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Before there wss a streaming service called Disney-Plus, working for a Disney product was a "plus-sign" for building an acting career - whether it was in TV or movies. Sabrina Carpenter got in the door by starring in Girl Meets World alongside Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Danielle Fishel. She's advanced from there to record several pop albums. And Carpenter's done it all with blonde hair.... well, so far. Mid-October 2019 brought a subtle shade shift by Sabrina. In fact, she penned a partial poem about it on social media: "Roses are red, violets are blue, my hair is red."

We asked you not only about Carpenter's color change, but a good way to finish her poem. Our eight-day poll ended with 82 percent rooting for blonde hair (9-2).... but sadly, no poets. At least the blonde backers will be thrilled to know Carpenter only went red for an upcoming movie called Clouds. It appears the sunshine blonde could be back before long.

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In the mid-1970s, ABC gave 60 Minutes a ratings body-blow on Sunday evenings by putting on a teen mystery series. The "Hardy Boys" drew the big crowd, because of heartthrob Shaun Cassidy. Alternate-week "Nancy Drew" was an afterthought to some - but that was what Hair Fans quietly wanted to see. Could Pamela Sue Martin's hair stay in place through tense moments? (And truthfully, some of us thought sidekick "George" had the stronger style which she refused to let drop.) When the CW Network decided to bring back Nancy Drew in the fall of 2019, on her own without the guys, we wondered what took them so long. Maybe they needed to find the right head of hair - and newcomer Kennedy McMann tries to fill that, with mid-length locks that possess a good deal of thickness and seem ready for action.

We put old and new Drews together in an eight-day contest, and Martin solved the puzzle quickly. She mastered McMann with 79 percent of the vote (11-3). The only question seemed to be our original photo of McMann. It came from the CW website, but apparently was an artist's drawing. It fooled us - but the replacement vidcap (above) didn't help her at all. While Martin's mane dropped often during her series, this is another case of how the 70s was an amazing decade for top-quality Super-Hair.


Right photo courtesy Daily Mail

When we first read online that Savannah Chrisley had made a hairstyle change, we asked a simple question: Savannah who? We admittedly had never taken time to see if Chrisley Knows Best, the USA Network reality show about a real estate mogul in suburban Atlanta and his family. We didn't know Savannah and her brother had their own spinoff show, searching for America. All we really knew was that Savannah had well-styled short hair - a little spiky, but strong-holding. And in mid-October, Chrisley stunned her fans by going even shorter. Her new pixie cut reminded one of our voters of Ellen DeGeneres - and reportedly "concerned" her dad.

Should we all be concerned about this change? An expanded eight-day poll found 69 percent of you want the old Savannah to come back (11-5). "Short hair is better," wrote one voter. OK, but both styles seem short to us. A better analysis was this: "When that show first aired, she had an incredible head of long hair. When she had it hacked off, I stopped watching. As for now, good Lord." Well, her middle name is Faith. But as Chrisley wrote on Instagram: "Ladies... do what YOU want to do." And to be honest, hardly any woman has ever asked for our opinion in advance of a style change.


The ABC comedy Modern Family made Sofia Vergara a star - and made her long hair a product endorsement superstar. The other regulars in the cast don't really have standout styles by comparison. Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland could have good episodes and bad episodes. Ariel Winter was a nerdy pre-teen with careful long hair when the series started in 2009. Now Winter has taken what she calls the "awkward" TV transition to adulthood, so she apparently decided it was time for a major hair change. She went from basic brunette to bright red in the middle of 2019, perhaps for a guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (Our apologies for thinking she changed in October.)

Winter went back to brunette several weeks later. But which color is the right one for her? Our voters said brunette by a 78-percent margin over one week (7-2). "Brunette brings out her eyes," one voter wrote. But brace yourself for a surprise - as our online check found Winter isn't a natural brunette, either. She's really blonde! Why her color doesn't match her TV mom, we have no idea.


Morning shows on U.S. network television are in a constant fight for first place. And perhaps, that includes a fight for the best morning hair as well. ABC has Good Morning America, with three-time Crown Award "Best Short Hair" winner Amy Robach. NBC's Today has the mid-length Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie took a step toward imitating Robach in October- not in length, but color. New York stylist Rita Hazan turned Guthrie from brunette into what she called on Instagram a "major blondie."

Is this a major improvement? Our one-week poll admittedly surprised us, as two-thirds of Hair Fans want Guthrie to remain a brunette (6-3). And truth be told, several think she changed the wrong thing. "Her hair is so limp and lifeless, it doesn't matter," one wrote. "She needs to add some body." (Our photo from a fill-in role on NBC Nightly News probably didn't help her.) "Longer and fluffier," another recommended. Perhaps a consultation with Hoda Kotb would help with the "fluffy" part?!


Remember when Katy Tur was a rising TV reporter, best known as the love interest of Keith Olbermann? That was a couple of U.S. Presidential terms ago, and now all has changed for the MSNBC journalist. Now she has her own afternoon hour, a husband who co-hosts CBS This Morning - and in April 2019, Tur gave birth to a boy. As with Weijia Jiang, something else changed then. As she returned to the air, Tur noted in an 11 Sep Twitter reply:

OK, she did. But should she have? Our one-week vote found Hair Fans at split ends, but coming down against the bangs by a 53-percent margin (8-7). One supporter said, "The bangs give her a more youthful look." But mostly, the comments went after our "silly, silly rule" about hair falling in a woman's eyes. That actually happened for Tur before the bangs were cut in - but with careful brushing and trimming, it doesn't have to happen as often now.


If you became caught up in U.S. pro football (especially in New York, where Fox showed a late afternoon game), you missed a dream hair moment. Actress Mandy Moore was interviewed outside the 2019 Emmy Awards, with a breeze blowing through thick wavy medium-short hair. It flowed magnificently, yet blew the hair back so it didn't fall toward her eyes. At least one person on Twitter claimed Moore had a handler with a fan - but the whole approach worked. Moore had Hair Fans voting This Is Us, to overwhelmingly vote her the best style of the night.

It appeared for several days (even after we restarted the poll due to our coding error) that Moore would get a rare unanimous vote. Combining our two parts, she wound up with only 88 percent. Due to late votes for Naomi Watts and Zendaya (6 percent each). The triumph even had Hair Fans singing, which we will interpret for those who may not understand:

"Oh, Mandy, you came and you gave us great style," (Barry Manilow)

"In the midnight hour, we want Moore! Moore! Moore!" (Billy Idol - quite a contrast)


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