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Some TV comedies have overlooked "kid sisters" who seemingly aren't supposed to be the big stars, but wind up with a big following. Erin Moran of Happy Days comes to mind - and so does Mila Kunis. The younger friend of Ashton Kutcher on That '70s Show wound up marrying him in real life, after being declared by one magazine as one of "100 Hottest Women of All-Time." Kunis's strong long hair (especially tough to beat when curled) probably played a key role in that ranking. So it was surprising when Kunis cut her hair in the summer of 2017, switching to a popular "lob" look stopping above the shoulders.

We gave our voters two full weeks to consider Kunis's change, thanks to some vacation time. They really didn't need that long - with 81 percent concluding the long hair must come back (13-3). One Hair Fan brought up her work on Family Guy: "Just because she does the voice of Meg Griffin doesn't mean she needs the hair." Hmmm - is there a live-action episode coming, that everyone is keeping a secret?

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"Hispanic Heritage Month" in the U.S. has proven to be hard in 2017, in the wake of a deadly earthquake in Mexico and a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico. But some celebrities have had time to consider other things, that might be dismissed as "first world problems." Take Spanish actress Nathalia Ramos. In mid-September she admitted on Twitter: "Honestly can't decide if I should go back to dark so I'm turning it over to you guys." About a week later, her decision came - as her normally blonde hair was fully brunette in a photo on social media.

Ramos noted the "consensus" among fans was "50/50." That didn't strike us as much of a consensus, so we put the issue before our voters. After one week, we seemed to have one. Ramos should go blonde - but our 83-percent majority didn't have many voters (5-1), so that also might not count for much. In any case, this question came up as Ramos was in the running to represent Spain in Super-Hair World Cup V. That's an event where color may matter less than beautiful content.


There was a lot of talk about diversity at the 2017 Emmy Awards. The problem for us was that there was little on stage, in terms of hairstyles. Caucasians and their cuts dominated the first half of the show, save for an intern who quietly handed over trophies. We were all set to post an apology with our poll at our deadline - but then Rashida Jones walked out and saved the day. The daughter of music executive Quincy Jones and star of the cable comedy Angie Tribeca displayed mid-length bangs that emerged from a tight pack to be voted top hairstyle of the night.

Our one-week poll had a wide range of opinions. Jones led with 30 percent, followed by a three-way 20-percent split: Allison Janney of Mom (based on a pre-produced opening, not her on-stage look), Kaitlin Olson of The Mick and "Other." And while there were two votes for "other," there were three alternative names offered in our comments: Amanda Peet, Debra Messing (both appearing after our deadline) and Jane Fonda, who was praised for a "nice surprise" mixing bangs with a sideswept ponytail (though many on Twitter were sure that was a clip-on). Alexis Bledel followed them all at 10 percent, while Emmy winner and one-time certain vote-getter Laura Dern received no votes. It's enough to make us call for both young and adult Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory to make sense of it all.


Over the last few years, CNN has been the "revolving door" cable news channel - shuffling anchors in and out like cards in a bridge game. But in 2017, Fox News Channel has been the network of change. And it's not only because anchors have come and gone. Several FNC women known for great hair have made surprising adjustments. First Julie Banderas cut her long style to a bit past the shoulders. Now a Hair Fan contends fellow weekend anchor Molly Line has done the same sort of thing - a trim of only a few inches, but stopping at her shoulders.

If our voters had a "Line-item veto," would they reject this change. Our one-week poll found the answer was no; 63 percent support the shorter look (10-6). "Looks more professional," one backer wrote. But another declared, "She crossed a line [get it?] with this new cut. Shorter is unflattering and looks silly on her." Yet one Hair Fan opted for middle ground: "Either looks great and is better than some current Top 10 members!" We will take that into consideration - and admit as we do that Line has consistently had strong styles for years. She flies under the Fox radar, by appearing only a few days a week.


For Univision reporter Daniela Ganoza and the Hair Fans who admire her, it's all about curls. Natural curls. Intense curls. Frequently high-risk curls. So much so that when a stylist straightened them out (well, almost) for red carpet reporting on Oscar night, it was big news here. As some expected, Ganoza did not keep that look long. But in 2017, she's made a more permanent adjustment. "Bang bangs!" she wrote on social media with a nightclub-lit view of fringe across her forehead.

Does the Crown Award winner for Best Curls have a cut that could win her a second for bangs? Our voters seem persuaded in that direction; 58 percent of them preferred the bangs in our one-week poll (7-5). "The old look looks like it takes too much product to hold in place and keep out of her eyes," one voter wrote. That may be true, although Ganoza's done it successfully for years. The bangs certainly could solve that issue - although many stylists probably would tell you great-looking curled bangs are very hard to accomplish. Yet it's clear Ganoza knows curls, so it might be easy for her.


For one generation, Cindy Crawford is a beauty icon from the hair on down. For a different generation, Marilyn Monroe was. So what happens when the generations combine? Crawford tried to show that during August. She posed for a photo shoot with a shoulder-length wavy platinum blonde wig - asking on Instagram: "Cindy who?" It's a testimony to her popularity that in a couple of weeks, the Crawford-Monroe merge received more than 1.4 million views. But we wondered: is this a preview of a graying Crawford in years to come?

We asked what you thought of Crawford as a blonde. While some Instagram viewers called it "epic," our Hair Fans were uninspired; 80 percent declared she should stay a brunette, while only seven percent liked the blonde look (12-1-2). The 13 percent for "another color" may be rooting for something rich and red; no one left a comment to specify. But maybe we can all agree on a picture farther down Crawford's Instagram account - the July photo where she dresses as Wonder Woman. It's enough to turn any Hair Fan into an arch-villain, ready to take her on.


Right photo courtesy TV Heads

U.S. President Trump accuses CNN often of being "fake news." But at least he can't accuse the network of having fake hair. It's the home of several outstanding styles, such as Crown Award winners Erin Burnett and Alisyn Camerota. Brianna Keilar lasted more than a year in Top Ten Tresses. And at times, Kate Bolduan has acted like a contender - similarly blonde, and mid-length when she first appeared from Washington. But as Bolduan has become an Anchor and Host, the hair has shortened. In the summer of 2017, it was practically a "Bolduan bowl" - blunt-cut at her chin.

We asked Hair Fans about this chop, and they seemed ready to chop it down. The longer look from several years earlier was favored by two-thirds of them (14-7). "I had forgoten how amazing Kate looked with longer hair," one voter admitted. "No contest for me." Another called that approach "softer and more attractive." Maybe Bolduan is preparing for a WWE-style battle with a Trump family member - you know, the kind the President tweets about.


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