The Ultimate 50

35. Christiane Amanpour


BORN: Unknown; around 1958


HER BEST STYLE: Usually collar-length, with bangs across the forehead; traces of curl visible at the ends at times. Fancy frills such as full curls usually aren't added; world conflicts don't allow for such things.

HISTORY: This short, straight look has survived bombing campaigns in both the Balkans and Iraq. Wind-blown reports for CNN might shove the longer hair back, but it never comes forward. Her bangs rank among the toughest on television; only the most vicious gusts expose her forehead completely.

WHY SHE'S RANKED HERE: While the hair is cut too well to get in her eyes, it does get tossed around a lot by the weather. It's moved and mussed too much over the years to place higher.

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