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December 2001: In Defense of Helmet Hair, page 2

Jana also came from the windy Plains. While her basic helmet was comparatively flat and lacked a body curl, she had good, reliable bangs - and used her own hair tricks to keep the cut in shape.

A side shot of the style reveals the "corner" hair was sizzled back, probably with an iron. (She wouldn't let us touch it, to see if she also sprayed it.) This results in the longer hairs being far back, out of trouble - even capable of being tucked behind the ears.

Here's another small variation on Jana's helmet: corner hairs feathered, rather than sizzled. By that, we mean a softer approach to the curl -- one that even appears applied to the bangs a bit.

Here's one more view - with what appears to be a spiral perm applied to the basic style. It could be argued this isn't really a helmet. But the bangs are there - and the long hair is probably stronger, even if the look is looser. That means extra hold for windy days.


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