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Our current Top Ten styles in the world were last ranked by Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll 10-18 August 14. Current as of 18 March 15:

#1 - LORI ROTHMAN. The Fox Business Network anchor has left "Imus in the Morning." But her thick wavy hair still deserves a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten - as long as she doesn't get too woozy as a guest on "Red Eye."

#2 - SARA WALSH. Her long waves are as perfectly-prepared and jaw-dropping as they come at ESPN. And she has a great hair history, as she once was City League champion in Nashville. Erin who?!? (Was #3)

#3 - MICHELLE ASSELIN. A Fresno, California doctor and dentist who reached the 2013 Super-Hair Wars semifinals, then followed that up with two Crown Awards nominations. Pictures of her are scarce, but her lengthy blonde look is popular enough to gain a Gold Award. (Was #2)

#4 - SUE BIRD. A WNBA champion in Seattle, an MVP in the Cup of Russia and an Olympic gold medalist, teammates claim her real secret to popularity is straight and shiny long hair. She's now earned a four-year Triple Platinum Award – and perhaps that long-hidden sister “Summer” in TV ads is persuading her to soften her styles. (Courtesy SNY)

#5 - OLIVIA STERNS. Now a morning anchor at Bloomberg TV, she amazingly says she hates big hair. Yet plenty of bounce works wonderfully for Hair Fans, as she received two Crown Award nominations this year.

#6 - MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO. The "digital journalist" is returning to soft mid-length styles at ABC, along the lines of what caught our eye at NBC. She's deserving of a Double Platinum Award for three years in the Top Ten. And we were so focused on her hair that we never noticed she lost 90 pounds.

#7 - KARA SEWELL. A Cincinnati news anchor whose short styles might be pushed a little, but refuse to surrender. If she could survive years of Texas and Kansas winds, she belongs here.

#8 – NASIM PEDRAD. After years on Saturday Night Live, this comic's thick long hair lasted longer on Fox's sit-com Mulaney than the show did. Yet it helped her win a second Crown Award - and now she's moving to a show called Scream Queens which could be even more daring for her. (Was #9)

#9 - KYLENE COCHRANE. She's only a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, but she's growing on Hair Fans. Her speed in high school distance races may be topped by long curls which have become a BMOC hit, a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion and a nominee here via Twitter. (Was #10)

#10 - MARIE HARF. We wondered how best to describe the unusually long styles of a U.S. State Department spokesperson. We think she's now given a clue to her hold: "nuanced." (Was #8)

WHO'S NEW: No changes.

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Top Five Men's Styles: (Alphabetical order)

RUSSELL BRAND. He doesn't seem to take center stage at the Oscars anymore, yet his longish hair has impressed us more than ex-wife Katy Perry's. (Courtesy Zimbio)

DAVID GREGORY. We thought he brought the most interesting head of men's hair in journalism to Meet the Press. But NBC has dumped him, and he's now in limbo.

JOHN KERRY. The longtime Senator who claimed his hair was better during a Presidential campaign is now U.S. Secretary of State. Is it just us, or was he blonder on his first major trip overseas?

BELLO NOCK. Gel plus hairspray plus blowdrying equals a seven-inch high style that's held through stunt after stunt with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus, and even his own. We challenge any woman on this list to outlast him -- and we want to be there to see it.

TROY POLAMALU. Don't cut your hair for years, and you might match the style of this Pittsburgh Steeler all-star. There's a million-dollar insurance contract on his hair -- so a very short snip for U.S. veterans became a moment of national drama.

WHO'S NEW: No changes.


NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Site Manager.

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