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WELCOME, HAIR FANS! We realize you might spot great hair at any place, anytime - and the good news for you is that we welcome entries from all around the world and all walks of life! If you see some, please let us know; our email is at the bottom of this page.

What is Super-Hair? - Defining what this site is all about.

Super-Hair City League - A college student defends her local title in Indiana, from a challenger who's probably better known. Now our search for top local hair returns to western New York. (Updated 6/27/16)

Super-Hair EuroCup 2016 - The Finals! Where will you find Europe's best hair? Our international tournament lets you choose the champion styles. The best in England and Lithuania clash for the EuroCup '16 title! (Updated 6/27/16)

OTHER SUPER-HAIR CUPS: Super-Hair World Cup Cup of the Americas AAA Cup

Cutting-Edge Hair News - Australian model Miranda Kerr flew to Tokyo, and became much blonder. Which look would get more "Kerr care" from you? (Photos courtesy Popsugar; results updated 6/26/16)

Cutting Edge Hair News

Miranda Kerr's hair is better....

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The Hot List - Brief reviews of women with great styles. This woman used to be a "pageant queen," but does a Hair Fan like her hair right now? (Updated 6/24/16)

Top Ten Tresses - Our ratings of the world's best, updated twice a month. Basketball star Sue Bird is the longest-lasting current member of our Top Ten. (Updated 6/22/16)

The Hair Fans' Hall of Fame - Open For Nominations! Who should join Jaclyn Smith in your hall of the best hairstyles of modern times? It's time to offer candidates for the Class of 2016. (Updated 6/18/16)

Super-Hair Wars - Our classic match-ups, as top styles compete head-to-head. Congratulations to college volleyball star Dani Mostrom, our latest undefeated champion! (Updated 6/17/16)

The Ultimate 50 - 2016 Updates!Our countdown of the greatest celebrity Super-Hair of the 70's, 80's and 90's. We're updating all undefeated styles during 2016 - beginning with this amazing news anchor. (Updated 6/14/16)

OTHER COUNTDOWNS: Project 20/10 (2000-09)

The Super-Hair Herald - Our free monthly e-mail newsletter, with website updates and extras we never post here. E-mail us for a free subscription!

BMOC: Best Manes on Campus - Seeking outstanding hairstyles at colleges and universities. Our current season concludes with a junior who makes "net gains" in several ways in the southern U.S. (Updated 5/20/16)

Hair Pressure - A top-ranked head of hair goes into the flip - not once, but several times. Is her style in grave peril of falling down in disaster? Watch the drama that can happen when heads of Super-Hair face ultimate challenges.

The Fallen - Which heads of hair are not Super-Hair? We keep track, and post styles which have dropped to defeat -- such as this winner of a big national competition.

Hair Attachments - Links to other interesting web sites relating to hair, organized by category for easy reference.

The 16th Annual Crown Awards - Your votes decided the best hairstyles of the year in more than 15 categories. Alison Brie goes three-for-three, on a night honoring top styles around the world.

Let Your Hair Down - Speak your "hair piece" about style topics at our free moderated message board. One current topic involves Crown Award winner Saira Blair.


Super-Hair Q&A - She's athletic and smart, and applies those traits to her beautiful blonde hair. Learn how the top woman at "Rocky Top" does it, as we ask "Super-Coco" for secrets of tress success.

The Super-Hair Store - Items for showing how much you love great hair.

Hair Headlines - Why would anyone use a toothbrush on their hair? In some cases, it might bring a more perfect style. We link to an article about that, and offer other articles on a wide range of hair-related topics.

Style Profile - Wings are not simply "for the birds." They can add beauty and hold to top hairstyles. Check some examples of how they work, and read our tributes to other outstanding kinds of styles.

Hair Watch - In-depth studies of great hair in daily action; as mentioned by Sharyn Alfonsi on ABC's "NightLine" in 2011.

Word of Warning - Keep your head, as you admire these hairstyles.

Search for Super-Hair - Hunt down your favorite celebrity or style, from our collection of hundreds of great cuts!

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