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We've already noted her social media declaration, "I'm an actress, not a junkyard dog!" But Ayden Mayeri is not beyond appearing with dogs in acting roles. In recent weeks she's filmed an episode of an ABC 2017 comedy called Downward Dog, in which the "star" is a talking dog. If it attacked Mayeri's massof hair, we're not sure how she'd do - but she's fighting off human competition to become a two-time Super-Hair Wars winner!

This time, Mayeri did not get a perfect score, as TV jewelry salesperson Jana Laurin gave her a test. Mayeri prevailed with 75 percent of the vote, but one voter praised them both for "amazing hair." Another said, "Jana looks even better on the air," but we were left wondering if Laurin's frequent use of ponytails wound up hurting her.

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is a reporter with a Dallas TV station (formerly Houston), who mentions on her Twitter profile she's a "Texan with big hair.... natural hair on air." She appears here thanks to a suggestion on our Twitter feed. You can offer candidates for our Wars on Twitter: @SuperHairNet. Or you can email us at Super .

Based on our definition of Super-Hair, if these women came head-to-head in a showdown, which style would win?

Voting filter is ON in Round 21.

ROUND 21 DEADLINE: Thursday night, 3 November (U.S. EDT).

Debate and discuss your choices on our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

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