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Has it really been ten years since Olivia Palermo burst into the Super-Hair spotlight? She was only a "New York debutante" at the time, but she had perfect thick long hair that many Hair Fans dream of meeting up-close. Palermo appeared for almost a year in Top Tresses, in two different stints. And she turned N.Y. P.R. and her jaw-dropping styles into an MTV reality series, then most recently a design career. But in late 2017, Palermo may be following the trend instead of leading it. She had her long locks cut to a "lob" stopping around the shoulders.

Did Palermo do the right thing? Our voters don't think so. A five-day poll found 75 percent of them longing for longer locks (6-2). One voter stated the obvious: "Longer seemed to have a lot more body. Extensions maybe...." No, no, 1,000 times no! After all, Whitney Port would have "outed" her for that years ago.

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Other awards shows in 2017 have been filled with political commentaries. But the Country Music Association Awards tried to go in a different direction, by emphasizing unity. At one point, Miranda Lambert said the ceremony felt like "family". And in the country music family, great hair usually matters. A fierce contest erupted for the best hairstyle of the CMA's - but at the end, veteran Faith Hill outlasted relative newcomers to win your vote as tops.

Hill's long locks in a loving duet with husband Tim McGraw lived up to her Hair Fan's Hall of Fame reputation, and received 33 percent of the votes in a six-day poll. Rising star Lauren Alaina tied for second at 27 percent with Pitch Perfect 3 star Brittany Snow - who admittedly fooled us by appearing with red hair, instead of the blonde look of past years. Lambert had to settle for seven percent, tied for fourth with an unnamed "other." But one voter seemed saddened by the entire show: "De-emphasizing body.... that is Sooo anti-country! They need to go back to big hair!" Now hold on - we had Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town on the ballot, and no one voted for her extra-large curls.


Katie Holmes's career always has struck us as a bit mysterious. She came to fame in Dawson's Creek - and of course, she was married to Tom Cruise. But except for a couple of miniseries about the political Kennedy family, Holmes has stayed in the spotlight lately largely for walking around New York where the paparazzi can see her. Holmes may be busy with her own hair care line - but we don't think that explains the change she made for fall 2017. Her mid-length beachy waves were chopped, with what some called a "pixie" cut left.

Has Holmes hit it big with this move? Not with our voters, she didn't. An eight-day poll ended with 73 percent turning down the shorter look (11-4). One recommended Holmes with hair "even longer than the long hair picture.... That is when she looked youthful and best." Another skeptically asked: "She doing a bio-pick of the Fonze or maybe Rachel Maddow?" That's a good guess; Holmes revealed to People the cut is for a movie about a female ex-Marine - but this may mark the first time those other two people have been in the same sentence.


The debate over Bonnie Bernstein's hair began with the first picture we posted of her. Our "thumbnail" on the Ultimate 50 list showed her with relatively short hair, from her days as a sportscaster in Nevada. Supporters quickly said more current pictures of longer hair should be shown. The longer look indeed became the Bernstein standard, as she became Super-Hair's version of Richard Petty or Roger Federer - 24 Crown Awards, seven wins in the Super-Hair Wars Challenge of Champions, the 2003 and 2007 AAA Cups and #1 in our ranking of the greatest styles of our first decade. But in October 2017, Bernstein announced on social media: "Contemplating going back to the short 'do." She seemed stunned by the dozens of comments which followed on Instagram, both pro and con.

We knew our Hair Fans would want to comment on such a potentially momentous decision (at least for them). We even extended our poll to nine days. It ended with a 65-percent plea for Bernstein to keep the style longer (15-8). "Bonnie's hair is iconic and very flattering," one explained; "in no way would a change make her look as attractive...." Another called the current style "perfection." But from the other side: "Change is a good thing and long overdue." And one person pondered: "Those hall of fame locks may be falling to the hairdresser's floor. Snip, snip, snip!!!" Oh, the potential drama there - and locks we might want to collect, in case we ever find a real location for a Hair Fan's Hall of Fame.


