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Margot Robbie is an actress with a wild side. For instance, she threw a birthday party based on the reality show Love Island - and appeared in movies such as Suicide Squad. But does her blonde hair need to be, well, dyed? The Hollywood paparazzi caught Robbie with red hair as she filmed an upcoming movie called Babylon. But it was blonde again when she went to movies in Los Angeles during mid-September.

Is a red Robbie a better Robbie? Our voters left no doubt about this. Everyone in our one-week poll preferred the actress as a redhead (7-0). No one left a comment about the color or her cut. They might be leaving that to Babylon star Brad Pitt - because the inevitable romance rumors have started, and Pitt's relationship with Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Jennifer Aniston is legend.

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It's not easy to win two Crown Awards in the same year. Only one woman did it in the voting for 2020 - a woman that people outside Colorado probably didn't know before. Sam Boik was a Denver Broncos cheerleader, then a TV traffic reporter. In both roles, she displayed a dramatic angle cut with hair sticking strongly at the brink of her left eye. That look made her a two-time winner for Best Short Hair. But now that Boik works at a mortgage firm, she's made a change. A Twitter photo in August showed her with the sidepart seemingly gone, and a bowl cut framing her face with bangs filling her forehead.

Do Boik's bangs have you bouyant? Our voters backed them strongly, with 78 percent supporting the change (7-2). One Hair Fan called it a "cuter look." It's certainly safer, in terms of keeping the hair out of Boik's face. But for those who want to see that hair in her eyes, it poses a challenge. How would you get it there - especially since we know Boik has ways of keeping even the riskiest styles perfectly in place? Women with Super-Hair know how to stay a step ahead of danger.


When Britain's Prince Charles and then-Diana Spencer became engaged in 1981, the first thing many people probably noticed about Spencer was her well-cut hairstyle. One modern writer described it as a "feathered shag." Short sideparts with occasionally sizzled-back bangs became iconic for her. So production crews telling the late Princess Diana's story on TV and in movies in 2021 have to have the hair right. Emma Corrin appeared first in season four of The Crown. Then came teasers of Kristen Stewart in the upcoming Spencer.

Which of these "Diana" would win a Super-Hair War? The outcome of our one-week poll stunned us, as Corrin shut Stewart out (6-0) - even though we expected complaints about the Corrin picture not showing the complete style. But here's something potentially more stunning: both women are wearing wigs in their roles! One member of The Crown production team said the actual cut on Corrin would hsve been "abject cruelty." Apparently she meant the color - although "the do's of Diana" which we examine in a Style Profile don't seem st first blush to be that hard to copy.


The history of TV game shows is filled with women displaying outstanding hairstyles. For instance, Vanna White is in your Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. But before she began turning letters on Wheel of Fortune, there was Carol Merrill on the Let's Make a Deal display floor. She hardly said a word, but her perfect hair often spoke volumes. The current version of that show features Tiffany Coyne, who has a microphone and even the title of co-host. And like Merrill, Coyne has displayed a range of hairstyled. We saw her on a summer day in 2021 with locks below her shoulders - but at other times, the style has been cut above her shoulders.

We asked you which "Coyne" is more on the money - and it was like choosing between a big box and a curtain. Hair Fans couldn't decide, with a one-week poll ending in a tie (6-6). One voter wrote that the longer look has "nicer color." But a last-minute comment said: "I love short hair because I love it." It's very hard to argue with logic like that - but to Coyne's credit, it's also hard to find a moment when any of her styles have collapsed.


Canada won our first Super-Hair World Cup in 2002. But only a couple of Canadians have a place in your Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. The first was singer Shania Twain, for her playful long brunette styles. But she's sometimes taken chances with her hair - adding shades of red, and even "blonde periods." The summer of 2021 has been another blonde time for Twain, although she hasn't made a big deal about it. Photos on Instagram brought a strong enough reaction that the change became online hair-watching news.

Is Twain on the right, uh, track by lightening "Up" her hair? Our one-week poll revealed most Hair Fans turn it down. Only 13 percent like the blonde color, while 50 percent prefer the original brunette and 38 percent called for another color (1-4-3). No one left a comment, so we're left to wonder what that "another color" might be. Should Twain go really Canadian, and add red maple leafs?


Both women are considered "beauties." One is a former Miss USA contestant - the other the current Miss Universe. Kristi Capel (left) and Andrea Meza both clearly have learned the secrets to marvelous hair. They're on display day after day - Capel on Cleveland television, Meza in public appearances and Mexican modeling. So when they joined in a contest for the best hairstyle in the world, Hair Fans couldn't decide between them. They tie for the top spot in our 2021 "Who's Number One Week" poll!

Our annual public vote to rank the Top Ten Tresses ended with Capel and Meza at matching 25-percent scores. A four-way tie for third place followed among our #1, Alyson Acklin, Adriana Diaz, Jennifer Morgan and Ursula von der Leyen. The other four members of the Top 10 received no votes - but a Hair Fan submitted email during the week to argue that one of those four should be removed from the list for a hair drop. As we write this, we're looking into that. But in the meantime, we're thankful that for once, no one left a comment grumbling about how we got it all wrong.


Right photo courtesy Wireimage/Page Six

Actress Andie MacDowell is in our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame for several reasons. Her history of long, flowing curls may be the main reason. But a rich brunette color only has played a role - so much so that L'Oreal made that the focus of MacDowell's ad campaigns. But at age 63, she's decided it's time for her hair to act its age. She appeared at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival with what she called "salt-and-papper" hair. MacDowell said she wanted to enjoy that color, before it went completely gray.

Which look is more advantageous for Andie - the old look or the "older" one? Our voters couldn't decide; a one-week poll ended with a 50-50 tie (6-6). "Natural is better!" said the only comment. MacDowell thanks that voter - because in her words, "I've never felt more powerful." Her children agree. But oh, what bold color on a head of Super-Hair can do for some Hair Fans....


So who ultimately won an ugly fight inside ESPN, between two women with beautiful hairstyles? To review: Rachel Nichols (left) was caught on tape making comments about Maria Taylor hosting 2021 NBA Finals coverage. Nichols said it was her role by contract, and speculated Taylor was boosted by ESPN's "record on diversity". Some took that as a racial slap. Nichols was removed from ESPN's sideline coverage of the Finals, reportedly at Taylor's request. But after the NBA title was settled, Taylor's ESPN contract expired and she signed a new deal with NBC Sports. Nichols apologized to Taylor and remained at ESPN, at least through the NBA Draft.

In all of this, no one has brought Nichols and Taylor together to settle the tension - and we realized that Nichols is a Crown Award winner with several nominations, while Taylor is a Top Ten Tresses member. Both women have shown outstanding hold in their hair, so we asked you which one would win a Super-Hair War. After one week, Nichols prevailed by a two-thirds margin (8-4). One commenter thinks she uses "fewer extensions and straightener" - but another added: "Her roots (and pettiness and possible bigotry) are showing."

If it was a real-life "one-fall" War, we're not truly sure who would win. We think it would be a great battle, as Nichols's waves look stronger, while Taylor's background tells us she's quite athletic. Apart from that, Taylor now may have more money - but will she have more sports to cover? Sports network NBCSN is scheduled to close at the end of 2021, and is surrendering pro hockey rights. So we won't be surprised if Taylor somehow winds up with her own reality show on Peacock.


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