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Let the record show: "Captain Marvel" wore a wig. Brie Larson's hair in the 2019 action movie was not completely hers. That disappointed us - along with the fact that the faux hair dropped in her eyes more than once in the movie. In real life, Larson's hair has tended to be medium-long. But she's slowly gone shorter with it since winning a 2015 Academy Award. And after the tour for Avengers: Endgame ended, she went all-out - cutting to a severe sideparted chin-length bob.

Does Brie's change please our Hair Fans? A one-week poll was close from beginning to end, and ended with 53 percent preferring the longer style (9-8). No one left a comment, so we'll say we agree with the majority. We prefer the softer approach that the long hair offered. But when you're a superhero like Larson has become, it may be all about getting tough, hair or no hair.

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California used to dominate the Miss USA contest. So did Texas. So it was stunning to see neither state in the top ten at the 2019 event at Reno, Nevada. Instead, another state showed its beauty strength - as Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina captured the crown after the Tar Heel State had the first runner-up a year ago. Kryst is an attorney, so she knows the importance of a proper presentation. She went for natural curls on the final night, which worked for Miss USA 2017 Kara McCullough. But Kryst's videos reveal she also straightens her hair into long thick locks.

Kryst has several months to make a hair decision for the Miss Universe pageant. So what should she show there? Our voters were split over a week, but 57 percent came down on the straight side (4-3). "Natural is always better," wrote the only person to leave a comment. Well, maybe not in one way. Kryst's curls dropped in her right eye in the moments after she won the title.


When she walked on stage near the end of Oscar Night 2019, we feared we had posted our hair poll too soon. Julia Roberts had a long sideparted style with a classic Hollywood swoop - a bit like Jessica Rabbit in that cartoon movie. The hair swooped into Roberts's eyes while she spoke, which technically disqualified from our ballot. But it was a reminder of the style icon she's been for decades. Celebrity styliust Serge Normant reportedly was backstage on that night - and weeks later adjusted Roberts again. Now she has waves barely touching the shoulders, in a beachy lob.

We asked Hair Fans which look makes Roberts more of a, you know, Pretty Woman. The long look was preferred by 78 percent of them (7-2). No one left a comment, and we fear both styles can fall in her eyes with little difficulty. so we'll point you to our personal favorite Roberts cut - the full polished waves of The Pelican Brief.


Pop singer Meghan Trainor has lost her voice a time or two in recent years. But has she lost her touch with great-looking hair? Trainor spent six months on our Top Ten Tresses list for long blonde styles that she knew how to keep well-controlled. But she's played with those looks recently - first changing to a rich brunette, then appearing on the "Motown 60" music special with slightly-messy bangs across her forehead that we'd never seen before.

Is Trainor in training for a Super-Hair comeback? Eight out of ten voters thought so in our one-week poll. "More youthful looking," one declared. But another wrote, "Betting the bangs are fake.... although they do look great." Sadly, that bet may be a winner. Trainor has admitted putting on wigs at times because her scalp refuses to let her hair grow long. But the answer to the bang question is well hidden online - because a search for "Meghan Trainor bangs" kept bringing up her song Bang Dem Sticks.


Some Hair Fans probably would buy this cover of People magazine simply for the photo. Lori Loughlin, a member of our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame, with her classic sidepart delicately placed at the edge of her left eye - staying there perfectly, somehow! They'd ignore the headlines alongside it. But those headlines are dominating the talk about Loughlin these days. She's pleaded not guilty to a criminal indictment, stemming from claims that she and her husband bribed University of Southern California officials to get their daughter admitted to college. It's quite a switch from clean-cut Aunt Becky of the Full House years on TV.

Loughlin was a lock for the Hall of Fame, winning admission in 2008 with 90-percent support. But no one in the Hall ever has been accused of this sort of criminal misconduct. So we wondered if some kind of "morality clause" should be part of Hall membership, similar to what Pete Rose has faced in baseball. Since it's your Hall, we asked if Loughlin should be removed if she's convicted and sent to prison. A week of voting ended with 64 percent saying "no, let her stay" (9-5). "What does all of this have to do with her hair?" one asked. "It's not like she was caught using extensions." If that was a red flag, at least one other Hall member would be in serious trouble. We'll let you figure out which one we mean....


One woman is a veteran singer who's let her hair get wild and messy at big moments. The other is a young rising star who's finding ways to keep styles in line when you might not expect it. Put Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris together, and you had two of the performers at the 2019 Academy of Country Music Awards - women who shared the prize of our voters for the best hair of the night.

Lambert appeared with well-prepared mid-length hair that we knew would be very hard to muss. It weakened a bit under the lights of Las Vegas, but held. Morris went high-risk; her long center part reminded us of how exciting such a style can be in motion, even when it's behind the shoulders for protection. They wound up deadlocked with 33 percent of your votes - but with at least one voter suspicious. "Are we sure that none of these is wearing a wig, hair piece of extensions? I just saw Maren on another TV show and her hair was barely past her shoulders." In 2019, we're never really sure who's faking it. But it was long several days later at a music festival in Florida - long hair any Hair Fans would want to get behind (and pursue).

Third place in our poll went to newcomer Mickey Guyton with 17 percent - a last-minute addition, after she joined other women singing with Chrissy Metz. Then came host Reba McEntire with eight percent, tied with a mysterious "Other". (Be sure to name your "Other," as we might make a wrong guess.) While Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town didn't receive any votes, one voter gave her an "honorable mention" comment: "Karen tried to go old school big hair country, but I voted for Lambert."


It could have been a huge 2018 for Merry Matthews. The meteorologist with WeatherNation was selected to represent the U.S. in Super-Hair World Cup V - but she was knocked out in the final week of group play. Then Matthews received a Crown Award nomination, only to be steamrolled (with every other contestant) by Kelly Cass. But we hope one big move by Matthews went well. She left the network, and now presents the forecast at KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs. But Matthews didn't stop there. In late March, she cut her long well-styled hair to a bit below shoulder-length.

"It's just hair," Matthews pondered on Twitter as she displayed the cut for spring. Not to our Hair Fans, it's not. And after a week of voting, eight out of ten wanted the long hair to grow back. "Are you sure that's even her?" one voter asked. "Looks like another person." Well, a lack of TV maeup could do that. Another suggested a consolation prize: "Merry for top ten." Hmmmm - we think we saw her hair drop at some point. But she probably wouldn't tell us when.


She's one of the more unlikely members of our Hair Fan's Hall of Fame. In fact, she couldn't believe it when she was nominated and inducted. But Jenny Anchondo has enchanted Hair Fans throughout the "teens" with her long hair, beginning when she won the 2011 Super-Hair Wars title. Anchondo worked in TV news in Indianapolis at the time. She went on to Dallas and worked on a couple of TV newscasts. But now she's a wife and mom, perhaps content to do podcasts and public events - so she announced in March: "So long, long hair!" With social media savvy, Anchondo let followers vote on which of three looks would be best for her.

Anchondo settled on Option 2 - a sidepart stopping a couple of inches below the shoulders. But would our Hair Fans vote for that? No, they wouldn't; 73 percent preferred the longer locks in a one-week poll (8-3). No one left a comment, perhaps reluctantly accepting the inevitable. But we're wondering if a shorter cut will be tougher for Anchondo to keep out of her eyes, She can't add as much weight to it, in terms of curl - and would a spray-down look too obvious?


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