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June 2008: Bangs in the Long Run, Page 2

BELLA SHAW marveled us with a long hair-bang combination, when she was a CNN news anchor in the 1980s and 1990s. The bangs are a bit longer, practically hitting her eyelashes. But they hardly ever came loose around the forehead. And the long hair seems to start a bit closer to the left eye -- with perhaps 1 inches of clearance. Yet this style has held strongly and solidly for years. How? Let's consider the mechanics involved with this mane....

1. Thick hair works best, to keep the forehead covered (this is a personal preference with us; we've seen women with thinner locks scatter bangs across the forehead as well).

2. The bangs are cut well back from the eyes. The farther back the "corners" sit (where bangs end and long hair begins), the more room hair has to stay off the face.

3. Long hair closest to the eyes can be tucked behind the ears, as Bella does here.

4. Weight of some sort can be added to the long hair. There's a bit of a ball of curl at the ends here.

But in this more recent picture, Shaw dared to let all those security features go. The bangs are still great, but the long hair is much closer to the eyes. If a breeze kicked up from side to side, this style would be under serious pressure -- or would this member of our Ultimate 50 know some amazing way of escape?

(For more of Bella Shaw's Super-Hair, click the "Long Yet Strong" profile below.)

This eyeglass model shows an additional trick of cutting this style. A strip of bangs is slightly longer on each side of the forehead, just before the forehead begins. These "tabs" of sorts softens the corners -- and possibly can be felt or seen by a woman, to warn her the style is close to falling.

TYRA BANKS is one of the best current presenters of this look (one of several she shows on TV). But instead of adding curl for weight, she seems to use a straight-iron to sizzle the long hair into position -- and perhaps even the bangs as well. Which approach would hold longer? Some Hair Fans would consider it fun to find out....


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