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Every Academy Awards program includes honors for Best Actor and Best Actress. Sometimes performers even do short acting routines during the show. But how many do an acting job all the way from the salon, before going to the ceremony? One-time Best Actress and Crown Award winner Halle Berry did with her hair in 2021. She showed up on the restricted red carpet with a bowl/bob cut that reminded us a bit of Edna Mode in The Incredibles. We hesitated to talk about it on Twitter on Oscar night - and we wound up looking brilliant. After social media had its collective say, Berry revealed on Instagram four days later that her real hair was still long and the short cut was a wig.

Berry won her first Crown for a makeover to longer hair - and our voters' view on that hasn't changed. A one-week poll ended with 91 percent preferring the long look (10-1). Even though we clearly noted a wig was at work here, one voter found a deeper lesson for all women: "Never get drunk and cut your own hair with a pair of dull scissors."

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It seemed at times like the 2021 Academy Awards show was more like the BET Movie Awards. Black performers and specialists appeared often and won several Oscars. The program even was rearranged, obviously on the theory that the late Chadwick Boseman would win the final prize - except he didn't. Our contest for the best hairstyle of the night was shaken up as well, due to Wi-Fi and web server headaches. But when all was said and done, actress Marlee Martin was your choice for the most outstanding hairdo.

The poll was shortened to 6.5 days due to our problems. But the long hair of Matlin was preferred by 56 percent of you. Laura Dern almost had a drop on camera, but we gave her the benefit of the doubt and that led her to second place at 22 percent. Third place was a tie at 11 percent between Sharon Choi, the translator for a South Korean director, and the long hair of Zendaya. Her fight against a red-carpet breeze was a mandatory retweet for us (albeit well-edited), and showed how a Super-style deals with potential disaster.


"Nashville is back," co-host Keith Urban declared at the start of the 2021 Academy of Country Music Awards. Well, perhaps it was better to say that the ACMs were "back" in Nashville. The top competition for the CMAs landed in Tennessee for the first time last fall, after decades in places such as Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. The COVID-19 change probably allowed more country stars to participate in 2020 and 2021. And this year, that allowed veteran performer and presenter Martina McBride to be voted the best hairstyle of the show.

McBride received 31 percent of Hair Fan votes over an unexpectedly-extended eight days. One voter wondered if she was auditioning for a remake of the Jsne Fonda film Klute. Ashley McBryde (no relation) tied for second with big winner Maren Morris at 23 percent. They were followed by Carly Pearce with 15 percent and Cece Winans at eight percent. While "Other" received no votes, one commenter wanted to choose "none of the above" because the styles seemed dull.

"Where's the big hair country women are known for?" the Hsir Fan asked. It was there, depending on your definition of "big." Carrie Underwood and co-host Mickey Guyton had long extensions, but we knew what the response would be to that. Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman brought her usual wide curls to the show - but the group didn't appear until the final 10 minutes of the show, too late for us to change the ballot before closing time.


"Who?" a Hair Fan asked when we posted photos of Julia Barretto on our hone page. We'll answer that by quoting from a web site in the Philippines: "Julia Barretto is undeniably one of the most beautiful celebrities in the country." Her hair might not be beautiful enough to place her in our AAA Cup 2021, but the actress and vlogger has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. So when Barretto announced online that she cut her hair "for an upcoming series that I'm doing soon," her homeland paid attention. The style had been several inches below the shoulders; now it appears to stop at the shoulders.

Barretto's trim received more than 322,000 likes on Instagram. Among our Hair Fans, it received only one in a week - as only 20 percent of voters like the cut (1-4). The lack of votes either way may have been reflected in a different comment: "Meh... neither style is anything to brag about." So much for introducing you to a rising star.


Winning a City League title as the best hairstyle in a city is an honor. Winning two of them is downright rare. But Ann Keil has done it - first in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2010 (left), then again after moving to Orlando to advance her television news career. Now Keil has changed location again, along with her line of work. She's a married mom in Miami, calling herself on LinkedIn an "on-camera readiness coach and consultant, media trainer, speaker and brand strategist." And through it all, Keil has lengthened her hairstyle - these days showing mid-length waves, as opposed to the shorter cut of Tennessee days.

She's now known as Ann Keil Dux (we're tempted to spell it "deux" for two titles) - and Hair Fans think the longer look should be her claim to fame. It won a strong 88-percent majority in our week-long poll (14-2). "Ride the waves!" one voter rooted. Another suggested she "should have kept the sidepart/bangs." Maybe so, but we think Keil Dux has a 'do that seems ready to take on any south Florida breeze without budging.


How does someone become a "reality TV star", anyway? We're not sure which came first for Britain's Molly-Mae Hague - a fashion degree, a line of tanning products, an account on Instagram with five million followers or the series Love Island.. Whichever it was, Hague has become a familiar name among the london tabloids. Now she's using her fame to sell a new hair-straightening tool, but she's somehow showing off two hairstyles at the same time. Her styling product promotion has her hair very long, while her stylist showed off a trim to a shoulder-length bob during March.

We could go to The Hague for a ruling on which style is better. But we left it to Hair Fans, as we so often do - and two-thirds of them want Hague's hair to stay short (10-5). "Shorter has more style," one voter said; "long just hangs." Of course, that may be what straightened hair is intended to do. But a supporter of the long look said Hague is "worth following on Instagram." We hope this isn't heartbreaking news, but Hague revealed there in March that she wears extensions. Worn very well, apparently.


The role of "medical expert" on TV newscasts used to be authoritative. But COVID-19 changed many things, leaving even well-known doctors open to questions of scientific bias. Dr. Jennifer Ashton has endured through all of that - first at CBS News, and currently at ABC. Her hairstyles have endured as well, but she recently made a notable change in her look. Cuts that have been shoulder-length or longer for more than a decade became shorter - now barely reaching Ashton's shoulders.

Is this a more healthful look for the doctor? Our voters think Ashton should get a second opinion. The longer style was preferred by 89 percent of them in our one-week question (8-1). The "one" declared, "Short hair is best." But from the other side: "Looks like she thinned it out when she went shorter." We'd note there's a 12-year gap between our two photos, and Ashton now is over 50. But clearly there's a difference in hair quality between Jennifer Ashton and one-year-older Jennifer Aniston.


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