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How do you have a "red carpet show" if award shows have moved online in the COVID-19 age? The E! channel called its carpet for the 2020 Emmys platinum, and put its hosts in front of giant TV screens on a Universal backlot. That meant the hosts looked glamorous, even if the real stars didn't care - and Erin Lim was so impressive that two things happened. She became engaged, then won the vote of Hair Fans for the best style of the night.

To be blunt, it's a good thing we were able to watch E!'s preview - because the quality of hairstyles during ABC's three-hour show didn't impress at all. In fact, we wouldn't have reached five women for the ballot without Lim. But she prevailed with 56 percent of a week of votes. Jennifer Aniston showed great Hair Fan's Hall of Fame waves which held through a fire extinguisher gag, yet she was second at 33 percent. Crown Award winner D'Arcy Carden followed at 11 percent. But one voter wrote of the night, "Seems many women depend on their stylists and have forgotten how to do their own hair at home."

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If you think "Little Mix" is a single-serving food product, think again. Wikipedia calls it one of the five top-selling "girl groups" in music history. The British group includes Jesy Nelson, whose story sadly includes online abuse and mental health concerns. But at least she's not afraid to give different hairstyles a try. Nelson's history is built on long brunette waves. But in September, she displayed near-platinum locks on Instagram - even showing a long bob at one point.

Is blonde better for this singer? Our week-long poll ended with an all-out tie: 44% for blonde, 44% for brunette and 11% for an undisclosed other color (be sure to leave a comment in those cases telling us what you have in mind). The only comment at all was that Nelson's blonde photo "looks like fewer extensions." Maybe so - but if it turns out to be a wig, is that really an improvement?


Times change. Our bodies change. Our hairstyles can change with them. Some women delight in the change, while others despair. New York TV newscaster Jessica Moore seems to take the positive approach. On 4 September, she pinned this note to the top of her Twitter account:

When people ask me if I hate getting older, I simply pull up this side by side and walk away.

The pictures above were included with that note. Moore didn't reveal an exact date for the left photo, but hinted on Instagram it was from 2006. That was too out-of-date for our voters, who preferred the more current mid-length style by a 91-percent margin (10-1). "Shorter looks too stiff and too 90s," one voter wrote during our week-long question. Stiff (we'd say "strong-holding"), to be sure. The current look is looser and much more interesting for TV - but oh, for a live report between Manhattan skyscrapers.


First the BET Awards moved to broadcast TV. Now the MTV Video Music Awards have as well - finding a Sunday night spot on The CW, even though that show has a reputation for being the bawdiest awards show of all. Yet not all the hairstyles on display at the 2020 show were avant-garde and freaky. Three women took different approaches to their longer styles, and wound up deadlocked for the best hair of the night.

Our week-long poll ended with Drew Barrymore's carefully-placed light waves, Madison Beer's dynamic straight strands and Kelly Clarkson's natural cut tied at 33 percent. If we had the tie-breaking vote, Beer would get it because of how daring and risky her hair appeared. We're a bit surprised Clarkson didn't get flagged by commenters for possible extensions. But one person didn't think Miley Cyrus belonged on the ballot. "That Jane Fonda Klute mullet is terrible enough without the bad dye job," the voter wrote. Cyrus also drew comparisons on Twitter to Florence Henderson's style in The Brady Bunch. Both Fonda and Henderson impressed then - but that was then.


Her mother, Goldie Hawn, portrayed a stereotypical "dumb blonde" on TV for years. But Kate Hudson hasn't come across to us that way. She's been more of a fun-loving blonde in movies such as My Best Friend's Girl. She's even written books about being fun and happy. Yet who could have guessed that deep-down, Hudson is not blonde at all? She declared herself "almost a brunette" on Instagram in mid-August, seemingly tying it to COVID-19 quarantine. Hudson even asked followers to vote: "au naturale" or "blond 'er up"?

Us magazine reported the Instagram vote was split almost evenly. Not with our voters, it wasn't. A large 71-percent majority called for Hudson to remain a blonde, in our one-week poll (10-3-1). No one left a comment about her color choice, but the vote came close to matching the time Hudson almost shaved her head in 2017. Does this prove once and for all that blondes have more fun - or at least should?


The first change was a stunnning disappointment. Three-time Crown Award winner Gohar Shahnazaryan cut the floor-length hair which made her famous in January 2020, leaving a style which stopped at her shoulders. The nation of super-long Hair Fans (we've found it's fairly large) mourned. But the Armenian champion hasn't stopped there. She followed a celebrity trend for summer, by changing her brunette hair blonde in August. Her only comments about it on Instagram were in hashtags: "#newhair" and "#newlook".

Has Gohar gone too far.... again? The length vote in March was close, but this change was not. Two-thirds of our voters want Shahnazaryan to go back to brunette, while 22% like her blonde and 11% suggested she try another color (6-2-1). While one comment claimed she "jumped the shark" in January, we'd note her Instagram account still shows more than 53,000 followers. And did you also notice her hair was down to her bust line? A second wave of growth seems to be well underway. How "long" it lasts clearly is up to her.


She began 2020 as a morning TV news anchor in Colorado Springs. Then something happened - and Kristen Skovira doesn't even mention the station on her Twitter account these days. From all appearances, she's looking for work. But her blonde hair can't possibly be the reason. Hair Fans liked it enough to make her a Super-Hair Wars undefeated champion at the start of the 2020 season - and now she's won our annual vote for the #1 hairstyle in the world!

This vote lets you choose the best from our Top Ten Tresses list. "Who's Number One Week" ended with Skovira claiming 38 percent of the vote. Second place went to the record-breaking dentist, Michelle Asselin, at 25%. A three-way tie for third followed at 13% among country ingr Afton Addington, Georgia realtor Kim Burch and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen - a woman one voter confused with public relations executive Betsy Stark. "Ursula has thickness; Betsy does not," another voter explained.

The other five members of the Top Ten received no votes at all - with one comment calling for all of them to be dumped. That's pretty tough, but we'll keep it in mind. If you've seen someone better, please let us know.


Her hair should be the "stuff of Legend." In one way it is, as model Chrissy Teigen is married to singer John Legend. But when it comes to the world of Super-Hair, she's really not. Teigen's long hair was a contender for the best hairstyle at the Oscars in 2015. But when she made a cut to shoulder-length in 2017, our voters didn't like it. So Teigen apparently grew it out for another three years, only to visit a Los Angeles stylist known as "Hairinel" in July 2020. "We went short," Irinel de Leon declared, trimming Teigen to a shoulder-length bob.

Do we understand this right - the trim was for a cookbook? Whatever the reason, Teigen did better with our Hair Fans this time. But they still like her hair longer, by a 60-percent margin (6-4). "Shorter is more likely to be her real hair," one voter wrote. It seems to be, based on a follow-up photo de Leon posted as our week-long poll began. But the long look seems more likely to stay in place, especially during long shoots.


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