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Katy Perry used to be practically a running joke in this part of the website - good for at least one color change question a year. While the singer's hair colors still may be changing, she may have settled on a winning style - a sideparted shoulder-length bob. Perry tilted it back and forth several times, while singing with Darius Rucker during the 2020 American Music Awards. But it didn't drop in her eyes. And our voters rewarded Perry for that, by naming her the best style of the night.

The AMA's had live performances, even though the audience in Hollywood was confined to the balcony because of COVID-19. Perry's performance resulted in the 44 percent of Hair Fan votes. Latin singer "Becky G" with luxurious waves was our personal favorite, but she was second at 33%. Models Cara Delavingne and Megan Fox tied for third with 11%. And for black celebrities such as Doja Cat and host Taraji P. Henson - you might help your cause by settling on one style during a show, and not leaving us guessing about fake-outs.

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While Norah O'Donnell has become a national TV news anchor with a strong Super-Hair reputation, another O'Donnell has built a lengthy career covering Washington politics. In fact, Kelly O'Donnell's cuts arguably are stronger and tougher - handling most outdoor live appearances well for NBC News. In the early 2000s, "KellyO" (her Twitter name) kept her styles short and above the shoulders. (An experiment with bangs disappointed our voters in 2010.) But in the last couple of years, she's clearly gone longer. We were struck on a Sunday night in November by how the hair was at least two inches below her shoulders - seemingly longer than in the summer of 2019.

Is this O'Donnell finding her best look after all these years? Our five-day poll found many Hair Fans think so. The longer style won 87-percent backing (7-1) - and for this White House correspondent, we think no recount is necessary. "I like the copper sheen," one voter said. While that wasn't our issue, maybe O'Donnell's hair looks better under TV lights after dark as opposed to summer sunshine.


Fans of the old country music show Hee Haw will remember a segment called "Pickin' and Grinnin'". That can describe country music in general, too. Some people pick, as in playing instruments. Others grin, as they simply sing. Carly Pearce seems to be on the grinning side - and she had reason to smile at the 2020 CMA Awards. She shared the "Event of the Year" award, presented during the morning. Then Pearce won our post-show contest for the best hairstyle of the night.

Come to think of it, maybe we were being played by Pearce to some extent. A pre-show tweet promoted a styling product. That company replied to one of our tweets. The hair held up well during Pearce's song. Then in the last couple of days of our six-day contest, she gained a couple of votes to win the race with 43 percent. Karen Fairchild, Miranda Lambert, Cece Winans and an unknown "other" tied for second at 14 percent. Lambert's center-parted waves were panned by one voter: "She went with that style with that forehead?" We've seen "quaranine cuts" which were a lot worse.


Cast members on TV series must develop more of a bond than we realized. Only a few weeks after we asked you about Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale turning her brunette mane red, a Hair Fan alerted us to what a co-star did. Ashley Benson, who traditionally has been blonde, posted a photo of her own hair with a red tint. Yahoo News called it "a hybrid rose, gold and orange shade" - although with Benson snapping a selfie at an angle, we didn't get a full look at it.

Unlike Hale, Benson didn't comment on the change - instead simply tagging two stylists. Our voters were ready to tag out. An eight-day question found 86 percent of them want Benson back as a blonde (6-1). One voter asked a thought-provoking question: "How come no one ever goes auburn?" That would indeed be darker for fall, and Benson has darkened her hair in the past. Perhaps switching to a lighter shade is simply G-Eazy to... oh wait; that's the name of Benson's boyfriend...


The 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign was filled with accusations, speculation and downright "fake news." One of the strangest items may have been the theory that U.S. first lady Melania Trump has a "stunt double" - a look-alike accompanying President Trump on road trips, while the real Mrs. Trump stays at the White House to take care of her son and recover from COVID-19. Most mainstream media ignored that about as much as Hunter Biden's laptop. But Mrs. Trump's strong hair is tough to ignore. In fact, she won our contest for the best style of the election year.

Our online poll was open for 10 days, and it ended on Election Night with Mrs. Trump gaining 44 percent of your votes. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen was second with 28 percent, followed by "second lady" Karen Pence with 17 percent. Democrats did not do well, with Jill Biden and Kamala Harris tied at six percent. But one voter thought Biden matched Jorgensen and Pence for being "closest to their natural hair with the exception of dye." And for the person who left a comment about Roku boxes - are you some kind of eastern European troll?


It's a bit disappointing for U.S. soccer fans that NBC barely can find anyone from the U.S. who's qualified to do soccer coverage. Practically everyone on their Premier League telecasts has a British accent. That includes studio host Rebecca Lowe, who moved to the States from the BBC and other channels. While she's focused on the "beautiful game," some people consider Lowe's hairstyles beautiful. But she's changed her look over her years at NBC - from a promotional picture with shoulder-length waves in 2015 to a sideparted bob during the 2020-21 season.

We wanted the "Lowe-down" from Hair Fans about which look is better for her. The one-week question ended with a longer Lowe prevailing by 63 percent (8-5). While no one left a comment, we agree that the longer style is more attractive while the short cut seems severe. Yet either style is capable of dropping in her eyes - which sadly is why Lowe isn't high on our Top Ten Tresses list.


When Priyanka Chopra made her U.S. TV starring premiere in the action drama Quantico, Hair Fans were impressed. She was voted "Newcomer of the Year" in 2015, while receiving three other Crown Award nominations. Had they noticed hairstyles outside the U.S., the honors might have come sooner - as Chopra was named Miss World in 2000. Now known as "Chopra Jonas," she's spent the COVID-19 quarantine preparing a memoir called Unfinished. But did she become finished with strong, glamorous long hair? Chopra Jonas appeared on her Instagram feed in October with a shoulder-length cut and bangs across her forehead.

We asked on Twitter if the Chopra "chop" made your jaw drop. Maybe it did, but not in a good way. A huge 87 percent of our voters say longer is better (13-2) - and the vote was unanimous until late in the week. "Is that a wig?" one asked. Sorry, we don't think so. Other Instagram photos and an Entertainment Tonight interview during the polling week indicate the style change is real. As she wrote in September: "New hair, don't care" - even if Hair Fans do.


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