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This section examines the best celebrity styles Hair Fans have seen lately - posted here even before they hit the Top Ten or enter a Super-Hair War. We update our Hot List often, as new styles and women come our way!

NAME: Kristen Brockman

WHO IS SHE: Co-Host of the TV talk show Hollywood Today Live

HER STYLE: Mid-length mostly-straight, but with an assortment of added waves for a variety of styles

WHY WE LIKE IT: On her best days, she could be a model for flat-irons and similar products. The hair always seems to be precisely in line – and she's not afraid to wear it daringly close to her eyes. The styles bounce naturally, but stop short of disaster. (She's also not afraid to reach for them and make a save, if she feels a collapse approaching.)

SUPER-HAIR? Oh so close – but sadly, no. She posted a clip on Instagram where she practices a Victoria's Secret model “runway walk.” At the key finishing moment, the hair leaned in to cover her left eye. But our eyes still can't get enough of this woman's styles, when she goes high-risk. [Posted 2/5/16]

NAME: Amanda Blitz

WHO IS SHE: Former news anchor for CTV News Channel; backup career as an attorney

HER STYLE: At last report, a shoulder-length sideparted bob; has shown longer looks and even some bangs

WHY WE LIKE IT: We saw her on a weekend during her final weeks on cable, and saw “anchor hair” as perfect as it comes. She even hinted at a pageboy flip of curl on her vulnerable left side. But whatever she does, the right spray keeps it all in precise position under television lights.

SUPER-HAIR? We found one live report from her days in Hamilton, ON where she almost laughed her hair down off an ear into her eye (saved in the nick of time by her director). That was when her hair was longer. At its current length and with a solid anchor look, we really doubt that's possible. But sadly, we didn't know until we prepared this that she was laid off from CTV in November 2015. That's bad news for Canadian Hair Fans. May she find work quickly – on TV, we mean. [Posted 1/23/16]

NAME: Tracey Anthony

WHO IS SHE: Meteorologist with the WeatherNation TV network, also appearing on KUSA-TV in Denver

HER STYLE: Medium-long and close to center-parted, with what one Hair Fan calls “nice loose waves”

WHY WE LIKE IT: That Hair Fan praised her for styles that are “always silky looking” and with “rich color.” She also seems to know how to keep her waves in perfect position, perhaps with spray to lock them in. A past job working at a hair salon may have given her special knowledge about that.

SUPER-HAIR: We found a close call or two where the waves weakened to straightness near her eyes, but nothing where they collapsed into her eyes. But our Hair Fan noted she spent a season as a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. If her hair held through that (and we couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise), we're not sure anything can defeat it. Thanks for another great find! [Posted 1/10/16]

NAME: Rohinie Bisesar

WHO IS SHE: Canadian financial adviser with an MBA degree, currently charged in a deadly Toronto stabbing

HER STYLE: Professional-looking shoulder-length sidepart; has shown bangs at times, but apparently not now

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfectly-groomed thick strands of hair always get our interest. Even more so when they're on a jail mugshot, where hair simply isn't supposed to look that nice. A security camera picture during the search for her suggested a brisk walk doesn't move this style at all; in fact, our photo from LinkedIn is about the loosest we've seen of her hair.

SUPER-HAIR? Only a few pictures of her seem to exist online, and they all show her styles in great shape. But considering the trouble she's in, the ultimate answer may rest in the hands of fellow jail inmates. We offer our sympathies to the family of victim Rosemarie Junor. But for the moment, the “Hair Court” finds this suspect innocent until proven guilty. [Posted 12/26/15]

NAME: Ree Drummond

WHO IS SHE: Better known online as “The Pioneer Woman,” sharing tips on everything from cooking and crafts to farm animals from an Oklahoma ranch; gaining fame on Food Network and with a cookware line at Walmart

HER STYLE: Medium-long with folded waves; plenty of spray seems to be added for hold

WHY WE LIKE IT: Careful hold seems to matter with her – and since she's based in Oklahoma, it's vital. So the waves are folded back and sometimes thrown back behind her shoulders; any pinning is rare and discreet.

SUPER-HAIR? When an image search brings up as many food products as pictures of this woman, it's hard to answer. But to be honest, both the dishes and tresses look almost flawless – so we'll give her a qualified yes. At least until the next thunderstorm comes rolling across the Oklahoma plains. [Posted 12/10/15]

NAME: Melissa Benoist

WHO IS SHE: Actress starring in the TV drama Supergirl

HER STYLE: Long-to-the-logo sidepart, with hints of natural wave

WHY WE LIKE IT: Our superhero ties her hair back at the magazine, so almost no one can figure out who she is. But when it's time for action, the pins come off and this long hair is as natural and exposed as her muscles. In some dramatic scenes, we'd think severe wind would drop the hair across her face with ease – yet she's often figured out ways to keep it going back behind her shoulders with her cape.

SUPER-HAIR? That's the bizarre thing about this character. While the long hair can stay relatively in place during fights and wrestling matches with jetliners, slight breezes in more relaxed settings brought it across her eyes with ease in early episodes. A “Super-Girl” with perfect Super-Hair – is that really asking for too much? [Posted 11/26/15]

NAME: Kim Carson

WHO IS SHE: Morning radio co-host in Chattanooga, TN; occasional co-host on local TV talk shows

HER STYLE: Medium-long sidepart, enhanced by added waves and curls

WHY WE LIKE IT: With apologies to Nashville, this hair is “big and rich.” There's volume and thickness, which the curls only make better. Add some spray to her right side and plenty of Hair Fans are ready to reach for it. (Well, OK, they might not wait for the spray.)

SUPER-HAIR? As lovely as it is, we're sad to say no. Her Facebook account includes a few pictures where hair has blown across her face. But this is one of those women which make you wonder why they're hiding a marvelous mane inside a radio station, where admirers seldom can see it. C'mon, let's livestream a little. [Posted 11/14/15]


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