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U.S. cable viewers can watch "Nick Jr." by day and "Nick at Nite" by, well, night. But if you want "Nikki TV," Jewelry TV could be the channel for you. Nikki Stanzione appears when people wake up with the Morning Mix. Nikki Rouleau hosts Girlfriend Friday at the start of the weekend. And now both Nikkis are in the running for the 2015 Super-Hair Wars title - as Stanzione qualifies for the playoffs, with a second win!

Stanzione tore apart the long hair of actress Gina Torres, gaining 80 percent of your votes. "Not even close," one voter told us; "Nikkie by a mile." Now Stanzione can become an undefeated champion and improve her playoff position, IF she wins the final match of our regular season. Our will a challenger have hair great enough to sneak into the last open spot?

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is a correspondent for NBC News, who's risen steadily in our Top Ten Tresses list this year. While the 2015 season is ending, we're taking your nominations now for Wars '16. Send them to Super .

Based on our definition of Super-Hair, if these women came head-to-head in a showdown, which style would win?

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Round 23 deadline: Thursday afternoon, 3 December (U.S. EST). Then it's playoff time!

Debate and discuss your choices on our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

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