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Maren Morris is a musical mix - and that's more than a clever bit of alliteration. She hit the spotlight first as a country singer, then straddled into pop culture with songs like "The Middle." But did you know Morris's parents own a hair salon in suburban Dallas? That may explain why she tends to be a contender for the top style in awards shows. That also may explain her impulsive decision during a stop with a stylist in July. As Morris wrote on Instagram: "Decided I missed my bangs 5 seconds to show." Bangs were present on Morris in March, but on NBC's Today Sghow they were eye-catching with slight angles./p>

So, have you missed Morris's bangs? We asked Hair Fans, and they truly did: 88% of them in our one-week poll want her to keep them (7-1). They certainly keep her long styles neater on stage - but we hope Morris takes better care of them, so they don't get so long that they defeat the clear purpose for them. She's let them grow a bit too much at times. That wouldn't be rebelling against her parents, would it?

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Google reports tell us that one of the most sought-after hairstyles on our website belongs to Norah O'Donnell. A Hair Watch that we conducted in 2003-04 during her years at NBC News gets a lot of searches and views. Truly her hair has been amazing for years. O'Donnell has adjusted it at times since moving to CBS. But we saw something on the CBS Evening News in late July that looked quite surprising. It appeared O'Donnell had cut her hair above her shoulders - a summertime chop if ever there was one./p>

O'Donnell is 48, but if she's adopting a "mature woman" approach to hair, is it good? Our voters said no; 75% want O'Donnell to stay longer (6-2). But one visitor said we misread what we saw: "Maybe trimmed but from the side looks still long, just styled differently, brushed back behind shoulders. Interesting look." That Hair Fan found a video later in the week indicating O'Donnell did NOT cut her hair. Apparently, she simply threw it back one night. Her followers probably let out a big sigh of relief at that.


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The late Roger Ailes once joked that his Fox News Channel had "all the blondes" that Ted Turner and CNN didn't hire. One of the most enduring blondes at FNC is Caroline Shively. She was a Washington correspondent from 2004-10, then became a freelance reporter while developing her own media training business. While Shively (to our knowledge) has been a blonde throughout, the length of her hair has changed. She's gradually shortened her long style - and in 2022, it stops around her shoulders, even though the basic sidepart look remains./p>

Is Shively improving her look with age? Our voters aren't so sure. A one-week poll found 60% of Hair Fans prefer Shively with long hair (3-2). We side with the "long-ings" here. There's more to admire that way - and also more potential tension, with the risk of trouble in windy conditions. Yet Shively uses her ears well for protection; we can't think of a case where the hair has collapsed on-camera. So she may be blonde, but she's certainly not dumb.


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China's government may be using TikTok to spy on us - but at least Hair Fans can tell Beijing what hairstyles are best. Mikayla Nogueira of Massachusetts used TikTok to build a posse of nearly 13 million followers, which has led to her own makeup line (even though many of her videos are makeup free). Shortly after U.S. Independence Day, Nogueira declared, "I feel free" after cuttng her mid-length waves to a shoulder-length bob. "I've been losing my hair for several years, due to health conditions," she revealed in one X-rated (for language) video. She called the extra length a "disguise" for the problem./p>

Has "Mikayla J." made a wise decision? Our one-week poll found two-thirds of voters prefer Nogueira with longer hair. But the small vote count (2-1) makes us wonder if the voters even know who she is. Here's hoping her health improves - and she finds the right formula to keep the short style strong. The waves are a good start.


She could have been royal... well, that was one of her first hit songs. But Lorde certainly has become a singing star, including three Grammy Awards. Her ideas in pop music are known for being unconventional. But when she went on tour in the North American summer of 2022, Lorde made a change that some might consider more as following the trend than startng one. She turned her brunette hair blonde - perhaps to fit the "Solar Power" theme of her tour.

Are Lorde's locks more luxurious as a blonde? Our voters said no: three out of four prefer her as a brunette. While no one left a comment, we'd only say that we can't think of many blondes from her native New Zealand. So that makes Lorde stand out, at least. And come to think of it, maybe she's living another of her old songs - "Yellow Flicker Beat."


She's the only Cuban native to win a Crown Award. Yet pop star Camila Cabello gained her fame in the U.S. - along with the controversy which sometimes goes along with it. One of the issues is whether or not she "fakes it" with extensions. But Cabello's brunette color was beyond doubt... at least until late June. She suddenly posted Instagram photos indicating she's joined the "summer blonde" trend.

Cabello referred to it in Spanish as honey blonde. But our voters consider the change more bitter than sweet. Our week-long poll found 80% of Hair Fans prefer her as brunette (4-1) - with one writing, "It looks awful." But someone else said we asked the wrong question. "Color isn't a factor to me. It's the former length," the comment said. "The length... helped make her famous. Granted, lots of it was probably fake. But long hair really made a difference on Camila." For us, it was actually her dramatic way with bangs - even though when they're too long, they fall in her eyes.


How many women have traveled to salons dreaming of the best - yet fearing the worst? How many heads of Super-Hair have faced that, too? They won't want perfection ruined with a few wrong chops. But the 2020 Champion Hairstyle of the Year may have faced a moment of angst in mid-June. Niku Kazori, who now works for a TV station in Seattle, went to a salon to have her lusciously long brunette hair trimmed. But, as she wrote on Twitter, it was "about four inches shorter" - but still what we'd call a mid-length look.

Did Kazori's cutters really know what they were doing? Maybe so, based on our one-week poll about the change. Six out of 10 voters prefer the shorter style (6-4). No one left a comment, so we'll dare. Kazori clearly knows how to keep her hair looking fabulous, whatever the length (it hardly ever drops). We'd think a shorter style would be easier to handle. But we'll lean toward the longer cut, because there's more to admire. Kazori also wrote that she hopes "it'll grow out sooner than later." Borrowing from her history in San Antonio, can we be a mascot when that happens?


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