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If you turn on TV to find the best Super-Hair in the world, maybe you should look in other places as well. Strong attractive hairstyles exist in the business world as well. For instance, Kim Burch sells real estate in west Georgia. Krystie Gonzales manages a television station in Austin, Texas. Both of them wound up tied in our 2019 "Who's Number One?" contest.

With all current members of the Top Ten Tresses list put together in a one-week race, Burch and Gonzales wound up tied with 30 percent of the vote. Third place was a four-way tie at ten percent, and our top three of the moment were all there. Stephanie White, Kaleigh Garris and Alyson Acklin were joined by Julia Chatterley. But four out of the ten received no votes at all, and one voter commented several unnamed people have "bland and pedestrian" styles. We thank someone for offering replacement candidates - but we'd note Danielle van de Donk was dropped in a hurry from Top Ten Tresses, when someone discovered a hair drop on Instagram.

Thanks to all of you who take part in our polls! And we welcome any news tips you have on changing celebrity styles. Contact us at: .


When a woman has a baby, a lot of things change. The sleeping schedule becomes different. The time preparing meals can expand. But should a woman's hairstyle change after a baby comes? We've seen plenty of celebrities do it over the years. And it appears you can add Weijia Jiang to that list. The CBS News correspondent became a mom for the first time in January 2019. She seemed to return from maternity leave with the same long hairstyle and protective bangs that she had before. But during the summer, a cut became noticeable - with Jiang's hair now stopping around the shoulders.

Jiang still has bangs, but is the length any better? Our voters say no. Our one-week poll found 79 percent preferring the longer look (11-3). "She should have gone even longer," one complained. "A very unflattering look for her...." Jiang spent three months on our Top Ten Treses list with the long version, and we marveled at the hold it displayed. So perhaps this is a move toward making potential Super-Hair better. Since she covers a White House where the President has called Jiang "obnoxious," he's bound to mention this change sooner or later.


So you think you've had a topsy-turvy 2019? Consider what Megan Gustafson has gone through. She began the year as a senior basketball player at Iowa. In March, the Hawkeyes reached the national regional finals. In April, she won national awards as the best in the U.S. Then she was drafted by the WNBA Dallas Wings - only to be dropped in the final cut. After weeks of waiting where Gustafson started a religious website and planned to join men in "The Tournament," the Wings brought her back to their regular rotation. Through all of that, Gustafson kept long brunette hair which impressed Hair Fans. She raced to three wins in Super-Hair Wars, and climbed high in our Top Ten Tresses list. But in June, Gustafson dropped a big surprise about that on Twitter....

Okay people Iím really having a dilemma here, should I chop my hair or keep it long?

More than 1,800 people voted on Twitter, and the margin was 60-40 against a cut. Yet Gustafson did it anyway, asking, "Will Twitter ever forgive me?" The early returns from our voters indicate the answer is no. The longer look received 71-percent support in our one-week poll (12-5). No one left a comment, but we'd think the longer hair would be easier to keep in place. Gustafson stands six-foot-three, so her height and wide shoulders can protect a lot. A shorter cut makes that more difficult - but she's already shown she can handle a lot of change.


Right photo courtesy InStyle

If time has taught us anything about fashion models, they're not as "real-life" as they used to be. Hair extensiuons and outright wigs make it difficult to tell which of their looks is real, and which is fake. Take Chrissy Teigen, for example. The wife of singer John Legend has displayed long brunette hair for years. But it's blonder in her current work as a "judge" on the comedy contest Bring the Funny. And in mid-July, Teigen showed off what fashion magazines called a "summer makeover" - a blonde bob, which she credited to Beverly Hills stylist Tracie Cunningham.

Are Teigen's tresses more tempting now? We decided to make her color the question, and 63 percent of our voters like her lighter (5-3). But one voter commented it was "not so much the color, but the whole package: the bangs, the bigger looking eyes, etc." We're not sure whether to trust that package or not. Teigen's hair was long again in an Instagram video, as our week-long poll concluded. But at least she's keeping things blonde - perhaps finally trying to match long-time friend Erin Andrews.


Her last name may be "Bullock," but actress Sandra's career has included plenty of birds. She won an Oscar and a Crown Award for her role in The Blind Side, mentoring a young man who eventually played for U.S. football's Baltimore Ravens. Then in 2018, Bullock produced and starred in the thriller Bird Box on Netflix. July 2019 found Bullock back in the world of sports bird nicknames, presenting the "Best Team" award at the ESPYs. The short Bird Box look was gone, replaced by shoulder-length "lob" waves which were in one way elegant and in another way beachy.

Bullock's current look is certainly shorter than in the 2000s, but should it stay that way? Our voters said no; six out of ten prefer the long hair of Oscar nights gone by. One voter explained it's "because the center part sucks." Another didn't buy into the fashion magazine gushing, writing: "Both hairstyles are terrible." At least Bullock improved her score from January; we'd forgotten we'd asked about her lob the last time magazines gushed about it at the Golden Globe Awards.


You know you're a leading U.S. TV news reporter when you're assigned the White House beat. Over the years, many of those reporters have displayed leading hairstyles as well. Norah O'Donnell was there, before becoming CBS Evening News anchor. She and current CBS colleague Weijia Jiang became Top Ten Tresses stars. NBC gave us O'Donnell, then the amazingly strong hair of Hallie Jackson. But you may have overlooked Kristen Welker, whose styles tend to stay well in line on-camera. They've tended to be cut around the shoulders. But the middle of 2019 has shown Welker growing out her hair; it was near the bust line when she anchored the evening news on Independence Day.

Is Welker doing well by going longer? Our Hair Fans absolutely agree. Unanimous votes are as rare here as they are in 2019 Washington politics - but Welker received one in our week-long poll (7-0). What looks like a mix of curl and tucking-back on the right side has a strong chance of holding outside the White House, although we think we've seen wind do her hair in at some point. Let's send her outside and investigate, shall we?


In the middle of the 2010s, Alison Brie was a rising star in the world of Super-Hair. She won five [corrected] Crown Awards, primarily for her role on the TV comedy Community. Her medium-long styles had Hair Fans longing to sit right behind her in a classroom. But when that series went away, her fame here faded. A few years later, Brie could make a comeback thanks to GLOW, the story of a one-time women's wrestling troupe. The hair is shoulder-length now, but still is adjustable. Brie made a big adjustment in late June, by adding long bangs - although she emphasized something else on Instagram: "Baby was brunette again."

Do bangs make Brie's hair tastier? Our voters don't think so; 75 percent perfer her without them (6-2). That surprised us, because we think the bangs look playful and fit Brie's on-screen personality. In fact, Brie went for thicker bangs a few years ago. We didn't ask about them then - but they would have been great for a TV wrestling match.


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