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At the two-hour mark, she was on the ballot. With 30 minutes to go, she was on the ballot. But then, Connie Britton took the stage at the 70th annual Emmy Awards - and we feared she'd blown it. The star of 9-1-1 had the sort of loose long hairstyle which put her in the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. But we thought it dropped in her left eye during too loose a moment, disqualifying her from our ballot for the best style of the night. Yet our Hair Fans thought otherwise - so she shares top honors in hair.

For the first time that we can recall, "Other" led the week of voting after the Emmys ended, receiving 45 percent of the votes. The suggestions went beyond Britton to include Mandy Moore (another actress we thought had a drop on-camera), Heidi Klum and Sarah Silverman. "Or Penelope Cruz," one added (even though she showed up with a ponytail). "And they were just OK. Not worthy of the title 'Superhair.'"

As for women actually on the ballot, Kate McKinnon of Saturday Night Live led the way with 27 percent. Then came co-star and newcomer for us Aidy Bryant at 18 percent, although one voter suspected she wore extensions. Chrissy Teigen followed at nine percent.

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Courtesy FTV Live

If you think all television news teams are as friendly and smiling as they appear on camera.... well, not always. These two women worked together on the 4:00 p.m. news at a station in Huntington-Charleston, West Virginia until late August. Then they went to a bar - and days later, both were fired. What happened in between is a bit murky. We know there was a fight. A police report quoted Erica Bivens as saying Chelsea Ambriz tried to flirt with her husband. Ambriz reportedly shoved Bivens, and they both hit the floor. Bivens eventually claimed on Twitter she had a "fractured skull and ruptured eardrum." Ambriz did not tweet about the wild moment, sticking to reports on wild weather - perhaps because she faces battery charges.

This is a Super-Hair War simply waiting to happen (if it hasn't already). We decided not to wait, bringing Bivens and Ambriz together on our home page. An eight-day battle ended with 71 percent of Hair Fans preferring Ambriz's wavier shoulder-length cut (10-4), but several voters asking questions. "Did they fight over the proper side to part your hair?" one wondered. (The part lines would be parallel, if they came face-to-face.) "Chelsea looks friendler," another wrote; "Who won the fight?.... Was there hair pulling?" The police report does not mention the latter. And for now, even though Bivens once was a national taekwondo champion, it appears both of them have lost to some extent.

(For the record: we are aware there was a similar fight around the same time between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. But can you really be sure about the hair of either woman?)


She's starred in the TV drama Quantico - and Priyanka Chopra's personal life has had some dramatic moments in 2018. ABC canceled the series. There was a minor injury on the set. Controversy erupted over an episode involving east Indian terrorists. But they've been mixed with love scenes - as Chopra now is engaged to singing star Nick Jonas. So which of these moments led Chopra to chop her hair this year? It went from long to mid-length, yet still with steamy waves.

Chopra says the cut was part of the TV series. Our Hair Fans hope the end of its run will change that - as 71 percent prefer her hair longer (12-5). One voter explained the old style "looks softer and thicker too." Another complained, "Shorter makes her look like a little girl." (Chopra's actually in her mid-30s.) And for the voter who lobbied to put Chopra in Top Ten Tresses - did you actually watch Quantico? The longer style fell in her face many times.


Imagine you spent months or years constantly tied down. Then for a few days, the ties came off. Would you feel liberated - ready to show the world your fullest potential? It's tempting to draw that comparison to the long hair of pop star Ariana Grande. Her ponytail has become so famous that it won our first-ever Crown Award for that kind of style. But the MTV Video Music Awards are an event when performers take major risks and chances - and Grande did that in 2018, by appearing with no tail at all. She posted only black-and-white photos on Twitter, showing the hair reaching a bit below her waist.

Should Grande make this a permanent change? We asked Hair Fans that question for a week, in the first question of its kind here. The decision was strongly in favor of NO tail, by a 77-percent margin (10-3). But Grande doesn't seem likely to listen to us. In fact, she had Kim Kardashian West-type misgivings on Twitter days after the VMAs, calling the tail "a remarkable feeling". We will quote one of her tweets:

iím jus ....... supposed to have a high pony u kno ? some things are just meant to be and this is jus one of those things.

So there you go, "ponytailinators" (borrowing from another tweet) - Grande's in your corner, apparently ready to defend her Crown. And if she wears that Dangerous Woman mask when she does, so much the better. It makes Grande look a bit like a superhero. And it gives some Hair Fans two things to pursue and capture - although we can't recall that ponytail ever coming loose in public.


