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A Hair Fan emailed us recently to report a pleasant surprise. There, on Detroit television, was Crown Award-winning Stephanie Mead presenting the weather. She moved north from Indianapolis, joking on social media that she'd be "forecasting more snow." Maybe not right now, but that may work in Mead's favor. Without winter hats, her impressively-prepared hair is on full display - and it's impressing Hair Fans enough to become a two-time Super-Hair Wars winner!

We don't know if Mead ever has handled snakes, but she had no trouble with "MegaConda" snake supervisor Meghan Kelley. In fact, Mead shut her out - the second shutout of "Wars '23." So much for our plans to hold a "same name" contest, putting the snake Kelley against one-time TV news anchor Megan Kelly. The voters put Mead over matchups, so we'll honor that and move forward...

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is a software consultant with VMware in Los Angeles, who does Hollywood acting on the side and has been called a mix of Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. Her LinkedIn account indicates she studied "Wave Energy" in graduate school in Morocco. That may explain Salma Amrani's curls, which were suggested by a Hair Fan like you. Send your candidates for upcoming Wars to SuperHair @ or send a tweet "@SuperHairNet."

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

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ROUND 10 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 2 June (U.S. EDT).

Voting filter is ON in Round 10.

Amrani photo courtesy Acclaim Talent.

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