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Her grandfather was a nationally-known Pentecostal gospel preacher. But Jessica Schambach's work doesn't always have "good news." She's a longtime TV news anchor in Oklahoma City. Yet even when the news is bad, Hair Fans know her hairstyles frequently are good. She was voted the City League champion of her area in 2007, and remains unchallenged in 2021. Yet Schambach has experimented with her hair over the years - sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. And as summer heat arrived in Oklahoma, she dared to follow the blonde trend.... a little. A picture posed with a new co-worker in July showed highlights mixed with her usually-brunette mane.

Is Schambach on to something here? Not according to our voters; 63 percent of them said she should stick to the all-brunette look (5-3). But it wasn't completely about color: "Side part is a better look," one voter wrote. Schambach's latest style has the part closer to the center. That's the trendy approach, too - and if Schambach can keep it in place, Hair Fans watching KOCO still might go "cuckoo" with delight.

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Right photo courtesy Vox Live

When she was simply Meghan Markle, the actress on the TV series Suits had hair which was nice but not outstanding. When she became the partner of Britain's Prince Harry, people seemed to pay more attention. Markle's edge-of-the-eye normal style picked up a Crown Award nomination, but lost a showdown here to "Princess Catherine" Middleton. Yet 2021 has brought "Princess Meghan" even more of a spotlight - not only with her controversial comments to Oprah Winfrey, but by having a baby girl. And hair-watchers noted Meghan grew out her hair during the pregnancy. It wound up below the bust line, longer than anyone can remember seeing it.

Has the Duchess of Sussex found success with this change? Our voters say yes, with eight out of ten preferring the longer look. "Not only is the length better, but the style is much better," one Hair Fan wrote - a reference to Meghan adding some curl. It's not the all-natural curl some people have wanted to see for years from her, but it's probably very tough for Harry to unbend and straighten in romantic moments. (That is something royals do, isn't it?)


There may be a lot of stunning styles in Scandinavia, but for some reason we don't hear much about them. Finland's Sanna Marin made history as a youthful Prime Minister. The women of ABBA (especially Ultimate 50 member Agnetha) became international stars. But what the royal families of northern Europe? Hair watchers were drawn during the 2021 "midsummer" celebration to Sweden's Princess Sofia [Hellqvist] - a woman who was a fashion model before she married into the castle. That background tells us she should know how to keep hair looking good. And Sofia made headlines with her medium-long hair by adding what one website called "subtle bangs" on each side - a variation on the "curtain bangs" that many women have tried.

Is a small change a big gain for the Duchess of Varmland? "Meh," one Hair Fan wrote during our weeklong poll; "there's not much difference." The bangs subtly won, by a 57-percent margin (4-3) But they're clearly not trimmed enough to win a battle for hold on a windy day. The bits of curl on either side would have to be steel-tough - and we hope the royal paparazzi will be ready to watch them.


The "summer blonde" trend is tempting some women that you might have never expected. Consider the Sister Sister twins of the 1990s TV comedy. Tia and older sister Tamera Mowry had similar long hairstyles, since looking alike was at times a part of the plot. But now they're in their 40s, living separate lives with sometimes different ideas. Tia (Hardict) cut her hair to what one website called a "pixie" look shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the U.S. in 2020. Now her hair is longer again, but much brighter. "You can call me blondie," she declared on Instagram in mid-June - even joining the "curtain bangs" trend, after declaring for her natural curls one year earlier.

We could have asked you a lot of questions about Tia's change. We settled on the most obvious one - and it may surprise you to learn three-fourths of our voters support Tia turning blonde (6-2). No one left a comment about the change. But perhaps that's obvious, too - that Hair Fans now have no problem telling the Mowry sisters apart.


Some countries have a constant flow of new outstanding hairstyles. But others have one woman who's become the style standard-bearer. In Colombia, that woman is the Latin rock star Shakira - an entry as far back as the first Cup of the Americas in 2003, and the third-place finisher in 2019. Shakira is best known for long, sometimes-wild blonde hair. But in early 2021, she suddenly went red - and not for the first time. Online reports show it also happened in 1999 and 2017. During one change, she simply wrote online: "Redheads have more fun."

We asked Hair Fans which color should be the color for Shakira. One week later, the blondes prevailed with 50 percent, compared with 30 percent for red and 20 percent for an unspecified alternative. For one, "cherry red" was too red - not "a natural color." Another supported Shakira in any shade, but wondered about our "before" picture: "Not sure why she would cut her hair.... long thick hair is her thing." That short cut was from 2011, so maybe the coach on The Voice learned a lesson from it.


One problem we face in preparing City League contests is that TV station websites don't always have current photos of their on-air staffs. While we rely on them, we realize that women can change their hairstyles from week to week. That may be the case with Julie Luck. She won the Greensboro, North Caroline City League title on her third try with a medium-long look. But as that tournament concluded, we noticed Luck had returned to a short style which is more customary for her. We added her to our Super-Hair Wars based on what we thought was a scintillating selfie - and it won Luck two matches, falling only a couple of voters short of a third.

Luck kept the longer approach as her Twitter icon after the cut - so we asked you which "Luck look" is more luscious. A one-week poll ended with the shorter style prevailing by a 62-percent margin (8-5). One voter suggested a mix: "Old color and new style would be the best... richer color and looks very silky." But we also received emails during the week indicating we didn't have a proper "new" short photo. One described seeing "a generic blob. No face. No hair." Either some mobile phone users need to widen their screens a bit more - or we prefer to call this a marvelous mass of a mane.


Right photo courtesy People

When some women talk about making a "big, crazy, loud change" in their look, Hair Fans hold their breaths. Could a flawless head of Super-Hair be on the verge of ruin - especially considering what 2020 brought? Thankfully, this quote came from Mandy Moore of This Is Us - a woman who doesn't have a reputation for going too wild. Her change for the U.S. summer was a switch from brunette hair to blonde (although she talked about shaving her head years ago).

Other celebrities who become "summer blondes" don't impress our voters (see Selena Gomez below) - but Moore is an exception. Our one-week poll found 57 percent prefer her as a blonde (4-3). One voter suggested Moore mix her manes: "Old color and new style would be the best." The "new" waves are something we hadn't considered - but Moore has shown her hair can be strong and attractive may different ways. After all, that is her.


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