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Anyone can walk out of a salon with a great head of hair. But the women who can "keep their heads" when challenges come their way prove they're a cut above the rank-and-file. Their hair is great, and perhaps even Super. This area of the site shows potential Super-Hair facing the toughest tests. Can these women and their top-quality styles find ways to survive and escape?

(NOTE: While we strive to keep Super-Hair a family-friendly site, this area is for hard-core Hair Fans. Things may get a bit intense for some readers.)

April 2020

NAME: Ida, aka "Lady Igor"

BACKGROUND: Blogger in Sweden who shaved her head in January 2002. She hasn't cut her hair since, except for trimming ends.

THE STYLE: Very long, because it's been so long - usually straight and reaching to the knees (she's five-foot-eight/173 cm tall)

THE CHALLENGE: In March 2020, she and her husband took a vacation to the Canary Islands - especially to Fuerteventura, which means "strong wind" in English. She'll undo her hair and dare to let the wind attack it!

RISK FACTOR: This island is so breezy that visitors windsurf there year-round - so we imagine it could test anyone's hairstyle. Loose hair this long could be in big trouble if she turns the wrong direction. But after years of hair growth, she probably knows what to do with it. It all depends on how daring she is. Since she's on vacation, we'll guess she's in a carefree mood - and put this at 9 on the 10-point scale.

Will seemingly endless breezes be a match for seemingly endless hair? Does Ida know what to do to prevent a lengthy disaster? Could Fuerteventura provide the force that brings this lady's long locks to its knees?

For the answers, click here....

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