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Before Michael Bloomberg became a U.S. presidential candidate,or even New York Mayor, he dared to found business news channels on radio and TV. His channels have introduced Hair Fans to some women with marvelous styles. Anchor/reporter Carol Massar was the first one to crack our Top Ten Tresses list in 2010, for short hair which seemingly can't crack under fire. But in the last year or two, Massar has grown out that look - reaching below the shoulders at the end of 2019.

As they might say on Wall Street, are you "sold long" on Massar's new idea? Most of our voters are. A one-week poll found 71 percent of them support the longer hair (10-4). "What a nice improvement!" one wrote. But another said, "I had to think about this one. I could go either way." Massar's showing she can as well - but we fear she's asking for collapsing trouble with the longer style on windy days.

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Ricky Gervais set quite a tone for the 2020 Golden Globe Awards - so much that hair-watchers seemed to adapt it on social media. As often happens on Twitter, some people grumbled about every style in the ballroom. In fact, one voter in our week-long poll said "no one" had the best hair. But we found several women who impressed us - such as Ultimate 50 member Salma Hayek. The Mexican actress came out with thick waves which rivaled her first roles in action movies in the 1990s. And to borrow from her new movie, Hayek wore them "Like a Boss", winning our award night contest.

Hayek held off the competition to gain 40 percent of the votes. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Kerry Washington tied for second with 20 percent. (If you want to take on Washington's short cut, check the video of her on our Twitter feed.) Comic Kate McKinnon followed with 10 percent. Sofia Vergara surprisingly was left with no votes - perhaps overwhelmed by what fellow Latina Hayek did.


Courtesy Bravo

First there was Jessica Simpson, a member of the Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. Then came her sister Ashlee, whose hair and styles were quite different. Now there's Emily Simpson... and OK, she's not related to them. But she seems to be the Simpson in the spotlight, thanks to Real Housewives of Orange County. And her long hair impressed some viewers, especially for someone who works as an attorney. It turns out she's worn extensions from time to time. But in December 2019, she showed a layered blown-out shoulder-length look on social media.

Is this Simpson's best look for the start of 2020? Our voters say yes, with the shorter style gaining 73 percent support in a week-long poll (8-3). One praised Simpson for "waves and more volume." And let's face it - shouldn't a hairstyle in Orange County, California have some waves close by?


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