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Her book is called "Pretty Powerful" - and talk show host Eboni K. Williams has hair that fits that description. At its best, it's drop-dead perfect and beautiful in appearances on Fox News and other places. What are her Super-Hair secrets? Williams may have revealed one in Aa New York Post interview - admitting she wears extensions for Monday-to-Friday appearances, apparently including Fox News Specialists. Williams explained she does that to protect her hair from burns with flat-irons.

When we read this interview, we lowered Williams on our Top Ten Tresses list. We had done the same thing after a similar admission by Tracey Anthony. But one Hair Fan threw a red flag, arguing women with extensions should not be in our Top Ten at all. We asked voters over a full week, and there was mass agreement; 88 percent say extensions should mean exclusion, while only six percent disagreed and six percent said "it depends" (14-1-1). We'll accept this, but with some sadness - because Williams's Super-Hair is so, well, pretty and powerful. She hides the extensions well. Now we wonder how many other women have, without revealing it.

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The Golden Globes have broken the award show mold several times. Remember 2008, when winning names were read at a news conference due to a writers' strike? Ten years later, performers organized what some considered a Golden Globe protest statement - with almost every woman wearing black, while men wore "Time's Up" pins. That made well-prepared hairstyles stand out even more - and that led to a first for us. The leader in our vote for outstanding style of the show was "Other," at 42 percent.

So which "other" did we miss, in our list of five? There was no agreement on that. Viola Davis and her loose Afro, pictured, was mentioned first on Twitter (not counted as a vote), and it seemed to be the most-praised look on social media. "Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain or Debra Messing all had better hair," one voter commented. Another recommended Connie Britton. We'll admit a lot of great styles appeared on TV, and trimming the field to five was a difficult task - fun, but difficult.

As for the women on our ballot (and we'd note to Natalie Portman that no men were listed), Sarah Jessica Parker led with 33 percent. Globe-winning Allison Janney followed with 17 percent. Oprah Winfrey was third with eight percent. While her speech sparked calls for a presidential campaign, one skeptical voter wrote: "If that's Oprah's real hair, I'm in line for the throne of Scotland." We didn't know "Princess Kate" visited our site, but we're honored by that.

Thanks to all of you who take part in our polls! And we welcome any news tips you have on changing celebrity styles. Contact us at: .


"I needed a change," Serena Williams wrote on Instagram in mid-December 2017. Many people probably responded by saying, "Really?" The tennis star had made two major life changes in the previous four months - having a baby girl in September, then marrying the co-founder of Reddit in mid-November. Compared to that, a picture of Williams with "honey blonde" long hair was a drop shot across the net. She decided to lighten her natural brunette locks.

The "after" picture of Williams received more than 363,000 likes on Instagram. That makes our Hair Fans look tougher than Simona Halep in a major tournament. The blonde look received only half-hearted support, as the final vote in a week-long poll gave "brunette" a 56-percent edge (5-4). One voter clearly was unimpressed, writing, "Wake me when it's actually HER hair." That answer could take a while, as Williams plans to skip the Australian Open.


Right photo courtesy Emily Stone News

Emma Stone had a very successful year in 2017. She won both Golden Globe and Academy Awards for best actress, and her movie La La Land was named Best Picture....well, for a couple of minutes. Stone ended the year for another Golden Globe nomination, for Battle of the Sexes. Stone changed from her traditional redhead look to brunette, to play tennis legend Billie Jean King. But in London late in the year, pictures surfaced of Stone as a blonde - not on a movie set, but in casual moments on the street or with friends.

Has Stone stumbled upon a better hair color for her? We asked Hair Fans over a week, and the original red prevailed by a 64-percent margin (9-5). No one left any comments, but we tend to think the "natural" way with hair is best - especially if it makes you stand out in a good way. Stone has shown she can do that, in several ways.


Right photo courtesy Hello Giggles

One challenge these days in watching and capturing Super-Hair is that you're not always sure if the hair is real. Even budding "supermodels" have followed the lead of Naomi Campbell by occasionally wearing extensions. One magazine actually has declared model/actress Emily Ratajkowski "a human hair chameleon" because she changes looks so often. We presented two examples from the middle of 2017, though we could have come up with more. "Em-Rata" showed up on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show in August with medium-long well-prepared waves. Then she appeared on a red carpet in September with a thick lob surrounding her face and tips hitting the collarbone - a look later determined to be a wig.

If Ratajkowski finally decides to stick to one style, what style should that be? A week-long poll found 63 percent of our Hair Fans want the longer look (10-6). One voter called the short wig "very sleek," and wondered if Ratajkowski might wear it "to play Posh Spice in a bio-pic of the Spice Girls." We can see the resemblance to Victoria Beckham there - and with Super-Hair Wars playoff entry Jillian Clare offering to be Ginger Spice, we're now taking nominations for the other parts.


U.S. history is filled with success by the Kennedy family. John F. Kennedy became President. Edward Kennedy served for decades in the Senate. His daughter-in-law, Maria Shriver, once won a Crown Award. Now we have Christina Kennedy.... and no, we don't think she's related to the others. But she's every bit as successful here, as she won our annual "Elite Eight" vote for the Best Mane on Campus of the current term.

Kennedy is a "health and exercise science" major at Regis University in Denver. She's also a cross-country runner, and she ran away from the competition in our one-week contest. Kennedy claimed 50 percent of the votes, while Carly Anson of Kentucky's Bellarmine College was second at 20 percent. Third place was a three-way tie, with Darby Demarest of Columbus (GA) State, Emma Lenoir of Christian Brothers and Kaylee Neal of New Mexico State each receiving 10 percent. (This surprisingly left former New Mexico State hair star Haylee Schoonover, the Las Cruces City League champion, with nothing.) We continue to receive many good candidates for our BMOC section, and we thank you for all of them!


Among other things, Britain's Princess Diana had outstanding hair. (Our website has a gallery to prove it.) We can only imagine what a daughter's styles might have been like. But we're convinced her sons admire women with great styles. Prince William's bride, Kate Middleton, has impressed many people with often-perfect mid-length and medium-long hair. And now Prince Harry is engaged to Suits star Meghan Markle, who has openly spoken in favor of flipping her long locks.

Since Middleton already appeared in Super-Hair Wars (a somewhat surprising 2011 loss to Linda Eder), we set up a "Royal Rumble" a la WWE wrestling. Which "duchess bride" would win a war - or better put, a hair battle of the blowouts? Our voters placed the veteran ahead of the newcomer, with "Catherine" (Kate's proper royal name) winning three-fourths percent of the votes over a week (12-4). One voter chose Middleton explainng, "...There is a push on the internet for Markle to go 'back' to her natural hair..." As in full curls?! Can we possibly resist holding that topic until the wedding in May?


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