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This section examines the best celebrity styles Hair Fans have seen lately - posted here even before they hit the Top Ten or enter a Super-Hair War. We update our Hot List often, as new styles and women come our way!

NAME: Lyndsey Doolen

WHO IS SHE: Actress in sketches and TV commercials; our photo shows her appearing as "Liz" in an ad for Dairy Queen

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, normally straight but occasionally with added wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Thick hair sitting this close to the eyes tends to get our attention. When the left side seems to defy gravity, that attention goes up. She seems to keep the hold strong by using well-blended waves, and probably some spray. Her website shows she's not afraid to wear her hair in even more daring, yet holding ways.

SUPER-HAIR? We thank her for testing this style at the start of the commercial, with a second or two of dancing. It looked from an angle like the left side dropped. A check of her "reels" left no doubt, as the hair falls in her eyes a few times. Yet when we saw this woman with big eyes and thick red hair, we were reminded of a young Debra Messing -- and if she keeps the hair looking sharp, the future could be bright. [Posted 4/18/14]

NAME: Sheila Dharmarajan

WHO IS SHE: Business reporter for CNBC and Yahoo

HER STYLE: Shoulder-length sidepart worn on the long side, often with flipped ends

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Her hair always looks very silky," wrote the Hair Fan who suggested her - adding praise for "great body and thickness" and a style that "doesn't look too stiff." Our photo from her Twitter account may be one of the stiffer moments, with spray probably added on her right side. We're left to wonder if spray also is used to keep the flipped sections in line. If it is, it's kept on the light side.

SUPER-HAIR? Based on what we could check online, it is. She's worn her hair longer and riskier, with seemingly no spray at all. Yet we think her current length is great for her, as she can vary the amount of flexing bounce and hold for the situation she faces. A "down market" with her hair would be a shock. [Posted 4/4/14]

NAME: Alissa Pollack

WHO IS SHE: Executive Vice President with Premiere Networks, working in "music and partner integrations" (which we think means radio)

HER STYLE: Mid-length sidepart with layered bangs; we think at its best when "glammed up" (her words) with curl

WHY WE LIKE IT: She's a great example of how added wave can turn an otherwise-ordinary head of hair into something potentially super. The waviness takes heat to prepare, and perhaps spray to lock down and hold. That combination makes the style more enticing for Hair Fans.

SUPER-HAIR? Officially, unsure. Most of the pictures she's posted on Instagram show the non-waved "ordinary" look. When the hair is that way, to borrow from an old episode of Wonder Woman, she's vulnerable -- and the style probably is easy to beat. But we found no photos proving a drop. May she keep going "glam" to build on her resume, and prove she doesn't have simply hair for radio. [Posted 3/21/14]

NAME: Ana Jurka

WHO IS SHE: Co-anchor of the Saturday night sports wrap-up Titulares on the U.S. Telemundo network; also a NASCAR pit reporter for Mun2

HER STYLE: Mid-length and loose; apparently naturally straight, but at its best when wave or round-brush curl is added

WHY WE LIKE IT: Her styles tend to be soft-looking and touchable, without any sign of processing. So her hair can move around, but she knows how to keep it from moving in too far and covering her face. For a while, she did it with bangs -- but she's moved away from that look, and we think adding just the right amount of curves looks much better and intriguing.

SUPER-HAIR? She's had a couple of narrow escapes (including one shown on Twitter where she combines long fringe with braids). But we've found no evidence her hair has collapsed. To quote from one entry with a close call: "Angel all the time, bad... if I need to!" If this defines her approach to Super-Hair, we honestly can't find much fault with it. [Posted 3/7/14]

NAME: Kathleen Cohen

WHO IS SHE: Model based in the Atlanta area, who's appeared in several national commercials

HER STYLE: Sideparted bob described as "platinum" by the Hair Fan who nominated her

WHY WE LIKE IT: "An incredible head" of hair, the Hair Fan told us. "She's also very photogenic" - with hair good enough, we're told, to be used by animators on the FX cartoon series Archer. But we might note this Hair Fan has a bias -- because he's Kathleen's husband. We don't recall a husband ever nominating her spouse before.

SUPER-HAIR? The key question for a bob like this is whether that right side (from her perspective) can hold when the pressure's on. Her husband sent a packet of photos showing her hair in a variety of situations. A strip of hair was weak in a couple of pictures, and her right eye was almost covered in another. But we'll lean toward declaring her style unbeaten (and thus Super-Hair) for now - if only because we know better than to downgrade a woman in front of her husband. So how about it, other hubbies? Is your wife a Super-Hair bride? [Posted 2/22/14]

NAME: Megan Boone

WHO IS SHE: Actress on the TV drama The Blacklist

HER STYLE: Her iconic look in promotional ads is a shoulder-length sidepart, with an intriguing flip above her right eye (it's admittedly lower in our photo)

WHY WE LIKE IT: In an action drama, that flip is make-or-break. It seemingly must hold, because the style is likely to collapse in her face if it fails. Yet even when the flip is flatter, she finds ways to keep her hair out of her right eye. We assume she must use spray to keep it together under pressure, although there are times when the right side seems bang-short.

SUPER-HAIR? While this hair looks great in many scenes, there's been a bit too much action at times for it to stay in place. NBC's gallery of one episode proves our point, but with wonderful drama. If Hair Fans are making this "TV's number one new drama," it's completely understandable. [Posted 2/9/14]

NAME: Mikaela Shiffrin

WHO IS SHE: Alpine skier on the U.S. national team

HER STYLE: Medium-long with natural wave; has experimented with shifting sideparts and bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: She tends to wear ponytails on the slopes, but lets the hair down afterward -- and that hair is healthy and attractive. She seems to take good care of it away from the slopes, even if most of the views are in posed "glamour shots" like our photo.

SUPER-HAIR? We found a close call of two, but nothing where her styles flopped across her eyes. Wearing ski caps on mountains certainly provides protection -- but of course, a few Hair Fans might dream to pull the caps off and see what would happen. In any case, with Lindsey Vonn out of the Sochi Winter Olympics, this young woman has a chance to seize both the athletic and hair spotlight. [Photo courtesy Today; posted 1/26/13]

NAME: Jodie Whittaker

WHO IS SHE: Actress starring in the U.S. miniseries The Assets

HER STYLE: In the miniseries set in 1985, she displays a short bob

WHY WE LIKE IT: The blondeness admittedly grabbed our attention. The risky hold of this cut kept it. The hair simply has to stick to her left ear -- and it simply does it. Very well. Our vidcap from an ABC promotional interview actually shows one of her less precise moments.

SUPER-HAIR? She's used to handling short styles (albeit as a brunette) -- and a photo search shows they've dropped once or twice in public. But we'd still recommend tuning in to watch this hair in action. She plays a CIA agent in Washington, so we're not sure how much danger her character might face. But oh, the potential drama. [Posted 1/11/14]


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