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It took a month of stunning circumstances around the world to make it happen, but the "BET Awards" finally left the confines of Black Entertainment Television in June 2020. CBS gave the event a full Sunday night simulcast, even though it was a "virtual" show in the coronavirus era. That allowed us finally to track hairstyles during the show, since we save money by not having cable or satellite TV. And that allowed former first lady Michelle Obama to take the style spotlight. Her natural curls won your votes for the best hair of the night.

Obama repeated her success at the 2019 Grammy Awards by gaining 60 percent of the votes in our week-long poll. "The only hair I think is real," one voter commented. The other 40 percent went to the woman Obama introduced for a lifetime achievement award: Beyonce Knowles-Carter. "I cracked up, how you used all of her names," another voter wrote. We simply identified her the way BET did. While they received no support from the public, we'd give "honorable mentions" to Marlie Martin of Black-ish for defending her waves on Twitter during the show, and to singing star Megan Thee Stallion for a dance tune that had her extra-long hair shaking violently while hardly ever falling in her face.

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Kaia Gerber is not taking after her mother at all - at least when it comes to hair. Hair Fans realize that mother is Hall of Fame member Cindy Crawford. First Gerber cut her long hair to a bob in 2019, and our voters accepted that. Now in the summer of 2020, Gerber has lightened her brunette style. Our right photo shows it in transition, at a protest march. But Gerber went farther - displaying blonde locks during a Hollywood shopping trip, which were hard to fully appreciate because she pinned them back.

During our week-long poll, Hollywood Life showed them in full view - declaring the color change "accentuated her signature bob perfectly1" But this time, Hair Fans consider it a step too far. The brunette view was preferred by 57 percent of them (4-3). No one left a comment, so we'll express personal disappointment with Gerber about this. Mom's color (which we assume is natural) ought to be best - especially when it's the stuff of legend.


Iggy Azalea is one of the biggest rap stars to come from Australia. But she's had an independent streak, which led to delays in some albums and her own record label. Azalea also has a secret side, with rumors of childbirth in the spring of 2020 lasting for weeks before she confirmed them. Yet one constant in Azalea's career has been her blonde hair - well, until June 2020. For her 30th birthday, Azalea turned her hair red on Instagram. She gave no explanation there, save for an emoji of a red rose.

Blonde photos quickly returned to her feed - but should Azalea keep it red all the time? Our voters said no. In fact, all of them preferred her blonde in a one-week poll (6-0); one wrote that the original color "looks less fake." At least we feel confident that her hair length is not fake, even if she lets it drop in her eye from time to time. To borrow from one of Azalea's songs, she can be Fancy like that.


Photos courtesy Lorde Daily

Christians will tell you there's only one "Lord." Pop music fans discovered a different one in recent years - a singer in New Zealand who calls herself Lorde. Her song Royals was a big hit, and became a theme for a Kansas City baseball team in a World Series year. But Lorde has kept fans waiting for new music since Melodrama came out in 2017. Yet she emerged from the COVID-19 quarantine with a message about that, expressed somewhat through messy hair. In a May 2020 email to fans, Lorde said her next album requires her to have "the longest and wlldest hair yet." That apparently means longer than the shoulder-length look on magazine covers in 2018; she's had it close to the waist at times.

Is a longer look lovelier for Lorde? "Longer with curls!" one comment in our week-long poll shouted - and others seemed to agree. That approach received 88 percent of the votes (7-1). But it's the "wildest" part of the email that concerns us. If the hair falls in her face a lot... well, is Lorde really being lady-like?


When it comes to hair, Houston is a very competitive city. Consider who's based there. Crown Award winner Alyson Footer, former Top Ten Tresses member Simone Biles - and then there are the contenders from one particular TV station. KPRC's Dominique Sachse fought off great challengers twice in our City League section, before losing in 2009. The amazing Brittany Jeffers is there now. And Sofia Ojeda wants to be part of the discussion, with a strong style that battled an active puppy in our "Hair Pressure" section. But in May 2020, Ojeda made a big change. Mid-length well-turned blonde hair was cut to the nape of the neck, and went dark brunette. As she wrote on Twitter: "What a difference."

Indeed - but is it a good difference? Ojeda invited her Twitter followers to vote in our expanded nine-day question. The longer look won, by a 64-percent vote (9-5). "The cut chopped off her waves," one voter wrote. Well, maybe not; a stylist's photos showed they still exist. And as we began the poll, the hair was long enough for waves to be visible again. The Ojeda hairdo is making a comeback - but how many Hair Fans dream of being in the newsroom, to hear her colleagues swap style stories?


It's an old stereotype, to be sure - but some women never seem to be able to make up their minds about some things. Several celebrities could be cited as examples. But Julianne Hough was called to our attention during the "quarantine cut" period. Eight years after a cut to her long hair and two years after turning her well-known blonde style red, she tried out what some called "ombre pink" hair. Hough explained it was a "fairy kitten" kind of look.

The Hair Fan who pointed out Hough's new shade included a Yahoo headline, "It looks so good." Our voters were not impressed at all. In fact, we cut the week-long poll short after five days because it was a unanimous rejection (9-0). "Horrible look," one critic said. "Why so celebs who don't need to make a change ever, always make the worst choices?" Another suggested the color was not Hough's real problem. "The new style doesn't look as soft and silky..." For a better view of what Hough's hair can be, we recommended finding June 2020 covers of Women's Health and Us magazine. A little straightening out and wind action can make a big difference.


The singer known only as "Adele" has kept fans waiting for new music for a long time. The album "25" came out in 2015. She's promised another one in September 2020 -- but Adele clearly has been working on other things in the meantime. In early May, she posted a birthday photo on Instagram which was surprising in several ways. The big headline was Adele's figure, as she reportedly has lost 100 pounds. (That led to a debate over whether or not it's proper to compliment someone for that.) But for Hair Fans, the headline was atop Adele's head - as hair which used to be kept at chin-length now approached the bust line.

Not meaning to offend, but we do comment on hair things here. And in our week-long poll, seven out of 10 voters decided Adele is better with longer hair. One skeptic wrote that "shorter has more body," but we wonder if that's simply a matter of how it's styled. The longer look certainly appears more suspectible to trouble from wind - but note Adele's hands are out, ready to protect it from attack. Hair defense knows no weight limit.


When hair historians write the record of 2020, it could be dominated by the "quarantine cut." Weeks of sheltering to fight the coronavirus have combined with salon shutdowns to make some women feel desperate. We'd think women with Super-Hair wouldn't mind. They're resting their perfect styles for whatever the next great challenge might be. But Merry Matthews can't do that. She's a meteorologist who appears on Colorado Springs television every weeknight. So the woman who represented the U.S. in Super-Hair World Cup V self-trimmed her hair in late April. After years of it reaching below the shoulders, it now was shoulder-length - but still long enough to tuck it behind her ear.

Matthews rated her work a "B-plus." We asked what Hair Fans thought of it, and their score might have been higher: 64 percent preferred the shorter style (7-4). One voter called it "either way... a Top 10 look!" But another called it a bummer: "She lost a ton of appeal with the cut... She's still pretty, for sure, but her face is not her hair." But we side with the majority, thinking the shorter style can be stronger-holding with the right spray. The good news for the bummed is that Matthews's hair seems to be growing back quickly. And with plenty of flex to boot, they can be "merry" after all.


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