September 2003: Aimee Myer, Aspiring Teen Model

Have you ever felt bipolar about your hair? As in one minute you think it looks great, but the next minute you can't stand it? We've met a young woman online who sometimes feels that way - but we like what we see in her style.

AIMEE MYER is a senior at a high school in Arizona. She wrote to us recently asking for help with her long hair, because she felt the bangs weren't cut short enough after a recent trim and wouldn't look good as she started her senior year. We wrote to her offering some ideas for coping with it. She wrote back with a photo, but described her new style with bangs as "slammin'." When we saw it, when completely agreed -- and we wanted to know more. She responded to our e-mailed questions:

SUPER-HAIR: How long has your hair been in the style you showed us in the picture?

AIMEE MYER: I would say about two weeks or so.... maybe less.

S-H: Your letters to us have indicated you have mixed emotions about your hair. So.... why do you consider your hair "slammin'?"

AM: Because it looks all modelish. But I don't have time in the morning to deal with it and style it like that every morning.

S-H: And what do you hate about it?

AM: It's just not my style. It looks good and all, but it's easier to take care of longer hair [see old style above] than it is with bangs. And I like the longer hair more.

S-H: WE like the bangs, at least. What did you decide to do with them?

AM: Well, ever since I got bangs I've been doing a lot more with my hair. I've been doing different styles every day. With longer hair I would just leave it down or put it up in a ponytail. But now I find myself doing different things to my hair, which is cool, but like I said, I don't have a lot of time to deal with it every morning.... With school and all, it's tough to deal with.

S-H: At Super-Hair, we especially like hair that stays in line and in place day after day. Is it easy to keep your style looking this sharp?

AM: Yeah, I guess it is. It doesn't really give me trouble; it's just I would rather have longer hair, than have to style my bangs every day.

S-H: Has your hair (this style) ever fallen in your eyes in public?

AM: My bangs are too short to fall in my eyes....for now... but as it grows out, I'm sure I'm gonna have some trouble with my bangs falling in my eyes.

S-H: Do you use any special treatments or products to keep your hair looking good? If so, what do you use?

AM: I only use products in my hair when I scrunch my hair. I actually don't like using products in my

hair. I like keeping it natural looking but still having that made-up look at the same time, if you know what I mean.

S-H: How flexible is this style? Do you make any changes for special occasions?

AM: I would say this style is very flexible. You can do a lot of styling with this style. You just have to know HOW.

S-H: We like to ask women who they consider to have the best head of hair they've seen. Who do you think has an especially "slammin'" style?

AM: I would have to say that Mandy Moore has the best hair. It's just perfect and gorgeous. I love how every style looks good on her and every style fits her face, which is good to have that face that looks good with every style.

For about a month, Super-Hair asked which style you thought was best for Aimee. The final count: "Longer with no bangs" 60%, "Medium-long with bangs" 40%. (15-10)

SUMMARY: Our suggestion to Aimee was to comb the bangs to the side as they grow out -- maybe flipping them with an iron or setting them in place with spray. We don't think she necessarily has to change the center-part of her hair to do that. Do you have a better idea? Please let us know, and we'll post it here.

We also encouraged Aimee to cherish her hair - because we suspect lots of young women would love to have it on their heads. The trim shows off good thickness in her strands, which a long-and-straight approach doesn't really display. And since Aimee is thinking about becoming a model someday (we agree with her friends, who say she has the looks for it), the banged style is a good "base" look we've seen used by top models such as Naomi Campbell and Cheryl Teigs. We can't wait to see this teen in a magazine or on a runway, showing her great hair to everyone!


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