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Quick - which one of these women has Super-Hair? If you chose Kate Hudson on the left, we could understand that. The movie star's thick blonde locks are admired by many. But based on our definition, she's not; Hudson's hair has dropped in her eyes many times. The correct answer is on the right - ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. We think she's had underrated styles for years, which find ways to hold in all sorts of situations.

Yet a few years ago, Jarvis's hair admittedly was more attention-getting. It was longer and arguably more tempting at CBS News. We wondered if Jarvis's recent change to a chin-length look is better for her. Our one-week poll ended with Hair Fans saying no by a 73-percent margin (16-6). "I love short hair," said the only comment. Interestingly, Jarvis had one of her closest calls on-camera during the voting week - as a swirling wind almost pushed hair from the back into her eyes. Without some body, the host of the "No Limits" podcast could have very limited hold.

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If someone you know is dealing with cancer, you know the ordeal it can be - especially when it comes to treatment. We recall a line TV news anchor Peter Jennings quipped to his doctor: "When does the hair start to go?" For some women, that loss during chemotherapy can be agonizing - but with care, it can be disguised. For instance, we didn't realize Fox Business reporter and former Top Ten Tresses member Gerri Willis was in cancer treatment until she chose to take off her wig and appear with a pixie cut on Kennedy in early April.

We wondered if a shorter look in the long term would be best for Willis. Our voters said no in a one-week poll by a two-thirds margin (10-5). We certainly wish her well, whatever her hair future is - and we'd note our list of former Top Ten members includes an "Honorable Mention" for a TV anchor who once wore her hair even shorter on camera.


Some awards shows can be a challenge for Hair Fans. Pulled back, pinned-down or messed-up styles can make it difficult to fill a ballot with quality candidates. But the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards was the very opposite. Many women brought their top-level hair game to Las Vegas, and the result was a nicer challenge: trimming the ballot to five names. So perhaps it was only fitting that for the first time, we had a three-way tie for best style of an awards show.

Our six-day poll ended with two Hair Fan Hall of Fame members in the deadlock: Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. They were joined at 33 percent by Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell, who won praise from a voter: "I've loved her (and lately her extensions) for years." She actually made the ballot because we thought O'Dell had left the extensions at home for a night, to show a more natural-looking mid-length style. The top three were followed by Kellie Pickler at 17 percent and rising star Kelsea Ballerini at eight percent.


She may not cause the controversy of Megyn Kelly or be as all-out blonde as Martha MacCallum. But how many Fox News anchors have had a toy named after them? Harris Faulkner has - and she sued Hasbro over it. Faulkner has been an FNC for more than a decade. But some people noticed her perfect ways with hair years earlier, at local TV stations in Kasnas City and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Faulkner's hair fell to the shoulders or a bit lower then. These days as a co-host of the talk show Outnumbered, she's made the cut to a chin-length style that looks tight, but seems to have room to have bounce when she needs it.

We asked which length is better for Faulkner - and 83 percent of our votes in a one-week poll went for the shorter look (10-2). We fear we may have led the jury a bit, because the best photo in our archives from her early years at Fox News showed rather messy bangs. But if Faulkner is using spray for extra-hold now (and we think she is), it had better be strong - because Hair Fans in her office might want to "Outnumber" her.


Courtesy Jack FM/Dallas

Our site is a testimony to the fact that Hair Fans have a wide range of tastes. Some like Super-Hair that's straight. Others covet curls. Some like it short. Others like it long - and some even want hair that's extra-long. Which brings us to Aliia Nasyrova, a native of Latvia who currently is a model in Russia. She grabbed attention in March 2017 for Instagram pictures showing hair she hadn't cut in 20 years. It's reached 90 inches long - about two feet longer that our Ultimate head of long hair.

Nasyrova takes a lot of time caring for that hair - and we admire that. But has she gone too far? We don't recall ever asking such a question here. So we did, and 73 percent of Hair Fans in our one-week poll declared her hair too long. Only 20 percent called it the right length, while seven percent chose "not long enough" (11-3-1). We're saddened to tell those people the classic "Long Hair Site" has been shut down for ten years. But we wonder if it's possible for Nasyrova to keep all that hair in place and perfect - without, as her husband puts it, "talking to the braid."


If we could make one request to celebrities making big hairstyle changes, it would be this: Clearly show us what you've done. Don't fake us out with GIFs, Snapchat add-ons or mid-session salon pictures. We wonder if actress and model Chloe Grace Moretz took the latter approach. She came to fame with nice medium-long hair. Then she cut it to a shoulder-touching lob, which received good reviews from magazines. But in March 2017, Moretz went even tougher - a platinum bob, accompanied by added tattoos that she explained represented her "coming of age" at 20.

The swept-back "wet look" of Moretz was the best picture we could find to illustrate what she did. She's apparently doing that a lot - and our voters aren't thrilled by it. A one-week poll found 86 percent want Moretz's mane longer (12-2). "She looks like Pony Boy," one voter said in a reference to the 1980s film The Outsiders. After looking that up and seeing Ponyboy belonged to "The Greasers" gang, we're assuming that's not a compliment.


She may have big contracts for cosmetics and shoes. And she may be singing what she calls "pop with purpose." But deep down, Katy Perry remains a chameleon when it comes to hair. Her changing colors first were mocked, then were copied by her fans. She's gone long, then short and back again. The start of 2017 has become a "short period" for Perry. She seemed to celebrate breaking up with actor Orlando Bloom by going to Hollywood stylist Chris McMillan and getting what he calls a "fade" - platinum on top, trimmed tightly at the back but with long bangs (if they're bangs at all) in front.

One of Perry's hit songs is Hot N Cold - and our voters were cold to this cut. A week-long poll found 75 percent want to see her hair longer (9-3). "Ugh," groaned one voter; "Didn't Miley Cyrus do that look, like two years ago?" Maybe so, but Cyrus changes styles a lot as well. Another noticed our "before" Perry picture was from July 2016 and said, "Apparently you missed that [Katy] went much, much shorter since going blonde." We do have a picture of it on file, but thought the July picture provided a better contrast. Maybe Perry should have gone less short; that won a majority in a similar poll in 2011 - which, to our surprise, was the last time we brought her up here.


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