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Our Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll 11-18 August 13. Current as of 2 April 14:

#1 - ASHLEY MORRISON. Her long blonde hair returned to TV business updates from a domestic abuse controversy looking seemingly unscathed. She's earned a Gold Award for one year on our list -- and a nice Facebook photo shoot after leaving CBS indicates we haven't heard the last of her.

#2 - LORI ROTHMAN. Her thick wavy hair must be having an impact at Fox Business Network. After earning a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten, she's moved to mornings -- obviously to provide a style contrast to Don Imus.

#3 - MICHELLE ASSELIN. A Fresno, California doctor and dentist took Super-Hair Wars by storm, defeating a Top Ten member head-to-head on the way to undefeated status and a close loss in the semifinals. Her thick long blonde hair earned her two Crown Award nominations. (Was #4)

#4 - CRYSTAL EGGER. She gained national fame with The Weather Channel, showing medium-long and often steamy strong looks. This Platinum Award recipient is now a "morning met" at KNBC-TV in Los Angeles -- but she loses places for a stinging loss in Super-Hair Wars. (Was #5)

#5 - JODY LOWERY. Even at messy-looking moments, she's the most outstanding example of why Shreveport, Louisiana is a hidden hotbed for Super-Hair. This TV news anchor is wearing a crown because she won a Crown Award this year. (Was #6)

#6 - MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO. The "digital journalist" morphed from soft mid-length styles to a high-risk eye-scraping bob while she worked at NBC. It made an impressive debut in her new duties at ABC News, deserving of a Double Platinum Award for three years in the Top Ten. (Was #7)

#7 - DANIELE HAMAMJDIAN. Taking long risky Super-Hair to world hotspots as a reporter for Canada's CTV News, this native of Egypt won our 2013 AAA Cup. (Was #9)

#8 - SUE BIRD. A WNBA champion in Seattle, an MVP in the Cup of Russia and an Olympic gold medalist, teammates claim her real secret to popularity is straight and shiny long hair. She's now earned a three-year Double Platinum Award, and continues to defy the hair critics. (Courtesy SNY)

#9 - ALBANY IRVIN. She sells all kinds of items on the shopping channel QVC. And she's sold Hair Fans on her long red hair - so much that she scored a clean sweep in Super-Hair Wars. (Was #10)

#10 - BRIANNA KEILAR. Through a wide range of hair lengths and a variety of Washington assignments, this CNN reporter (now "Senior Political Correspondent") has kept her styles attractive and very strong for years. But a very narrow escape from the "Marine One" helicopter costs her spots. (Was #3)

WHO'S NEW: No changes.

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Top Five Men's Styles: (Alphabetical order)

RUSSELL BRAND. Now missing at three consecutive Oscars after a strong showing in 2011. At least he's not prone to change his color, compared with Katy Perry. (Courtesy Zimbio)

DAVID GREGORY. If it's Sunday, you can watch perhaps the most interesting head of men's hair in journalism anchoring Meet the Press. Has George Stephanopolous tried to grow his hair longer to compete with him?

JOHN KERRY. The longtime Senator who claimed his hair was better during a Presidential campaign is now U.S. Secretary of State. Is it just us, or was he blonder on his first major trip overseas?

BELLO NOCK. Gel plus hairspray plus blowdrying equals a seven-inch high style that's held through stunt after stunt with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus, and even his own. We challenge any woman on this list to outlast him -- and we want to be there to see it.

TROY POLAMALU. Don't cut your hair for years, and you might match the style of this Pittsburgh Steeler all-star. There's a million-dollar insurance contract on his hair -- so a very short snip for U.S. veterans became a moment of national drama.

WHO'S NEW: No changes.


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Site Manager.

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