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When 2016 began, Kylee Miller was still in college - majoring in meteorology at Central Michigan University. But things really have changed for her since then. She graduated. She joined the on-air team at WeatherNation. And the woman featured in CMU's "Fired Up and Focused" section did both with Hair Fans. Miller's blonde hair joins a group of several unconquered styles, with a second Super-Hair Wars win heading to the playoffs!

A "K-M" clash ended our 2016 regular season, with Kylee Miller clearing out Kasey Musgraves with a big 90-percent majority. Even though Musgraves won our contest for best hair at the Country Music Association Awards, one voter admitted: "Can't forget Kasey doing the Tracy Turnblad...." actually in 2014. (Was someone sneakily promoting that live TV production of Hairspray?) There were plenty of loyal "Millerites" as well, such as this: "Kylee, you must tell me what it is hitting on the Richter scale, because you are shaking this competition up!"

THE 2016 PLAYOFFS of Super-Hair Wars now begin! The top eight styles from the 2016 season come together in a traditional bracket format, with no person or business getting special protection. At the end of the road, one woman will recieve a Crown Award as our Champion Hairstyle of the Year! In this quarterfinal round, four matches are underway at the same time.... so which styles win?

1) Ayden Mayeri v. 8) Kendy Kloepfer

2) Dani Mostrom v. 7) Mireille Enos

3) Tracey Anthony v. 6) Kylee Miller

4) Patricija Belousova v. 5) Julia Boorstin

Voting filter is ON throughout the playoffs.

QUARTERFINAL DEADLINE: Thursday night, 15 December (U.S. EST). The winners go on; the losers are gone.

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