Top Ten Tresses

Our Top Ten styles in the world currently reflect the voting of Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll. Current as of 19 August 15:

#1 - KARA SEWELL. A Cincinnati news anchor whose short styles have been pushed a little and even mock-attacked. Yet they refuse to surrender - and if she could survive years of Texas and Kansas winds, she belongs at the top of the list. (Was #5)

#2 (TIE) - MICHELLE ASSELIN. A Fresno, California doctor and dentist who reached the 2013 Super-Hair Wars semifinals, then followed that up with two Crown Awards nominations. Pictures of her are scarce, but her lengthy blonde look remains popular. She has a Gold Award for one year on this list.

#2 (TIE) - KYLENE COCHRANE. She enters her sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania, after thrilling Hair Fans as a freshman. Her speed in high school distance races may be topped by long curls which became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion, the 2015 Cup of the Americas champion, a BMOC smash and a nominee here via Twitter. (Was #3)

#4 (TIE) - SUE BIRD. A WNBA champion in Seattle, an MVP in the Cup of Russia and an Olympic gold medalist, teammates claim her real secret to popularity is straight and shiny long hair. She's earned a four-year Triple Platinum Award – and perhaps that long-hidden sister “Summer” in TV ads is persuading her to soften her styles. (Was #6; courtesy SNY)

#4 (TIE) - MARIE HARF. We wondered how best to describe the medium and long styles of a U.S. State Department aide. We think she gave a clue with her famous word "nuanced." She's survived the critics to earn a Gold Award for one year here. (Was #7)

#4 (TIE)- HALLIE JACKSON. An NBC News reporter who makes shoulder-length hair look very natural, and keeps it holding like it's very easy. (Was #9)

#4 (TIE) - FELICITY JONES. Whether polished and perfect or growing bangs to the edge, this award-winning actress has styles which can bring Hair Fans to one of her upcoming films - Inferno. (Was #10)

#4 (TIE) - LORI ROTHMAN. The Fox Business Network anchor calls herself a "bond geek." Her styles have been well-bonded in place for a long time - and while some think she's passed her peak, she still has a Platinum Award for two years in the Top Ten. (Was #1)

#4 - MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO. The "digital journalist" has returned to soft mid-length styles at ABC, along the lines of what caught our eye at NBC. They're showing dangerous signs of weakening, but she's earned a Triple Platinum Award for four years in the Top Ten.

#4 (TIE) - MEGHAN TRAINOR. She made this year's "Most Beautiful People" list for an obvious reason. It's, you know, all about that hair. Her singing voice may be weak, but her styles seldom are. (Was #8)

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NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Site Manager.

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