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Her first single song is called Driver's License. And Olivia Rodrigo is becoming a driving force in pop culture - whether she's covering her face with shiny speckles for a music video or endorsing COVID-19 vaccines at the White House. Rodrigo made our Hot List in 2021 for enticing long hair. She added some soft waves to perform a soft song at the American Music Awards, and was rewarded with a firm victory in our poll for the best hairstyle of the night.

Our one-week contest ended with Rodrigo receiving 60% of your votes. Country singer Mickey Guyton and West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler tied for second at 20% each. But we're surprised that a write-in campaign didn't develop for BTS. Kpop singer Yoongi showed up with orange hair, which dominated the AMA hair discussion on Twitter. When Taylor Swift fans can barely get a word in, you know there's a new leader of the pop pack.

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When we put Dove Cameron on our Hot List in September 2020, we admitted we were late to the TV series which made her famous. She played both title roles in the Disney comedy Liv and Maddie. Based on the pictures we've seen, you could tell them apart by their hairstyles. One was much looser, but both women were blonde. But now Cameron is offering a new distinction. She appeared in Hollywood in November with brunette hair, after claiming in 2020 that over-dying the blondeness was making strands fall out.

Is a darker shade more Dove-ly to you? Our six-day poll was close, but the blonde shade won 57 percent of your votes (4-3). While no one left a comment, we think the lighter look makes Cameron appear more dynamic - although we consider it strange that she has to dye the hair even to keep its natural color. That would drive us... well, a bit Mad-die.


Courtesy CMA Awards

If you thought awards shows in most of 2020 were strange due to COVID-19, consider the 2021 Country Music Association Awards. Do a Twitter search for "CMAAwards hair", and you won't find much. Mickey Guyton's song Love My Hair dominated, but hardly any other women were discussed. In fact, the "Pickens" were "Slim" (some of you may have to search for that, too) when we tried to find quality hairstyles for a ballot. In the end, the winner was a relative newcomer. Gabby Barrett ran away with your votes for the best style of the show.

A five-day poll which started after the telecast ended led to Barrett's long locks capturing 57 percent. Second place was a three-way tie between Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert and "Other" (be sure you leave a comment explaining who that person is). One voter wasn't thrilled by any of our five: "This isn't your grandmother's country music big haired women!" Well, hold on. Guyton's hair was big in her song - but that was clearly an Afro wig.


First of all, we owe Anne Hathaway an apology. For calling her "Anne." She told an interviewer she prefers "Annie," instead of her stage name. But we're not apologizing for posting her often here. That's because she's not afraid to change her hairstyle for a movie role. Bangs in The Devil Wears Prada earned Hathaway a Crown Award. And in the fall of 2021, Hathaway stepped out in public not with her traditional longer hair, but with short waves that stop at her collar. She did that for a movie role as well - the upcoming 1980s-era drama Armageddon Time.

Is Hathaway's new look the end of the world as we know it? Our voters might not go that far, but 73 of them want her style kept longer (8-3). Our eight-day poll brought comments on both sides. "From princess to plain," one wrote. "Short hair is great," said another. And one person was skeptical about the whole thing: "If it's not a wig, it looks like a wig in the photo." Fashion magazines aren't ruling that out, and Hathaway is mum about that as we post this. But remember - she once went through a head-shaving on film


For some people, life begins at 40. For others, it's the point of a midlife crisis. We're not sure if either cliche fits Christina Aguilera, who turns 41 in December. But the one-time teen pop star is trying hard to stay musically relevant in a world with Grandes and Rodrigos. A new project with Latin singing stars finds Aguilera making a major adjustment. The bright blonde hair which became part of her reputation turned dark red for a series of Instagram photos.

Is the singer of Pa Mis Muchachas better as a "roja"? Our voters X'ed it out like her Twitter handle, as 78 percent in an extended nine-day poll preferred Aguilera as a blonde. Only 11 percent like her red, while another 11 percent suggest she try another color (7-1-1). That color probably isn't brunette; Hair Fans rejected that almost 20 years ago. And the Instagram pictures show her hair so messy that it may be time for Aguilera to consider her 2006 album - Back to Basics.


We opened a new Crown Award category for Best Silver Hair in 2018 - and it suddenly seems like all kinds of women want to be in the running. Even hot models in their mid-30s are "going gray." Megan Fox traded her usual brunette shade for silver in October, as she shot the upcoming movie Johnny and Clyde. Fox said on Instagram about it: "This is what the devil's daughter looks like."

Instagram counted more than 3.2 million "likes" about Fox's new look. But we doubt many were from our voters. Only 14 percent in our weeklong poll think she's better with silver hair (1-6). No one left a comment, but we agree with the majority. Fox's mane can be lush when she doesn't wet it down, which for some reason she often does on the red carpet. Traditionalists would add that the only true "Silver Fox" was the late singer Charlie Rich.


It's a rare treat when two Top Ten Tresses members come together. But that happened in Helsinki 4 Oct 21, when European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. "Uber Ursula" brought her usual strong short cut. But Marin seemed to defer to her - as in the days before the meeting, the Prime Minister received a major trim in her medium-long hair. Marin appeared with a bouncy shoulder-length style, still protectively tucked behind her ears.

The mainstream media in Europe seemed curiously quiet about the change in what one German columnist has called Marin's "plausible hair." (If Donald Trump made a big hair change, we think things would be very different.) But we're not afraid to ask about such things - and our voters agreed with our opinion. Three-fourths of Hair Fans say Marin's mane is better with longer hair (6-2). No one left a comment, but the shorter cut strikes us as more youthful - almost too youthful for someone with her position. If Marin puts on a beret, she might pass for a student at a university in Paris. And she might need a beret outside in coming months, because the hair now seems more in danger of dropping in her eyes.


In professional wrestling, it's not about whether blondes have more fun. The question may be whether blondes win more title belts. Mandy Rose went up and down for years between WWE and the seemingly second-division NXT as a "Golden Goddess" blonde. But a Hair Fan pointed out to us a change by Rose in September 2021 - not to rose-red hair, but a brunette shade. Rose said in an interview: "I'm tired of everyone saying she's just a hot blonde.... I'm actually loving the dark hair, and I think I look even hotter."

That's typical wrestlers' boasting by Rose - but do viewers agree that she looks "edgier" and better? A majority said yes; our one-week poll ended with 63 percent preferring Rose as a brunette (5-3). "She generally had dark roots, which took away from her look," one supporter of the change wrote. That Hair Fan found it funny that the brunette Rose now is considered "a 'bad guy' in the wrestling federation." That's what happens when you turn to... (wait for it)... the dark side.


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