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Music comes in many forms - and those forms seem to have a hair stereotype to match them. Country music has (well, used to have) big stiff styles. Rock stars let the hair down, and often didn't care where it landed. When Diana Krall first came to fame, she seemed to fit the jazz definition - with long hair as loose as a solo, steamy like some nightclubs, yet still controlled enough to stay out of her eyes most of the time. But Krall has made adjustments over the years. And before an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in August 2017, she made the biggest change yet - trimming to a carefree shoulder-length.

Krall went to Hollywood super-stylist Chris McMillan for this cut. Yet the man who made Jennifer Aniston famous didn't thrill our votes this time; a one-week poll ended with 58 percent of Hair Fans preferring the longer look (7-5). "She needs to crawl back to the salon and get a refund," one voter wrote. Yet with some spray (which we realize she tends to avoid), this style could hold better than any other. And look on the bright side - Krall could have gone "punk" after marrying Elvis Costello.

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If Laryssa Bonacquisti is going to keep doing what she's doing on our website, the other contestants at the Miss America contest in September may not have a chance. Miss Louisiana was offered for our Hot List. Then she won a couple of rounds of Super-Hair Wars, and was added to our Top Ten Tresses list. And now Bonacquisti has gone all the way to the top - leading your annual vote to rank the Top Ten list. More Hair Fans chose her as #1 hairstyle in the world than any other!

Unlike the Wars matches, this was not a Bonacquisti blowout. In fact, most of the Top Ten members picked up votes in our one-week poll. But only two pulled away from the pack - with Bonacquisti edging talk show host Eboni K. Williams by 33 to 25 percent. A logjam for third place at eight percent included Michelle Asselin, Tracey Anthony, Casey Burke, Kendy Kloepfer and Cecily Tynan. That left three women with no votes at all - and one commenter suggested they all get booted. Trouble is, at least two of the three women offered as "waiting in the wings" have defeated styles. So the fun drama continues....


Right photo courtesy Cosmopolitan

It's one thing to get a hairstyle change that is "all the buzz." It's quite another thing to get a "buzz cut." Yet to the surprise of many people, that's what Kate Hudson has done in the summer of 2017. The actress who made some Hair Fans swoon for years with soft playful blonde waves shaved her head. Not all the way, thankfully - with short hair slicked back on top, but all the way gone on her left side. Entertainment Tonight revealed the reason why Hudson did it - a "secret project" with singer Sia, who's best known for having hair completely covering the eyes.

One of Hudson's movies is . She lost many of our Hair Fans in less time than that, as only 29 percent approve of the new look (4-10). "Everyone going Justin Bieber now?" one voter asked. Well, several other women have reached for the razor lately. But our thoughts of Bieber have been more about a possible religious conversion - and would that lead to what Hudson did?


Who says the U.S. is the only place where TV weathercasters have great hair? They've dominated our Crown Awards category for "Best Hair in Science and Meteorology" over the years. But maybe we should look east. Well, then "Look North" as well - because that's where Keeley Donovan has gained a following as a weather presenter on the BBC in the northern British Isles. Donovan has shwn well-polished mid-length hair. So when she went "in for the snip" in late July, as she put it on Twitter, we wondered what the response might be.

The only good "post-cut" picture we have of Donovan is a mass-selfie from a musical performance. It appears she's stopping at the shoulders. But the change seemed to disappoint our voters, who went 57-percent for a longer look.

Yet our original "after" picture may have puzzled some voters. "I have to hold my opinion until I see a better picture of the cut," one wrote. Another called the change "great" but noted, "By your own definition, wouldn't the new cut fail to be on your site? The hair is in her eyes!!" Well, it could make at least one section - and in time, it probably will. Did Donovan really have to go that far?


She may have a nice endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders shampoo. But our Hair Fans don't think Sofia Vergara of Modern Family has the best hair in her native country. She lost in World Cup III qualifying in 2010 to Colombian icon Shakira, then lost to her again in Cup of the Americas qualifying in 2011. And in "Copa 2015," she wasn't suggested at all. So maybe Vergara felt compelled to make a big move, as another World Cup year approaches. In July 2017, she unveiled forehead-hugging bangs to go with her long steamy waves.

Vergara seemed to like the change on social media. But our voters leaned against it by a 58-percent margin over one week (7-5). "Bangs make her look younger," said one backer. "Kind of disappointed Sofia would make any change in her beautiful hair," wrote one opponent. Yet the bangs make her hair far less likely to drop in her eyes - and Vergara's allowed that to happen often. So how will Shakira respond?


Maybe we're simply noticing them more, but cute short hairstyles seem to be making a comeback in 2017. Of course, what qualifies as "cute" is in the eye of the beholder. Actress Kristin Wiig decided to take a well-rounded approach. A head of hair which already was shorter than she first displayed on Saturday Night Live went beyond a bob, to what some called a "bowl" cut. We're more inclined to call it a helmet, even though that's considered a slur in some circles.

This move came after Wiig displayed with other websites called a "pixie" cut at the Golden Globe Awards in January. But we asked Hair Fans to compare her classic look with the new one, the longer style dominated with 83 percent of your votes (15-3). One wrote the new look "seems like a cross between Dorothy Hamill and Pete Rose." Another doubted anyone "would like her 'after' look. Come on." That voter must not see the websites we see, which called the bowl "cooler." But we agree with the majority here; if Wiig's hair was thick enough to cover the forehead completely and provide some bounce, that would be so-cool-it's-hot. We advise her to check our examples of that.


Fox News Channel has experienced many changes during 2017, for a variety of reasons. One constant seems to be news anchor Julie Banderas - but some have noticed changes on her part in a more subtle way. When she took a break for Independence Day, some people thought she lightened her brunette hair. That turned out to be the lighting in a makeshift studio. But Hair Fans spotted something more obvious about Banderas. The medium-long style which grabbed their attention for years was trimmed to a bit below shoulder-length, with the part moved well to the side.

Banderas won a Crown Award for Makeover of the Year in 2011. So should she in the running in 2017? Not based on our one-week poll; 68 percent call for the long hair to come back (13-6). "Bummed," admitted one voter. "Julie was a long-haired newsbabe icon." But another wrote, "I'm glad to see [she] finally got a haircut, she was long overdue.... She possibly could go even shorter." Yet another opinion suggested a mix: "Go with longer but with side part." That might qualify as "fair and balanced" - except FNC doesn't use that slogan anymore.


When Sex and the City ended its run on HBO, we asked here which woman had the best hair. We were not surprised when Kristin Davis won. Sarah Jessica Parker barely topped Kim Cattrell for second place. Parker had a reputation for curls well before HBO, from her days as a teen star on the short-lived series Square Pegs. Parker now stars in a series called Divorce with much straighter hair - and in public appearances, it's as if the curl has melted completely.

Does Parker need those curls to have winning hair? Well, maybe not. Our one-week poll found 63% of Hair Fans like the hair straighter (5-3). No one left a comment either way, but we'd say the flipped-back long style in Divorce seems like a good compromise. The curl strength is still there - and might actually threaten to outlast Davis's waves in a New York skyscraper wind tunnel.


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