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Only one year ago, Kylee Miller was in college - finishing work on a degree at Central Michigan University. But then she went to work for the WeatherNation TV channel, and amazing things started happening. Hair Fans who watch those channels carefully for new, uh, talent recommended Miller to us. We posted her here. And now, ten weeks and five match wins later, we can proclaim Miller the Super-Hair Wars 2016 Champion Hairstyle of the Year!

Miller has proven she has a large and loyal following. That helped her mess up Ayden Mayeri's dream of a top-seed title, as she won the final round by a 79-percent margin. "Kylee's hair leaves me speechless," one supporter wrote. Another played to Miller's major in college: "I did not need Kylee to predict this outcome! Way to take it by storm."

Miller now advances to CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS XVI, where she squares off with a former Super-Hair Wars champ. That woman (until dethroned) is Boston TV reporter Victoria Warren.

Challenge of Champions XVI
Which style would win?

But don't stop there! We also now open the 2017 Super-Hair Wars season - and to start things off, we're bringing together two women who ought to know a lot of secrets about Super-Hair. They're magazine beauty editors! On the left: the Senior Beauty Editor at Harper's Bazaar (formerly Allure and On the right: the Executive Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen (formerly Self).

Jenna Rosenstein v. Leah Wyar Romito

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these two women met in a showdown, which style would win?

Voting filter is OFF in Round 1.

CHALLENGE/ROUND 1 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 27 January (U.S. EST).

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