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Anyone can walk out of a salon with a great head of hair. But the women who can "keep their heads" when challenges come their way prove they're a cut above the rank-and-file. Their hair is great, and perhaps even Super. This area of the site shows potential Super-Hair facing the toughest tests. Can these women and their top-quality styles find ways to survive and escape?

(NOTE: While we strive to keep Super-Hair a family-friendly site, this area is for hard-core Hair Fans. Things may get a bit intense for some readers.)

February 2021

NAME: Maria Taylor

BACKGROUND: ESPN reporter; former two-sport star at the University of Georgia; Top Ten Tresses member

THE STYLE: Long and normally straight, although wave appears at times

THE CHALLENGE: In a sponsored short video, she'll join a fellow ESPN reporter at a football stadium - then together, they'll run a 40-yard dash down the field!

RISK FACTOR: How many Hair Fans dream of getting Super-Hair on the run, and perhaps even chasing it down to capture it? Maria is certainly athletic, but this sprint should tell us how athletic her locks are. They've held well through other challenging outdoor situations. But a lot is unknown here. Is this a serious sprint? Will Maria do anything to prepare for the race? We'll presume this is more than a fake-out, and call it a 9 on our 10-point scale.

Does Taylor have tricks with her tresses, for a trek at high speed? Could her running partner have his/her own surprise ready, to make hold more difficult? Will this amazing head of hair show that it's "Taylor-made" for even extreme moments?

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