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Her actions in a Netflix movie sparked various "Bird Box Challenges" - some of which were so stupid and dangerous that YouTube banned videos of them. But Sandra Bullock took actions without wearing a blindfold which caught our attention. The Crown Award-winning (and oh yes, Oscar-winning) actress cut her classic long hair in two phrases. First she trimmed it to a lob, then an all-out bob which scrapes the shoulders. Bullock explained to NBC the cut made her feel like a new person, and the length "was there to help me hide."

One pop culture website declared the Bullock bob "pretty... fab." Sorry, but our Hair Fans call it a flop. A one-week poll found 65 percent of voters want the long hair to grow back (11-6). "This one is a slam dunk," one wrote; "Her short hair does nothing for her." At least it brings Bullock out into the spotlight - even if she's seemingly enjoyed that for more than 20 years. But keeping her hair out of her eyes now seems even more challenging. That's where the blindfold could come in handy.

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If this was your "Mom," how happy would you be? In reality, Allison Janney of the TV comedy Mom is old enough to be a grandma. She turned 59 only weeks before the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. Yet this award-winning actress impresses voters with her hairstyles. A longer sidepart with bangs came in third in our online vote for best hair at the 2018 Golden Globes - and one year later, she reached the top as the night's best look.

Janney slowly built support in our weeklong poll, and wound up with 40 percent of the vote. The most stunning style of the night for us was teenage on-stage "Ambassador" Isan Elba, with almost-flawless long waves. She tied for second with Gina Rodriguez at 20 percent. Megan Mullally's surprising red head followed with ten percent. We're concluding she was trying to gain attention away from Will & Grace co-star Debra Messing - who was so conservative with long hair behind her ears and back that she didn't make our ballot at all. The mysterious "Other" was a surprise winner a year ago, but only scored ten percent this time.


Right photo courtesy Vogue

As 2019 dawned, it still was unclear who would host the Academy Awards. One former host who seems to be forgotten is actress Anne Hathaway. We thought she did her Oscar duty well, while co-host James Franco seemed lost and confused. To be sure, Hathaway's hairstyle would attract Hair Fans to watch. She's a Crown Award winner, but not afraid to experiment and make changes - even making a famous cut in a movie. But New York paparazzi spotted Hathaway in late 2018 with long red hair, as opposed to her usual rich brunette.

The color change reportedly is for a movie involving Puerto Rico - but should Hathaway make this permanent? We thought Hair Fans might approve of this, but we were wrong; a massive 79 percent prefer brunette compared with 14 percent for red. "Brunette really brings out her big brown eyes," one commenter wrote. "Red, not too much." As for the seven percent (11-2-1) who suggested Hathaway try another color, she has a history of that. She tried a platinum blonde cut in 2013, and it fared even worse here.


Maybe 2018 will go down as the year the tabloid gossip about Justin Bieber finally ended. The pop singer became married in November - not to Selena Gomez, but model and TV host Hailey Baldwin. The bride reportedly is so serious about this that she wants the married name "Hailey Bieber" trademarked. But we're not sure if the marriage led to what Baldwin did with her hair in mid-December. Long blonde locks suddenly became what she called on Instagram a "chopped" bob which stops short of the shoulders.

Bieber's hair has been closely-watched for years. So will Mrs. Bieber's change top his? Based on our voters, apparently not. Our one-week poll found 71 percent prefer Baldwin's hair longer (5-2). One even accused her of "copying Ariana Grande. Not original!" Well, to be fair, bobs were hair trend-setters all-around in 2018. If Baldwin molds hers into place and tries for a "Super-Hair" undefeated 2019, that will be different - and she'll certainly have our attention from January on.


Fox Sports has revolutionized the viewing of U.S. pro football over the last 25 years. It was first with the "Fox box" clock on the screen. It beat the other major networks to one-hour pre-game shows. And now, the Sunday pre-game coverage lasts two hours - and veteran reporter Charissa Thompson is in the main anchor seat for Kickoff in hour one. Thompson came to fame with hair at her shoulders or longer - sometimes so much longer on Instagram that it smelled like extensions. But during the 2018 season, Thompson has stuck to a side-parted bob with waves on the vulnerable right side.

Should Thompson have practiced the "short game" all along? Our week of polling ended with 60 percent of Hair Fans saying yes (12-8). It may have bee a tough choice for some, as one wrote: "Longer looks thicker and softer, but shorter is more stylish." We agree with the stylish part, even if her hair is more likely to drop in her eye. But perhaps the overlooked question was whether Thompson cut her own hair. After all, she once cut the hair of comedian Larry David.


When this website was on the drawing board nearly 20 years ago, we knew we had to have a standard that people could see. So who possessed the most perfect heads of Super-Hair of modern times? We drew up a list, and compiled an "Ultimate 50" - then found only 40 of them truly were undefeated. Over the years, we've kept track of them. Some gave out shortly after we posted them. But others have endured amazingly - staying undefeated even to the end of 2018. Yes, these are Ultimates! But whose is the most "Super" Super-Hair of all?

We assembled the seven remaining unbeatens (one deceased) for an "Ultimate Showdown" week, a virtual battle royal to let Hair Fans decide. Our top-ranked Judy Fortin jumped out to the lead - but then a mysterious surge came for another journalist who's moved to public relations. Betsy Stark, our #14 (pictured), wound up claiming your "Ultimate" title, with 45 percent of the votes! We're not sure what led to the rush of support. There was no sign of it on Facebook or Twitter. Could it have been a coordinated effort by colleagues at Ogilvy and Mather - or her old college, Smith of Massachusetts?

Fortin finished second with 32 percent. Third place went to the late Florence Griffith-Joyner with 14 percent. She had the longest hair of our seven, and undoubtedly took many hair secrets to her grave. Former news anchor Lynne Russell was fourth with nine percent. She's the only one of the seven who's admitted to a hair drop, but we have no phootographic evidence to confirm it. While Cheryl Burnett, Paula Cinko and Carolyn Peck received no votes in our contest, they remain amazing "Ultimates" to us.


Her competition seemed imposing - featuring two young women who had won Crown Awards and another two who had won City League titles. On top of that, Alyssa Wallace attends the small St. Thomas University of Minnesota. But that didn't deter a budding entrepreneur from developing hair success. Wallace defeated the "stars" and others, to win our annual "Elite Eight" vote among this season's Best Manes on Campus.

Wallace is a sophomore on the college hockey team. And she was the only contestant to pick up a "hat trick" of votes in our week-long race. She finished with 40 percent support, followed by Purdue's Brooke Peters at 20 percent. Third place was a four-way tie between West Virginia's Saira Blair (one of the Crown winners), East Carolina's Madison Clark, Missouri's Raime Cohen (the two City League winners) and Alysha Coyle from that other St. Thomas in Florida. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Laryssa Bonacquisti of Louisiana State - but in the wrong direction. After thrilling Hair Fans in 2017 and capturing a Crown, she received no votes at all here.


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