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October 2023

Meet our challenger - an alligator named Hector, brought to the TV station by Wildlife Educational Services near Greencastle, Indiana. At two years old, he can be held easily by a handler.

"He's not dangerous," the handler assures a male anchor in the newsroom. That anchor holds Hector for a moment and rubs its belly to make it sleepy, even though the gator has "very sharp teeth." Ooooo...

Now Hector meets our champion! Mead isn't relying on waves as much on this day. The "vulnerable" left side is round-brushed back and probably sprayed, but with a good deal of hair in front of the shouolder with curled ends.

The handler brings Hector to the weather studio. "I'm really nervous," Mead admits. Hair Fans might think she has good reason, as the long hair is quite close to her left eye.

"Here he comes," Mead says - showing the "off side" of her style as they meet. Mead clearly wants that right side kept behind the shoulders, and she has plenty of experience in doing that. Mead gives the gator a few careful pets...

...then recoils from him. A quick turn to the right shows no sign of that brushed-back section. The hair is all there for us - fabulous, but exposed.

Now standing at least two feet away, Mead turns back toward Hector. It's a full flip of her hair, to make sure the style stays out of her eyes. Mead executes it flawlessly, despite her nervousness. But the weather forecast isn't over...

Will Mead dare get close to Hector again? Will the long hair get too close for the creature to resist a reach? Since Hector hasn't been fed during the segment, is he hungry to have a bite of Super-Hair for brunch - and how do you think it would taste?

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