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You know you're a leading U.S. TV news reporter when you're assigned the White House beat. Over the years, many of those reporters have displayed leading hairstyles as well. Norah O'Donnell was there, before becoming CBS Evening News anchor. She and current CBS colleague Weijia Jiang became Top Ten Tresses stars. NBC gave us O'Donnell, then the amazingly strong hair of Hallie Jackson. But you may have overlooked Kristen Welker, whose styles tend to stay well in line on-camera. They've tended to be cut around the shoulders. But the middle of 2019 has shown Welker growing out her hair; it was near the bust line when she anchored the evening news on Independence Day.

Is Welker doing well by going longer? Our Hair Fans absolutely agree. Unanimous votes are as rare here as they are in 2019 Washington politics - but Welker received one in our week-long poll (7-0). What looks like a mix of curl and tucking-back on the right side has a strong chance of holding outside the White House, although we think we've seen wind do her hair in at some point. Let's send her outside and investigate, shall we?

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In the middle of the 2010s, Alison Brie was a rising star in the world of Super-Hair. She won five [corrected] Crown Awards, primarily for her role on the TV comedy Community. Her medium-long styles had Hair Fans longing to sit right behind her in a classroom. But when that series went away, her fame here faded. A few years later, Brie could make a comeback thanks to GLOW, the story of a one-time women's wrestling troupe. The hair is shoulder-length now, but still is adjustable. Brie made a big adjustment in late June, by adding long bangs - although she emphasized something else on Instagram: "Baby was brunette again."

Do bangs make Brie's hair tastier? Our voters don't think so; 75 percent perfer her without them (6-2). That surprised us, because we think the bangs look playful and fit Brie's on-screen personality. In fact, Brie went for thicker bangs a few years ago. We didn't ask about them then - but they would have been great for a TV wrestling match.


The last week of June 2019 may become the most memorable week of Ida Tedesco's life. She already had amazing moments as a TV reporter in Toledo, Ohio - as a City League champion, Top Ten Tresses member and Super-Hair Wars playoff entry. Now as a morning news anchor in Lansing, Michigan, she had two HUGE events in six days...

She became engaged to a Detroit TV reporter. AND her move to grow her curl-loving mid-length hair toward the middle of her back became the topic of a week-long poll on our home page!

OK, we think we know which event Tedesco will remember more. For one thing, the proposal came on her birthday. For another thing, the vote on the style change was rather close. It ended with six out of ten Hair Fans liking the longer locks. "Shorter has more body!" wrote one critic. We agree with that - as if the power in her hair is more compact, to accentuate her waves. The waviness is still there, only looser and riskier. But Tedesco seems to know how to take great care of her hair, and we marvel at that. Based on that ring photo, we may not be the only ones.


Right photo courtesy Just Jared

Like mother, like daughter - right?! Hair Fan's Hall of Fame member Cindy Crawford has brought up a daughter who's an emerging model. When they walk around New York together, the paparazzi have twice the fun.

Kaia Gerber even has shown great hair genetics at age 17, with long thick locks that could make any Hair Fan tremble along a runway. But "baby Gerber" did something in June that we're not sure her mother would dare to do....

She cut the long hair to a bob that's above the shoulders, and sometimes may not have any product at all. We're not sure our choice of an Instagram picture showed the cut well. But it's good enough for our voters, who prefer the shorter style by a 58-percent margin (7-5).

No one commented on Gerber's change, but someone asked a side question about our Top Ten Tresses list. We'll answer it this way: we've never paid anyone for interviews or inclusion on our site. No woman ever has paid us for inclusion, either. Sometimes we wish they did, but....


One of our more embarrassing website moments came when we asked to do an interview with Kim Zolciak-Biermann of Real Housewives of Atlanta about her hairstyles. Her handlers disclosed she wears wigs - apparently so well that we didn't realize it. But so far, that does not seem to be true with her children. Thanks to the Bravo spinoff reality series Don't Be Tardy, viewers have learned about 17-year-old Ariana. She has a stereotypical teenage attitude (check her Twitter feed) and long hair that would delight young Hair Fans. But for the summer of 2019, Ariana trimmed it a bit - from well below the bust line to a bit above it, with some "beach waves" thrown in.

Did Ariana make a cut in the right direction? Our Hair Fans don't think so - but the vote in our one-week poll was close, with six out of ten saying "longer". No one left a comment, perhaps this change was rather subtle. Either way, we think Biermann doesn't care whether or not the hair falls in her eyes - and she doesn't follow mom's example in that.


Right photo courtesy InStyle

Some celebrities develop one signature hairstyle, and strive to keep it outstanding for years. Natalie Portman is among the actresses who have not done that. Since she focuses on feature films, she's willing to adjust her hair to the part she's playing - from midlength and messy in Mars Attacks! to super-short in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Portman apparently has gone short again for Lucy in the Sky, a movie about an infatuated astronaut. The style might be called "space helmet hair" - short enough to fit inside one, without any bother.

Is Portman's latest look a winner with Hair Fans? We seldom get a strikeout in our polls, but she got one here - as every voter preferred the long approach (10-0). One commented, "She's one step away from a Jane Fonda Klute mullet!" Some of us actually would consider that a compliment, as that cut was exciting to watch in the movie. Portman's hair is slightly longer on the right side - if she's not wearing a wig, and that's possible with her - but still loose enough to drop, even without zero gravity.


The first time we heard about Game of Thrones, we speculated it might be about chess. But no - it was a lot more than that. It was an HBO phenomenon on the order of Sex and the City, only with nine dressed-up families instead of four fashionable single women. The fantasy series made England's Maisie Williams a star, as she played Arya Stark from start to finish. Her hair looked worn-out and mussed-up often in battle scenes, so that wasn't our issue. Yet style-watching websites found it interesting that Williams changed her color after the final season - moving from rich brunette (with the bangs reminding us a bit of Jenna Rosenstein at her best) to a near-blonde shade.

Which color is more amazing for Maisie? Considering all the buzz Game of Thrones received, the response from Hair Fans was lackluster. Only five votes over one week came down for the brunette color by 3-2. One person commented it was "simply because she didn't dye her roots." We noted that, too - and considering Williams also has shown pink and purple shades, maybe she was in a hurry to meet a photo shoot deadline.


Some women can wear their hair the "usual" everyday way on a red carpet, and still attract plenty of attention. We think actress Jessica Chastain is one of those women. Her usual color is red (we'll explain that picture on the left), which helps. And when she adds some curls to her medium-long locks, she becomes quite enticing. So it was surprising in May 2019 to see Chastain make a double switch - cutting her hair to a shoulder length, and adding bangs which might remind some people of a shaggy "bowl cut" from the 1970s.

Chastain is 42 - so is this a "middle-aged" good change? We asked specifically about the bangs, and found our Hair Fans like them. They gained 64-percent support in our week-long poll (9-5). Yet there was this comment: "Mostly for the new color." Alas, we feared that kind of confusion might happen when we chose to post her Crown Award-winning look. Chastain went one-time brunette in Molly's Game, while red is her regular shade. In any case, Chastain's cut may be a step to keep her hair out of her face without much care - and since she's displayed good care all these years, that may be a great thing to watch.


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