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April 2004: Hair With a Flare

Some women have attractive, yet functional rolls of curl at the ends of their styles -- functional because they add some weight for hair control. In the 1990's an old variation called "the flip" made a comeback, with the curl turned outward instead of in. The approach often looks forced and artificial -- but in recent years a semi-flip has become popular, for shorter styles.

ANA MARIA CANSECO of Univision shows a good example of what we're calling a "flare" style. Straight hair is bent outward at the tips, at about a 45-degree angle. A flat iron is probably the best tool for doing this, although we'd be interested in hearing about other approaches.

Here's a closer look at the flare on her left side. It seems only an inch or two of hair is turned out -- and note the turn is backward, away from the face. From the right angle, the hair almost looks windblown instead of harshly solid.

Spray could be used to lock in that shape -- but we've found mousse-style products in stores which promise to keep flares in place not for hours, but for days.


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