss - A British web site which claims to have found the best six treatments for hair loss problems. It also has a four-part course on the issue.

 Cosmesurge International Hospital - A "hair transplant hospital" with locations in two Pakistan cities. It's also a cosmetic surgery clinic, with everything from injectibles to implants.

Cosmetique - A hair transplant surgeon based in Pakistan, who has associates offering dermatology services in two U.S. states.

Cosmoderma Clinique - A center in Lahore, Pakistan featuring a wide range of cosmetic surgery services. The focus is on hair transplants, with a doctor promising "full concentration."

Cure Hair Loss - Centered around a south Florida doctor, this site offered a wide range of hair loss information. Learn the difference between FUE and FUT.

Dr. Shapiro's Hair Insitute - Offering to "design your hairline" in South Florida, with procedures such as "micro-mini grafts." He even sells a "hair-friendly" shake for drinking.

Farrell Hair - A company with offices around the world specializing in custom-designed hair replacement.

For Hims - A site dealing with several male-related topics, including the science of them. Our link takes you directly to the section offering items to save a man's hair.

FoundHair - This means the Foundation for Hair Restoration, and transplant specialists who can help you. We suppose it also can mean if you've lost hair, you can find it again.

Hair Forever - A clinic in the Canadian province of Ontario offering a variety of procedures and products. The home page explains what "SMP" is.

Hair-Loss - Information about what causes the problem, and a variety of ways to resolve it. And if all else fails, there's a section dealing with wigs.

Hair Loss A to Z - It promises "the cure is here," and actually it offers several treatment options from prescription drugs to vitamins. But you may have to work through some link-only pages to find them.

The Hair Loss Book - A specialist's online guide for dealing with hair loss, whether you're male or female. It includes tips on the proper shampoo, as well as other advice.

Hair Loss Cure - Emphasizing natural answers to a common hair problem. We never realized brandy and rum had benefits on top of your head, as well as in your mouth.

 Hair Loss Cure News - A blogger on a quest to end balding by 2020. The topics can be scientific, promotional or simply fun.

Hair Loss Doctor - The information here goes beyond the basics about the problem and treatment options. There are also surprising details about your hair, your thyroid and alcohol.

Hair Loss Fighters - Offering a free "self-help guide" about symptoms and causes, and promising a forum for sharing stories. It seems to lean toward the use of Propecia.

Hair Loss Geeks - A blog with a bit of an attitude, offering to "build your confidence, offer solutions specific to your problem" -- and even have some hair picture fun.

Hair Loss Guru - Claiming to provide "unbiased" information about temporary and permanent replacement techniques. It's basic and informative.

Hair Loss Helper - Help ranging from information to products, and even finding a clinic to treat the problem.

 Hair Loss in Women - Offering advice for a problem it says afflicts 40 percent of women by age 40. Read about thickening, regrowing and more.

Hair Loss Remedy Guide - The topics here range from surgery for hair to prevention techniques. It also warns against styling "negatively."

Hair Loss Reviews- A site which says it began reviewing a variety of treatments in 2005. It seems to have settled on three favorite kinds.

Hair Parlor - The home page says hair loss is its emphasis, but there are articles here on everything from dying to dandruff.

Hair Removal Forum - The voluntary approach to losing hair. This site emphasizes laser clinics, believing "going smooth" is a good thing.

 Hair Tech Replacement Systems - A Korea-based company promising "undetectable" hair from around the world. That can include toupees and wigs, as well as "base models" named Antonio and Richard.

Hair Transplant Help Desk - Claims to be among the oldest web sites on this topic on the web. Find facts for both men and women, along with things to consider about whether transplants are right for you.

Hinder Hair Loss - A chart on the home page compares seven well-known hair loss treatments. Read on to learn which two the site seems to recommend.

HRC - Short for Hair Restoration of California, offering everything from hair grafting and integration to professional styling.

IHT9 - Not a TV channel, but a "hair loss therapy" claiming to have rare herbs from India.

Inhairit - Offering a "herbal hair loss product and treatment" for both men and women, which could also reduce dandruff problems.

Intermedica - A clinic in the Netherlands offering guidance and treatment for hair loss and "kaalheid." (The pages are written in Dutch.)

Joseph Paris - A hair replacement system center for both men and women, based on Madison Avenue in New York.

Men's Health Plan - Don't be deceived by this name, as it offers guidance for both men and women on dealing with hair loss. (And we don't think it sells insurance coverage.)

Minoxidil 4 Less - Offering several well-known names in battling hair loss. As we posted this, shipping was free.

My Hair Loss Cure - The promoters tell us this is a "well-designed site" about hair loss issues. Click on the articles link if you want anything substantive.

Natural Wellbeing - Offering products such as "Fo-Ti," which work by themselves or in combinations. Other health-related items are on sale as well.

Newhair -- Featuring Nisim products for restoring hair to your scalp, such as shampoos and conditioner. And for some reason, it also sells perfume.

New Hair Loss Treatments - Promoting one treatment in particular (one which already has a link in this section).

New York Hair Loss - Offered in the midst of Hurricane Sandy, this Park Avenue office has two doctors promising help with PRP therapy. The site explains what PRP means.

Procerin - A supplement promising a money-back guarantee if men are unable to "regrow" their hair in three months.

Provillus - Promising special formulas for men and women to help re-grow your hair, so you can "put the hats away."

Revivogen - This product which promises to help slow thinning hair is an "anti-DHT solution." You'll have to visit there to learn what's so bad about DHT.

Saini Herb - Claims to offer a "natural herbal solution" to hair loss and baldness.

Sephren - Offering a two-part treatment system especially for women. It even includes a special ingredient from Texas.

Sure Hair - A transplant service that's won several awards in Ontario, Canada. It even offers transplants of eyebrows.

Tempus Hair Restoration - A doctor helping clients in the Daytona Beach, Florida area. It offers an "advanced follicular unit technique."

Toppik Australia - Promising "a full head of hair in just 30 seconds" in nine different colors, with value packs on various products.

True & Dorin - Doctors providing guidance in hair replacement treatments. Find out what a "FUT" is here.

TRX 2 Effect - A British site endorsing supplements for molecular hair loss. It also includes a full ingredient list.

Women's Hair Loss Project - An online network for women with a common problem. It includes a blog, forum and a scientific approach to the issue.


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