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Few things are more dramatic for Hair Fans than seeing great heads of hair on a dance floor. The turns! The dips! The quick moves! So when ?Dancing With the Stars began on ABC, we wanted to see how certain celebrity stars would do. But in the process, we were introduced to professional dancers with equally great styles. One of them was San Francisco-area native Cheryl Burke, who won back-to-back seasons in the 2000s. She did it with a short cut that seemed prepared to hold through anything. We even put one of her routines in Hair Pressure. But Burke lengthened her look through the years - and now that she's retiring from the series, she shows a style that's medium-long. The only way that can hold during a TV dance is with pins.

Which hairstyle of Burke is better? Our voters took the short cut, preferring it in a one-week poll by an 71% margin (5-2). We agree with that, and refer to her as proof that short hair doesn't have to be boring hair. (Spoiler alert: Occasionally Burke's short style did land in her eyes in mid-dance.)

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Some rock music fans might have wondered whatever happened to Orianthi (Pangaris) - the Australian guitar virtuoso with the oft-perfect long blonde hair. She won our Crown Award for Best Hairstyle in Music, but that was back in 2014. Yet Orianthi made a comeback at the 2022 American Music Awards, and her hair was impressive. Even though she only appeared with host Wayne Brady during the opening segment, she won Hair Fans' support as the outstanding look of the night.

Our week-long vote ended with Orianthi's solid sidepart gaining 60% support. Kelly Rowland's precise bob provided her only opposition, receiving 40% of the vote. That was surprising, considering how much buzz Taylor Swift received on social media when she accepted awards with throwback waves. A Twitter feed dominated by male K-pop singers suddenly shifted to "Swifties." And we must give honorable mention to Carrie Underwood. She received no votes, but she dangled above the audience upside-down to prove she wasn't wearing extensions.


Right photo courtesy Cable News Watch

If she was on NewsMax, the news might have caused an uproar. But then again, Jessica Tarlov is unlikely to ever appear on NewsMax. She's what some would call a "token liberal" on Fox News Channel - and her signing of a talent agency contract was a big deal during the U.S. fall. We weren't familiar with her, but her thick wavy look caught our interest. But then "Dr. J." showed up on the air one evening with a bone-straight, perhaps shorter look.

Since Tarlov appears most often on The Five, we turned this change into a five-day question. The waves won the support of Hair Fans by a two-thirds margin (4-2). We think they're tougher to move or muss - and in 2022, the only person who might get away with that is the late Fox News chair Roger Ailes.


What could be more "country" than a song titled, "You're Drunk, Go Home"? That's the song Kelsea Ballerini presented at the 2022 Country Music Association Awards. She had help from Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce, but Ballerini's long flowing blonde hair had center-stage. Many Hair Fans apparently liked what they saw, because she goes home with the most votes for the best style of the night.

Our six-day survey saw Ballerini take an early lead, then hold on for a 44% victory. Country newcomers followed, with Caylee Hammack receiving 33% and Pillbox Patti (which sounds like it ought to be a wrestling name) taking 22%. We were surprised that Reba McEntire's short style, which had never been thicker or bigger, received no support. And if you're surprised that Carrie Underwood wasn't on the ballot, we smelled extensions during her songs - although we appeal to the CMA's to bring her back as a co-host, in place of Luke Bryan.


She was selling earrings. At least, that's what we were told. That's why Ariana Grande supposedly posed on Instagram in October facing the heavens. Her iconic hairstyle certainly makes them easy to see, because Grande is a Crown Award winner for Best Ponytail. But some Hair Fans actually checked her hair and noticed something else. Grande had turned it blonde, instead of her normal brunette shade.

Grande has played color games with us before - but is this blonde look better for her? An extended 10-day poll showed voters very divided: 38% for blonde, 25% for brunette and 38% for "another color" (3-2-3). Hmmm - maybe red? So Grande can have a fiery launch into space, a la the album where she wore a mask?


Her birthplsce was Scotland. Yet actress Charithra Chandran reflects how Britain has changed in recent decades, as her heritage is east Indian. She's been part of the blended cast of the Netflix drama Bridgerton for two seasons, but reportedly is stepping away to work on things like Amazon Prime series. One of those things seemed to bring a major change in Chandran's hair. She posted pictures of a pixie cut, as she promoted a new fashion store in London. Stylist Patrick Wilson called it a cross between "Lady D" (Diana, we think) and "Halle B" (Berry).

But celebrity websites called foul - and it turned out Chandran was wearing a wig. Yet the question remains: which look is better for her? Our voters say she should end the Chandran charade, with two-thirds preferring the long style (4-2). No one left a comment, but we think the long look is more "hands on" - as in Hair Fans wanting to get hands on it. If that adds to the "period drama," so much the better.


Left photo courtesy Houston Chronicle

Hockey players started it with their "playoff beards." Now major league baseball players seem to have their own tradition. As John Smoltz put it on Fox: "We've got some big hair." That was in the National League Championship Series, with pithcers from Philadelphia and San Diego. But in the American League... well, it may not be like doctoring a baseball, but some Houston Astros are playing tricks with their tresses. Pitchers Luis Garcia and Framber Valdez admitted they've added extensions to their hair for the playoffs. Garcia explained when he adds braids to his hair, "everybody knows me more, because it's not a normal look."

We know many Hair Fans frown on women adding extensions - but what about baseball players doing it for motivation? The outcome was fitting for the Houston pitching staff: a 2-0 shutout. Except the voters said NO to the extensions in our one-week poll. In fact, they seemed to say NO to this question in general - as if they're longing for's Alyson Footer to bring her award-winning curls out of seclusion.


What is Hailey Baldwin Bieber doing these days, after marrying Justin Bieber? She keeps busy modeling, as she's done for years. But some of her recent words were part of a tense pop culture pot that involved Kanye West, an editor of Vogue magazine and which people groups in our society "matter." West called Bieber names. He was suspended from some social media outlets. And through it all, some Hair Fans longed for the days when a simple hairstyle change would be big Hollywood news. It actually was for Bieber during October - as she visited a hair colorist to change from a blonde look to a "richer" chocolate brunette for U.S. autumn.

We're not always sure that a different color of hair matters. But we asked you about it for a week, and two-thirds of voters came back saying she should remain a blonder Bieber. No one left a comment, perhaps fearful of what West might say. But we'll dare to comment on something else Bieber did during our poll. Turning your skin "witch green" for Halloween probably is not the ultimate answer to the racism debate in the U.S.


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