City League

We search the world to bring you the greatest, most enduring celebrity hairstyles. But it occurred to us that Super-Hair might be hiding in your city, away from the national and international public spotlight. To honor those styles, the City League was born in 2003.

We're looking for the best hair in your town. It could be a local celebrity. It could be a co-worker, classmate or friend you know. Whoever it may be, we want to crown local Super-Hair champions around the world. (Check the list below for cities of special interest to us.) Where we have more than one top style in a city, we hold a competition like Super-Hair Wars to determine the best one.

As we strive to fill all open titles, the City League makes a third trip to FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. The softball pitcher who held the crown since 2013 is now an assistant coach at a university in the Northeast. So who seizes the summit in the "Summit City"?

Left-Right: Abby Baez, Heather Herron.

Our usual Super-Hair Wars rules apply. If these women came together in a showdown, which style would win?

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WEEK 1: Kayla Blakeslee, Kaitlyn Kendall, Kayla Stewart, Melea Van Ostrand, Sydney Windlan eliminated, 0% each.

WEEK 2: Terra Brantley, Elizabeth Fuerst eliminated, 0% each.

WEEK 3: Three-way tie at 33%; Everson eliminated based on total overall votes.

FINALS DEADLINE: Monday evening, 24 June (Fort Wayne time).

Voting filter is ON, after being off in Week 1.



A freelance journalist from Norway who competes on the college nordic ski team completes a B.M.O.C.-City double. She defeated journalist Lisa Malak 3-2 in the finals (60%). "Oh da have Bekkestad's hair!" praised one Hair Fan.

(Third through tenth place: Brooke Hafs; Erin Davisson, Tia Johnson, Lauren Kalil, Monique Lopez, Amber Luckett, Dorene Sanchez, Brittany Schmidt tied.)



We are seeking candidates for upcoming City League tournaments around the world - and with special emphasis at the moment on these cities:

Kitchener, ON

Peterborough, ON

Saginaw, MI

Cape Girardeau, MO

Harrisburg, IL

Springfield, IL

Fort Myers, FL

Lansing, MI

Youngstown, OH

Baton Rouge, LA

Augusta, GA

Tallahassee, FL

Montgomery, AL

Traverse City, MI

Macon, GA

Duluth, MN

Rockford, IL

Lubbock, TX

Bozeman, MT

Palm Springs, CA

Wheeling, WV

Athens, GA

Medford, OR

Bluefield, WV

Jackson, TN

Twin Falls, ID

Bozeman, MT

Grand Junction, CO

Bozeman, MT

Port St. Lucie, FL

Clarksville, TN

Morgantown, WV

Sudbury, ON

Opelika, AL

Destin, FL

Eufaula, AL

TO NOMINATE SOMEONE FOR A CITY LEAGUE TOURNAMENT, simply e-mail . If someone's picture is not posted online, we may need you to submit a current photo; we accept .jpg and .gif attachments. Please specify this is a City League nomination.

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