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The "breakfast" TV program Good Morning Britain gained international attention in 2021 for one moment in March. Co-host Piers Morgan stormed off the set in a debate over Meghan Markle. As that happened, someone with arguably better hair than Markle worked on her weather forecast. Laura Tobin won a Crown Award days after that drama - and after lasting all year at GMB, she now earns another one. Your votes have made Tobin the 2021 Super-Hair Wars Champion Hairstyle of the Year!

Model Bailey Kai took a storm of momentum into the final round of our playoffs. But Tobin stopped her like a tropical cyclone, winning 69-percent support from Hair Fans. The only comment was a simple "Who?" Hundreds of thousands of Britons who watch her every morning are invited to answer that question.

Tobin now advances to CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS XXI, squaring off with a former Champion Hairstyle. Victoria Warren with Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has a long winning streak in this. Will Tobin stop her momentum as well?

Challenge of Champions XXI
Which style would win?

We also now begin the "Wars '22" season! First, a match we simply cannot resist - pitting a former prosecutor and cable TV host (who now focuses on podcasts) against a first-term member of Congress from South Carolina. It's about the names, as well as the hair....

Nancy Grace v. Nancy Mace

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

ROUND 1 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 28 January (U.S. ET). The winner goes on to battle a new challenger!

Voting filter is OFF in Round 1.

Grace photo courtesy Dr. Oz

Nominate someone for "Wars '22"! Email SuperHair @ - or write @SuperHairNet on Twitter.

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