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If a ballroom dancer in the U.S. wants to become famous, he or she probably has to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars. In Europe, the path to success is different. There's a competitive circuit of dance competitions, which even gets on TV sports channels from time to time. That's what Patricija Belousova is doing, after winning the Lithanian "Miss Universe" contest. But she's winning other contests, too - especially here. She follows up her EuroCup success by becoming a Super-Hair Wars champ!

Since the Olympic Games are underway, we decided to have an international hair contest. The Lithuanian prevailed over "Mexican Weather Girl" Yanet Garcia by a two-to-one margin. While one voter praised Belousova as a "Baltic Beauty," another declared this contest "has to be the toughest choice this year!" When we see comments like that, we think it's a complement about how we're doing our job. So let's try again - and keep it international:

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is probably the first day care manager we've ever entered here. She lives in the Canadian province of Ontatio, and gained a place on our Hot List earlier this year. If you see great hair in any profession, anywhere on Earth, offer it for a future Super-Hair War by emailing Super .

Based on our definition of Super-Hair, if these women came head-to-head in a showdown, which style would win?

Voting filter is ON in Round 16.

ROUND 16 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 26 August (U.S. EDT). The winner fights on against a new challenger!

Debate and discuss your choices on our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

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