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December 2002: Long Yet Strong, page 2

We found this photo in a religious publication. This young woman illustrates our next two points at the same time:

3) HEADBANDS. They can be inches-wide or pencil-thin, made of the finest gold or a string of yarn. Bands can add much more than color to a hairstyle; they can also add function and control. And under our Super-Hair definition, they're perfectly legal for perfect styles.

Our example shows great positioning, as a good bit of the band is covered by longer hair. Much like with tuckbacks, we like them best when there's a bit of mystery about them. To see the ends seems a bit sloppy to us. Note also this headband supports tucked-back hair; it also could be used to lock down teases.

It seems that only in the last couple of decades have some companies realized women want headbands for more than decor. Many want strong hold as well. That's why many headbands now are offered with hidden "tiny teeth" on the underside, and a bit of extra weight at the ends so they grip to the head better.

(To see some of the wide variety of headbands available today, check the "Marketplace" section of one of our links, Hair Boutique.)

4) BANGS. A well-trimmed forehead can provide a captivating contrast - with long hair able to flow and flex with great freedom, while much shorter hair sticks tightly just above the eyes.

Another fine "bang-up" example is a woman near the top of our Ultimate 50, Bella Shaw. Note how the bangs are cut fairly well back, with perhaps a bit of tucking behind the ears. We've seen successful styles with bangs trimmed even farther, making it harder for long hair to fly into the eyes.


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