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Some hairstyles are stunning at first glance, but fade over time and pressure. Perhaps the better way to evaluate Super-Hair is whether it can stand the test of time. Julie Luck is proving her hair does. We first noticed her on TV in South Carolina in the late 1990s, then placed her on our Hot List frm San Francisco in 2002. (Do you remember her as a Crown Awards nominee then?) In her current home of Greensboro, Luck advanced from a tie for sixth across the North Carolina "Triad" in 2009 to a tie for third in 2014. This year, our voters finally are giving Luck her due - first as Greensboro City League champ, and now as a Super-Hair Wars winner!

It was Luck licking "Lo-Lo" - as TV shopping host Loretta Gonzales couldn't match the challenger's 75-percent score. Not even a recent cut by Luck (compared to the City League picture) dissuaded supporters. "Julie's hair looks sooooooo silky in that photo!" one wrote. But Gonzales supporters still say she has "perhaps the most amazing hair among all home shopping networks."

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is a model in India who's called a "long hair queen" on Instagram, and even has her name trademarked. Kavya Jaikar was suggested for our current AAA Cup, but fell short in National Qualifying Week. Can she keep the revolving door of "Wars '21" winners going? Do you know of someone who can stop it? Offer your favorite head of hair for our Wars with an email to SuperHair @ - or write @SuperHairNet on Twitter.

Based on our Super-Hair definition, if these women met in a showdown, which style would win?

ROUND 9 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 21 May (U.S. EDT). The winner battles on against a new challenger!

Voting filter is ON in Round 9.

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