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May 2014: Wings In Flight, Page 2

JACKIE GUERRIDO mixes wings into her variety of long hairstyles, as she presents weather forecasts on Univision. One key to success is where (vertically) the turnback of the hair comes. Going lower makes the wing less obvious, and perhaps more natural-looking. But there's still plenty of potential for shakable, flexible hold.

A turn to the side gives us a better view of how Guerrido's wings work. The wings aren't as wide here -perhaps a couple of inches. But they're turned so the tips are as far back as possible. And we'd think the ends get extra attention in the spraying process; that way the mid-section of the hair can absorbs the most pressure from wind or other situations. Compare it to a sailboat on the water.

It's clear to us that wing looks work best for center-parted hair, where the sides can be prepared evenly. But that makes things more interesting for Hair Fans to watch - as one side could weaken before the other, making people wonder why. (The lower picture of Guerrido seems to illustrate that, as her right side looks a bit loosened.)


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