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If not for one troublesome Independence Day at Coney Island, Alison Kosik might be a Top Ten Tresses record-setter. The CNN anchor/reporter normally has attractively strong wavy hair. It's made her a CNN business candidate that fights hard against the hair dominance of CNBC, earning several Crown Award nominations. But it appears to us that Kosik has let the curls and waves go straghter in recent years - and so they appear longer, even if they're really not.

Should Kosik keep up the longer trend? Our voters think so; 86% of them supported more length in our week-long question (6-1). While no one left a comment, we're going to lean against the crowd here. Bouncy-looking curl makes Kosik's cuts more interesting, and probably tougher to jostle out of line. Yet to borrow from her Twitter feed, she makes both look "mighty" and great.

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It sometimes seems like an annual Cutting-Edge custom to ask a question about a Kardashian. At least one of the sisters changes looks often - and let's face it: without some kind of change, they wouldn't have enjoyed a 15-year hit reality show. In May 2022, it was Kim's turn. She dressed for the "Met Gala" in New York in a dress that Marilyn Monroe wore 60 years ago - and even turned her normally-brunette hair blonde to match. There even are reports that Kardashian received a lock of Monroe's mane from the Ripley's museum, as in "Believe It or Not."

Kardashian announced after the Gala that "blonde season is back," so she was keeping that color. Too bad, our voters say - because none of them supported the change in our one-week poll. While 83% say she should remain brunette (and one comment suggested that's "still probably a dye job"), one suggeted she try a different color (0-5-1). Kardashian did a similar change in 2009, and it had a few supporters here then. Is this a message that it's finally time for the Kardashians to settle down?


You can't always tell by lookng if a woman has a hair-related health issue. Chicago TV news anchor Audrina Bigos does. She showed attractive medium-long hairstyles on the air for years. But more recently, she's moved to full-time natural curls. Bigos explained to Vogue that years of "treatment and straightening" led to her losing small patches of hair. It's a form of alopecia, which became an issue in the wake of the Jada Pinkett Smith "discussion" at the Academy Awards and beyond.

Bigos says some people call her current style "wild." But we found most Hair Fans are wild about it, as the curls won 71% spport in our one-week poll (5-2). "The curls rock," one supporter wrote. And while they might into her eyes at times, Bigos's natural curls are practically impossible to undo. They is why some Hair Fans are curl lovers - they can play with curls all day long and cause very little harm.


France has not fared well in the world of Super-Hair in recent years. Mireille Mathieu's perfect "cap" won our first EuroCup in 2004. But since then, candidates have lingered near the bottom of groups. So the closest thing we could find to a hair showdown in France in 2022 was the national presidential election. Marine Le Pen advanced to the runoff for the second race in a row - facing incumbent Emmanuel Macron, represented here by his bride Brigitte. Both are blonde. Both have rather risky styles. So whose hair is better?

One commenter wrote of this contest, "It shouldn't even be close. Brigitte in a landslide!" That Hair Fan was absolutely right - as Macron scored an absolute shutout in our one-week poll (5-0). But here's what makes the vote interesting: Mrs. Macron is 69 as we post this. She's 16 years older than Ms. Le Pen - and 25 yers older than her husband! It proves hair can look marvelous at any age. Even if her bangs were too long, drooping into her eyes as Mr. Macron won the runoff...


The way our City League is set up, a local champion could have the title for life as long as she doesn't move away and no challenger is suggested. Gourmet chef Jennifer Bushman was the hair queen of Reno, Nevada for more than a decade. But as we reviewed our lengthy list of championsin 2022, we discovered she'd left Nevada for the "north bay" city of Mill Valley, California. That's not the only change we found with Bushman. A short sidepart cut with what appear to be layered bangs was grown all the way out - still sideparted, but now medium-long with a bit of wave at the ends.

Has Bushman come up with a better hair recipe? Our voters say no. Four out of five said her short style is tastier (4-1). "Shorter looks to have more bounce," one commenter said. We're not sure about the bounce, but we agree with the majority overall. Perhaps both looks can fall in Bushman's eyes, but the shorter cut seems less likely - and that makes the cut more dramatic for us. The longer style seems far more likely to droop and fall when Bushman is over a boiling pot of pasta.


Her name is Rachel Zegler, and she's from New Jersey. But Wiipedia says her background is Colombian and Polish. Put it all together, and you have an actress who received a dream breakout role in the remake of the movie musical West Side Story. While another actress won a Crown Award for that movie, Zegler attracted us first with long controlled hair at the American Music Awards. But something happened over awards season. For reasons not known to us, Zegler decided to chop her locks. At the Osacsr and Grammys (right photo), the hair didn't even reach her shoulders.

Zegler's movie character might sing "I Feel Pretty" about a change like this. And our Hair Fans would sing along happily - because in our one-week poll, 71% of them preferred the shorter style (5-2). One voter explained: "Not a fan of the slicked down look the longer style has. Hides the hair's thickness and body." Ahhh, but isn't that all the better for Zegler to turn and move dance scenes? We'd want to be a "Shark" hungry to take a bite out of that.


Rock singer Avril Lavigne once was Canada's great Super-Hair hope. She finished third in Super-Hair World Cup II, then had second-place group finishes in tournaments from 2007-11. Lavigne dropped off the style map in recent years, but she may be plotting a mid-thirties comeback. She appeared as a presenter at the Grammy Awards with mega-pouffy wings on either side of her face. We knew when we saw it that she could win our poll for the best style of the show - and Lavigne blew away the competition.

Our weeklong poll opened as the show in Las Vegas closed, and Lavigne quckly racked up 80% of the votes. "It's her month!" a Hair Fan wrote. Well, yes - "Avril" in French means "April". (But she did announce she's engaged during the week of our poll.) Brandi Carlisle's slicked-down short cut received 20%. If comments decided the order after that, H.E.R. would be third. But the reason was not good. "You really believe that's H.E.R. real hair?" someone asked. Well, yes - that issue has come up with her before. We gave her long curls the benefit of the doubt. But perhaps the biggest surprise was that Carrie Underwood sang late in the show, but didn't gain any votes at all. Is she falling off the style map, too?


Who would have imagined the Academy Awards would end with a controversy involving hair? Not even the hairstyling category - but the joke Chris Rock tried at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia condition. At this writing, Rock has won the public vote over Will Smith for what happened on Oscar night. But we were more concerned with whose hairstyle would win the night - and we're delighted to say there were more contenders than we've seen at any awards show in years.

So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the winner is a woman from an animated movie. And to make matters worse, we put the wrong name on her! That's not Maria Cecilia Botero - it's a Colombian reggaeton singer named Adassa. Her bubbling curls wound up with 38% of the votes, followed by Jennifer Garner and Marlee Matlin in a tie wth 25% each. Oscar and Crown Award winner Ariana DeBose received 13%. And in a surprise, longtime hair contender Penelope Cruz received no support at all.


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