The Ultimate 50

46. Elizabeth Vargas

HOME TOWN: Paterson, NJ (unconfirmed)

BORN: 9/6/63


HER BEST STYLE: A short, tight side-part that works a bit like a pageboy, as bangs near the eyes have some movement to them. She made this confession to Latina magazine, where we found our photo: "My hair is naturally curly.... and on television it looks better straight." If the bangs are going to be long, as she's had them lately, the straight look is quite attractive -- but we wonder if a curly approach might give more natural protection to her style.

HISTORY: This cut has traveled the world for at least two networks, holding up well under occasional pressures of outdoor situations. When 20/20 Downtown puts her on the porch over Times Square, strands near the right eye can move enough to get hair fans' attention - but not enough to cause breaking news.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: This is a great example of a style that has flexibility, but strong hold when it matters. At its best, this cut has top 20 credentials. But it fell in her eyes awhile back, during a co-hosting stint on Good Morning America.

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