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The ABC comedy Modern Family made Sofia Vergara a star - and made her long hair a product endorsement superstar. The other regulars in the cast don't really have standout styles by comparison. Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland could have good episodes and bad episodes. Ariel Winter was a nerdy pre-teen with careful long hair when the series started in 2009. Now Winter has taken what she calls the "awkward" TV transition to adulthood, so she apparently decided it was time for a major hair change. She went from basic brunette to bright red in the middle of 2019, perhaps for a guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (Our apologies for thinking she changed in October.)

Winter went back to brunette several weeks later. But which color is the right one for her? Our voters said brunette by a 78-percent margin over one week (7-2). "Brunette brings out her eyes," one voter wrote. But brace yourself for a surprise - as our online check found Winter isn't a natural brunette, either. She's really blonde! Why her color doesn't match her TV mom, we have no idea.

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Morning shows on U.S. network television are in a constant fight for first place. And perhaps, that includes a fight for the best morning hair as well. ABC has Good Morning America, with three-time Crown Award "Best Short Hair" winner Amy Robach. NBC's Today has the mid-length Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie took a step toward imitating Robach in October- not in length, but color. New York stylist Rita Hazan turned Guthrie from brunette into what she called on Instagram a "major blondie."

Is this a major improvement? Our one-week poll admittedly surprised us, as two-thirds of Hair Fans want Guthrie to remain a brunette (6-3). And truth be told, several think she changed the wrong thing. "Her hair is so limp and lifeless, it doesn't matter," one wrote. "She needs to add some body." (Our photo from a fill-in role on NBC Nightly News probably didn't help her.) "Longer and fluffier," another recommended. Perhaps a consultation with Hoda Kotb would help with the "fluffy" part?!


Remember when Katy Tur was a rising TV reporter, best known as the love interest of Keith Olbermann? That was a couple of U.S. Presidential terms ago, and now all has changed for the MSNBC journalist. Now she has her own afternoon hour, a husband who co-hosts CBS This Morning - and in April 2019, Tur gave birth to a boy. As with Weijia Jiang, something else changed then. As she returned to the air, Tur noted in an 11 Sep Twitter reply:

OK, she did. But should she have? Our one-week vote found Hair Fans at split ends, but coming down against the bangs by a 53-percent margin (8-7). One supporter said, "The bangs give her a more youthful look." But mostly, the comments went after our "silly, silly rule" about hair falling in a woman's eyes. That actually happened for Tur before the bangs were cut in - but with careful brushing and trimming, it doesn't have to happen as often now.


If you became caught up in U.S. pro football (especially in New York, where Fox showed a late afternoon game), you missed a dream hair moment. Actress Mandy Moore was interviewed outside the 2019 Emmy Awards, with a breeze blowing through thick wavy medium-short hair. It flowed magnificently, yet blew the hair back so it didn't fall toward her eyes. At least one person on Twitter claimed Moore had a handler with a fan - but the whole approach worked. Moore had Hair Fans voting This Is Us, to overwhelmingly vote her the best style of the night.

It appeared for several days (even after we restarted the poll due to our coding error) that Moore would get a rare unanimous vote. Combining our two parts, she wound up with only 88 percent. Due to late votes for Naomi Watts and Zendaya (6 percent each). The triumph even had Hair Fans singing, which we will interpret for those who may not understand:

"Oh, Mandy, you came and you gave us great style," (Barry Manilow)

"In the midnight hour, we want Moore! Moore! Moore!" (Billy Idol - quite a contrast)


Frank Sinatra sang about New York, "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere." Diana Williams lived up to that tune - spending about 29 years with the WABC-TV news team. She was an anchor for most of that time, and she appeared with anchor-perfect hair night after night. Williams's pageboy impressed us so much that she made the first Top Ten Tresses list in December 1999 and stayed there for nine months. But we were surprised that her hair went blonder with age - from warm brunette at the turn of the millennium to almost golden in her final years on the air.

We asked you which Williams color was better for her - and after one week, six out of ten chose brunette. "The layers of color are nicer," one explained, "and the blonde washes her out." As we bid Williams a happy retirement, wondering if we gave out on her too soon. We can't recall ever seeing her hair in her eyes - ever! How many Platinum Awards could that have been?


U.S. President Trump has been called a lot of things over the years. One label on which we think everyone can agree is that he's unpredictable. But his children have tended to be steadier. Daughter Ivanka is a Presidential adviser who's written books and designed fashions. And her hair had been fairly steady for years - medium-long and blonde (although she had a brown period for awhile). But Mrs. Kushner stunned White House watchers in early September, by cutting her to a bouncy bob stopping at her throat.

When we saw this cut, we admittedly thought our voters would laugh it out of the room - but our one-week poll was surprising. They preferred the longer Ivanka, but by only a 58-percent margin (7-5). Yet our comments offered suggestions for improvement. "She looks much better with a side part than the center part," wrote one - and we agree with that; Ivanka used to style her hair that way. Another was more blunt: "Dye your roots, Ivanka." Hmm - could she be part of the reason why the President opposes energy-efficient lightbulbs?


When it comes to the Super-Hair Ultimate 50, few women have put themselves in more perilous situations than Maria Elvira Salazar. She's been a reporter at hot spots across Latin America, standing out in the elements - and yet her hairstyles have found a way to avoid defeat, even when they're blown around. It happened again as Hurricane Dorian approached the U.S. Salazar recorded public service videos outside in some rain, guarding her hair from south Florida breezes with her ears. And that's when we realized how long Salazar's hair had become. It's stopped above the shoulders often in her career, rarely going below them. Now it's at least two inches below the shoulders.

Should Salazar keep her hair at this longer, riskier stage? Our Hair Fans left no doubt. A one-week poll backed the change by a 77-percent margin (10-3). No one left a comment, but we think the use of her ears indicates Salazar's not used to this length. The wrong moment could bring a serious drop in her hair. And since Salazar already has announced a second run for Congress in 2020 (she lost in 2018), other candidates might be more than ready to put pictures of that drop in attack ads.


Left photo courtesy Wireimage

We must begin this by offering our sympathies to Bella Hadid. Her "Queen Angel" grandmother died of cancer in the final days of our one-week question about something far less significant. The 2016 "Model of the Year" caused online buzz throughout the summer of 2019 by switching her long hair from brunette to completely blonde. It's apparently Bella's natural color - but when she appeared with older sister Gigi at the MTV Video Music Awards, some fashion websites considered them twins.

Bella reportedly went brunette to look different from Gigi - so is this switch-back a good idea? Our voters say yes, but that's not saying much. Only three out of five approved the blonde shade, and one wrote: "I abstain. Doesn't really matter." In terms of Super-Hair, that's probably true - and an online image search proves that hair has dropped more than once. For us, Bella Hadid is no Bella Shaw.


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