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You know times are confusing for Hair Fans when the movie "Wonder Woman" displays a style touching her shoulders - and she gets praised online for wearing her hair down. That's what happened at the Golden Globe Awards when Gal Gadot took the stage. The show was moved back several weeks on the 2021 calendar due to COVID-19, but Gadot was in person with half-glamorous half-touchable waves in a sidepart. They impressed enough of you that "G.G." was voted the Golden Globes' best head of hair.

Gadot gathered 40 percent of the votes in our one-week poll, which began right after the telecast ended. Amanda Seyfried almost matched her, with long flowing waves winning 30% support. A three-way tie at 10% followed between Salma Hayek, an unknown "Other" (be sure to write a comment with which woman you mean) and co-host Amy Poehler.

Poehler may go down in history as the first woman to have her hair stroked by a fellow co-host. It was actually a stand-in for Tina Fey, who was in New York while Poehler was in Los Angeles. We think Fey's marvelous style drooped into an eye at one point in the show, disqualifying her from our ballot. But how many Hair Fans would want to be her "stunt double" at that moment?

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Photos courtesy The Sun

Even hair-watchers can need vision checks at times. We clearly do, after calling a British glamour model "Kelly Price" for a week. No, that's the U.S. soul and gospel singer - or perhaps a TV sports reporter in Atlanta. The woman we posted was KATIE Price, after a tabloid showed her with a big hairstyle change. She gained fame in the U.K. for long hair and a (ahem) well-built body. But in the first weeks of 2021, Price said she was ready to be taken "more seriously" - and for her, that meant displaying a sideparted bob that didn't extend lower than the nape of the neck.

So we got the "Price" wrong - but did she get her hair right? Our voters leaned against it, with 57 percent of them preferring her hair longer (8-6). One voter asked of the short cut: "Is that a wax figure?" Nope, because The Sun has a video of Price talking about the change. But perhaps she got the hint from British Hair Fans, because her hair was long days later. Are extensions made with wax?


Oprah Winfrey's fame through the decades has been consistent and impressive. The story for her "best friend" Gayle King hasn't quite matched that. King had a daily talk show, but not for as long. But she resurfaced with success at CBS News, co-hosting the morning news and gaining several big interviews. Through it all, King has kept the same basic short hairstyle - and done it so well that we placed her highly in our Ultimate 50 in 2000. So any change in her look can be noteworthy. And we noticed it in February when her bangs disappeared; King appears to be growing them out with a sidesweep near one eye.

Is this change a King-sized success? Most of our voters think so; 71 percent of them prefer the no-bang style (5-2). But the voters who left comments were skeptical. "I gotta be honest, I don't like either one," wrote one person longing for a "none of the above" option. Another voter claimed King "wears a wig every day" - which we find hard to believe, considering there's photographic evidence of her best-known style wet after swimming.


There was a time when a woman with prematurely gray hair was a cause for concern. But in 2021, it's simply one of many shades for women to use in style experiments. One of the last people we expected to do that was Cari Champion - the former ESPN anchor who now co-hosts the provocative "Stick to Sports" talk show on Vice TV. Her long brunette hair is so invitingly strong-holding that we added her to the Top Ten Tresses list. Yet Champion's opinionated reputation is such that when she appeared on TV with silver strands in January, hardly anyone said a word about it. Only a few dared to comment on Twitter, with a couple comparing her to "Storm" in Marvel Comics.

We chose to be bold, and ask Hair Fans what they thought of Champion's color change. They were not impressed - as our one-week poll ended with 75 percent recommending a return to brunette. Only 13 percent like a "silver Champion", while 13 percent suggest she try another color (6-1-1). So if Champion made the change to qualify for one of our Crown Awards - yes, she can compete for "Best Silver Hair" of 2021, but she has no guarantee of success.


Left photo courtesy E! Online

Her name might make you think that she's focusing on her two lips. But Dua Lipa is giving honor to her parents from the former Yugoslavia - and she's become hotter than an old Yugo car, with several hit pop songs. What intrigues us most about her is what she calls her "chameleon" sense of style. Lipa's locks seem to change frequently, as if she's trying to outsmart all the Hair Fans plotting to figure them out and do them in. At the 2020 American Music Awards, she was perfectly conservative with long hair - behind the shoulders and ears, and even adding a mysterious hairpin. But in the February issue of Vogue Lips suddenly was different. The hair was blonde, not brunette - and tightly short, with a few bangs at the brink of her eyes.

Media reports say Lipa experimented with wigs in the magazine photo shoot. OK, but what should her hair really be? Our voters couldn't decide; a one-week poll ended in a 5-5 tie. "Shorter looks softer and thicker," one wrote. "Long style looks limp slicked down." While we lean "longer" in this debate, "Sup-a-Lipa" is enticing Hair Fans either way. Chase down that long hair on a Hollywood street? Shake up the short style in an active music video? To borrow from a new song that she announced during the poll, "We're Good" with either approach.


Right photo courtesy Yahoo Entertainment

Ben Affleck's name is familiar - a leading movie star. The names of his off-screen loves might be less so. His 13-year marriage to Jennifer Garner now seems a distant memory. But do you remember Affleck's engagement to Jennifer Lopez? Perhaps that was a prelude to a one-year relationship with acress Ana de Armas. That ended in January 2021 - and de Armas may have responded with a "breakup cut". She went to a stylist with a hot Latin look (shoulder-length sidepart), and came out with a currently-cool almost "China doll" bob.

We thank the Hair Fan who brought this change to our attention. But it certainly left our voters divided. A one-week poll ended with de Armas's shorter style preferred by 53 percent of them (7-6). "More youthful look," one said of the bangs. It's certainly easier to care for and keep in place. But we know many Hair Fans find de Armas more disarming with a style that's easy to flip down.


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