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Can an everyday "housewife" have Super-Hair? We think so, and have long encouraged you to offer examples of them. Cable TV has offered some candidates through the "Real Housewives" series - even though those programs sometimes focus on "reality TV" messes. Yet enough people watch that when a housewife makes a style change, it can make news. That happened with Kathy Wakile, a home chef-turned-restaurateur in New Jersey. A six-inch cut in June 2018 was explained on Instagram with a simple, "I need a change." A style at the bustline became a shoulder-length lob.

If this is Wakile's long-term business plan, our Hair Fans like it. Two-thirds of them preferred the shorter style in a one-week poll (6-3) - even though one scoffer wrote it "looks like a throwback pic to 1989" and the old TV series Designing Women. But Wakile may not be satisfied with it. Bravo noted she changed her hair six times in six months. And based on her Instagram feed, she may have an endorsement deal for each of them.

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Some people can remember when "Game of Thrones" referred to chess. Many more realize it's the title of a hit series on HBO. It's made a star out of British teenager Sophie Turner - and it apparently required a change in her hair color. IMDb reports her drama teacher "dyed her blonde hair auburn" for the role. We're not sure what that teacher thinks of Turner's latest change. After years of long hair, she had it trimmed to medium-long in June 2018 - now stopping between the shoulders and bust line.

After Turner took a selfie with stylist Christian Wood, she wrote on Instagram is was a time for "new beginnings." Not for our voters, it isn't. They turned down Turner's cut by a 78-percent majority (7-2). "Better when she was a redhead," one critic added. We actually think the cut with added waves will make her hair harder to jostle out of line. But since Turner has an endorsement deal with Wella Professionals, she's probably not going to listen to us. Advice from fiance Joe Jonas might be another matter.


Right photo courtesy Wireimage

There's Crystal Bernard - the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member who's curiously never been on any other part of our site. But we admittedly never had heard of Molly Bernard until a Hair Fan mentioned her on Twitter. She's the granddaughter of an actor, who's become known for a couple of TV roles. She plays a social media nerd on Younger, and has a smaller recurring part in Transparent. Bernard displayed long hair with thick adjustable bangs for several years. But 2018 is a year of change for her - as she appeared in June with a shoulder-length cut, a color that's more blonde than red and bangs brushed back, if they still exist at all.

Molly and Crystal apparently are not related - but is Molly ready to challenge for Hall of Fame status with this change? Maybe not. Our one-week poll found two-thirds of voters prefer her hair long (6-3). As for looking "Younger": "Old with shorter hair is the right term," one voter wrote. And in this case, a shorter style appears riskier in terms of the hair dropping in her eyes - although she's done very well in terms of hold both ways.


For the first several years of our Super-Hair site, Bonnie Bernstein was "The Legend" - a constant winner by which other hairstyles were judged. Then early in 2009, that title was seized by Victoria Warren, a Boston television news reporter with a loyal following among New England Hair Fans. Warren entered the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame in 2010, then won Super-Hair World Cup IV for the United States in 2014. But in the middle of 2018, Warren decided it's time for a change. She's leaving morning TV news for a public relations job with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Warren may have prepared for the switch by growing out her traditional short cut. In her final days on the air, her style was about an inch below her shoulders.

Warren has made this kind of change before. But is this good for her? This is one time when she technically lost a vote. Our Hair Fans preferred the shorter style in a one-week poll by a 61-percent margin (11-7). But one possible long-time skeptic commented, "At last she's at a length to earn my vote! What a doll." Another dared to tell us Warren "also let her eyebrows grow in thicker. Maybe a push for some recognition from Super-Brows.Net?" We discovered there's a website a bit like that - but we're too busy with this one to compete against it.


The Weather Channel has brought us several Super-Hair legends - but then quietly disposed of them. Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Kristina Abernathy was one of them. It appeared a second Hall of Famer would join her. In fact, Heather Tesch's personal website seems to put her forecasting career in the past tense. But after departing for a while for other projects, she's returned to do online reports. If that wasn't enough to excite Hair Fans, she seemed to go longer with her style in the middle of 2018 - below the shoulders a couple of inches, instead of stopping at them.

Is Tesch onto something good here? Our voters think so. They endorsed the longer look in our one-week poll by a 76-percent martin (13-4). The only comment actually came from a "shorter" supporter - but it wasn't really that critical. "I agree with the caption on the pic of her longer hair: she's HOT!" We simply couldn't resist that - since the U.S. Southern Plains in June can describe Super-Hair all year long.


Right photo courtesy KFMB

It's been 15 years since Lucy Liu was an "Angel" (left) - part of the trio that turned the TV series Charlie's Angels into action movies. Our voters decided the movie detectives had better hair, even though two originals wound up in our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. Then they decided Liu's locks were superior to her teammates. (Did you remember they were Drew Berrymore and Cameron Diaz?) Liu moved on to have occasional success on TV and in movies, and currently stars in a very different kind of detective drama. Elementary lets her long brunette hair be on display often. But as she approaches age 50, Liu appears ready to change her image - surprising people by showing up blonde at an awards show in May.

Liu told The Talk she's wanted to make the color change for a long time. Trouble is, our Hair Fan's don't want it. A massive 90 percent of voters in a one-week poll want the original brunette to come back (9-1). One called it "perfection," that shouldn't be adjusted. But Liu indicated the blonde look will be on TV in Season 7 - and we don't mind, if it gives her hair a fresh start as harder to muss and move. We're not expecting that. But we didn't expect the blonde color, either.


Photos courtesy Daily Mail

Mila Kunis may not have been the biggest star of That 70's Show, but she's clearly become the biggest star beyond it. She appears in movies every couple of years. She's a main voice on Family Guy. And Kunis's public appearances can make men swoon. When her hair is at its best, it's thick and seems incapable of moving out of position. But Kunis has adjusted that look in recent years - first with a cut to a long bob, then in 2018 adding bangs. Well, she may have added bangs. They were on display in May at the Billboard Music Awards, but were out of sight both before and after that.

Is a switch to bangs a cool Kunis idea? Our voters didn't think so. A one-week poll ended with 63 percent preferring her bang-free (5-3). One commented the bangs "would make her look younger if not for that.... awful eye makeup!" Since that's not really our issue, we'll move on to another voter who rode the fence on Kunis's bangs: "Wish the choice was long or short. Not a fan of her short hair." We asked about that cut in 2017, and most voters opposed it. Maybe it's time to lobby husband Ashton Kutcher about it.


Right photo courtesy Us Magazine

If ever a celebrity qualifies as a "quick-change artist" with hair, it's Jennifer Lopez. After all, she came to fame imitating Selena in a movie. Lopez has gone long and short, curled and straight - often making it difficult to know what her real style of the moment is. At the 2018 Billbiard Music Awards, J-Lo seemed to make clear that her hair isn't going too low these days. It's a lob stopping around the shoulders. (We trimmed the picture there, because what Lopez wore below that was a bit controversial.)

We asked you if Lopez has found the proper hair length at last. Our voters said no in a one-week poll, with 64 percent wanting the "Lo" to mean "longer" styles (9-5). That percentage actually is down from a similar poll we did in 2012. "Longer hair hides her plastic surgery better," wrote one voter. Oooo.... that comment could be taken in a couple of ways. In any case, people who want Lopez's style to change again might only need to borrow from one of her hit songs - and be Waiting for Tonight.


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