Super-Hair World Cup V


Each year Super-Hair.Net holds an international tournament, to find which countries have the greatest hairstyles on the planet. Our next big event will be Super-Hair World Cup V in 2018 - and the 16-country field is now complete!

We held an "Interzonal" tournament in late 2017 to add six more countries to the ten which already have qualified. After a month of open nominations, one National Qualifying Week and six weeks with the most unpredictable group play in Super-Hair history, the top two countries in three groups move forward. Watch for the countdown to the start of Cup play in March 2018!


CANADA: Kate Beirness. The TSN SportsCentre anchor and one-time Top Ten Tresses member defeated Emmanuelle Chriqui in national qualifying, then led a tight group.

IRELAND: Sacha Livingstone. A model who captured the 2015 Miss Ireland title won only one match, but by a margin wide enough to emerge from a three-way logjam.

Canada 5 points, Ireland 4, Bolivia (Claudia Tavel) 3, Sweden (Sarah Backman Rotunda) 2.


SOUTH KOREA: Jun Ji-hyun. An actress known as "Gianna Jun" eliminated K-pop star Park Cho-a in national qualifying, then went on to move her homeland into the Cup for the first time.

SPAIN: Nathalia Ramos. An actress and model surprised veteran Penelope Cruz in national qualifying. Her one group play win proved to be bigger than two small ones by Japan.

South Korea 9 points, Spain 5, Japan (Sari Nakazawa) 4, Romania (Lorena Menghia) 2.


GREECE: Maria Sakkari. A rising pro tennis player had a breakthrough moment here - defeating Georgia Salpa Penna in national qualifying, then leading a "group of death" despite losing a match.

INDONESIA: Sandra Dewi. An actress and model who narrowly missed the 2017 AAA Cup playoffs knocked out the AAA champ (moved from another country) in Match 5. Yet the only undefeated woman was only second in her group.

Greece 8 points, Indonesia 7, Denmark (Deepika Padukone) 3, Oman (Denise Ellison) 0.

For Interzonal match results and a standings table, click here.

These countries also have qualified for Super-Hair World Cup V:


CUP OF THE AMERICAS TOP 3*: Colombia, Honduras, Puerto Rico

EUROCUP 2016 TOP 3: Lithuania, England, Belarus

AAA CUP 2017 TOP 3: India, Philippines, Egypt

(* Fourth place is included since United States reached the finals)

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Previous Tournaments: World Cup IV (2014) World Cup III (2010) World Cup II (2006) World Cup I (2002)

Some flags courtesy ITA's Flags of All Countries; used with permission

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