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Kelly Clarkson has long been a musical free spirit. Her celebrated dispute with Clive Davis comes to mind - but it continues to some extent in 2018. As American Idol made a comeback on ABC, inaugural winner Clarkson was on NBC as a coach on The Voice. And the woman who has shown a wide range of hairstyles revealed she's adding bangs to her look. Some fashion websites called it her "biggest transformation" ever. Yet Clarkson had bangs in 2012, when we asked you about her going blonde.

Clarkson's color was declared "hair chaos" by one voter then. This time for one, "neither is that flattering." The bangs were preferred by 60 percent of Hair Fans (6-4) - but someone was reminded of the time when Clarkson "shaved the side of her head". We'd completely forgotten that, even though it was only three years ago. That voter also referred to a "commercial with.... rodents in the car," but we're not sure we want to link to that.

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Some people go to Marvel Comics movies purely for thrills and escapism. But how many go to analyze the actresses' hair? Apparently some people do, as we found two hair articles to mark the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War. One of them, well, marveled that Scarlett Johansson's character changed from longer reddish hair to a blonde bob in the latest film. But we're more interested in "Scar-Jo" in real-life - and she surprisingly has taken her hair in the opposite direction. A traditional blonde was more like "Black Widow" brunette at the premiere.

What do our Hair Fans make of this change? Not much - with a one-week poll showing 73 percent of them want Johansson to remain blonde (11-3-1). No one left a comment either way, but we'd prefer women keep their color as natural as possible. With actresses such as Johansson, of course, that's part of the hair guessing game they'd like you to play.


If they don't move out of the area and no one challenges them, a City League champion can keep the title for a long time. One example of that success is Jessica Schambach. She won the Oklahoma City title in 2008, at about the same time the city gained a major league basketball team. Schambach has adjusted her hair several times since then, and even reached the Top Ten Tresses list in 2015. But as she turned 40 in early 2018, she may have faced a mid-life style crisis. "LONG OR SHORT?!" she asked in all-caps on Twitter. "Thinking about growing my hair back out. What do you think?"

We're always happy to help women with big issues like this. Schambach has gone below the shoulders before, and 86 percent of our voters called on her to do it again (19-3). "It's no contest," a member of the majority wrote. But another voter asked, "What happened to the body?" That's one of the adjustments Schambach has made. In 2008, the hair was sleek. When we asked about her here in late 2013, she had cut all the way back to a "long bob." (The voters wanted things longer then, too.) At least Schambach didn't try to confuse us this time, with a cut in the middle of the poll. Some great heads of Super-Hair try to stay one step ahead of the pursuers, you know.


One finished second on American Idol years ago, when the series appeared on Fox. The other has branched into solo work, after years with Lady Antebellum. But Lauren Alaina and Hillary Scott have several things in common. Both are considered country music stars. Both have attractive long hair. And both styles survived holding tests during their songs at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards. So perhaps it's only fitting that Alaina and Scott tied for the title of best hair of the night.

Our one-week poll began as the show ended, and ended with Alaina and Scott tied at 29 percent. Third place went to "Other" with 21 percent, and the comments made clear who that meant: "Carrie Underwood!" one voter wrote. Her first TV appearance since injuring her face had hair falling in her face as she sang, which kept her off our ballot. And several people admitted Underwood wore extensions, "but they were incredible extensions." Another added, "Under the hot lights and moving like she did, her hair was beautiful to watch!" The rest of the votes went to Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town (14%) and Maren Morris (7%).


Some celebrities have several pages in their careers. Paige Davis has had one main, well, page. She admits on her Twitter feed: "I'm best known as that girl from TLC's Trading Spaces." The hit reality series began in 2000, but is returning in 2018 after a ten-year break. In the beginning, Davis had a short cut which matched her perky personality. It gained her a Crown Award nomination. But the 2.0 version finds Davis's do different, as a "bowl cut" surrounds her face and almost reaches the collarbone.

We asked you if Davis "traded up" with this change. The one-week poll was close, but the older look gained 56-percent approval (10-8). "Shorter had more body," one voter explained. "I like the bangs, but the new hair lays flat." Actually, both looks have bangs. But we understand the point - even though the new style has a riak of falling in Davis's eyes. The older style had plenty of space, to avoid that.


What does a perfect head of curls do for you? For us, they can make a woman look dynamic - perhaps even electric. That's what happened the first time we noticed Ashlee Banks on RT America. Only a couple of years removed from Morgan State University, her natural long curls certainly were different from what you usually see on television newscasts. They've often been well-defined and strong on camera. That's why Banks quickly moved into our Top Ten Tresses list. But spring has brought a change - as Banks straightened out the curls, making her hair long and sleek.

We think Banks's hair is stunning either way, but we wondered if this change is good for her. Hair Fans decided the curls were better by a 60-percent margin (6-4). "Straight hair is more common," one voter wrote. "The curly looks more natural as well." Not to mention more complex, giving admiring Hair Fans more to analyze - but then again, we think Banks's perfect hair would be in great trouble if someone took her hat off. We only hope some TV "consultant" didn't force the issue here.


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If you don't think time flies, consider this: 2018 marks 12 years since the movie High School Musical premiered on the Disney Channel. It led to two sequels, one of which appeared in movie theaters. And that third version led to a Crown Award for Ashley Tisdale, who played "Sharpay" the villainess who frequently had very well-prepared hair. Tisdale went on to star in a TBS comedy called Clipped, set in a barbershop. But Tisdale made her most significant clip in early 2018 - going from medium-length hair to a lob stopping above the shoulders.

The co-star of The Suite Life with Zach and Cody received a sour response from our voters about this change. "Awful, just awful!!!!" one wrote, as the long hair was prefered by 83 percent of you (10-2). "Ashley has one of the best heads of hair in Hollywood," another commented. "Why would she do that?" We can answer a voter's question, "Who talked her into that terrible cut?" It apparently was stylist Anh Co Tran, who called it a "soft undercut." Maybe so, but it strikes us as much harder to keep from dropping in her eyes - especially on the unlifted left side.


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