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When a head of Super-Hair is on display, it's worth watching. When it's on display day after day and in risky situations like hidden cameras, etc., that earns special attention. This section of the site has a goal of providing it -- by keeping regular updates on how women with Super-Hair deal with the challenges they face, whether successfully or not.

LINDA STOUFFER of CNN Headline News was selected from Hair Fan nominations for our latest study. She won the 2005 Crown Award for Best Blonde, as she grew out a short style. This vid-cap from late November 2006 shows her hair a bit below shoulder-length, and looking rather loose. And she faces similar conditions to fellow anchor Robin Meade, spending the bulk of her public time inside an Atlanta studio. We'll see if Stouffer does better or worse....

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Tue, 6 Mar: By an 8-6 margin, Hair Watchers vote to bring this study to a close. If you want to keep considering Stouffer styles, we recommend the same site we did for Robin Meade: Reporter Caps.

Mon, 26 Feb: In contrast with her last appearance, Linda may have used a softer heat setting here. The result is softer-looking, and even thicker-looking hair -- and you'd never know from first glance that the right side of the style is layered. Other vid-caps we found indicate a small strip close to the left eye was a bit loose, but combed well away from the forehead.

Fri, 23 Feb: This look comes across to us as straw-stiff. Any turn of the hair is minimal, around Linda's right jawbone. Do you think a flatiron was used to create this?

Thu, 22 Feb: TV Heads shows a look that's rounded in even more - with the right side almost straight down, save for a slight turning back for the front layer, and inward toward the neck for layers farther back.

Linda dips her head, for a better look at her right side. The hair doesn't droop, telling us spray is in use again - for great precision on camera.

Tue, 20 Feb: There's a well-rounded and natural-looking appearance to the right side of this style. Any turning back around the ear involves one strip, and the curl blends in so well that it's hard to perceive at first. (We're assuming the overall style is sprayed, to stay in a position like this.)

Fri, 16 Feb: In quite a contrast from the day before, Linda turns back a lot of her style -- with soft twists on both sides. While it's undoubtedly more secure for hold, the right side looks slightly closer to her eye in this picture.

Thu, 15 Feb: Linda goes straight and a bit brushed-in with her hair. The style looks more dangerous in terms of a style collapsing, and doesn't look sprayed down at all. A quick head turn would tell you for sure, especially atop the forehead. We'd be more likely to watch this style, for that "loose" reason. [See also 26 Jan]

Tue, 13 feb: This look is very similar to the day before. The only difference we notice is a mysterious angling of a small strip around her left ear; we're not sure how it happened, and it probably doesn't have a big impact on the style, anyway,

Mon, 12 Feb: A black sweater helps accentuate Linda's hair, which is round-brushed around her left jaw. The right side appears slightly looser than the workday before, but the turn of the strip below the right eye probably is locked in with heat (and perhaps with some spray).

Fri, 9 Feb: Make that right side more of a "unit" than the day before, and Linda has an improved look to us. It's neater, more attractive, and looks stronger on the right side. (The left side seems more in line as well.)

Thu, 8 Feb: This is one of Linda's closest calls yet under our watch - as part of her right eye appears to be in shadow, from a strip of hair that's more straight-up-and-down than the day before. We suppose she could shake or tilt the head a bit, if things become too uncomfortable. Does anyone know if she had to do this?

Wed, 7 Feb: Linda goes for hair with a wide S-curl, making the most important turn near the ends. From a "head-on" Reporter Caps picture, everything seems to be orderly....

.... but TV Heads provides us with a slightly turned view, which shows something different. A strip of hair closest to Linda's right eye is separated from the rest of the style a bit. It's loose, dangling a bit -- and the last turn of the hair is well below eyebrow-level. So a sharp left turn could bring that hair into her eye. But the teasing (and perhaps some moussing?!) on top could save the day for her.

Fri, 26 Jan: Linda goes "blow-dry straight" (though we're not sure if that's how she really does it) - and TV Heads shows a vid-cap where hair is brushed in almost to the point of hitting her right cheek. The teasing on top has to work for this to succeed. From the pictures we've seen, it did on this day.

Wed, 24 Jan: The "wind" effect of the day before appears to calm down. The emphasis here is on various sections of hair, with only a narrow strip seemingly being sprayed down above the right ear.

Tue, 23 Jan: A "blown-back" look to the style is shown for the first time in about a month. The only part of the hair not aimed toward her back is a small strip closest (but not really that close) to her left eye. Perhaps it simply didn't want to cooperate?!

Mon, 22 Jan: While Linda's left side shows natural wave, the right side of the style again is aimed toward a central point well outside her right eye. She'd have to use spray to keep the hair there.

Thu, 18 Jan: That right side doesn't seem to be sprayed today. So it "droops" a bit near Linda's face, with only a slight flip at the ends. This style actually looks weak to us, and a breezy walk probably would give her serious problems.

Wed, 17 Jan: TV Heads shows Linda's right side brushed back, then apparently sprayed down for hold. The hair seems aimed toward a point a bit outside her right ear.

