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You may think of the U.S. Postal Service as a dull place. People sort the mail, then deliver it to locations large and small six days a week. But nowadays, Saturdays and Sundays appear to be when the action is - as CBS is presenting a drama called The Inspectors about the postal inspection service. That's where we noticed actress Jessica Lundy. She catches bad guys while keeping mid-length waves in professional, yet great shape. Now Lundy is challenging other women to catch up to her, hair-wise - as she becomes a Super-Hair Wars winner!

For the second year in a row, we had a "same-name" contest. The inspecting Jessica Lundy took on Detroit TV host Jessica Lundy - and like Hannah Davis of Wichita last year, the local name fell short. CBS's star coasted to 92 percent of the vote. But one voter's comment may have confused some people: "It's lundi, so I'll vote Lundy." Take that word to the translation tool on our home page, and you'll learn "lundi" is the French word for Monday.

OUR NEXT CHALLENGER is an actress who has appeared in small movie roles, as well as the short-lived TV series Harder Than It Looks. She was recommended recently for our Hot List. But have you seen someone whose hair is hotter? There's not much time to enter her in our 2016 Super-Hair Wars season, so submit her quickly to Super .

Based on our definition of Super-Hair, if these women came head-to-head in a showdown, which style would win?

Voting filter is ON in Round 19.

ROUND 19 DEADLINE: Friday afternoon, 7 October (U.S. EDT). The winner fights on against a new challenger!

Debate and discuss your choices on our message board, Let Your Hair Down.

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