Top Ten Tresses

Our current Top Ten styles in the world largely reflect the voting of Hair Fans in a Cutting-Edge Hair News poll during August. Current as of 21 Sep 16:

#1 - DANI MOSTROM. She plays volleyball at Wichita State, coaches it during the summer in Missouri, and wows Hair Fans with athletic extra-long curls most of the time. They made her a City League champ, a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champ and now the "world #1."

#2 - MICHELLE ASSELIN. Some Hair Fans contend Fresno, California has the world's most beautiful dentist. A former Super-Hair Wars semifinalist and Crown Award nominee has earned a Platinum Award for two years on our list. Now if she would kindly do more with her Facebook account....

#3 - TRACEY ANTHONY. The WeatherNation meteorologist may have cut her long waves, but the hair of this former stylist still seems ready to hold through a severe storm. Several strong looks made her a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion - and possibly the new "marked woman" of our list.

#4 - HALLIE JACKSON. An NBC News reporter has been watched almost as closely as the candidates during the 2016 campaign. She makes shoulder-length hair look very natural, yet tough when wind is blowing. A good combination to gain a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten!

#5 - KYLENE COCHRANE. This junior at the University of Pennsylvania thrilled Hair Fans as a freshman with long curls which became a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion and the 2015 Cup of the Americas champion. This two-time BMOC member has a Gold Award for one year in the Top Ten!

#6 - KATE COLLINS. Our first Australian City League champion keeps adjusting her anchor-perfect styles, making them riskier yet still attractive. Port Adelaide's "Power-Hair" was seriously crushed in Super-Hair Wars, but she may have surprised some people in our recent poll.

#7 - MARIE HARF. We wondered how best to describe the medium and long styles of a U.S. State Department aide. We think she gave a clue with her famous word "nuanced." She's survived the political critics to earn a Platinum Award for two years here. (Was #8)

#8 - MARY TEDESCO. She may have earned a "PBS Nerd" shirt as an ancestry researcher for Genealogy Roadshow, but her adjustably-wavy sideparts are smart and timeless. (Was #7)

#9 - MARA SCHIAVOCAMPO. The "digital journalist" has a history of strong hold, currently at ABC News. It's earned her a Quadruple Platinum Award for five years in our Top Ten - but did a summer outdoor workout finally expose some weaknesses?

#10 - CHELSEA KROST. A big name on talk shows when it comes to millennials, with amazingly big long hair to match. You'd think one wrong move would bring it down - but she's smart enough so far to prevent that.

WHO'S NEW: Chelsea Krost (#10).

WHO'S NEW: Erin Buchanan (#10).

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NOTE: This listing is updated twice per month. Nominations are always welcome; challenges to the names on this list will be considered based on photographic evidence submitted to the Web Site Manager.

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