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It's a place where the Hair Fans are loyal, and the high-quality hair keeps on coming. But we're not talking about New York, Los Angeles or London. It's Shreveport, the third-largest city in Louisiana. That city has brought Super-Hair several stars over the years, from Karen Hopkins in 2009 to 2013 Crown Award winner Jodi Lowery. And now TV news anchor Erin Buchanan adds her name to the list, as our voters make her a Super-Hair Wars winner!

Buchanan blew away Bloomberg's Betty Liu, with a 71-percent victory margin which may have surprised some people. Buchanan clearly has support among the "red-headed league," as several voters liked that color in our comments and called it natural. "Looks soft, too," another wrote.

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is a former White House Press Secretary, a panelist on Fox News Channel's "The Five," a best-selling author and a former Crown Award nominee. She comes to the Wars through the suggestion of a Hair Fan. There's still room to add your favorite style to the 2015 Wars season, so e-mail her to Super .

Based on our definition of Super-Hair, if these women came head-to-head in a showdown, which style would win?

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Round 17 deadline: Thursday evening, 10 September (U.S. EDT). The winner fights on against a new challenger!

Debate and discuss your choices on our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

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