Tue, 16 Jan: A slight turn of Linda's head allows us to see more of the teasing that's done with her style. The left side seems pulled back, and certainly is lifted up a bit to go away from the forehead. But you get the impression that strip near the right eye is the key to her hair's ultimate success or failure.

Fri, 12 Jan: This look is quite similar to the 10 January one, only with the front layers combed back. You can almost imagine a tiny breeze blowing the hair back that way....

Wed, 10 Jan: Any natural wave today seems confined to the front layers of Linda's style; hair farther back appears round-brushed to turn in toward her jawline. But doesn't she have to use some spray, to keep that small strip closest to the right eye as perfectly in place as it is?

Tue, 9 Jan: The hair hitting the shoulders is turned around, compared with the day before - feathering back a bit, with a nice tempting curl effect on Linda's left side. The layers on top are arched back a bit more. While there may not really be that much more "flex room" for the hair around Linda's face, it appears to have more.

Mon, 8 Jan: There's a two-part approach to this appearance. The "deeper" hair is squared around her face to frame it, and appears very well set. The front sections still look a bit loose - and appear ready to drop in her right eye if the wrong wind blows. But in a studio, that doesn't happen.

Wed, 3 Jan: Linda's look appears looser again - very similar to the day before, only with a bit more pronounced brushing back at the right ear and left jawbone.

Tue, 2 Jan: This may be Linda's closest call so far, as a couple of strands refuse to cooperate in this naturally-wavy style. Instead of making an "S-turn" back toward the right ear, they turn in toward her eye. But all the vid-caps we've seen of this day show nothing falling in her eye, causing defeat.

In the evening, Linda is a rather surprising no-show on the Crown Awards nomination list. No one even offered her for Best Blonde, which she won a year ago! So much for this section of the web site giving someone an unfair advantage.

Fri, 29 Dec: OK, so Linda's not filling in all week for Robin Meade - only a day or two, apparently. So you can't blame the time of day for this rather messy-looking appearance. But to be fair, the style may be deceptively messy-looking - with only light combing back and spray on the right side.

Wed, 27 Dec: The natural waves are on display again, but only on Linda's left side. The right side looks a bit more rounded, mainly because the strips closest to the eye are combed back higher and farther. We strongly suspect they're sprayed into place back there.

Tue, 26 Dec: Linda begins a week on the morning shift, replacing former Hair Watch subject Robin Meade. We're noticing a bit of natural waviness in this style - and for the first time, we notice a little teasing in the middle of her forehead. It must help keep the hair in position on her right side.

Fri, 22 Dec: Here's some spy-movie sleekness, with hair tucked behind the right ear for the first time that we've seen. (We don't think there's any behind the left ear, though.) Add slight flipping at the ends, and we think a bit of Uma Thurman in The Avengers movie - or what a French ice dancer is showing in her current routine.

Thu, 21 Dec: It's almost the same look as the day before, but with slight changes. The hair near Linda's right eye is a bit straighter, and the ends look scattered a bit. We're tempted to imagine she didn't touch this style, and wanted to see how it might weaken over a 24-hour period. It erodes a little, but not a lot. Another 24 hours, though, and this hair could be especially vulnerable.

Tue, 19 Dec: We go larger for this vidcap from TV Heads, because we consider this a spectacular look for Linda. It shows looseness and movement, as hair flows softly back around the right eye at the top while gently curving in from the jawline down. This style looks so natural that she could shake it all day - yet probably solidly sprayed on the right side to flex without coming undone. We'd want to follow this hair around all day.

Mon, 18 Dec: We welcome Linda back, from what we assume was vacation - and she returns with a look which puts narrow strips of her hair on display, with round-brushing only at the ends. A couple of strands are awfully close to her right eye.

Fri, 8 Dec: A more rounded look to the style, with the brushing turned inward to frame Linda's face. This look appears riskier to us than the one before, as her right side seems loose and not sprayed down. Whether that's true is left for us to guess.

Wed, 6 Dec: There, that's better - with ends brushed back so they appear almost softly flared. We're intrigued by the right side of the style seemingly being in front of Linda's shoulder, while the left is behind it.

MON, 4 DEC: Did Linda rush into the studio from a doctor's appointment or something? This look shows off all her layers, but it looks like she's just come inside from a windstorm. Loose, yes; not in her face, yes - but it strikes us as messy.

Sun, 3 Dec: In a rare Sunday morning appearance, Linda's hair gives the impression of being tossed back behind the shoulders. We doubt she really has to do this in a studio for control, but she does -- and it moves strands off the right eye a bit more than in our last photo.

Fri, 1 Dec: Linda wears a piuned-back style. We will not post these unless there is Hair Fan interest in doing so.

Thu, 30 Nov: Linda looks more elegant today, thanks to serious flaring from the ear down. Her right side looks like it was round-brushed, then sprayed solidly in line. This hair is built to hold.

Wed, 29 Nov: This view from Reporter Caps looks quite casual, with very little work done. It shows what appears to be a two-layer style, with shorter strips framing the face and stopping at the jawline. We're not sure how long the strip at the top left of the picture is going.

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