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Is she from India... or Newfoundland? Different web sites offer different stories about actress and writer Ambika Vas. Her personal website says she's "originally from Mumbai," but lived in Canada while she was growing up. Wherever her life began, Vas's styling skill has caught the attention of Hair Fans far and wide. She's now the winner of two Super-Hair Wars rounds in a row!

Vas made quick work of Crown Award winner Regina Romero. The mayor of Tucson did not "bear down" (Arizonans will understand that), as Vas rolled up an 85-percent score. "Uno vas!" one voter wrote in response to the cultural mix in the round. But "Vas mode"?!?! Is that something related to computer programming?

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is a TV news anchor in Wichita, Kansas, where she's the current City League champion. Emily Younger also is rising on our Top Ten Tresses list. If you've found a rising hair star anywhere, she could be a contestant in an upcoming War. But you need to let us know about her by emailing SuperHair @ - or writing @SuperHairNet on Twitter.

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

ROUND 13 DEADLINE: Friday evening, 15 July (U.S. EDT).

Voting filter is ON in Round 13.

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