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This section examines the best celebrity styles Hair Fans have seen lately - posted here even before they hit the Top Ten or enter a Super-Hair War. We update our Hot List often, as new styles and women come our way!

NAME: Karen Gillan

WHO IS SHE: Actress starring in the new ABC comedy Selfie

HER STYLE: Long with a mix of waves; bangs seem to come out of hiding from time to time

WHY WE LIKE IT: Previews for this series show her with variations on the above look - and they all look great. Quick turns don't seem to muss her styles at all. Not even a moment in a rainstorm seemed to make it collapse in her eyes, thanks to those bangs.

SUPER-HAIR? Sadly, we must say no. Her celebrity appearances from a prior role on Britain's Doctor Who show a few red-carpet events where she let her red hair drop in an eye. But if you'll willing to conveniently "forget" those moments and watch to see if it drops in this format, we think she has the star style among new fall TV shows. She's trending in web searches for a reason, and we think her great hair is a big part of it. [Posted 9/21/14]

NAME: Gemma Godfrey

WHO IS SHE: Head of Investment Strategy with the London firm Brooks MacDonald and a self-proclaimed "quantum physicist"; perhaps best-known for occasional appearances on CNBC

HER STYLE: The Hair Fan who suggested her put it this way: "tight curls in a short bob that frames her face...."

WHY WE LIKE IT: That same Hair Fan said it "accentuates her features perfectly." And it's clear to us that hair perfection matters with her. She makes sure her forehead is as open and clear as possible. She accomplishes that with serious teasing at the crown, and a good deal of added moisture. While stylists recommend moisture to keep curls at their best, she turns it into a holding mechanism to keep hair under control.

SUPER-HAIR? Our photo comes from an August YouTube video where she talked outside with a modest breeze blowing. Right-side hair dramatically pushed to the brink of her eye, yet refused to fall. That's the closest call we've seen for her, so our answer is yes. If she has the scientific mind of a physicist, she'll have the know-how to prevent a full collapse. And considering she has two different Twitter feeds dedicated to her hair, many obviously appreciate what she's doing. [Posted 9/5/14]

NAME: Faran Fronczak

WHO IS SHE: TV reporter in South Bend-Elkhart, IN

HER STYLE: "Long and straight," the Hair Fan who nominated her wrote to us. Well, not always straight; we were sent a vid-cap with a good bit of waviness from the chin down.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The nominator called her hair simply "fantastic." She certainly knows how to put softness in her styles, thanks to natural thickness and occasional added wave - and a little teasing and tucking at times keeps the forehead clear for hold.

SUPER-HAIR? A quick online image search showed nothing unruly and messy, so we'll give her a qualified yes. But we have to wonder about two items on her resume - years with the Purdue University and Chicago Bulls dance teams. If her hair held through on-court routines, she absolutely would be Faran-tastic. [Posted 8/22/14]

NAME: Libby Blanton

WHO IS SHE: Actress in movies such as Need for Speed and 22 Jump Street

HER STYLE: Long sidepart, often enhanced with wave or curl (our preference for her)

WHY WE LIKE IT: "Check out the color and body," a Hair Fan suggested. The color seems to qualify as redhead, though it can have intriguing brunette mixed in. And a gallery at IMDB (where we found our photo) proves the body is seriously thick. Yet we think the wave and curl is crucial for keeping all that hair "Super" and under control. When she plays it straight, we think she's vulnerable.

SUPER-HAIR? Indeed, it was a straight moment which settled the question. A photo shoot modeling a T-shirt showed enough hair covering the right eye to rule the style defeated. But her hair truly is eye-catching -- and if Hair Fans spotted it at its "Super" best, she'd need some super-speed to escape them getting their hands on it. [Posted 8/8/14]

NAME: Alexa Chung

WHO IS SHE: Model who has hosted numerous U.K. and U.S. TV programs (and oh yes, she wrote a book)

HER STYLE: Mid-length with natural wave; bangs can come out of hiding when she needs them

WHY WE LIKE IT: OK, we're admittedly late in discovering her. But she's impressed us lately with styles placed carefully near the eyes, such as the one in our photo which she posted on Twitter. They look daring, yet they're heavy enough to hold well while the paparazzi is watching (and with her, they clearly do).

SUPER-HAIR? We rooted for a yes, while admittedly realizing it was easy for the answer to be no. And indeed, her Twitter feed shows "no" is the correct answer - as a couple of pictures there show sections of hair down across her eyes. She may not have IT (to borrow from her book title), but the fact that she has a hair endorsement deal shows she's quite close. [Posted 7/25/14]

NAME: Ana Cabrera

WHO IS SHE: Denver-based correspondent for CNN

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, with varying degrees of wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw one report where her hair seemed ultra-thick with light wave, and was perfectly set with no tuck-backs or pins whatsoever. She didn't move much, giving us a lot to admire. Her hair isn't always that plush, but it's marvelous when it is.

SUPER-HAIR? After reviewing her Facebook page, we're thinking so. She found a way to keep her hair out of her eyes, even when snow was blowing across her face and she was caught without a winter coat. She's proof "anchor hair" can be both well-prepared and resourceful. [Posted 7/13/14]

NAME: Rainie Yang

WHO IS SHE: Actress, TV host and singer from Taiwan

HER STYLE: Mid-length with a bit of wave and thick bangs covering the forehead

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hair Fan who suggested her and our photo summed it up this way: "Very soft looking full bangs, nice slight wave." We love a combination like this. Thick hair should be harder to move from wind or other factors. Waves add a bit of weight to the overall style. Bangs keep the eyes clear, and raise an interesting question about how strongly they can hold under pressure. They're also cut deeply enough toward the ears to provide plenty of room for the long hair to manuever. The result is a somewhat defensive cut, yet beautiful and prepared to stay that way.

SUPER-HAIR? An answer came quickly, in a review of her acting career - and it's no. The picture we received and we posted is from 2007. Her hair was styled for the 2010 film The Child's Eye with longer bangs and a sidepart - and those bangs dropped in her left eye several times. (And more recent photos show her current cut is much shorter.) Times change - and much as we wish some Super-styles would not, some women do it to our disappointment. But our photo displays a style we wish a lot of women would emulate. [Posted 6/28/14]


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