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Her competition seemed imposing - featuring two young women who had won Crown Awards and another two who had won City League titles. On top of that, Alyssa Wallace attends the small St. Thomas University of Minnesota. But that didn't deter a budding entrepreneur from developing hair success. Wallace defeated the "stars" and others, to win our annual "Elite Eight" vote among this season's Best Manes on Campus.

Wallace is a sophomore on the college hockey team. And she was the only contestant to pick up a "hat trick" of votes in our week-long race. She finished with 40 percent support, followed by Purdue's Brooke Peters at 20 percent. Third place was a four-way tie between West Virginia's Saira Blair (one of the Crown winners), East Carolina's Madison Clark, Missouri's Raime Cohen (the two City League winners) and Alysha Coyle from that other St. Thomas in Florida. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Laryssa Bonacquisti of Louisiana State - but in the wrong direction. After thrilling Hair Fans in 2017 and capturing a Crown, she received no votes at all here.

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First she undid the ponytail - and pop culture marveled. What was Ariana Grande trying to say? One fashion website claimed the tail that brought Grande a Crown Award had been "retired." But that wasn't true; what she called "a remarkable feeling" quickly came back. But Grande's latest hair change may be much harder to undo. In November, she cut the long hair to a lob that stops a bit below her shoulders (clearly enhanced by Snapchat in our photo). Her Instagram post had no comment about it, nor did her Twitter account. But gossip websites found "sources" who tried to interpret it, saying Grande needed a "reset" after a challenging two years.

When she undid the ponytail, our voters were delighted. But would a cut like be a step too far? Apparently not! Our nine-day poll ended with 63 percent of Hair Fans supporting Grande's shorter look (10-6). "She needed a change," one wrote. "The tightly pulled back pony tail was getting old." But Grande keep it in place, and out of her eyes? We have our doubts - but we know she doesn't care. For Grande, our result probably is like that new album.... "Thank U. Next."


Dress changes? We put an "over-and-under" on her of 6 1/2 - and she reached the "over" with seven. Hairstyle count? We lost track after three. Carrie Underwood clearly has become the busiest awards show host in history - backstage during the show, we mean. But we chose to post her monologue look from the 2018 Country Music Association Awards in our race for the best hairstyle of the night. And enough Hair Fans agreed that she won our poll.

The contest began late on awards night, lasting about nine days. Underwood led from start to finish, recalling the time several years ago when she never seemed to lose polls like this. Underwood wound up with 35 percent of your votes, topping Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott with 24 percent. Sharna Burgess of Dancing With the Stars and Kacey Musgraves tied for third at 18 percent. But we were shocked by the poor showing of newcomer Carly Pearce, whose long blonde hair was stunning and perfect. She received only six percent, with one voter wondering if she wore extensions. Based on the pictures we've seen, we don't think so - but Pearce wasn't under pressure to change her style all night long.


Right photo courtesy InStyle

For movie fans, the news must have been startling. The star of Legally Blonde had turned.... brunette?!?! A snapshot from the set of an upcoming TV miniseries verified it. Reese Witherspoon's blonde hair which won her a Crown Award for the film Sweet Home Alabama had converted to the dark side - at least for the short-term. This isn't Witherspoon's first time doing that; she was deep brunette as June Carter Cash in the 2005 movie I Walk the Line.

Should Witherspoon keep her hair dark for good? Bad idea, or voters say - as 78 percent of Hair Fans in our week-long poll preferred her blonde (7-2). While no one left a comment, we think the miniseries color is lukewarm. But it beats the Halloween picture Witherspoon put on social media, which was shockingly red.


Photos courtesy Hello!

Katie Piper once dreamed of being a British supermodel, along the lines of Naomi Campbell. But attackers changed everything, by raping her and pouring acid on her face. Doctors were able to restore a blind left eye, and Piper changed her focus. She now runs a charity helping burn victims, writes inspirational material and appears in Britain reality shows. Piper's short time on the 2018 season of Strictly Come Dancing featured her with classic-looking mid-length blonde hair. But after her elimination, changes came - with a cut to shoulder-length, and a dark brunette shade.

We chose to focus on the length in our eight-day poll - and six out of ten Hair Fans decided Piper's short cut was better for her (6-4). No one left a comment, but we lean toward the longer look being more appealing - even if it's more likely to fall in her eyes. After what she's endured, may nothing fall in Piper's eyes beyond that.


What's this - Angelina Jolie still acts in movies?! Apparently she has time to squeeze in a role or two, while serving as a United Nations celebrity ambassador and fighting off endless tabloid rumors. A co-star in the upcoming fantasy Come Away posted proof on Instagram in October. Jolie plays a character named Rose. A yellow rose, apparently - because her usually-brunette hair is blonde. The picture shows it pinned; we don't know yet if she'll let it down in the film.

Style-watching websites made a big deal about this color change. So we did, too - asking you if Jolie should be blonde all the time. Our one-week poll concluded with 80 percent of Hair Fans preferring Jolie as a brunette (8-2). One voter noted Jolie has made this switch before: "What about her platinum blonde/Marilyn Monroe do from Life, Or Something Like it?" Jolie played a TV reporter in that movie - and based on promotional pictures, her hair fell. In real life, journalists with Super-Hair never would allow photos of moments like that.


It may be a stereotype, but country music always seems to be looking for the next big blonde. Think Tammy Wynette, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert - or even Hayden Panettiere on the TV drama Nashville. In recent years, Kelsea Ballerini has shown the potential to follow that path to success. But she's also thrown a curve or two, when it comes to the blonde part. Ballerini had her long locks cut to a "lob" at the end of 2016. The style was slightly shorter than that at the 2018 American Music Awards - as a near-center part stopped at the shoulders.

Would the singer of Yeah Boy get a yes from our voters for this change? The quick answer was.... no! A week of voting found 85 percent of Hair Fans wanting long hair again (11-2). One called the cut a "waste of beautiful hair," and may have borrowed from a classic George Jones song to ask: "Why? Why? Why?" Ballerini answered that on Snapchat after her 2016 cut, explaining it would "get my hair strong and healthy again." Based on the pictures we've seen, her styles are indeed stronger-holding when they're longer. Crystal Gayle might be able to tell Ballerini something about that.


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