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What do a special educstion teacher, a TV news reporter and a classical musician have in common? Sorry, there's no punchline here - only their skill with the hair on their heads. Michigan teacher Renee Crittenden, Hillary Vaughn of Fox News and violinist Elena Urioste (left-right) all have developed Super-Hair, from our view. And now, Hair Fans have elevated them to one of our top ranks - as they wound up in a three-way tie for #1 hairstyle in the world, in our annual Top Ten Tresses contest!

The 2018 "Who's Number One" race was a tight one, with no runaway favorite. Crittenden, Vaughn and Urioste all wound up with 20 percent of your votes. We had Cincinnati TV reporter Amber Jayanth on top as the poll began, but she wound up tied for fourth at 10 percent - and with one Hair Fan accusing her of having extensions. (We don't think that's true.) Jayanth was in a logjam with Wichita news anchor Alyson Acklin, Fresno dentist Michelle Asselin (currently the longest member of the list) and Indian athlete Ayesha Billimoria.

Three women were left with no votes at all: Jackie Speier, Mary Tedesco and Aly Wagner. One comment suggested they all be bounced from the Top Ten for that reason. Another complained: "This group used to be stellar. What happened?" We could answer that by noting a lot of women have been eliminated from the Top Ten recently for defeated styles. That's admittedly depleted our list of contenders. But let's put the burden on you. Have you offered any standout styles (as in undefeated) lately? We don't claim to know them all. So to borrow from law enforcement: if you see something, say something - and please notify us.

Thanks to all of you who take part in our polls! And we welcome any news tips you have on changing celebrity styles. Contact us at: .


People who "keep up with the Kardashians" probably do it for many reasons. For Hair Fans, it could be the changing styles of the sisters. As Kim Kardashian became a reality TV star, she also became a finalist for the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame in 2008. Not enough voters supported her then, but Kardashian West (as she's now called) kept making changes. In July 2018, she apparently went with Khlow to a salon for tandem cuts. Both emerged as "moms with bobs" - Khloe's blonde, Kim's brunette.

But Kim immediately had "buyer's remorse" about the change. A Snapchat comment became a home page quote for us: "I don't feel sexy in short hair, I feel sexy with long hair. It's cute." Our voters aren't so sure about that; a one-week poll on the change ended with a 50-50 tie (7-7). "Kim is a long-hair icon for a reason," moaned one voter. "When I saw that bob on a late-night American talk show, I wanted to gag." But another considered the change more honest: "At least with shorter, we know there are no extensions." Sure enough, Kim reached for some days after the cut. Come to think of it, we'd be more likely to reach for them, too - if you know what we mean.


Long-lasting hair can mean a long-lasting stay on our Top Ten Tresses list. One of the longest runs in recent years involved TV reporter Mara Schiavocampo - an amazing 77-month stint until June 2017. She did it with soft-looking shoulder-length mostly-straight styles that simply refused to move, wherever she set them. And we now know Schiavocampo did it, even though her hair is naturally curly. In a May 2018 Instagram post, she showed a full head of curls for the first time in "my adult life."

Is this the look Schiavocampo should display on TV, and at all times? Hair Fans clearly wrestled with this one - and after a week, they couldn't agree. It was a 50-50 tie between the curly cut and a straighter look (6-6). "Natural is always better," wrote the only person to leave a comment. We tend to agree - but in the picture she posted, the curls clearly are in her left eye. We're led to the ironic conclusion that Schiavocampo's relaxers give her styles incredible strength, even if they've led to occasional damage. Who knew they could be a secret to Super-Hair?


Right photo courtesy PhilStar

She was born in Quebec, and developed a worldwide reputation. But singer Celine Dion had never toured Asia until the summer of 2018. As she did, she gave style-watchers plenty to talk about. Dion posted a photo on Instagram from her Tokyo hotel room, which appears to show bangs in her hair. But when she took the stage in Manila a couple of nights later, the bangs were nowhere in sight - simply medium-long hair at its plushest and best.

One Canadian website admits it "obsessed" over Dion's bangs. But our Hair Fans did not. In fact, a week-long poll on them barely gained any votes at all. Perhaps due to World Cup fatigue, it ended in a 2-2 draw - with no one bothering to leave a comment either way. Yet that result actually is an improvement for Dion from her last bang experiment. Hair Fans rejected that in 2012. Perhaps she was trying to make sure Asian Hair Fans bought tickets?!


Our 2018 Super-Hair World Cup V brought together top hairstyles from around the world. Group play had perhaps the most drama ever, especially in the Blue Group. Gabriela Ordonez of Honduras would have advanced to the semifinals, if Match 6 involving eventual champion Sandra Dewi of Indonesia had been closer. But we also faced some drama before the tournament started, deciding exactly which picture of Ordonez to post. The one-time Miss Universe contestant shows luxurious long hair on a daily TV show she hosts. Yet she also has posted short styles on social media, which don't even touch her shoulders.

We concluded Ordonez was an extensions enthusiast, and posted the short style in Cup play to keep things real. But what should her real hairstyle be? Our voters left no doubt in a one-week poll: 90 percent want it longer (9-1). No one left a comment either way, but we'll say this. If Ordonez did so well with that short cut, we suspect the long hair might have carried her a long way toward a championship.


Can an everyday "housewife" have Super-Hair? We think so, and have long encouraged you to offer examples of them. Cable TV has offered some candidates through the "Real Housewives" series - even though those programs sometimes focus on "reality TV" messes. Yet enough people watch that when a housewife makes a style change, it can make news. That happened with Kathy Wakile, a home chef-turned-restaurateur in New Jersey. A six-inch cut in June 2018 was explained on Instagram with a simple, "I need a change." A style at the bustline became a shoulder-length lob.

If this is Wakile's long-term business plan, our Hair Fans like it. Two-thirds of them preferred the shorter style in a one-week poll (6-3) - even though one scoffer wrote it "looks like a throwback pic to 1989" and the old TV series Designing Women. But Wakile may not be satisfied with it. Bravo noted she changed her hair six times in six months. And based on her Instagram feed, she may have an endorsement deal for each of them.


Some people can remember when "Game of Thrones" referred to chess. Many more realize it's the title of a hit series on HBO. It's made a star out of British teenager Sophie Turner - and it apparently required a change in her hair color. IMDb reports her drama teacher "dyed her blonde hair auburn" for the role. We're not sure what that teacher thinks of Turner's latest change. After years of long hair, she had it trimmed to medium-long in June 2018 - now stopping between the shoulders and bust line.

After Turner took a selfie with stylist Christian Wood, she wrote on Instagram is was a time for "new beginnings." Not for our voters, it isn't. They turned down Turner's cut by a 78-percent majority (7-2). "Better when she was a redhead," one critic added. We actually think the cut with added waves will make her hair harder to jostle out of line. But since Turner has an endorsement deal with Wella Professionals, she's probably not going to listen to us. Advice from fiance Joe Jonas might be another matter.


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