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"I've always had overachiever tendencies." So says Elizabeth Bond on her website promoting tutoring services in southern California. "B+? No thank you!" she continues. When it comes to Super-Hair, we think that's a very good trait. Bond has built a head of red hair that is strong in acting roles and looks stunning otherwise. She gets the A grade from our voters now, to join the honor roll of Super-Hair Wars 2021 winners!

We expected a match between Bond and Indiana TV sportscaster Tamir Sher would be tough and tight. You backed that up, as the total vote count matched the highest of the year. Sher took a small early lead. But Bond battled back to take the advantage in the second week, and end with a 57-percent decision. "Awesome color!" one supporter wrote. Another suggested Sher "move her part over more" - even though a near-center part adds to the drama for her keeping long locks in line.

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is the reigning Miss Universe from Mexico, and a recent member of our Top Ten Tresses list. Only a few rounds remain in the "Wars '21" season, so send your candidates for upcoming contests via email to SuperHair @ - or write @SuperHairNet on Twitter.

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

ROUND 19 DEADLINE: Thursday night, 7 October (U.S. EDT). The winner fights on against a new challenger!

Voting filter is ON in Round 19.

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