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May 2002: The Ears Have It, Page 2

Glenda was a young woman who displayed great care and precision with her long hair. She not only kept strips behind the ears, she covered the ears with long hair - draping the tuck-back with strands from roughly the ear back. It was as if she hid the secret of her style's control. And she kept both the control and the secret expertly.

Here's a side view of Glenda's hair. Can you find the tucked-back strands here? We can't. The style is thick enough to cover the ears and hide the hair behind them. Not even the tips seem exposed.

Glenda also was a member of the school drill team. This photo shows her at the end of a routine - with the tucked-back hair seemingly exposed to the ear. Yet because she's wearing a hat fitting around her chin, the style remains secure.

(Note how the "drape" hair remains in front of the shoulders. She seemed to want it there at all costs - quite different from many women who prefer long hair stay behind the shoulders.)

Here's one more picture of Glenda's picture-perfect style. Believe it or not, this photo was taken as a breeze blew from left to right as you look at her and her group. The wind made several ladies' hair lean, and forced a couple of styles loose - but not this one. A natural "wave" curl in the hair combined with the thickness to absorb the threat.

Glenda wore this same style day after day for two years, with only a couple of rare exceptions. (Once she used a headband with it, which locked the hair down even more.) Not once did she pin or tie it back. Yet this hair held solidly through everything it faced. An even stronger cross-wind one winter day was blocked by her thick waves.

Only on one May afternoon did wind blow the style back to expose her ears. Yet the strands behind the ears stayed in line, even when pushed up. That case revealed NO pins around the ears - nor did it reveal the ends of the tucked-back strands, still covered by the hair surrounding it. In short, this was Super-Hair that rivaled the best celebrity cuts of its time. (And maybe any time.)


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