Super-Hair Wars - Playoffs '14

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There are times when winning during the Super-Hair Wars season seems easy. But when the Duels of December come and top hairstyles clash, it's usually not. Three top seeds entered "Playoffs '14" as undefeated champions - and now walk out as eliminated losers.

Here's how a surprising quarterfinal round went....

8) TAMSIN EGERTON d. 1) YELENA AKHTIORSKAYA, 75%. Did anyone really see this upset coming? An author who ran up big scores for her long curls was blown out, and panned by one voter for "too much frizz."

7) ALEXANDRA GUERRERO d. 2) SARA GORE, 67%. A pageant winner from Venezuela dubbed "Alexandra the Great" won the best battle of the round, with some disappointed these two "beautiful styles" wound up paired against each other.

6) EUGENIE BOUCHARD d. 3) YVETTE YATES, 82%. An emerging Canadian tennis star made quick work of the highest-seeded actress.

4) ALBANY IRVIN d. 5) BRIANNA KEILAR, 78%. The only higher-seed winner of the round ended the "second chance" dream of a CNN correspondent.

The four winners now advance to our FAB FOUR SEMIFINALS. You get to decide who moves on to the final round, with the Champion Hairstyle of the Year title and a Crown Award awaiting! Based on our definition of Super-Hair, if these women came head-to-head in a showdown, which styles would win?

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    Voting filter is ON throughout the playoffs.

    Semifinal deadline: Thursday evening, 1 January (U.S. EST). The winners move on; the losers are gone.

    Debate and discuss your choices on our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

    Nominations are open for Super-Hair Wars 2015; send them to SuperHair @ .

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