The road to any World Cup can have unexpected twists and turns. In soccer, the United States and Netherlands couldn't even qualify for 2018. In the world of Super-Hair, the Philippines has qualified for the first time thanks to a second-place performance in the 2017 AAA Cup by Pia Wurtzbach. But now the former Miss Universe has startled some people by displaying a different style. The long waves that impressed Hair Fans during Cup play became a blunt-cut bob, when Wurtzbach made appearances in Malaysia during late September. She gave credit to stylist Santiago Reymond, who went on to post photos on Instagram with Wurtzbach's hair at all kinds of lengths.

Some wondered (and perhaps worried) about Wurtzbach wearing a wig. Apparently it's not, because she told Preview magazine she wanted something "away from the typical pageant girl look.... a bit sexier and edgier." It's too edgy for our voters, as 68 percent turned it down over one week (13-6). "I love short hair," one wrote admiringly. "Awful, awful, AWFUL!!" wrote another in anguish. We'd note Wurtzbach's hair fell when it was longer, and it's probably more at risk of collapsing now. But that's the "edginess" part for many Hair Fans - and could make World Cup V more interesting.


Some TV comedies have overlooked "kid sisters" who seemingly aren't supposed to be the big stars, but wind up with a big following. Erin Moran of Happy Days comes to mind - and so does Mila Kunis. The younger friend of Ashton Kutcher on That '70s Show wound up marrying him in real life, after being declared by one magazine as one of "100 Hottest Women of All-Time." Kunis's strong long hair (especially tough to beat when curled) probably played a key role in that ranking. So it was surprising when Kunis cut her hair in the summer of 2017, switching to a popular "lob" look stopping above the shoulders.

We gave our voters two full weeks to consider Kunis's change, thanks to some vacation time. They really didn't need that long - with 81 percent concluding the long hair must come back (13-3). One Hair Fan brought up her work on Family Guy: "Just because she does the voice of Meg Griffin doesn't mean she needs the hair." Hmmm - is there a live-action episode coming, that everyone is keeping a secret?


"Hispanic Heritage Month" in the U.S. has proven to be hard in 2017, in the wake of a deadly earthquake in Mexico and a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico. But some celebrities have had time to consider other things, that might be dismissed as "first world problems." Take Spanish actress Nathalia Ramos. In mid-September she admitted on Twitter: "Honestly can't decide if I should go back to dark so I'm turning it over to you guys." About a week later, her decision came - as her normally blonde hair was fully brunette in a photo on social media.

Ramos noted the "consensus" among fans was "50/50." That didn't strike us as much of a consensus, so we put the issue before our voters. After one week, we seemed to have one. Ramos should go blonde - but our 83-percent majority didn't have many voters (5-1), so that also might not count for much. In any case, this question came up as Ramos was in the running to represent Spain in Super-Hair World Cup V. That's an event where color may matter less than beautiful content.


There was a lot of talk about diversity at the 2017 Emmy Awards. The problem for us was that there was little on stage, in terms of hairstyles. Caucasians and their cuts dominated the first half of the show, save for an intern who quietly handed over trophies. We were all set to post an apology with our poll at our deadline - but then Rashida Jones walked out and saved the day. The daughter of music executive Quincy Jones and star of the cable comedy Angie Tribeca displayed mid-length bangs that emerged from a tight pack to be voted top hairstyle of the night.

Our one-week poll had a wide range of opinions. Jones led with 30 percent, followed by a three-way 20-percent split: Allison Janney of Mom (based on a pre-produced opening, not her on-stage look), Kaitlin Olson of The Mick and "Other." And while there were two votes for "other," there were three alternative names offered in our comments: Amanda Peet, Debra Messing (both appearing after our deadline) and Jane Fonda, who was praised for a "nice surprise" mixing bangs with a sideswept ponytail (though many on Twitter were sure that was a clip-on). Alexis Bledel followed them all at 10 percent, while Emmy winner and one-time certain vote-getter Laura Dern received no votes. It's enough to make us call for both young and adult Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory to make sense of it all.


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