July 2000: Turn of the Pageboy, page 2

Joetta's pageboy survived every teenage test, including years on a high school drill team. The style lasted with some adjustments even through her college years. How? She revealed her secret to a friend: the critical bangs were curled - then sprayed. This gave the style a "double level" of protection against wind and humidity.

On the other hand, Barbara apparently settled for a curling iron only. Her pageboy had plenty of tempting bounce at times - but on windy days, the hair fell apart and easily caved into her eyes.

(We should note neither woman teased her hair back, which might make the style even more difficult to destroy.)

SUMMARY: The pageboy is an attractive style, but one that's filled with risk. Some women curl them as stiff as a board for hold, but a "multi-level" approach can be even more effective - and attractive.

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