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Her hair should be the "stuff of Legend." In one way it is, as model Chrissy Teigen is married to singer John Legend. But when it comes to the world of Super-Hair, she's really not. Teigen's long hair was a contender for the best hairstyle at the Oscars in 2015. But when she made a cut to shoulder-length in 2017, our voters didn't like it. So Teigen apparently grew it out for another three years, only to visit a Los Angeles stylist known as "Hairinel" in July 2020. "We went short," Irinel de Leon declared, trimming Teigen to a shoulder-length bob.

Do we understand this right - the trim was for a cookbook? Whatever the reason, Teigen did better with our Hair Fans this time. But they still like her hair longer, by a 60-percent margin (6-4). "Shorter is more likely to be her real hair," one voter wrote. It seems to be, based on a follow-up photo de Leon posted as our week-long poll began. But the long look seems more likely to stay in place, especially during long shoots.

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Like it or not, we all grow older - and our hair changes as we do. But it seems some people age faster than others. Then there's Demi Moore, who appeared to age in a big hurry on Instagram in July. The Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member is known for being a brunette - and was nominated for a 2019 Crown Award for displaying very long hair in the movie Corporate Animals. So what was this photo of Moore looking washed-out blonde and shoulder-length?

"It's a wig!" someone quickly replied in our comments when we asked Hair Fans about it. "Thank God!!!" It's for Moore's streaming TV version of Brave New World - yet should she make a brave move and actually cut her hair? Our voters said no, but it was close: 56 percent prefer her long (5-4). Maybe Moore's change will become real-life in about 10 years. So in the meantime, let's get back to other critical issues with Moore - such as the carpeting in her bathroom....


While Kim Kardashian tends to dominate the headlines - with everything from justice campaigns to her husband's presidential campaign and bipolar diagnosis - the other Kardashian sisters still have lives outside their reality show. Kourtney has developed a lifestyle website called "Poosh," with a "KMK" tab for those more interested in her than their health. While she had short hair as a girl, Kourtney has kept her (k)uts long as an adult. So it was surprising to see her on the cover of Vogue Arabia in July-August with a straght chin-length bob.

Online speculation is that Kourtney put on a wig - but should she make this change permanent? It was close, but our voters said no; 55 percent prefer her with long hair (5-4). No one left a comment, but we wonder why Kourtney's eyes are closed in that magazine cover photo. Is she concerned that that short style could drop in her face at any moment?


When some women change their hairstyles, they don't give a.... uh, well.... Emily Ratajkowski put it this way in the summer of 2020: "Stop telling women what to do with their hair. And their bodies." The model and actress posted this comment days after changing her hair from its long-time brunette shade to a summery blonde. She even indicated she changed the color on her own, using Karastase products that she endorses.

We opened our one-week poll on Ratajkowski's change hours before we discovered her scolding. We continued on, anyway - and 64 percent of our voters preferred her brunette. Only 27 percent went for blonde, while nine percent called for a different color (apparently "auburn," based on a comment) (7-3-1). One beauty magazine called the critics "people who erroneously think that they're entitled to not only see another person looking the way they want them to look but demand it from them." We aren't demanding, simply asking Hair Fans. But we would ask in response: doesn't that sort of thing happen in all walks of life - from beauty and fashion to politics?


Ariana Grande's hair is world-famous. At least, her ponytail is - famous enough to win the first Crown Award for that category in 2017. But the pop singer is not afraid to surprise her fans at times. When the COVID-19 lock-ins happened in March 2020, Grande undid her 'tail one day - and didn't even bother to straighten out her long hair. Instead, she showed messy curls on social media, writing: "Get a load a dis."

Never mind the slang language - what about those curls? Should this be something Grande does for good? Our voters were split, but preferred the curls by a 60-percent margin in our weeklong poll (6-4). No one commented either way, but her mother declared her a "magnificent beauty" either way - "beyond stunning." That's what you'd expect a mother to write, of course. We'd personally rather see Grande's hair out of her eyes.


It took a month of stunning circumstances around the world to make it happen, but the "BET Awards" finally left the confines of Black Entertainment Television in June 2020. CBS gave the event a full Sunday night simulcast, even though it was a "virtual" show in the coronavirus era. That allowed us finally to track hairstyles during the show, since we save money by not having cable or satellite TV. And that allowed former first lady Michelle Obama to take the style spotlight. Her natural curls won your votes for the best hair of the night.

Obama repeated her success at the 2019 Grammy Awards by gaining 60 percent of the votes in our week-long poll. "The only hair I think is real," one voter commented. The other 40 percent went to the woman Obama introduced for a lifetime achievement award: Beyonce Knowles-Carter. "I cracked up, how you used all of her names," another voter wrote. We simply identified her the way BET did. While they received no support from the public, we'd give "honorable mentions" to Marlie Martin of Black-ish for defending her waves on Twitter during the show, and to singing star Megan Thee Stallion for a dance tune that had her extra-long hair shaking violently while hardly ever falling in her face.


Kaia Gerber is not taking after her mother at all - at least when it comes to hair. Hair Fans realize that mother is Hall of Fame member Cindy Crawford. First Gerber cut her long hair to a bob in 2019, and our voters accepted that. Now in the summer of 2020, Gerber has lightened her brunette style. Our right photo shows it in transition, at a protest march. But Gerber went farther - displaying blonde locks during a Hollywood shopping trip, which were hard to fully appreciate because she pinned them back.

During our week-long poll, Hollywood Life showed them in full view - declaring the color change "accentuated her signature bob perfectly1" But this time, Hair Fans consider it a step too far. The brunette view was preferred by 57 percent of them (4-3). No one left a comment, so we'll express personal disappointment with Gerber about this. Mom's color (which we assume is natural) ought to be best - especially when it's the stuff of legend.


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