The Ultimate 50

35. Christiane Amanpour

2002 Update

Some things in life are consistent and unchangeable. We're prepared to put Christiane's style on that list. This photo from March shows little difference from what you might have seen two, five or ten years ago. It's simple, yet solidly effective. We're still waiting for the wind that blows this hair in her eyes -- and it's still a rare day when anything shoves those tank-tough bangs completely off her forehead.

As famous as this reporter has become, pictorials of her hair are surprisingly hard to find. We suggest a photo gallery hiding at the Boston Globe's web site, from a media forum where she appeared. Search for "Amanpour on the war," and you'll see her Super-style from a variety of angles.

Christiane Amanpour's hair was declared defeated 4/1/3. For details, check our Hot List.

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