Right photo courtesy Just Jared Jr.

The name might give some people historical whiplash. Who is Lennon Stella - and is he or she related to John and Yoko? If you watched the TV series Nashville, you may remember her playing an aspiring country singer. Now Stella really is in the music business in Tennessee, doing solo songs when not teamed with her sister Maisy. That means the style watch officially is on, and any hair change can get websites buzzing. Take the 2018 CMT Awards. "We really did it this time!" she declared on Instagram after dying her hair brunette - one day after walking the red carpet as a blonde.

But moments like this make us ask: should she have done it? Our Hair Fans think Stella went in the right direction, as 63 percent support the brunette look (5-3). While no one left a comment, we're left in the minority here. The blonde color brings out her long waves better - although we doubt the CMT style has long-term hold with any color.


What do a special educstion teacher, a TV news reporter and a classical musician have in common? Sorry, there's no punchline here - only their skill with the hair on their heads. Michigan teacher Renee Crittenden, Hillary Vaughn of Fox News and violinist Elena Urioste (left-right) all have developed Super-Hair, from our view. And now, Hair Fans have elevated them to one of our top ranks - as they wound up in a three-way tie for #1 hairstyle in the world, in our annual Top Ten Tresses contest!

The 2018 "Who's Number One" race was a tight one, with no runaway favorite. Crittenden, Vaughn and Urioste all wound up with 20 percent of your votes. We had Cincinnati TV reporter Amber Jayanth on top as the poll began, but she wound up tied for fourth at 10 percent - and with one Hair Fan accusing her of having extensions. (We don't think that's true.) Jayanth was in a logjam with Wichita news anchor Alyson Acklin, Fresno dentist Michelle Asselin (currently the longest member of the list) and Indian athlete Ayesha Billimoria.

Three women were left with no votes at all: Jackie Speier, Mary Tedesco and Aly Wagner. One comment suggested they all be bounced from the Top Ten for that reason. Another complained: "This group used to be stellar. What happened?" We could answer that by noting a lot of women have been eliminated from the Top Ten recently for defeated styles. That's admittedly depleted our list of contenders. But let's put the burden on you. Have you offered any standout styles (as in undefeated) lately? We don't claim to know them all. So to borrow from law enforcement: if you see something, say something - and please notify us.


People who "keep up with the Kardashians" probably do it for many reasons. For Hair Fans, it could be the changing styles of the sisters. As Kim Kardashian became a reality TV star, she also became a finalist for the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame in 2008. Not enough voters supported her then, but Kardashian West (as she's now called) kept making changes. In July 2018, she apparently went with Khlow to a salon for tandem cuts. Both emerged as "moms with bobs" - Khloe's blonde, Kim's brunette.

But Kim immediately had "buyer's remorse" about the change. A Snapchat comment became a home page quote for us: "I don't feel sexy in short hair, I feel sexy with long hair. It's cute." Our voters aren't so sure about that; a one-week poll on the change ended with a 50-50 tie (7-7). "Kim is a long-hair icon for a reason," moaned one voter. "When I saw that bob on a late-night American talk show, I wanted to gag." But another considered the change more honest: "At least with shorter, we know there are no extensions." Sure enough, Kim reached for some days after the cut. Come to think of it, we'd be more likely to reach for them, too - if you know what we mean.


Long-lasting hair can mean a long-lasting stay on our Top Ten Tresses list. One of the longest runs in recent years involved TV reporter Mara Schiavocampo - an amazing 77-month stint until June 2017. She did it with soft-looking shoulder-length mostly-straight styles that simply refused to move, wherever she set them. And we now know Schiavocampo did it, even though her hair is naturally curly. In a May 2018 Instagram post, she showed a full head of curls for the first time in "my adult life."

Is this the look Schiavocampo should display on TV, and at all times? Hair Fans clearly wrestled with this one - and after a week, they couldn't agree. It was a 50-50 tie between the curly cut and a straighter look (6-6). "Natural is always better," wrote the only person to leave a comment. We tend to agree - but in the picture she posted, the curls clearly are in her left eye. We're led to the ironic conclusion that Schiavocampo's relaxers give her styles incredible strength, even if they've led to occasional damage. Who knew they could be a secret to Super-Hair?


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