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It's an old stereotype, to be sure - but some women never seem to be able to make up their minds about some things. Several celebrities could be cited as examples. But Julianne Hough was called to our attention during the "quarantine cut" period. Eight years after a cut to her long hair and two years after turning her well-known blonde style red, she tried out what some called "ombre pink" hair. Hough explained it was a "fairy kitten" kind of look.

The Hair Fan who pointed out Hough's new shade included a Yahoo headline, "It looks so good." Our voters were not impressed at all. In fact, we cut the week-long poll short after five days because it was a unanimous rejection (9-0). "Horrible look," one critic said. "Why so celebs who don't need to make a change ever, always make the worst choices?" Another suggested the color was not Hough's real problem. "The new style doesn't look as soft and silky..." For a better view of what Hough's hair can be, we recommended finding June 2020 covers of Women's Health and Us magazine. A little straightening out and wind action can make a big difference.

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The singer known only as "Adele" has kept fans waiting for new music for a long time. The album "25" came out in 2015. She's promised another one in September 2020 -- but Adele clearly has been working on other things in the meantime. In early May, she posted a birthday photo on Instagram which was surprising in several ways. The big headline was Adele's figure, as she reportedly has lost 100 pounds. (That led to a debate over whether or not it's proper to compliment someone for that.) But for Hair Fans, the headline was atop Adele's head - as hair which used to be kept at chin-length now approached the bust line.

Not meaning to offend, but we do comment on hair things here. And in our week-long poll, seven out of 10 voters decided Adele is better with longer hair. One skeptic wrote that "shorter has more body," but we wonder if that's simply a matter of how it's styled. The longer look certainly appears more suspectible to trouble from wind - but note Adele's hands are out, ready to protect it from attack. Hair defense knows no weight limit.


When hair historians write the record of 2020, it could be dominated by the "quarantine cut." Weeks of sheltering to fight the coronavirus have combined with salon shutdowns to make some women feel desperate. We'd think women with Super-Hair wouldn't mind. They're resting their perfect styles for whatever the next great challenge might be. But Merry Matthews can't do that. She's a meteorologist who appears on Colorado Springs television every weeknight. So the woman who represented the U.S. in Super-Hair World Cup V self-trimmed her hair in late April. After years of it reaching below the shoulders, it now was shoulder-length - but still long enough to tuck it behind her ear.

Matthews rated her work a "B-plus." We asked what Hair Fans thought of it, and their score might have been higher: 64 percent preferred the shorter style (7-4). One voter called it "either way... a Top 10 look!" But another called it a bummer: "She lost a ton of appeal with the cut... She's still pretty, for sure, but her face is not her hair." But we side with the majority, thinking the shorter style can be stronger-holding with the right spray. The good news for the bummed is that Matthews's hair seems to be growing back quickly. And with plenty of flex to boot, they can be "merry" after all.


Sarah Richardson might be the Canadian version of the TV series Trading Spaces - except she does almost all the trading herself. She's made a career out of in-home makeovers, with an endless string of ideas for making kitchens and game rooms new-looking and improved. We found some of Richardson's early work on the new U.S. TV channel DABL, and discovered she's changed personal hair designs more than once. In the early 2000s, the cuts were short with bangs that could extend at times. In 2020, Richardson's website shows her style medium-long with an occasionally swooping side.

To borrow from one of her shows, which Richardson look has Real Potential? Our voters left little dohbt (oops, that's how they say it in Canada) - as the long look piled up 92 percent of the count over a week (12-1). A classic argument developed in our comments: "Short hair is best" vs. "longer has more body." We think both lengths are equally likely to drop in Richardson's eyes - but the longer style would be more dramatic to watch.


Left photo courtesy Daily Mail

MTV in the United States gave us Jersey Shore. In the United Kingdom, it came up with Geordie Shore - people with a wide range of personalities living in the same house and trying to get along. That was the breakout moment for Chloe Ferry, who walked in with a buxom build and became a partying misfit. But now Ferry is trying to monetize that fame in a different way. She's developed a cosmetic line, and has been using COVID-19 home confinement to try out different looks on Instagram. In mere weeks, Ferry switched from blonde to brunette and redhead - but apparently not Lauren Alaina blue (below).

Without revealing her natural shade, we asked you which color is better for Ferry. The final score after a week: 50 percent brunette, 33 percent blonde and 17 percent red (3-2-1). So the big reveal for those who didn't check online is.... Ferry is a natural blonde! The other shades were wigs. We think natural is best for her - and if she keeps her wavy to keep it out of her eyes (which seems to happen often), we'll want to invite her into our house to stay a while.


Right photo courtesy Taste of Country

Remember when a "blue-haired lady" referred to someone at least 70 years old? That's all changed in the 21st century. First pop stars such as Katy Perry went for curious color changes. Now the COVID-19 pandemic has led all sorts of celebrities to do some experimenting. Country singer Lauren Alaina borrowed a bit from a classic Crystal Gayle tune, and turned her blonde hair blue in mid-March! But she explained it was "just a shampoo" and would "wash out in, like, a week."

Alaina admitted to People that because of this change, "everyone's going to freak out." We're not sure if our voters reacted that way, but 88 percent of them preferred the blonde color in our one-week poll (7-1). To be honest, we think Alaina's blue is more stunning. But one voter probably spoke for the majority: "People have too much time on their hands these days." At least Alaina did other things to freak out her fans in April - becoming engaged and breaking two toes.


Some people take great pains to have great-looking Super-Hair - and it shows. We refer to them as "championship level." And Kansas TV news anchor Alyson Acklin has proven she's there. She emailed us with gratitude when we put her perfect short styles on the Top Ten Tresses list. She took a wavy variation to the Miss Kansas USA contest, and finished second. Now as Acklin prepares for a summer 2020 wedding, she's quietly become daring. Hair that once was tight at the ear was about an inch below the shoulders in early April.

Is Acklin doing the right thing by going longer? Our Hair Fans tend to like longer looks, but not in this case. Six out of ten preferred Acklin's short cut in our one-week poll. "Shorter had better color," one wrote. We think that depends on where she sits or stands under TV lights. But this much we know: Acklin has taken high-risk hair and increased the risk - so far successfully. When it comes to unconquerable hold, we'll borrow from one station in her chain: her styles are no KUPK-akes.


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